Submissions from 1963

Aspetti istologici del testicolo e di alcune ghiandole sessuali accessorie nel topo con nanismo ereditario preipofisario., E Casasco and M Martinazzi

The inactive-x hypothesis and position effects in the mouse. Abstr., B M. Cattanach

An immunogenetic analysis of the male antigen in mice utilizing animals with an exceptional chromosome constitution., F Celada and W J. Welshons

A method of estimating the number of histocompatibility loci in a sib-mating mouse population., C K. Chai and M S. Chiang

The effects of varying levels of testosterone on the sexual behaviour of the male mouse., A K. Champlin, W C. Blight, and T E. Mcgill

Reactions de discrimination olfactive et crise audiogene chez la souris., J Chanel and maury E. Vernet

In vitro studies on mouse mammary gland response to hormonal treat- ment., T N. Chapekar and K J. Ranadive

Changes in adrenal cortex in insulin tolerant and non-tolerant mice. Abstr., E B. Chase and D K. Carrier

Evidence for indirect effects of radiations of heavy ions and electrons on hair depigmentation., H B. Chase, W E. Straile, and C Arsenault

Host-tumor relationships and metabolism of serum proteins by ehrlich ascites tumor cells. Abstr., Y C. Choi and E R. Kay

Effect of oxamate on oxidation of specifically labeled glucose by ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells., E Christensen and A N. Wick

Studies on a transplantable mastocytoma in mice ii. Electron micro- scopic observations., H E. Christensen, O H. Iversen, and nielsen R. Rask

Biochimie des obesites experimentales., J Christophe

Fate of the second- and third-set grafts in animals with temporary tolerance of skin homograft., J Chutna

An alpha-globulin allotype in the mouse (mub1)., B Cinader and S Dubiski

Autoradiographische untersuchung des eiweissstoffwechsels von kern und cytoplasma bei dem spontanen mammacarcinom der maus., P Citoler and W Maurer

Separation of the specific and nonspecific factors in tolerance and immunity. Abstr., H N. Claman

Tolerance to a protein antigen in adult mice and the effect of non- specific factors., H N. Claman

Thymectomy. Prolongation of immunological tolerance in the adult mouse., H N. Claman and D W. Talmage

Agouti pigment cells in vitu and in vitro., G Cleffman

Die bedeutung von ausseren einflussen auf die pigmentzelle fur die rhythmische musterbildung im haar., G Cleffmann

A method for estimation of the mean lethal dose of solid trans- plantable tumors in vivo. Abstr., K H. Clifton

Tumor induction in hypophyseal grafts in radiothyroidectomized mice, hypothalamico-hypophyseal relationships., K H. Clifton

Acute effects of roentgen radiation on mouse mammary adenocarcinoma. Radio-orthophosphate uptake by deoxyribonucleic acid., K H. Clifton and H Vermund

Radio-orthophosphate uptake into dna, autoradiography and histology during radiation-induced regression and regrowth of mouse mammary adenocarcinoma., K H. Clifton and H Vermund

Ribonucleic acid biosynthesis in krebs ii ascites tumour cells after infection with encephalomyocarditis virus. Abstr., M J. Cline, R Eason, and R M. Smellie

The biosynthesis of ribonucleic acid in krebs ii ascites-tumour cells infected with mouse encephalomyocarditis virus. Abstr., M J. Cline, R Eason, and R M. Smellie

Interference by newborn lymphoid cells with establishment of immunologic unresponsiveness to a protein antigen., M W. Cohen and G J. Thorbecke

Hematopoietic restoration in lethally x-irradiated mice injected with peritoneal cells., L J. Cole

Late effects of fractional x-irradiation in mice. Failure to prevent nonthymic lymphomas by thigh-shielding., L J. Cole and P C. Nowell

Histochemistry and electron microscopy of the mouse 'myeloma' kidney. Abstr., R F. Coleman and M W. Hartley

Increased liver weight in bone marrow chimeras., C C. Congdon and A L. Kretchmar

Electrophoresis of serum proteins and selected enzymes in males, non- -pregnant, pregnant, and lactating female mice., J M. Cons and L E. Glass

Low-level chronic gamma irradiation as a factor in audiogenic seizures of mice., J P. Cooke

Physicochemical differences between ascitic and solid forms of sarcoma 37 cells., G M. Cook, G V. Seaman, and L Weiss

Inhibition of visceral tumors by keratoacanthomas in mice., M B. Corbett and L M. Solomon

Graft-host interactions in splenic grafts using parental and f1 hybrid strains of mice. Abstr., J M. Corson, H B. Wheeler, and G J. Dammin

Radiation in mice. Abstr., G E. Cosgrove, A C. Upton, C C. Al, F O. Aet, and B M. Of

Caracteres differentiels du comportement des rats et souris sensibles et refractaires a la crise audiogene., J Cosnier, A Duveau, and maury E. Vernet

Electrophoretic patterns of hemoglobin from fetal mice of different inbred strains., M L. Craig and E S. Russell

The concentration of fetal hemoglobin in c57bl/6 mice. Abstr., M L. Craig and E S. Russell

The development and hormonal response of the autotransplanted inter- pubic joint in mice., E S. Crelin

Classification of the chromosomes of the mouse karyotype. Abstr., M Crippa

New zealand obese mice. Abstr., O B. Crofford, J G. Intolerance, N Resistance, and G C. Of

Rapid micromethod for determination of blood sugar in mice., O B. Crofford and W W. Lacey

The development of somatic mutations in mice with age., C Crowley and H J. Curtis

Methods for reducing duration of parabiosis in development of tolerance to skin homografts in mice., A B. Cruz, L D. Maclean, and J B. Aust

Evidence for a multipotential stem cell function of the mouse marrow lymphocyte. Abstr., G Cudkowicz, M Bennett, and G M. Shearer

Association of the h-2 locus with the 'hybrid effect.' Abstr., G Cudkowicz and J H. Stimpfling

Mouse bone marrow. Abstr., G Cudkowicz, A C. Upton, G M. Al, M Content, and P C. Transplanted

The effect of a deuteron microbeam on graying of hair., H J. Curtis

An attempt at the achievement of acquired tolerance of skin homo- grafts in post-natal life., J Czaplicki

The influence of an extract of foetal thymus on anaphylaxis in mice produced by the intravenous injection of anti-gamma globulin serum., J Czaplicki and P Ivanyi

Action of cortisone on experimental tumours. I. Action of cortisone on spontaneous mammary tumors in c3h mice. (pol., Eng. Summ.), A Czarnomska

Action of cortisone on experimental tumours. II. Action of cortisone on transplantable carcinomas of the mammary gland in c3h mice. (pol., Eng. Summ.), A Czarnomska

Some effects of x-irradiation on the development of inbred and hybrid mouse embryos. In w. D. Carlson, (ed.), Proc. Internat. Symp. On effects of ionizing, C P. Dagg

The interaction of environmental stimuli and inherited susceptibility to congenital deformity., C P. Dagg

Lymphoid cell chimerism in mice thymectomized at birth and grafted with homologous thymic tissue. Abstr., A P. Dalmasso and K Sjodin

Influence of early sublethal whole-body irradiation and of breeding status on thermal aging of collagen fibers in the mouse. Abstr., E B. Darden, M Bradley, and A C. Upton

Relation entre le pouvoir cancerogene des molecules conjugees et leur effet inhibiteur eu egard a leur fixation sur les proteines cellu- laires., P Daudel and G Prodi

Effect of prolonged immunization on the in vitro and in vivo immuno- logic activity of rabbit anti-mouse erythrocyte serum., I Davidsohn, C L. Lee, and O Panczyszyn

Hepatic infarcts in mice injected with antierythrocytic serum., I Davidsohn, C L. Lee, and T Takahashi

Liver infarction in mice following injection of anti-erythrocyte serums. Abstr., I Davidsohn, T Takahashi, and C L. Lee

Establishment and stability of chimerism between two closely related lines of mice., A J. Davies, S M. Doak, and E Leuchars

Occurrence of x antigenic specificity in histocompatibility antigens prepared from mouse leukaemic cells., D A. Davies

The presence of non-h-2 histocompatibility specificities in prepar- ations of mouse h-2 antigens., D A. Davies

Homograft tolerance in mice. Use of urethan and sublethal irradiation., W E. Davis and L J. Cole

A circadian rhythm of chemoconvulsive response thresholds in mice., W M. Davis and O L. Webb

Pathologic studies of friend virus leukemia and the development of a transplantable tumor in balb/c mice., P J. Dawson, A H. Fieldsteel, and W L. Bostick

Dietary studies in mice., D J. Dean and C Duell

Cell changes in ectromelia virus infection., P M. De burgh

Immunological studies with polyoma-induced tumors in hamsters., V Defendi

Granulopoiesis and thrombopoiesis in mice bearing transplanted mamm- ary cancer. Abstr., L Delmonte, A Liebelt, and R Liebelt

Selective inhibition of respiration of pigmented s91 mouse melanomas by phenyl lactate, and the possibly related effects on growth., H B. Demopoulos and G Kaley

Behavioral differences between mutant and nonmutant mice., V H. Denenberg, S Ross, and M Blumenfield

The development of the inner ear in mice homozygous for shaker-with- -syndactylism., M S. Deol

A new gene causing cerebral degeneration in the mouse. Abstr., M S. Deol and G M. Truslove

On the presence of endogenous leukemogenous factors in the urine of leukaemia cases., G V. Derviz, N M. Nemenova, and R E. Kimeral

Oxidative enzymes in muscular dystrophy., I Desibrik and D S. O'doherty

Synthesis in normal and affected muscles of animals exhibiting nutri- tional and hereditary dystrophy. Abstr., A Devi, P Lindsay, and B Y. Studies

Observations by biochemical analysis and autoradiography on labelled deoxyribonucleic acid in the normal and regenerating liver of mice., F Devik and K Halvorsen

The attempted in vivo inhibition of the orthohydroxylation of 2-naph- thylamine., F Dewhurst

The effect of age, sex, strain, species and dose level differences upon the metabolism of 2-naphthylamine in rodents., F Dewhurst

The effect of stress upon the metabolism of 2-naphthylamine in mice., F Dewhurst

Interactions at the agouti locus. Abstr., M M. Dickie

Methods of keeping records. In w. J. Burdette (ed.), Methodology in mammalian genetics, holden-, M M. Dickie

Relationship of antigenicity and degree of tolerance to heterologous serum albumins in c57bl/6 mice., F M. Dietrich

Induction of tolerance to heterologous proteins and their catabolism in c57bl/6 mice., F M. Dietrich and W O. Weigle

Augmentation of the anti-tumor activity of 6-aminonicotinamide by estrogens. Abstr., L S. Dietrich

Uptake of nicotinic acid-c14 and nicotinamide-c14 by ascites cells in vitro., L S. Dietrich and J N. Ahuja

The effect of yeast polysaccharides on mouse tumors., I C. Diller, Z T. Mankowski, and M E. Fisher

Chromosome status of mouse lung adenomas. Abstr., J A. Dipaolo

Congenital malformation in strain a. Mice, its experimental pro- duction by thalidomide., J A. Dipaolo

In vitro test systems for cancer chemotherapy. 2. Correlation of in vitro inhibition of dehydrogenase and growth with in vivo inhibition of ehrlich ascites tumor., J A. Dipaolo

Skin - sh levels of mice., J A. Dipaolo

Thalidomide. Influence on production of congenital abnormalities in mice and cancer chemotherapy. Abstr., J A. Dipaolo

Isolation and lipid analysis of lipoid granules from ehrlich ascites tumor cells., J A. Dipaolo, A Heining, and C Carruthers

The electron microscopic view of virus-host relationship in neoplasia., L Dmochowski

Studies on the behavior of the bittner virus in mice of some appar- ently virus-free strains., L Dmochowski, C E. Grey, and J A. Sykes

Associated leukemia. Abstr., L Dmochowski, F Padgett, J A. Al, and E M. Hepatoma