Submissions from 1963

The influence of different tumors on serum properdin in mice. Abstr., S Winsten and E E. Schwartz

Influence of genotype and infantile trauma on adult learning in the mouse., H D. Winston

Two unusual mutations affecting pigmentation in the mouse. Abstr., H G. Wolfe

Hemoglobins in mice. Segregation of genetic factors affecting electrophoretic mobility and solubility., H G. Wolfe, E S. Russell, and S O. Packer

Growth of inbred yellow (aya) and non-yellow (aa) mice in parabiosis., G L. Wolff

Effect of somatotropin on the weight gain of yellow dwarf (ay a dw dw) mice. Abstr., G L. Wolff and B Resnick

Saline preference curve for mice. Lack of relationship to pigmenta- tion., G Wolf and G H. Lawrence

A mosaic formed from fertilization of two meiotic products of oogene- sis. Abstr., F N. Woodiel and L B. Russell

The effect of antimetabolites on the respiration of leukemic mouse cells., H J. Woodliff

The effect of intraperitoneal injection of thoracic duct lymphocytes from normal and immunized rats in mice inoculated with the landschutz ascites tumour., M F. Woodruff, M O. Symes, and N F. Anderson

The effect of rat spleen cells on two transplanted mouse tumours., M F. Woodruff, M O. Symes, and A E. Stuart

The ontogenic status of melanin granules., M Woods, D Burk, and J Hunter

Genetics of a gamma globulin isoantigen (allotype) in the mouse., J Wunderlich and L A. Herzenberg

Genetic variations in plasma lipid content in mice., R S. Yamamoto, L B. Crittenden, L Sokoloff, and G E. Jr

Studies on some factors influencing anemia in tumor-bearing animals., E G. Yonehiro and J B. Aust

Acid-soluble phosphorus in brains of neurological mice., C H. Yoon and D J. Denuccio

Attempts to find cell associated immune reaction against autochthon- ous tumors., T O. Yoshida and C M. Southam

Cell-associated immune reaction against autochthonous tumors in mice. Abstr., T O. Yoshida and C M. Southam

Inhibition of protein synthesis in intact animals by acetoxycyclohexi- mide (e-73) and a concomitant metabolic derangement. Abstr., C W. Young, P F. Robinson, and B Sacktor

Influence of excess of antigen on immunological tolerance in radiation chimaeras., O B. Zaalberg, W W. Weyzen, and O Vos

The radioprotective effects of combined hypoxia and aet in mice., L M. Zatz

Resistance of c57 black mice to irradiation leukemia. Remote irradia- tion changes not previously reported. (russ. And eng. Summaries), T Zebro, J Kowalczykowa, and J Stachura

Electron microscopic and bioassay studies on a murine leukemia virus (rauscher). Preliminary report., R F. Zeigel and F J. Rauscher

Donor and host contribution to splenomegaly in homologous mouse chimaeras., I M. Zeiss and M Fox

On the viral etiology of cancer., L A. Zilber

Effect of purines and pyrimidines on survival and composition of residual muscle of mice with hereditary muscular dystrophy., L Zuckerman, P Gordon, and R M. Dowben

Uber die variationen der wirbelsaule, vergleichende betrachtung bei mensch und tier., K G. Zunkeler