Submissions from 1975

Non-random distribution of surface immunoglobulin on murine b lymphocytes., A K. Abbas, K A. Ault, M J. Karnovsky, and E R. Unanue

Interrelationships of surface immunoblobulin and fc receptors on mouse b lymphocytes., A K. Abbas and E R. Unanue

Genetic analysis of behavioural responses to novelty in mice., J H. Abeelen

Exploratory behaviour in two selectively-bred lines of mice after intrahippocampal injection of methylscopolamine., J H. Abeelen, G A. Ellenbroek, and H G. Wigman

Uptake of sulphonamides by animal tumours and the anti-tumour properties of triazenes derived from them. Abstr., G Abel

Determination of polyadenylate-rich ribonucleic acid in the nucleus and in the cytoplasm of plasmacytoma cells., K A. Abraham and T S. Eikhom

Effects of cigarette smoking on aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase activity in lungs and tissues of inbred mice., R K. Abramson and J J. Hutton

Cytoplasmic dna of hepatoma tumor cells studied by 3h-actinomycin d binding., J Aczel and H E. Enesco

Nuclear dna of mouse hepatoma studied by 3h-actinomycin d binding., J Aczel and H E. Enesco

Modified nucleosides and bizarre 5'-termini in mouse myeloma mrna., J M. Adams and S Cory

The mechanism of interaction between t and b lymphocytes in the in vitro response to sheep erythrocytes, non-specific collaboration across a dialysis membrane., P B. Adams

Quabain-resistant mutants of mouse and human lymphocytes. Abstr., E A. Adelberg, T Callahan, C W. Slayman, and J F. Hoffman

Mouse immunoglobulin subclasses. Cyanogen bromide fragments and partial sequence of a theta1 chain., K Adetugbo, E Poskus, J Svasti, and C Milstein

In vitro responsiveness to hen egg white lysozyme (hel) in an ir- -hel negative mouse strain. Abstr., S Adler

Cell-surface-associated nucleic acid in tumorigenic cells made visible with platinum-pyrimidine complexes by electron microscopy., S K. Aggarwal, R W. Wagner, P K. Allister, and B Rosenberg

Alteration of the antibody response to escherichia coli o antigen in mice by prior exposure to various somatic antigens., S Ahlstedt and J Holmgren

Description of a specific murine t cell marker different from the theta marker. Abstr., A Ahmed, T Ochiai, and K W. Sell

In vitro reactivity of 3-m kc lambda-solubilized murine histocompat- ibility (h-2) antigens., A Ahmed, K W. Sell, R C. Knudsen, D M. Strong, and W E. Vannier

Late effects of neutron or gamma radiation. Abstr., E J. Ainsworth and R J. Fry

Metabolic studies on the development of ethanol-induced fatty liver in kk-ay mice., M Akakawa, S Taketomi, K Furuno, T Matsuo, I Iwatsuka, and Z Suzuoki

Carcinogenicity of n-nitrodiethylamine (den), n-nitrosodi-n-butylamine (dbn), and n-methyl-n-nitro-n-nitrosoguanidine (mng) in strains of mice. Single intragastric treatment of 10 times maximum tolerated dose (mtd). Abstr., Y Akamatsu

Neoplasms in strains of splenectomized mice after a single 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene treatment., Y Akamatsu

Clonal variations in murine neuroblastoma. Morphologic and antigenic differentiation., R Akeson and H R. Herschman

Allopurinol potentiates cyclophosphamide antileukemic activity. Abstr., D S. Alberts and T V. Wetters

Ovarian gamma5-3beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase and cholesterol in the aged mouse during pregnancy., E D. Albrecht, R D. Koos, and W B. Wehrenberg

Differential antibody production by adherent and nonadherent spleen cells transferred to irradiated and cyclophosphamide-treated recipient mice., J F. Albright, J W. Deitchman, S A. Hassell, and K Ozato

Therapy in an intracerebral murine glioma model, using bacillus calmette-guerin, neuraminidase-treated tumor cells, and 1-(2- -chloroethyl)-3-cyclohexyl-1-nitrosourea., L Albright, J C. Madigan, M R. Gaston, and D P. Houchens

Membrane cholesterol content and malignancy of ehrlich ascites-carcinoma cells., J C. Alderson and C Green

The organization of brain stem auditory nuclei in cba/j and c57bl/6 mice. Abstr., G A. Alexander and A Zarranz

The relationship between the time of fractionated and single doses of radiation and hyperthermia on the sensitization of an in vivo mouse tumor., A A. Alfieri, E W. Hahn, and J H. Kim

Cell proliferation in the prostate complex of the castrate mouse., M R. Alison, N A. Wright, A R. Morley, and D R. Appleton

The effect of freund's complete adjuvant on the cellular response in mice to sheep erythrocytes., D Allan, F I. Crampton, and P Jenkins

Effect of antithymocyte globulin pretreatment on immunological recon- stitution of lethally irradiated animals., E M. Allen and N Gengozian

Leukemia in akr mice after irradiation and marrow transplantation. Abstr., J W. Allen and S S. Boggs

Antigen expression of mouse spleen x thymocyte heterokaryons., D C. Allison, P Meier, M Majeune, and E P. Cohen

The migratory behaviour of t blasts to contact sensitivity reactions in actively and passively sensitized mice., G G. Allwood

Cryopreservation of spleen and tumor cells for serial testing of cell- -mediated immunity. Abstr., R Almaraz, D Thor, J Harrington, and J B. Aust

Pouvoir pathogene experimental de yersinia enterocolitica chez la souris athymique (nude)., J M. Alonso, H Bercovier, P Destombes, and H H. Mollaret

Methaqualone. Tolerance and physical dependence in mice., H P. Alpern, C A. Greer, J S. Stripling, and R K. Olson

The postnatal development of the ovary in the 'nude' mouse., H Alten and P Groscurth

Cell-free media of mixed lymphocyte cultures augmenting sensitization in vitro of mouse t lymphocytes against allogeneic fibroblasts., A Altman and I R. Cohen

Microfluorometric comparisons of heat-induced nuclear acridine orange metachromasia between normal cells and neoplastic cells from primary tumors of diverse origin., M R. Alvarez

Studies on a factor responsible for new bone formation from osteosarcoma in mice., K Amitani and Y Nakata

Osteogenic induction by cell-free material from murine osteosarcoma and its cultured cell line., K Amitani, K Ono, Y Sakamoto, and Y Nakata

Studies on the cytophilic properties of human beta2 microglobulin., C L. Anderson, R T. Kubo, and H M. Grey

Attempts to produce systems for isolating spontaneous and induced variants in various mouse lymphoma cells using a variety of selective agents., D Anderson

The selection and induction of 5-iodo-2-deoxyuridine and thymidine variants of p388 mouse lymphoma cells with agents which are used for selection., D Anderson

The ultrastructure of early embryonic stages of spontaneously activated mouse ovarian eggs cultured in vitro. Abstr., E Anderson, P C. Hoppe, and G Lee

In vitro fertilization and early embryogenesis. A cytological analysis., E Anderson, P C. Hoppe, W K. Whitten, and G S. Lee

Increased survival of mouse ependymoblastoma hosts previously treated with dehistonized tumor chromatin., K M. Anderson, N Kadohama, and J A. Kellen

In vitro. II. Analysis of thymus-dependent versus bone marrow- -dependent cells., R E. Anderson, G B. Olson, J L. Howarth, G L. Wied, D P. Bartels, and E A. Irradiated

Radiosensitivity of t and b lymphocytes. Iii. Effect of radiation on immunoglobulin production by b cells., R E. Anderson and N L. Warner

Ethanol acceptance under thirst motivation and hepatic enzymes in mice. Abstr., S M. Anderson and G E. Clearn

Chlorozotocin, 2-(3-(2-chloroethyl)-3-nitrosoureido)-d-glucopyranose, an antitumor agent with modified bone marrow toxicity., T Anderson, M G. Menamin, and P S. Schein

T-cell response to polyvinyl pyrrolidone is linked to maturity of b cells., B Andersson and H Blomgren

Clonal isolation of alloantigen-reactive t-cells and characterization of their memory functions., L C. Andersson and P Hayry

A mechanism for the induction of immunological tolerance by antigen feeding. Antigen-antibody complexes., C Andre, J F. Heremans, J P. Vaerman, and C L. Cambiaso

Spontaneous aortic aneurysms in blotchy mice., E J. Andrews, W J. White, and L P. Bullock

The fine structure of the cervical spinal cord, ventral root and brachial nerves in the wobbler (wr) mouse., J M. Andrews

The fate of heterotopic isografts and allografts of mouse yolk sac epithelium., T A. Andrew, J S. Coles, and R J. Scothorne

The in vivo inhibition of tumor growth by ruthernium red. Its relationship with the metabolism of calcium in the tumor., L J. Anghileri

Acquisition and reversal learning of an active avoidance response in three strains of mice., H Anisman

Differential effects of scopolamine and d-amphetamine on avoidance. Strain interactions., H Anisman

Task complexity as a factor in eliciting heterosis in mice. Aversively motivated behaviors., H Anisman

Effects of scopolamine, d-amphetamine and other drugs affecting catecholamines on spontaneous alternation and locomotor activity in mice., H Anisman and L Kokkinidis

Effects of d-amphetamine and scopolamine on activity before and after shock in three mouse strains., H Anisman, D Wahlsten, and L Kokkinidis

Chemical protection of cultured mammalian cells against fast neutrons., S Antoku

Isolation of a cationic polypeptide from human serum that stimulates proliferation of 3t3 cells., H N. Antoniades, D Stathakos, and C D. Scher

The subunit structure of thymus leukemia antigens., H Anundi, L Rask, L Ostberg, and P A. Peterson

Heterogeneity of surface antigens on endogenous type c virus-producing cell sublines derived from a clonal line of balb/3t3 cells., T Aoki, R B. Herberman, and M Liu

Cell populations and known surface antigens of tumors induced by abelson virus in pristane-primed balb/c mice. An analysis by immunoelectron microscopy., T Aoki, M Potter, M M. Sturm, M Liu, and M J. Walling

Tumor rejection in experimental animals treated with radioprotective thiols., C A. Apffel, J E. Walker, and S Issarescu

An x-ray diffraction study of central and peripheral myelination in jimpy and quaking mice., B J. Appeldoorn, R J. Chandross, R S. Bear, and E L. Hogan

Basic structure of mouse histocompatibility antigens., E Appella, O Henriksen, T Natori, N Tanigaki, L W. Law, and D Pressman

Inhibition of oncorna virus reverse transcriptase by plant flavonols. Abstr., M A. Apple, P Fischer, W Wong, J Paganelli, and L Osofsky

Study of h-2 mutations in mice. IV. A comparison of the mutants m505 and hz1 by skin grafting and serological techniques., A S. Apt, Z Blandova, I Dishkant, T Shumova, A A. Vedernikov, and I K. Egorov

Study of two noncomplementary mutations of h-2 mice with the aid of skin grafting and serological analysis., A S. Apt, Z K. Blandova, I P. Dishkant, T E. Shumova, and I K. Egorov

Functional heterogeneity among the t-derived lymphocytes of the mouse. II. Sensitivity of subpopulations to anti-thymocyte serum., B A. Araneo, P C. unter), and J W. Kappler

Experimental toxoplasma gondii infection in mice. The role of the fifth component of complement., F G. Araujo, L T. Rosenberg, and J S. Remington

Inheritance of the macrophage alloantigenic marker (mph-1) in inbred mice., J R. Archer

Activation of t and b lymphocytes in vitro. IV. Regulatory in- fluence on specific t cell functions by a thymus extract factor., D Armerding and D H. Katz

Activation of t and b lymphocytes in vitro. Presence of beta2-microglobulin determinants on allogeneic effect factor., D Armerding, R T. Kubo, H M. Grey, and D H. Katz

Anti-h-2 antisera raised across d-end incompatibilities inhibiting lymphoid complement receptors., villena A. Arnaiz, P Halloran, C S. David, and H Festenstein

Specific inhibition of lymphoid complement receptors by anti-h-2 sera. Evidence for a new h-2 linked polymorphism., villena A. Arnaiz, P Halloran, C S. David, and H Festenstein

Complement receptor lymphocytes. Analysis of immunoglobulin on their surface and further evidence of heterogeneity., villena A. Arnaiz and F C. Hay

Allograft cytotoxicity. Role of t lymphocytes bearing a receptor for complement., villena A. Arnaiz, B Jones, and I M. Roitt

C3 receptor. A marker of a thymus-dependent b-cell subpopulation., villena A. Arnaiz, J H. Playfair, and I M. Roitt

Complement-induced mixed aggregation of t and b lymphocytes and myeloid cells and the effect of adjuvant., villena A. Arnaiz and I M. Roitt

Autoimmune new zealand mouse. Alterations in c3 receptors, complement-induced clumps and follicular adherence of immune complexes., villena A. Arnaiz and P Sheldon

Tumor growth. Suppression in mice by submandibular gland extirpation., B G. Arnason, szorc E. Chelmicka, K S. Cully, J Oger, and M Young

Histopathologie und immunofluoreszenz der myxovirushepatitis bei empfindlichen und genetisch resistenten mausen., H Arnheiter and O Haller

Two factors affecting the heat stability of xanthine oxidase in extracts of mouse intestine., C J. Arnold and I E. Lush

Failure of neutrophilia to increase the number of neutrophils entering a peritoneal exudate in mice., S C. Aronoff, D R. Boggs, S S. Boggs, and R H. Cypess

Trexate in tissues and biological fluids., E Arons, S P. Rothenberg, M D. Costa, C Fischer, D M. Iqbal, and C. Metho

T cell-dependent helper and suppressive influences in an adoptive igg antibody response., S Arrenbrecht and G F. Mitchell

Synergistic carcinogenic effect of procarbazine and ionizing radiation in cdf mice. Abstr., J C. Arseneau, E Fowler, and R F. Bakemier

Variations in phenotypic expression of mmtv in mouse mammary tumor- -derived cell clones. Abstr., L O. Arthur, D L. Fine, J K. Plowman, and E A. Hillman

Analogies between embryonic (t/t) antigens and adult major histo- compatibility (h-2) antigens., K Artzt and D Bennett

Effect of cytosine arabinoside and 5-fluorouracil alone and in combination on p1798 sensitive and resistant to steroid lymphomas in the same mouse. Abstr., J L. Asam

Control of the immune response. I. Depression of dna synthesis by immune lymph node cells., G L. Asherson, P J. Wood, and B Mayhew