Submissions from 1978

Augmentation of immune response against a weakly immunogenic fibrosarcoma (t241) and its effect on tumor growth and pulmonary metastases. Abstr., S C. Gautam

Structural markers on core protein p30 of murine leukemia virus: functional correlation with fv-1 tropism., J W. Gautsch, J H. Elder, J Schindler, F C. Jensen, and R A. Lerner

Fv-1 locus of the mouse. Abstr., J W. Gautsch, F C. Jensen, J H. Elder, D R. Lerner, and O M. The

Strain-specific markers for the major structural proteins of highly oncogenic murine mammary tumor viruses by tryptic peptide analyses., J W. Gautsch, R Lerner, D Howard, Y A. Teramoto, and J Schlom

Growth and characteristics of small cell carcinoma of the lung in vitro and in nude mice. Abstr., A F. Gazdar, H L. Sims, and H B. Stull

Chicken egg yolk stabilizes the reverse transcriptase activity in type c particles produced by cultured mopc- -315 murine myeloma cells., A Gazit, A Yaniv, and E Eylan

Idiotype sharing by murine strains differing in immunoglobulin allotype., P J. Gearhart and J J. Cebra

Deformity of the tibiofibula in male nzbr/b1 mice., C P. Geary and M Bielschowsky

Idiotype-specific suppression of mopc-315. Abrogation by post-immunization thymectomy. Abstr., H M. Gebel, M J. Daley, and R G. Lynch

On a regulatory gene controlling the expression of the murine lambda1 light chain., W Geckeler, J Faversham, and M Cohn

Biological and biochemical differences among ecotropic c-type rna viral isolates chemically induced from c57bl/ka mouse embryo cells in vitro., E P. Gelmann, A Decleve, and H S. Kaplan

Tests on induction of chromosome aberrations in mouse germ cells with sodium bisulfite., W M. Generoso, S W. Huff, and K T. Cain

Cell-mediated lympholysis. A receptor-associated lytic mechanism., G G. Gensheimer and J R. Neefe

Characteristics and polyadenylate content of the actin messenger rna of mouse sarcoma-180 ascites cells., T E. Geoghegan, G E. Sonenshein, and G Brawerman

Effect of cyclophosphamide and methylprednisolone on in vitro cellular immune response to allogeneic tumor cells. Correlation with in vivo rejection., M Gerger, D Andress, Y Pioch, M Radal, and B Serrou

The analysis of the monoclonal immune response to influenza virus. Iii. The relationship between stimulation of virus- -primed precursor b cells by heterologous viruses and reactivity of secreted antibodies., W Gerhard

Repertoire of antiviral antibodies expressed by somatic cell hybrids., W Gerhard, C M. Croce, D Lopes, and H Koprowski

The central nervous system-associated immune response to parainfluenza type i virus in mice., W Gerhard, Y Iwasaki, and H Koprowski

Antigen-specific t cell-mediated suppression. Iii. Induction of antigen-specific suppressor t cells (ts2) in l-glutamic acid60-l-alanine30-l-tyrosine10 (gat) responder mice by non- responder-derived gat-suppressor factor (gat-tsf)., R N. Germain and B Benacerraf

The involvement of suppressor t cells in ir gene regulation of secondary antibody responses of primed (responder x nonresponder)f1 mice to ma- crophage-bound 1-glutamic acid60-l-alanine-30- -l-tyrosine10., R N. Germain and B Benacerraf

Induction by i-j-coded l-glutamic acid50-l-tyrosine50 (gt)- -specific t cell suppressor factor (gt-tsf) of suppressor t cells (ts2) bearing distinct i-j determinants., R N. Germain, J Theze, C Waltenbaugh, M E. Dorf, N B. Benacerraf, and I T. Vitro

Regulation of thyrotropin production by mouse pituitary thyrotropic tumor cells in vitro by physiological levels of thyroid hormones., M C. Gershengorn

Cellular heterogeneity in primary monolayer cultures of mouse pituitary thyrotropic tumors. Separation of thyrotrophs., M C. Gershengorn, M Cohen, and S T. Hoffstein

Immunobiology of congenitally athymic-asplenic mice., M E. Gershwin, A Ahmed, R M. Ikeda, M Shifrine, and F Wilson

Virus oncogenesis: evidence for generation of antigen nonspecific suppressor t cells., M E. Gershwin, J J. Castles, A Ahmed, D R. Makishima, and F O. Sarcoma

Dmba induced papillomas in congenitally athymic (nude) and hereditarily asplenic (dh/+) mice: contrasts and comparisons with immunologically intact littermates., M E. Gershwin and R Ikeda

Enhancement of heterotransplanted human tumor graft survival in nude mice treated with antilymphocyte serum and in congenitally athymic- -asplenic (lasat) mice., M E. Gershwin, R M. Ikeda, K Erickson, and R Owens

Age-dependent loss in new zealand mice of morphological and functional characteristics of thymic epithelial cells., M E. Gershwin, R M. Ikeda, W L. Kruse, F Wilson, M Shifrine, and W Spangler

Graft versus host reaction induced by administration of parental cells: effect on the autoimmune process of nzb/nzw f1 mice., M E. Gershwin and A D. Steinberg

Enhancement of metastasis formation by syngeneic lymphocytes. Abstr., D M. Gersten and I J. Fidler

The role of nitro groups in the binding of nitroaromatics to protein mopc 315., P Gettins, D Givol, and R A. Dwek

Equivalent expression of endogenous murine leukemia virus- related genes in c3h/10t1/2 cells and chemically transformed derivative cells., M J. Getz, P K. Elder, and H L. Moses

Changes in the immune function of mice with chaga's disease abstr., A Ghaffar, F S. Hauchman, and A L. Agar

Effect of anticancer chemotherapeutic agents on immune reactions of mice. I. Comparison of two nitrosoureas. 1,3-bis(2-chloroethyl)- -1-nitrosourea And 1-(2-chloroethyl)-3-(4-methylcyclohexyl)-1- -nitrosourea., A Ghaffar, W Lichter, L L. Wellham, and M M. Sigel

Sensitivity of suppressor cells to alkylating agents. Abstr., A Ghaffar, R Paul, and M M. Sigel

Immunomodulation by corynebacterium parvum. I. Variable effects on anti-sheep erythrocyte antibody responses., A Ghaffar and M M. Sigel

Identification of circulating human tumor-antigens. Abstr., V K. Ghanta, R N. Hiramoto, and D W. Davis

Age dependent reaction of mouse thymus cells with autologous and syngeneic erythrocytes., V K. Ghanta, R N. Hiramoto, and M H. Durant

Separation of cells by affinity chromatography on spa-sepharose 6mb., V Ghetie, G Mota, and J Sjoquist

Histochemical and ultrastructural study of lactic dehydrogenase in chemically induced lung cancer., B C. Ghosh, L Ghosh, B L. Newson, and T K. Gupta

The functional state of sympathetic nerves in spontaneously diabetic mice., A Giachetti

Long-term inhibition of immune responses by 5-(3,3-dimethyl-1- -triazeno)imidazole-4-carboxamide (dtic). Abstr., A Giampietri, A Circolo, L Frati, E Bonmassar, and A Goldin

Evidence for close linkage of a mouse light chain marker with the ly-2,3 locus., D M. Gibson, B A. Taylor, and M Cherry

Adenoviral fiber protein as a b cell mitogen. Abstr., M G. Gibson and N Khoobyarian

Enhanced nk cell activity in mice injected with interferon and interferon inducers., M Gidlund, A Orn, H Wigzell, A Senik, and I Gresser

And immune responses in t-lymphocyte-depleted mice., D K. Giger, J E. Domer, S A. Mcquitty, and E M. willpathological

Resurgence of killing and in vivo protection mediated by lymphocytes cultured from lymph nodes draining moloney sarcomas., G Y. Gillespie, C B. Hansen, and S W. Russell

Resurgence of killing in vitro by noncytolytic tumor-draining lymph node cells. Abstr., G Y. Gillespie, C B. Hansen, and S W. Russell

B-tropic oncornavirus production by balb/c methylcholanthrene- -induced sarcoma cells., G Y. Gillespie, F C. Jensen, and S W. Rusell

Development and peristence of cytolytic t lymphocytes in regressing or progressing moloney sarcomas., G Y. Gillespie and S W. Russell

Response of c3h mouse mammary tumor and skin to simultaneous heat and irradiation. Abstr., E L. Gillette and B A. Ensley

Resistance to syngeneic lymphoma cells as a result of immunization with chemically modified allogeneic lymphoma cells in mice, R W. Gillette, D C. Berringer, and D A. Wunderlich

Accelerated growth of mammary tumor cells in normal and athymic mice after treatment in vitro with dexamethansone., R W. Gillette and D A. Wunderlich

Regulation of delayed-type hypersensitivity. Iii. Effect of cyclophosphamide on the suppressor cells for delayed-type hypersensitivity to sheep erythrocytes in mice., H K. Gill and F Y. Liew

T cell growth factor. Parameters of production and a quantitative microassay for activity., S Gillis, M M. Ferm, W Ou, and K A. Smith

The detection of a spleen focus forming virus (sffv) cell surface antigen by lymphocyte-mediated cytolysis. Abstr., S Gillis, A E. Gillis, and K Smith

The detection of a spleen focus-forming virus neoantigen by lymphocyte-mediated cytolysis., S Gillis, A E. Gillis, and K A. Smith

The major histocompatibility complex--comparison in the mouse, man, and the rat. A review., T J. Gill, I )ii, D V. Cramer, and H W. Kunz

Inhibition of specific effector t cell-target cell conjugates by target cell plasma membranes., P J. Gilmer, H O. Mcdevitt, and H M. Mcconnell

Effect of enhancing alloantibody on macrophage-mediated alloimmune responsiveness in vitro. Abstr., J C. Gilmore, J M. Cruse, R E. Lewis, and D H. Sprunt

Macrophage-mediated alloimmune responsiveness. Abstr., J C. Gilmore and J M. Lewis

Association of y chromosomal variant with intermale aggression in mice. Abstr., B E. Ginsburg, W Larson, and L Vigue

Differentiation and acitivity of mast cells following immunization in cultures of lymph-node cells., H Ginsburg, I Nir, I Hammel, R Eren, B Weissman, and Y Naot

Cellular and humoral immune responses of mice during immunological enhancement of an allogeneic tumor., J V. Giorgi, S Tokuda, E H. Goldberg, and F Shen

Units of transcription for cytoplasmic rna in mouse myeloma cells., R Giorno and W Sauerbier

Guanosine 5'-triphosphate inhibits growth and stimulates differentiated functions in b16 melanoma cells., G J. Giotta, J R. Smith, and G L. Nicolson

Experimental chemotherapy of human malignant tumors transplanted subcutaneously and under the kidney capsule of nude mice. Abstr., B C. Giovanella, J S. Stehlin, and R C. Shepard

Heterotransplantation of human cancers into nude mice. A model system for human cancer chemotherapy., B C. Giovanella, J S. Stehlin, L J. Williams, S Lee, and R C. Shepard

Lung tumor-associated derepressed alloantigen coded for by the k region of the h-2 major histocompatibility complex., T G. Gipson, M Imamura, M A. Conliffe, and W J. Martin

In vivo anti-tumor immunity detected by leukocyte adherence inhibition., T G. Gipson and W J. Martin

Prevalence of non-t-cells in the replication of the n-tropic, type c virus of young akr mice., S Gisselbrecht, C Blaineau, M Hurot, F Pozo, and J P. Levy

Leukemias in mice. I. Demonstration of multigenic control., S Gisselbrecht, F Pozo, P Debre, M A. Hurot, M J. Lacombe, D J. Levy, and virus induced Moloney

Ms-2 tumor. A non-regressing mouse sarcoma derived from msv-m-induced sarcoma., F Giuliani, O Bellini, A M. Casazza, F Formelli, G Savi, D A. Marco, and I C. Of

Conjugate formation by primary and secondary populations of murine immune t lymphocytes., A L. Glasebrook

Adjuvant-induced thymus-derived suppressor cells of cell- -mediated tumour immunity., M Glaser

Specific immune response against tumor-associated antigens of a syngeneic simian virus 40-induced sarcoma in mice., M Glaser

T-t cell collaboration in rejection of a syngeneic sv 40- -induced sarcoma in mice., M Glaser and L W. Law

Antitumor activity of interferon against murine osteogenic sarcoma cells in vitro., L A. Glasgow, J L. Crane, and E R. Kern

Initial tumor cell arrest in animals of defined coagulative status., D Glaves and L Weiss

Potentiation by 2'-deoxycoforrmycin (dcf) of the inhibitory effects of cordycepin on nuclear rna rna synthesis in l1210 cells in vitro. Abstr., R I. Glazer

Potentiation by 2'-deoxycoformycin of the inhibitory effect by 3'-deoxyadenosine (cordycepin) on nuclear rna synthesis in l1210 cells in vitro., R I. Glazer, T J. Lott, and A L. Peale

Ontogeny of suppressor cells. II. Suppression of graft- -versus-host and mixed leukocyte culture responses by embryonic cells., A Globerson and T Umiel

Endocrine factors underlying the ethanol preference of c57bl/6j mice. Abstr., J A. Goas, A S. Lippa, and R W. Pelham

Genetic differences in coritsol receptors and hepatic tyrosine aminotransferase induction in mice. Abstr., A S. Goldman, B H. Shapiro, and B R. Sonawane

Cell mediated suppression of the fifth component of complement in mice. Abstr., M B. Goldman and J N. Goldman

Enhanced susceptibility of virus-infected fibroblasts to cytostasis mediated by peritoneal exudate cells., R Goldman and N Hogg

Murine colon adenocarcinoma. Immunobiology. Abstr., M H. Goldrosen, M H. Tan, and S H. Leveson

Production of monoclonal antibodies to human cell surface antigens by myeloma hybrids. Abstr., R A. Goldsby, E G. Engleman, B A. Osborne, C F. Grumet, and L A. Herzenberg

Mouse t cell-mediated cytolysis specifically trigger- ed by cytophilic xenogeneic serum determinants: a caveat for the interpretation of experiments done under "syngeneic" conditions., P Goldstein, M Luciani, and M Rollinghoff

Mechanism of t cell-mediated cytolysis. The differential impact of cytochalasins at the recognition and lethal hit stages., P Golstein, C Foa, and I C. Maclennan

Studies on the nature of the cell surface antigen reacting with cytolytic t lymphocytes in murine oncornavirus-induced tumors., E Gomard, J P. Levy, F Plata, Y Henin, V Duprez, Bismuth, and T Reme

Biochemical characteristics of phagocytosis in the p388 d1 cell., E M. Goodell, S Bilgin, and R A. Carchman

Polymaleic anhydride. Effects on the immune system and friend leukemia disease of mice., E M. Goodell, R M. Ottenbrite, and A E. Munson

An amplifier cell in hemopoiesis., J W. Goodman, N L. Basford, S G. Shinpock, and Z E. Chambers

Nonspecific activation of murine lymphocytes. Iii. Cells responding mitogenically to 2-mercaptoethanol are typical unstimulated lymphocytes., M G. Goodman, J M. Fidler, and W O. Weigle

Nonspecific activation of murine lymphocytes. IV. Proliferation of a distinct, late maturing lymphocyte subpopulation induced by 2-mercaptoethanol., M G. Goodman, J M. Fidler, and W O. Weigle

The ontogeny of b lymphocyte activation by 2-mercaptoethanol. Abstr., M G. Goodman, J M. Fidler, and W O. Weigle

Immunologic responsiveness of the c3h/hej mouse. Differential ability of butanol-extracted lipopolysaccharide (lps) to evoke lps-mediated effects., M G. Goodman, D E. Parks, and W O. Weigle

Nonspecific activation of murine lymphocytes. II. Parameters of the interaction between splenic lymphocytes and radiolabeled 2-mercaptoethanol in vitro., M G. Goodman and W O. Weigle

Body weight increment and length of life. The effect of genetic constitution and dietary protein., C L. Goodrick