Submissions from 1978

Physical subpopulations of mouse thymocytes. Changes during regeneration subsequent to cortisone treatment., F Dumont

Differential effect of hydrocortisone on lymphocyte populations in the mouse spleen., F Dumont and P Bischoff

The lack of effect on liver alcohol dehydrogenase in mice of early exposure to ethanol., R J. Duncan and B Woodhouse

Serum protein changes in the mice with splenic atrophy, splenomegaly, or splenectomy. Abstr., H C. Dung and J Yu

Secondary cytotoxic cell response to lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus. Iii. In vivo protective activity of effector cells generated in vitro., M B. Dunlop

Erythroid regulatory factors: correlation of detectable titers in vivo and in vitro., C D. Dunn and R D. Lange

Flow microfluorometric analysis of herpesvirus infected bhk-21 and balb/3t3 cell cultures., J Dunn, J Spizizen, and W Meinke

Defect of erythropoiesis in non-leukaemic akr mice., J F. Duplan

Osmotic properties of ehrlich ascites tumor cells during cell cycle., A M. Dupre and H G. Hempling

The genetic basis of susceptibility to leukemia induction in mice by 3-methylcholanthrene applied percutaneously., reynals M. Duran, F Lilly, A Bosch, and K J. Blank

Studies on the mechanism of fv-1 restriction with heated mulv's. Abstr., troise G. Duran and B I. Gerwin

Sequential precipitation of lyt-2 and lyt-3 alloantigens. Abstr., P J. Durda and P D. Gottlieb

Sequential precipitation of mouse thymocyte extracts with anti-lyt-2 and anti-lyt-3 sera. I. Lty-2.1 And lyt-3.1 Antigenic determinants reside on separable molecular species., P J. Durda and P D. Gottlieb

Development of an in vitro assay of antineoplastic drug efficacy with tumor models. Abstr., W J. Durkin, V K. Ghanta, and R N. Hiramoto

Mesenchyme-mediated effect of testosterone on embryonic mammary epithelium., H Durnberger, B Heuberger, P Schwartz, G Wasner, and K Kratochwil

Membrane proteins of the p388d1 macrophage cell line: isolation of membrane polypeptides that bind to the fc portion of aggregated igg., coward M. D'urso and R E. Cone

The comparative radiosensitivity of t and b lymphocytes., S K. Durum and N Gengozian

Altered immunological competence of neonatal mice force fed allogeneic lymphoid cells., B K. Dutmers and R C. Parks

Alloreactivity, the development of the t cell repertoire and the understanding of t cell function., R W. Dutton, P R. Panfili, and S L. Swain

Effect of the anti-estrogen, nafoxidine, on nzb/w autoimmune disease., M Duvic, A D. Steinberg, and L W. Klassen

Regulation of dna synthesis and antibody production by soluble factors released by bone marrow cells., A K. Duwe and S K. Singhal

Genetic analyses of differences in incidence of mammary tumors and reticulum cell neoplasms with the use of recombinant inbred lines of mice., A Dux, O Muhlbock, and D W. Bailey

Immunologic rejection of mammary adenocarcinoma (ta3-st) in c57bl/6 mice. Participation of neutrophils and activated macrophages with fibrin formation., A M. Dvorak, A B. Connell, K Proppe, and H F. Dvorak

Inhibition of mouse molar tooth germ morphogenesis in organ culture by mycophenolic acid. Abstr., F J. Dye

Modulation of alphafetoprotein synthesis in the early postimplantation mouse embryo., M Dziadek

Localization and synthesis of alphafoetoprotein in post- implantation mouse embryos., M Dziadek and E Adamson

Immunoregulatory circuits among t-cell sets. I. T-helper cells induce other t-cell sets to exert feedback inhibition., D D. Eardley, J Hugenberger, boudreau L. Mcvay, F W. Shen, R K. Gershon, and H Cantor

Infant nzb mice lack splenic t suppressor cells detectable by friend leukemia virus in vitro. Abtr., J W. Eastcott and M Bennett

Transmission of autoimmune haemolytic anaemia and murine leukaemia virus to hybrid progeny of allophenic nzb-cfw and nzb-balb/c male mice., J East, J J. Harvey, M Tuffrey, and R J. Tilly

The early appearance and subsequent distribution of murine leukaemia virus in nzb embryos., J East, R J. Tilly, M Tuffrey, and J J. Harvey

Effects of ultraviolet light on nude mice. Cutaneous carcinogenesis and possible leukemogenesis., G J. Eaton, R P. Custer, and A R. Crane

Life span, leukaemia and amyloid incidences of untreated and polycation-treated akr mice., P Ebbesen

Specificity of the inhibition of dna synthesis by extracts from cloned normal, sarcoma-virus-transformed and revertant 3t3 cells., P Ebbesen and L Olsson

Altered epidermal mitotic rate response to extract of young skin in senescent graft skin and associated younger recipient mouse skin., P Ebbesen, L Olsson, and C Due

Regulation of megakaryocytes in w/wv mice., S Ebbe and E Phalen

Thrombocytosis in sl/sld mice., S Ebbe, E Phalen, P D'amore, D D. Howard, and R R. And

Parabiotic demonstration of a humoral factor affecting megakaryocyte size in sl/sld mice., S Ebbe, E Phalen, and D Howard

Strain differences of the mouse's free-running circadian rhythm in continuous darkness., S Ebihara, K Tsuji, and K Kondo

Bone marrow transplantation in cancer therapy: inactivation by antibody and complement of tumor cells in mouse syngeneic marrow transplants., J S. Economou, H S. Shin, H Kaizer, G W. Santos, and D S. Schron

Amyloid formation. Inhibiting effect of an antioxidan6@ t-@@, D E. Eddy and D Harman

Mucosal iron binding proteins in sex-linked anemia and micro- cytic anemia of the mouse., J A. Edwards and J E. Hoke

Characteristics of secondary cytotoxic t-cell responses in mice infected with influenza a viruses., R B. Effros, J Bennink, and P C. Doherty

Progressive atrophy of the thymus in mice carrying lewis lung carcinoma grafts., L Efskind, T Godal, T Grude, P F. Marton, and S Hoglo

Sensitivity of dominant lethal assay in male mice. Abstr., U H. Ehling

Effects of adriamycin (am) in mice or in culture on the primary immune response of c57bl/6 spleen cells to allogeneic p815 mastocytoma cells. Abstr., J Ehrke, V Tomazic, C Eppolito, and E Mihich

Selectivity of inhibition by anticancer agents of mouse spleen immune effector functions involved in responses to sheep erythrocytes., M J. Ehrke, S A. Cohen, and E Mihich

Murine ovarian teratomas and parthenotes as cytogenetic tools., E M. Eicher

Autosomal phosphoglycerate kinase linked to mouse major histocompatibility complex., E M. Eicher, M Cherry, and L Flaherty

Carrying two complementing lethal albino alleles., E M. Eicher, S E. Lewis, H A. Turchin, waelsch D. Gluecksohn, and E O. Mice

Assignment of genes to regions of mouse chromosomes., E M. Eicher and L L. Washburn

Inhibition of collagen secretion in cultured cells by local anesthetics. Abstr., J H. Eichhorn and B Peterkofsky

Recognition of idiotypes in lymphocyte interactions. II. Antigen-independent cooperation between t and b lymphocytes that possess similar and complementary idiotypes., K Eichmann, I Falk, and K Rajewsky

A growth-dependent excess of 40s ribosomal subunits in plasmacytoma cells grown in suspension culture., T S. Eikhom, meyer J. Nissen, E Vangdal, and K A. Abraham

Measurement of antigen-specific igg autoantibody production in vitro., D Eilat, J P. Reeves, A D. Steinberg, and A N. Schechter

A miniaturized in vitro diffusion culture cystem., E F. Eipert, L Adorini, and J Couderc

Treatment of transplanted murine tumors with an oncolytic virus and cyclophosphamide., J E. Eiselein, M W. Biggs, and J R. Walton

Presence of anti-sm reactivity in autoimmune mouse strains., R A. Eisenberg, E M. Tan, and F J. Dixon

Symmetry of binding sites of a mouse iga myeloma protein (mopc 315)., R Eisenberg and P Plotz

Growth regulators in connective tissue. Systemic administration of an aortic extract inhibits tumor growth in mice., R Eisenstein, B Schumacher, C Meineke, and K E. Kuettner

Relationship between protective immunity vs. Mitogenicity and b cell activation by salmonella vaccines. Abstr., T K. Eisenstein, C Angerman, S O'donnell, S Specter, and H Friedman

Immunity to experimental salmonella infection: studies on the protective capacity and immunogenicity of lipopolysaccharide, acetone-killed cells, and ribsome-rich extracts of salmonella typhimurium in c3h/hej and cd-1 mice., T K. Eisenstein and C R. Angerman

Effect of different modalities of active immunization on incidence of tumors in a/j mice sarcoma model. Abstr., domeiri A. El, T Y. Sabet, and W Hsia

Rosette formation (rf) between murine thymocytes (thy) and guinea pig erythrocytes (gp rbc) in the presence of "active' fetal calf serum (fcs). Abstr., G J. Elfenbein

In vitro immune blastogenesis during contact sensitivity in tumor-bearing mice. I. Description of progressive impairment and demonstration of splenic suppressor cells., K D. Elgert and W L. Farrar

Suppressor cell activity in tumor-bearing mice. I. Dualistic inhibition by suppressor t lymphocytes and macrophages., K D. Elgert and W L. Farrar

Growth regulation in x-irradiated mouse skin. The possible role of chalones., K Elgjo and F Devik

Blood pressure and sex differences in preference for stimulation and activity in mice genetically selected for blood pressure extremes., J W. Elias, M Kufner, P Reid, E B. Duff, A P. Zingerman, and G Schlager

In vitro neoplastic transformation. Its dependence on radiation quality and repair processes. Abstr., M M. Elkind and A Han

Increased tyrosine phenol-lyase activity in mice following pyridoxal phosphate administration., G W. Elmer, L Minor, G G. Meadows, D H. Spackman, and V Riley

Effects of subclinical hygrogen sulfide intoxi- cation on mouse brain protein metabolism., E Elovaara, A Tossavainen, and H Savolainen

Prevention of tolerance in differentiating b lymphocytes by t cells., C J. Elson

Neuropendocrine response patterns in dominant and subordinate mice., D L. Ely and J P. Henry

Etude de l'expression des virus endogenes murins de type c dans les lignees cellulaires derivees du teratocarcinome de la souris 129., ravicovitch R. Emanoil, J Robert, M Canivet, L D'auriol, and J Peries

The structural requirements for immunoglobulin aggregates to localize in germinal centres., P H. Embling, H Evans, C Guttierez, E J. Holborow, P Johns, P M. Johnson, M Papamichail, and D R. Stanworth

Successful marrow transplantation across the h-2 barrier by selectively eliminating lymphocytes with specific gvh reactivity from the donors' marrow. Abstr., E E. Emeson

Kinetics and mechanisms for removal of circulating single- stranded dna in mice., W Emlen and M Mannik

Coumarin toxicity in different strains of mice., W Endell and G Seidel

Response to influenza pneumonia., F A. Ennis, G M. Butchko, D P. Albrecht, and C T. Host's

Developmental potential of lt/sv parthenotes derived from oocytes matured in vivo and in vitro., J J. Eppig

Granulosa cell deficient follicles. Occurrence, structure, and relationship to ovarian teratocarcinogenesis in strain lt/sv mice., J J. Eppig

Effects of progesterone and oestradiol-17beta on the spontaneous meiotic maturation of mouse oocytes., J J. Eppig and S L. Koide

T-cell inhibition of humoral responsiveness. I. Experimental evidence for restriction by the k- and/or d-end of the h-2 gene complex., R Epstein and M Cohn

Distinctive behavior of t-fcr+ and t-cr+ splenocytes in mammary tumor bearing mice. Abstr., R S. Epstein, D M. Lopez, and M M. Sigel

Divergent appearance of complement receptors and fc receptors on t cells in a murine mammary tumor system., R S. Epstein, D M. Lopez, and M M. Sigel

Characteristics of complement receptor-bearing cells in the spleens of tumor-bearing mice., R S. Epstein, D M. Lopez, M M. Sigel, and G D. Ross

Induction in vitro. I. Evidence for genetic restric- tion of t cell-macrophage interactions prior to t cell priming., P Erb, B Meier, D Kraus, H Von boehmer, D M. Feldmann, and O T. Cell

Survival of murine stem spermatogonia following 60co gamma-radiation. Abstr., B H. Erickson and P V. Mccann

T-alleles and the possibility of post-meiotic gene expression during mammalian spermatogenesis., R P. Erickson

Interspecies brain antigen recognized on chick neural retinal cells by naturally occurring mouse auto antibodies. Abstr., E Esber, A Boone, and W J. Martin

Evidence for thyroglobulin-reactive t cells in good responder mice., P S. Esquivel, Y M. Kong, and N R. Rose

Purification of mouse pepsinogens by pepstatin-affinity chromatography., H Esumi, S Sato, and T Sugimura

Meiosis and fertility in xyy mice., E P. Evans, C V. Beechey, and M D. Burtenshaw

Impaired cooper homeostasis in neonatal male and adult female brindled (mobr) mice., G W. Evans and B L. Reis

Impaired copper homeostasis in neonatal male and adult female brindled (mobr) mice. Abstr., G W. Evans and B L. Reis

Cell surface alterations caused by growth of b16 melanoma cells in bromodeoxyuridine. Abstr., I M. Evans and H B. Bosmann

Failure to relate the anti-tumour action of cyclophosphamide with the immunogenicity of two murine fibrosarcomas., R Evans

Macrophage requirement for growth of a murine fibrosarcoma., R Evans

Lack of correlation between in vivo rejection of syngeneic fibrosarcomas and in vitro non-specific macrophage cytotoxicity., R Evans, C G. Booth, and F Spencer

Identity of a population of progenitor cells in gingival connective tissue of the mouse incisor., V Everts and W Beertsen

The role of genetical-physiological mother-offspring interrelationships in establishing viability and fertility in mammals. II. The weight of balb, cba, and dba mouse strain embryos developed from transplanted blastocysts., V I. Evsikov and L M. Morozova