Submissions from 1978

Origin and biological properties of a new balb/c mouse sarcoma virus., S A. Aaronson and M Barbacid

Antigen-antibody complexes suppress antibody production by mouse plasmacytoma cells in vitro., A K. Abbas and G G. Klaus

Effects of ethanol and pentobarbital in mice of different ages., E L. Abel

Isolation and identification of a metabolic intermediate in the selective dechloroethylation of one of the four stereo- isomers of 4-methylcyclophosphamide., G Abel, P J. Cox, P B. Farmer, N J. Haskins, I Jarman, K Merai, and W J. Stec

Antitumor immunity after surgical removal of 3-methylcholanthrene- -induced murine tumors. Correlation between resistance and delayed hypersensitivity reaction., S Abe, M Yamazaki, and D Mizuno

Correlation of differences in antigenicity of four 3-methyl- cholanthrene-induced tumors in syngeneic mice with the suscepti- bility of tumors to an immunopotentiator, ps-k., S Abe, M Yamazaki, and D Mizuno

Virus using burkitt's-related cell lines., D V. Ablashi, R Glaser, J M. Easton, M Nonoyama, D G. Armstrong, and barr C. Espstein

Inhibition of the growth of murine tumour cells in vitro by serum from non-immune syngeneic and allogeneic mice., G Ablett, C Bishop, J W. Sheridan, and K J. Donald

Influence of mouse age and erythrocyte age on glutathione metabolism., E C. Abraham, J F. Taylor, and C A. Lang

Interaction of acth, corticosterone and cyclic nucleotides in harding-passey melanoma melanogenesis., J Abramowitz and W Chavin

In vitro effects of hormonal stimuli upon tyrosinase and peroxidase activities in murine melanomas., J Abramowitz and W Chavin

Regression of murine tumor growth by enzymatic dermoclysis coupled with immunostimulation. Abstr., C Abramson

Immunosuppressive effect of staphylococcal extracellular enzymes on antibody response in mice. Abstr., C Abramson, R Dziarski, and G Higenell

Immune response against the beta-galactosidase enzyme of e. Coli at precursor cell level. I. Analysis of the secondary repertoire in balb/c mice., R S. Accolla and F Celada

Association of thy-1 differentiation alloantigen with synaptic complexes isolated from mouse brain., R T. Acton, J Addis, G F. Carl, L D. Mcclain, and W F. Bridgers

Retinoic acid-induced changes in saturation density and adhesion of transformed mouse fibroblasts. Abstr., S Adamo, I Akalovsky, and L M. Luca

Strain variations in murine mif production., N Adelman, S Cohen, and T Yoshida

Spontaneous somatic mutations. Structural studies on mutant immunoglobulins., K Adetugbo

Spontaneous somatic frameshift mutation in a mouse myeloma., K Adetugbo and C Milstein

X chromosome complement and srum levels of igm in man and mouse., M Adinolfi, S A. Haddad, and M J. Seller

Suppression of graft-versus-host disease by murine cell-free liver extract., A J. Adler and E A. Friedman

Effect of cell-free murine liver extract on lymphocyte blastogenesis in vitro., A J. Adler, A S. Kong, and E A. Friedman

Heritable translocations induced in mouse primary spermatocytes. Abstr., I Adler and A Neuhauser

Hamsters after treatment with isoniazid (inh)., I Adler, A Schmaltz, R Rathenberg, D Muller, F F. Strasser, N R. Cy, and E S. Chinese

Hemopoietic support tissue of mouse femurs. Abstr., S Adler, R D. Kuznetsky, U Sawada, A F. Trobaugh, E E. Cyclophosphamide, and B O. The

Effects of cyclophosphamide and bleomycin on the hemopoietic support tissue of mouse spleens. Abstr., S Adler, R D. Kuznetsky, and R Wojtkowski

Myelogeneous leukemia., S S. Adler

Cell (cfu-c) proliferation in mice., S S. Adler, F O. Erythropoiesis, and G Progenitor

Stem cells in intact and 89sr marrow-ablated sl/sld mice., S S. Adler, s) U. fu, and c) G. fu

Colony-stimulating activity in serum and bone- -conditioned medium of 89sr marrow-ablated mice., S S. Adler, F E. Trobaugh, and W H. Knospe

Radiosensitivity of the helper cell function., G Agarossi, L Pozzi, C Mancini, and G Doria

Development of phalloidin tolerance in mice bearing ehrlich ascites tumors., B Agostini, S Ivankovic, and C Granzow

Gold triphenylphosphine complexes as a new class of potential antitumor agents. Abstr., K C. Agrawal, K B. Bears, D Marcus, and H B. Jonassen

The activity of glutathione reductase in a2-cell and b-cell-rich pancreatic islets., A Agren, C Berne, and S E. Brolin

Phosphoryl group transfer from ehrlich cells prelabeled in vivo with (32p)-orthophosphate and (14c)-glucose to unlabeled glioma cells., G Agren and G Ronquist

Genetic analysis of ia determinants expressed on con a-reactive cells., G B. Ahmann, D H. Sachs, and R J. Hodes

Ia determinants on accessory cells essential for the response of murine lymphoid cells to con a. Abstr., G B. Ahmann, D H. Sachs, and R J. Hodes

Requirement for an ia-bearing accessory cell in con a-induced t cell proliferation., G B. Ahmann, D H. Sachs, and R J. Hodes

Hormone-dependent mammary tumors in strain gr/a mice. IV. Origin and progression., B D. Aidells and C W. Daniel

Species-specific suppression of histone h1 and h2b production in human/mouse hybrids., K Ajiro, A Zweidler, T Borun, and C M. Croce

Identification of a high molecular weight nervous system specific cell surface glycoprotein on murine neuroblastoma cells, R Akeson and W Hsu

Secondary induction of cytotoxic t lymphocytes with solubilized syngeneic tumor cell plasma membranes., O Alaba and L W. Law

Flow microfluorometric analysis of p388 murine leukemia after administration of vincristine and maytansine in vivo., O Alabaster and M Cassidy

Antigen-specific suppression of cytotoxic t cell responses in mice. I. Suppressor t cells are not cytotoxic cells., adra A. Al and L M. Pilarski

A new anti-cancer principle isolated from gymnosporia rothiana laws, and its use in attaining cures in l1210 leukaemia in combination with "s" phase sensitive drugs., A D. Alate, D D. Khandalekar, A J. Amonkar, and M B. Sahasrabudhe

Incorporation of lipids into subcellular fractions of brain of quaking mutant., jackson B. Albers, S Greenfield, S W. Brostoff, and E L. Hogan

The synergistic effect of cyclophosphamide and cytosine arabinoside on lymphocytes bearing membrane immunoglobulin. Abstr., hodach A. Albert, L Borella, and D Pinkel

Effect of phenobarbital on plasma levels of cyclophosphamide and its metabolites in the mouse., D S. Alberts, Y M. Peng, H S. Chen, and R F. Struck

Growth of trypanosoma musculi in cultures of murine spleen cells and analysis of the requirement for supportive spleen cells., J W. Albright and J F. Albright

Immunosuppressive activity associated with a reticulum cell sarcoma of aged mice., J W. Albright and J F. Albright

Mechanisms of trypanosome-mediated suppression of humoral immunity in mice., J W. Albright, J F. Albright, and D G. Dusanic

Effect of cyclophosphamide treatment on the course of mycobacterium lepraemurium infection and development of delayed-type hypersensitivity reactions in c57bl and balb/c mice., J Alexander

An in situ method for estimating cell survival in a solid tumor., A A. Alfieri and E W. Hahn

Cellular changes in the lymphoreticular tissues of c57l/j mice infected with echinococcus multilocularis cysts., khan Z. Ali

Antigen-induced proliferation assay for mouse t lymphocytes. Response to a monovalent antigen., S S. Alkan

(8-aza-mpr) And 7-(beta-d-ribofuranosylamino)-1,2,-3- -thiadiazolo[5,4-d]pyrimidine (tp). Abstr., P W. Allan, J A. Montgomery, and R D. Bennett

Inhibition of activities of dna ploymerase alpha, beta, gamma, and reverse transcriptase of l1210 cells by phosphonocetic acid., H S. Allaudeen and J R. Bertino

Biochemical transformation of deoxythymidine kinase-deficient mouse cells with uv-irradiated equine herpesvirus type 1., G P. Allen, J J. Mcgowan, G A. Gentry, and C C. Randall

Comparison of uptake and binding of two epipodophyllotoxin glucopyranosides, 4'-demethyl epipodophyllotoxin thenylidene- -beta-d-glucoside and 4'-demethyl epipodophyllotoxin ethy- lidene-beta-d-glucoside, in the l1210 leukemia cells., L M. Allen

Light and electron microscopic study of the in vitro interaction between pyran activated macrophages and lewis lung carcinoma cells. Abstr., C D. Alley

Effect of inoculation with neuraminidase-treated tumor cells on macrophage cytotoxicity in vitro., C D. Alley and M J. Snodgrass

Murine ia and human dr antigens: homology of amino-terminal sequences., J P. Allison, L E. Walker, W A. Russell, M A. Pellegrino, S Ferrone, A. Reisfeld, J A. Frelinger, and J Silver

Cell mediated immunity in mice immunized with modified syngeneic gross lymphoma antigen., S J. Almquist and M D. Eaton

Effect of repeated ultraviolet irradiation on skin of hairless mice., H Alpermann and H G. Vogel

Variable globin chain synthesis in mouse erythroleukemia cells., B P. Alter and S C. Goff

Impairment of inflammatory reactions in tumor- -bearing mice as measured by evans blue extravasation., J Amice, L Dazord, and L Toujas

Kern-dns-syntheserate und markierungsindex in ihrem verhalten bei einwirkung carcinogener und nichtcarcinogner substanzen auf den organismus wachsender cba-mause. Das thymidineinbau-screening-system (tss)., E Amlacher and C Rudolph

Effect of splenectomy on the espression of regulatory t cell activity., D F. Amsbaugh, B Prescott, and P J. Baker

Effect of immunomodulators on thymocyte suppressive activity in mice., A Anaclerio, G Conti, M L. Moras, A Maconi, and F Spreafico

Suppression of mitogen responses and graft-versus-host reaction by splenocytes from mice bearing lewis lung carcinoma., A Anaclerio, M L. Moras, G Conti, G Mistrello, and F Spreafico

In vitro induction of suppressor cells and their sensitivity to immunodepressive drugs. Abstr., A Anaclerio, M L. Moras, A Ruggeri, G Conti, and F Spreafico

Physicochemical separation of two distant fc receptors on murine macrophage-like cell lines., C L. Anderson and H M. Grey

Chemical studies of glycoproteins from normal and transformed balb/c cells. Abstr., D R. Anderson, L Bestwick, J P. Lindsey, and W J. Grimes

Two crops of primary lung tumors in balb/c mice after a single transplacental exposure to urethane., L M. Anderson

3-hydroxyxanthine: Transplacental effects and ontogeny of related sulfate metabolism in rats and mice., L M. Anderson, J J. Mcdonald, J M. Budinger, I M. Mountain, and G B. Brown

Innate cytotoxicity of cba mouse spleen cells to sendai virus-infected l cells., M J. Anderson

Adenylate cyclase in a fibroblast mutant defective in glycolipid and glycoprotein synthesis., W B. Anderson, C J. Jaworski, M Gallo, I Pastan, and J Pouyssegur

Insulin production by pancreatic islets of obese-hyperglycemic mice cultured for one week in different glucose concentrations., A Andersson, K Asplund, and R Larkins

Stimulation of murine b lymphocytes to igg synthesis and secretion by the mitogens lipopolysaccharide and lipoprotein and its inhibition by anti-immunoglobulin antibodies., J Andersson, A Coutinho, and F Melchers

The switch from igm to igg secretion in single mitogen- -stimulated b-cell clones., J Andersson, A Coutinho, and F Melchers

Correlations between the genetic control of natural and oxazolone-induced antibody production., I Ando, J Erdei, O Makela, and J Fachet

Enhancement of artificial lung metastases in tumor-bearing mice. Abstr., K Ando, N Hunter, and L J. Peters

Spontaneous murine lupus-like syndromes. Clinical and immunopathological manifestations in several strains., B S. Andrews, R A. Eisenberg, A N. Filopoulos, H Izui, C B. Wilson, P J. Mcconahey, D D. Murphy, J B. Roths, and F J. Dixon

A microassay for the determination of hemolytic complement activity in mouse serum., B S. Andrews and A N. Theofilopoulos

Spontaneous immunoglobulin synthesis and secretion in homozygous and heterozygous nude mice. Abstr., S L. Andrew, A Strelkauskas, and K O'connell

Mapping of an h-2 linked gene that influences mating preference in mice., P W. Andrews and E A. Boyse

Studies on the earliest sites of b cell differentiation in the mouse embryo., T A. Andrew and J J. Owen

Karyorrhexis and karolysis as normally occurring phenomena at certain functional levels in the amphibian, ambystoma mexicanum and the mammals, mus musculus and rattus. Abstr., W Andrew

Dopamine agonists and audiogenic seizures. The relationship between protection against seizures and changes in monoamine metabolism., G M. Anlezark, R W. Horton, and B S. Meldrum

Formation and utilization of novel high energy phosphate reservoirs in ehrlich ascites tumor cells. Cyclocreatine- -3-and creatine-p., T M. Annesley and J B. Walker

Immunological comparison of mouse hemoglobins., A A. Ansari, L M. Bahuguna, M Jenison, and H V. Malling

Comparison of double antibody and solid-phase radio- immunoassays., A A. Ansari, L M. Bahuguna, and H V. Malling

A rapid screening method for the detection of monospecific antibodies against hemoglobins., A A. Ansari and H V. Malling

Aminopeptidase activities on the surface of mammalian cells and their alterations associated with transformation., T Aoyagi, M Nagai, M Iwabuchi, W Liaw, and O A. Umezawa

Mapping chromosomal regions of preferential 5- -bromodeoxyuridine incorportation in melanoma cells. Abstr., M Appley, D Hochhauser, and S Silagi

Effect of protease inhibitors in mice treated with the hepatocarcino- gen, hexachlorocyclohexane (alpha-isomer) and the bladder carcinogen, n-butyl-n-(4-hydroxybutyl)nitrosamine., H Arai, T Shirai, M Hananouchi, M Hirose, G Murasaki, and N Ito

Synthesis and antitumor activity of new daunorubicin and adriamycin analogues., F Arcamone, L Bernardi, B Patelli, P Giardino, A D. Marco, A M. Casazza, C Soranzo, and G Pratesi

Mechanism of infertility in t-complex mice., J R. Archer, S J. Self, and B G. Winchester

Tumor 5-fluorodeoxyuridylate concentration as a determinant of 5-fluorouracil response., B Ardalan, M D. Buscaglia, and P S. Schein

A new in vitro predictive assay for response to 5-fu chemotherapy in murine and human tumors. Abstr., B Ardalan, J S. Macdonald, and D A. Cooney