Submissions from 1978

Genetic control of cytolytic t-lymphocyte responses. I. Ir gene control of the specificity of cytolytic t-lymphocyte responses to trinitrophenyl-modified syngeneic cells., P Billings, S J. Burakoff, M E. Dorf, and B Benacerraf

Genetic control of cytolytic t-lymphocyte responses. II. The role of the host genotype in parental f1 radiation chimeras in the control of the specificity of cytolytic t-lymphocyte responses to trinitrophenyl-modified syngeneic cells., P Billings, S J. Burakoff, M E. Dorf, and B Benacerraf

Mechanisms of the metabolic disturbances caused by hypoglycin and by pent-4-enoic acid in vitro studies., D Billington, H Osmundsen, and H S. Sherratt

Mechanisms of the metabolic disturbances caused by hypoglycin and by pent-4-enoic acid in vivo studies., D Billington, H Osmundsen, and H S. Sherratt

Pathogenesis of chemically induced lung lesions in mice. Abstr., L H. Billups, C J. Henry, C E. Whitmire, and R E. Kouri

The agonist-specific effect of magnesium ion on bind- ing by beta-adrenergic receptors in s49 lymphoma cells. Interaction of gtp and magnesium in adenylate cyclase activation., S J. Bird and M E. Maguire

Brain lipid composition of the shiverer mouse. (genetic Defect in myelin development)., T D. Bird, D F. Farrell, and S M. Sumi

Senescent alterations in hepatic epoxide metabolism in rodents. Abstr., L S. Birnbaum and M B. Baird

In vivo immunisation and reaction against tnp-modified splenocytes., P Bischoff and D Oth

As antagonists of amino acid-induced and synaptic excitation of mammalian spinal neurones in vivo., T J. Biscoe, J Davies, A Dray, R H. Evans, M R. Martin, and D J. Watkins

Combined antitumor effects of bcg or inactivated c. Albicans with nitrosoureas against lstra lymphoma cells. Abstr., F Bistoni, P Marconi, M Pitzurra, L Frati, A Goldin, and E Bonmassar

Effects of corynebacterium parvum on murine myeloid leukaemia., S Bjornsson, H Preisler, and Z Pavelic

Simultaneous assay by six methods of the effect on haemopoietic precursor cells of adriamycin, methyl ccnu, 60co gamma-rays, vinblastine, and cytosine arabinoside., N M. Blackett, J C. Marsh, M Y. Gordon, S F. Okell, and M Aguado

Effects of dietary constituents on ultraviolet light-mediated carcinogenesis., H S. Black, J T. Chan, and G E. Brown

Excess production of free alpha subunits by mouse pituitary thyrotropic tumor cells in vitro., M R. Blackman, M C. Gershengorn, and B D. Weintraub

Mammary tumor virus preparations., M M. Black, R E. Zachrau, B Shore, A S. Dion, and N H. Leis

Cross reactive cell-mediated immunity (cmi) to riii-mumtv-gp55 and autologous breast cancer tissue. Abstr., M M. Black, R E. Zachrau, B Shore, and H P. Jr

Immunoglobulin isoantigens (allotypes) in the mouse. V. Characterization of igm allotypes., S J. Black, J W. Goding, G A. Gutman, L A. Herzenberg, I R. Loken, B A. Osborne, N D. Loo, and N L. Warner

Expression of igd by murine lymphocytes. Loss of surface igd indicates maturation of memory b cells., S J. Black, W V. Loo, M R. Loken, and L A. Herzenberg

Heterogeneity of kcl-solubilized antigens of chemically induced sarcomas (immunology)., R Blackstock, R D. Schimpff, and R T. Smith

Swan mice. Autoimmune mice without xenotropic type c virus production., C Blaineau, S Gisslebrecht, D Piatier, M Hurot, and J P. Levy

Early detection of tumor-specific antibodies to mammary carcinoma., P B. Blair and M L. Lane

Mutagen activation ability of fetal mice. Abstr., D A. Blake, F Martz, and martz A. Gery

Enhanced nonspecific colony inhibition of mouse tumor cells in vitro by macrophages in the pesence of a culture tumor factor., D Blakeslee

Maternal and embryonic gene effects on placental weight in mice., A Blakley

Changes in the development of the 3ll tumor in syngeneic mice in relation to protein calorie malnutrition., I Blanca and I Malave

Changes in erythrocyte membrane antigens in developing fetal and postnatal mice., J P. Blanchet

Cytotoxic t-cell responses show more restricted specificity for self than for non-self h-2d-coded antigens., R V. Blanden and U Kees

Effect of various thymic and nonthymic factors on in vitro antibody formation by spleen cells from nude mice., M Blankwater, L A. Levert, A C. Swart, and D W. Bekkum

In situ lymphoid cells of mouse mammary tumors. I. Development and evaluation of a method for the separation of lymphoid cells from mouse mammary tumors., B A. Blazar and G H. Heppner

In situ lymphoid cells of mouse mammary tumors. II. The characterization of lymphoid cells separated from mouse mammary tumors., B A. Blazar and G H. Heppner

In situ lymphoid cells of mouse mammary tumors. Iii. In vitro stimulation of tumor cell survival by lymphoid cells separated from mammary tumors., B A. Blazar, F R. Miller, and G H. Heppner

Microscopic epididymides in testicular feminisation., S R. Blecher

The effect of neonatal oil administration on brain weight of inbred and heterogeneous mice., D A. Blizard

Genetics of taste preference. Abstr., D A. Blizard, A Chang, and B A. Taylor

Toxic combinations of amphotericin-b (ampho-b), heat, and chemotherapy on l1210 cells grown in vitro. Abstr., J B. Block, M Dietrich, and W H. Isacoff

The effects of uv light and 7,12-dimethylbenz(a) anthracene (dmba) on c57bl mouse melanocytes. Abstr., F B. Blog and G Szabo

Lymphoscintigraphy in experimental ascites. Mediastinal uptake as a reflection of cell cycle kinetics. Abstr., W D. Bloomer and S J. Adelstein

Genetic determination of the rate of synthesis of mouse pancreatic amylase. Abstr., J Bloor, M Meisler, and J T. Nielsen

Properties and distribution of mammalian skeletal muscle guanylate cyclase. Alterations in denervated and dystrophic muscle., J C. Blosser and S H. Appel

Tumor-induced adherent suppressor cells depress mlc and cml responses. Abstr., J A. Bluestone, R Wilmot, and N T. Berlinger

Genetic expression of microsomal electron transport in mice. Different patterns of dependence of constitutive cytochrome p-450 reductase activity on pyridine nucleotide concentrations., J L. Blumer and J J. Mieyal

Dna repair in normal and preneoplastic mammary tissues., W J. Bodell and M R. Banerjee

On the suppression of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae) by pepstatin. Abstr., D H. Boehme and N Marks

Stimulation of immune reactivity by methoxy-substituted glycerol ethers incorporated into the feed., B Boeryd, T Nilsson, L Lindholm, S Lange, B Hallgren, and G Stallberg

Growth and chemotherapy response of human tumor xenografts under the renal capsule of immunocompetent mice. Abstr., A E. Bogden, H J. Esber, P M. Haskell, and D J. Lepage

Lack of correlation between splenic and marrow hematopoiesis following irradiation or irradiation and transplantation in mice., D R. Boggs and S S. Boggs

Extensively proliferating pluripotent hematopoietic stem cells (phsc) assayed in the w/wv mouse. Abstr., D R. Boggs, S S. Boggs, and D Canfield

Hematopoietic cellular basis for endotoxin induced lethality and endogenous spleen colonies in mice. Abstr., S S. Boggs and D R. Boggs

Differing patterns of erythropoiesis following whole-body irradiation in w/wv and sl/sld mice., S S. Boggs, D R. Boggs, and M J. Walter

Increased lethality after endotoxin in old or leukemic akr mice., S S. Boggs and G N. Schwartz

Plasma lipoprotein-associated arylesterase is induced by bacterial lipopolysaccharide., hansen T. Bog, H H. Krog, and U Back

Leucovorin (cf) and thymidine-hypoxanthine reversal of immunosuppression caused by methotrexate (mtx) in vitro. Abstr., D Bogyo

Differences in the recovery of different immune functions following methotrexate (mtx) administration. Abstr., D Bogyo and E Mihich

Polymorphism in the major core protein (p30) of murine leukemia viruses as identified by mouse antisera., M Boiocchi and R C. Nowinski

Oxygen consumption and body fat content of young lean and obese (ob/ob) mice., G A. Boissonneault, M J. Hornshuh, J W. Simons, D R. Romsos, and G A. Leveille

Killer (k) cells in human blood: discrimination between nk and k cell activities., R L. Bolhuis, H R. Schuit, A M. Nooyen, and D C. Ronteltap

Requirement of functional t-cells in the production of autoimmune glomerulotubular nephropathy in mice., W K. Bolton, F R. Benton, and P I. Lobo

Modulation of the immune response to bacterial levan (bl) by anti idiotype antibody. Abstr., C Bona

-levan And anti-inulin antibody response and of expression of cross-reactive idiotype., C Bona, R Lieberman, C C. Chien, J Mond, S House, I Green, D W. Paul, and R. Anti

Mitogenic analysis of murine b-cell heterogeneity., C Bona, A Yano, A Dimitriu, and R G. Miller

Modulation of t-dependent cell-mediated immune responses by antigen-reactive cell opsonization and active suppression., B Bonavida and I V. Hutchinson

Estrogen binding in mammary tissue of c3h mice with or without the mouse mammary tumor virus., G P. Bondy and A B. Okey

Hybridation en laboratoire de mus musculus l. Et mus spretus lataste., F Bonhomme, S Martin, and L Thaler

Estimating total genic diversity in the house mouse., F Bonhomme and R K. Selander

Assay of delta-aminolevulinic acid synthetase in homogenates of mouse, rat, and human liver: species differences in requirement for an exogenous succinyl- -coa-generating system., H L. Bonkowsky and J S. Pomeroy

Soluble factors produced by normal or tumor cells, inhibiting the uptake of 5-iodo-2'-deoxy-uridine by cancer cells in vitro., A Bonmassar, D Houchens, A M. Iorio, M Neri, A Santoni, and A Goldin

Variation in the immune response of three strains of mice to pneumococcal capsular polysaccharides. Abstr., M J. Bonner, D T. Rowlands, and G Schiffman

Mononuclear phagocytes from carrageenan-induced granulomas. Iso- lation, cultivation and characterization., R J. Bonney, I Gery, T Lin, M F. Meyenhofer, W Acevedo, and P Davies

The effect of ph on cell lethality from hyperthermia and irradia- tion in a mouse mammary tumor-derived cell line. Abstr., M L. Boone, M L. Freeman, B A. Ensley, and E L. Gillette

Teratocarcinoma cell variants rejected by syngeneic mice. Protection of mice immunized with these variants against other variants and against the original malignant cell line., T Boon and A V. Pel

Production of congenic anti-lyt-3.1 Sera., S C. Boos, J J. Monaco, and P D. Gottlieb

Factors affecting the beta-cell sensitivity to alloxan in vivo. Infulence of pre- and post-treatment with protective substances., L Boquist

Pancreatic b-cell sensitivity to alloxan in vivo. A study of antagonizing compounds, serum inorganic phosphate and acid- -base balance., L Boquist

Distribution of 51cr labeled leukemia cells in mice. Comparison with representative normal cells., M Boranic and M Radacic

Defective tumoricidal capacity of macrophages from a-derived strains of mice. Abstr., D Boraschi, M Meltzer, and H J. Rapp

In vivo regulation of lysozyme (lzm) synthesis in cytotoxic macrophages. Abstr., S Bordin and E T. Young

-facilitated Tolerance to nucleic acid antigens., Y Borel, R M. Lewis, schwartz J. Andre, B D. Stollar, D E. Diener, and E. Cortisone

Carcinogen induced mallory bodies in liver cells studied in vitro. Abstr., E Borenfreund, P J. Higgins, and E Peterson

Adenylate kinase activity in various organs and tissues of mice with the obese-hyperglycemic syndrome (gene symbol ob/ob)., E Borglund, S E. Brolin, and A Agren

Altered tissue carnitine levels in animals with hereditary muscular dystrophy., P R. Borum, J H. Park, P K. Law, and R I. Roelofs

Prevention of immunoglobulin production by allotype-dependent t cells., M J. Bosma, G C. Bosma, and J L. Owen

Multisystem stem cell failure after apparent recovery from alkylating agents., L E. Botnick, E C. Hannon, and S Hellman

Continuous production of monoclonal mouse ige antibodies with known allergenic spec- ificity by a hybrid cell line., I Bottcher, G Hammerling, and J Kapp

Regulation of the response to phosphorylcholine in balb/c mice. Abstr., H K. Bottomly and D E. Mosier

Anti-idiotype induced regulation of helper cell function for the response to phosphorylcholine in adult balb/c mice., K Bottomly, B J. Mathieson, and D E. Mosier

Cytotoxic reactions of nzb spleen cells with lymphocytes of mhc identical strains. Abstr., U Botzenhardt, J Klein, and M Ziff

Primary in vitro cell-mediated lympholysis reaction of nzb mice against unmodified targets sysngeneic at the major histocompatibility complex., U Botzenhardt, J Klein, and M Ziff

The effect of dietary amino acids on immune reactivity., G Bounous and P A. Kongshavn

Glucocorticoid resistance in murine lymphoma and thymoma lines., S Bourgeois, R F. Newby, and M Huet

Localization of t25 glycoprotein in wild-type and thy 1-mutant cells by immunofluorescence and immunoelectron microscopy., L Y. Bourguignon, R Hyman, I Trowbridge, and S J. Singer

Participation of histocompatibilty antigens in capping of molecularly independent cell surface components by their specific antibodies., L Y. Bourguignon, R Hyman, I Trowbridge, and S J. Singer

The capping of lymphocytes and other cells, studied by an improved method for immunofluorescence staining of frozen sections., L Y. Bourguignon, K T. Tokuyasu, and S J. Singer

Some biochemical effects of anguidin in vivo. Abstr., B J. Bowdon, J A. Werline, and G P. Wheeler

Role of microtubules in granulocyte adherence., L A. Boxer, J M. Allen, A M. Watanabe, H R. Besch, and R L. Baehner

Activation of endogenous type c virus in balb/c mouse cells by herpesvirus dna., A L. Boyd, J G. Derge, and B Hampar

Human mouse mixed lymphocyte cultures. II. Partial separation of functionally distinct populations on discontinuous albumin gradients., A W. Boylston and R L. Anderson

Human-mouse mixed lymphocyte cultues., A W. Boylston, A R. L, and E Andrson

Role of viral infectivity in the induction of influenza virus- specific cytotoxic t cells., T J. Braciale and K L. Yap

Growth of human gliomas in immune-deficient mice. A possible model for pre-clinical therapy studies., N J. Bradley, H J. Bloom, A J. Davies, and S M. Swift