Submissions from 1978

Aggregation of homozygous brachyury (t) cells in the culture supernatant of wild-type or mutant embryos., K O. Yanagisawa and H Fujimoto

Development and growth of pregnancy-dependent and -independent mammary tumors in gr/a strain of mice and their interrelationship., R Yanai and H Nagasawa

Folate analog transport in plasma membrane vesicles isolated from l1210 leukemia cells. Abstr., C Yang, R H. Peterson, F M. Sirotnak, and P L. Chello

Effect of radiation and high temperature on the viral transformation of cells in vitro. Abstr., T C. Yang, C A. Tobias, J Howard, J Risius, I Madfes, and L Craise

Late ultrastructural changes in the mouse coronary arteries and aorta after fission neutron or 60co gamma irradiation., V V. Yang, S P. Stearner, and E J. Ainsworth

Maturation of bone marrow lymphocytes. II. Development of fc and complement receptors and surface immunoglobulin studied by rosetting and radioautography., W C. Yang, S C. Miller, and D G. Osmond

In vitro association of selective trna species with 28s rna of mouse cells., W K. Yang, D L. Hwang, J O. Kiggans, D M. Yang, C D. Stringer, D J. Moore, and F C. Hartman

Transfer of fv-1 locus-specific resistance to murine n-tropic and b-tropic retroviruses by cytoplasmic rna., W K. Yang, R W. Tennant, R J. Rascati, J A. Otten, B Schluter, J O. Kiggans, F E. Myer, and A Brown

Adaptation of murine mopc-315 myeloma cells to growth in vitro and further characterization of their c-type viruses., A Yaniv, A Gazit, M Dvir, D Guthmann, and E Eylan

Antigen presentation in the murine t lymphocyte proliferative response. II. Ir-gat-controlled t lymphocyte responses require antigen-presenting cells from a high responder donor., A Yano, R H. Schwartz, and W E. Paul

Transfer of specific cytotoxic t lymphocytes protects mice inoculated with influenza virus., K L. Yap, G L. Ada, and I F. Mckenzie

Immunotherapy with an intralesionally administered synthetic cord factor analogue., E Yarkoni, H J. Rapp, J Polonsky, and E Lederer

Cyclic gmp metabolism in relation to the regulation of cell growth in balb/c3t3 cells., H Yasuda, N Hanai, M Kurata, and M Yamada

Glycosaminoglycan accumulation with partial deficiency of beta- glucuronidase in the c3h strain of mice., S Yatziv, R P. Erickson, R Sandman, and W V. Robertson

Production and characterization of radioresistant mutants of murine l5178y lymphoma. Abstr., T M. Yau, S C. Kim, E C. Gregg, and O F. Nygaard

Control of obesity in avy/a mice by 5alpha-androstan- -17-one., T T. Yen, J A. Allan, D V. Pearson, and J M. Acton

Response of db/db mice to novel sulfonylureas. Abstr., T T. Yen, J S. Ward, R E. Koehler, J M. Acton, J A. Allan, M. Greenberg, and D V. Pearson

Combined treatment of a solid tumour by local hyperthermia and actinomycin d., A Yerushalmi

Stimulation of resistance against local tumor growth, of hosts pretreated by combined local hyperthermia and x-irradiation., A Yerushalmi

Importance of schedule in adriamycin/cyclophosphamide combination therapy., D W. Yesair, S Mcnitt, J Tobias, and I Wodinsky

Cooperation of macrophage cell line cells with lymphocytes for antibody response. Abstr., J Yodoi, T Masuda, and Y Ichikawa

Interaction of lymphocytes and macrophage cell line cells (m1 cells). I. Functional maturation and appearance of fc receptors in m1 cells., J Yodoi, T Masuda, M Miyama, M Maeda, and Y Ichikawa

Immunological properties of fc receptor on lymphocytes. 2. Differentiation from fcr- to fcr+ cells and their functional differences in in vitro antibody response., J Yodoi, M Miyama, and T Masuda

Immunological properties of fc receptor on lymphocytes. IV. Fc receptor of con a induced suppressor and helper t cells., J Yodoi, A Takabayashi, and T Masuda

Altered cell surface organization of gangliosides and sialylglycoproteins of mouse metastatic melanoma variant lines selected in vivo for enhanced lung implantation., G Yogeeswaran, B S. Stein, and H Sebastian

Differential effects of preirradiation on adoptive antibody responses in dba/2 and balb/c mice., D Yonkosky, R F. Buffett, and M Bennett

Virus-induced diabetes mellitus. Coxsackie virus b4 produces an insulin-dependent hyperglycaemia in only certain inbred strains of mice. Abstr., J Yoon, T Onodera, and A L. Notkins

Virus-induced diabetes mellitus. XV. Beta cell damage and insulin-dependent hyperglycemia in mice infected with coxsackie virus b4., J Yoon, T Onodera, and A L. Notkins

An enzymatic defect in the obese (ob/ob) mouse. Loss of thyroid-induced sodium- and potassium-dependent adenosine- triphosphatase., D A. York, G A. Bray, and Y Yukimura

Thyroid status of obese (ob/ob) mice and its relationship to adipose tissue metabolism., D A. York, W Otto, and T G. Taylor

Specificity of the deletion of chromosome 15 in mouse plasmacytoma. Brief communication., M C. Yoshida, K Moriwaki, and S Migita

Prevention of antitumor effect of 5-fluorouracil by hypoxanthine., M Yoshida, A Moshi, and K Kuretani

Tetrodotoxin-resistant sodium and calcium components of action potentials in dorsal root ganglion cells of the adult mouse., S Yoshida, Y Matsuda, and A Samejima

Resistance of g mice to murine leukemia virus infection. Apparent disparity in in vivo and in vitro resistances., H Yoshikura and T Odaka

Plasma protein production by human tumors xenotransplanted in nude mice., S Yoshimura, N Tamaoki, Y Ueyama, and J Hata

Terminals in the dna of mouse brain following gamma irradiation., K Yoshizawa, I Furuno, T Yada, and D H. Matsudaira

Modulation of nonspecific tumorr cell cytotoxicity during the inflammatory and immune stages of sensitization with listeria monocytogenes. Abstr., S Youdim

Antigen dose and strain variation as factors in the genetic control of the immune response to sperm whale myoglobin., C R. Young, A Ebringer, and J R. Archer

Quantitative characterization of domes in primary mouse mammary epithelial tumor cell cultures., L J. Young, R D. Cardiff, and T Seeley

Comparison of the secondary structures and binding sites of c-reactive protein and the phosphorylcho- line-binding murine myeloma proteins., N M. Young and R E. Williams

Cell surface immunoglobulin. Xxi. Appearance of igd on murine lymphocytes during differentiation., D Yuan and E S. Vitetta

Growth fraction as the major determinant of multicellular tumor spheroid growth rates., J M. Yuhas and A P. Li

In vitro analysis of the response of multicellular tumor spheroids exposed to chemotherapeutic agents in vitro or in vivo., J M. Yuhas, A E. Tarleton, and J G. Harman

Effects of adrenalectomy on thyroid function and insulin levels in obese (ob/ob) mice., Y Yukimura and G A. Bray

Depressive effects of carrageenans on cell-mediated lympholysis induced in vitro: antimacrophage and antilymphocyte activities., Y P. Yung and G Cudkowicz

Suppression of cytotoxic t lymphocytes by carrageenanactivated macrophage-like cells., Y P. Yung and G Cudkowicz

Leucocyte blood composition in mice c3h/he nu/nu, c3h/he nu/+ and c3h/he. Abstr., V M. Yunker, E V. Gruntenko, and T S. Moroskova

Ro-05-9963. A better electron-affinic hypoxic cell radiosensitizer than misonidazole (ro-07-0582) for clinical use? abstr., N Y. Yu and J M. Brown

The effect of cyclophosphamide on mice bearing mc-induced fibrosarcoma. Abstr., S Yu, D R. Johnson, and C F. Mckhann

Neuronal and non-neuronal properties of neuroblastoma cells., I S. Zagon and C Schengrund

Mammary leukaemia (ml) antigen isolted from l1210 leukaemia cells., nejmark T. Zak, J Steuden, and C Radzikowski

Genetic control of the immune response to thy-1 antigens., Marek Zaleski and Jan Klein

Effect of h-2 incompatibility between recipient and donor on the magnitude of response to thy-1.1 Antigen., M B. Zaleski, T Gorzynski, and J Klein

Survival, reinnervation, and histochemical maturation of skeletal muscle xenografts in the nude mouse., A A. Zalewski

Cellular basis of tolerance to serum albumin in adult mice. I. Characterization of t suppressor and t helper cells., bar I. Zan, D B. Murphy, and S Strober

Induction and mechanism of tolerance to bovine serum albumin in mice given total lymphoid irradiation (tli)., bar I. Zan, S Slavin, and S Strober

The relationship between surface immunoglobulin isotype and immune function of murine b lymphocytes. Iii. Expression of a single predominant isotype on primed and unprimed b cells., bar I. Zan, E S. Vitetta, F Assisi, and S Strober

Association of mouse major histocompatibility and rauscher murine leukaemia virus envelope glycoprotein antigens on leukaemia cells and their recognition by syngeneic virus-immune-cytotoxic t-lympho- cytes., D A. Zarling, I Keshet, A Watson, and F H. Bach

Physical association of murine leukemia virus envelope glycoprotein and mouse major histocompatibility antigens on leukemia cell surfaces and their recognition as target antigens by cytotoxic t-lymphocytes. Abstr., D A. Zarling, A Watson, R E. Duke, and F H. Bach

Resistance to transplantation of spontaneous akr lymphoma cells by substrains of akr mice. In vivo resistance and generation of an h-2 restricted cml response., M M. Zatz

Intercellular adhesiveness of h-2 identical and h-2 disparate cells., V Zeleny, V Matousek, and A Lengerova

Initiator methionine residues at the nh2-termini of the two precursors of mopc-41 immunoglobulin light chain. Studies with the initiator and internatl trnamet species., R Zemell, Y Burstein, and I Schechter

Non-hormonal burst in the level of camp caused by a 'temperature shock' to mouse thymocytes., Y Zick, R Cesla, and S Shaltiel

Phenotypic expression of malignancy in hybrid and hybrid mouse cells., M L. Ziegler

Isolated interruption of the afferent limb of the immunological reflex. A murine model., M M. Ziegler and H Maguire

Metabolism of 5-amino-1-beta-ribofuranosyl-imidazole-4-carboxamide and related five-membered heterocycles to 5'triphosphates in human blood and l5178y cells., T P. Zimmerman and R D. Deeprose

Inhibition of lymphocyte-mediated cytolysis by 3-deazaadenosine. Evidence for a methylation reaction essential to cytolysis., T P. Zimmerman, G Wolberg, and G S. Duncan

Major transplantation antigens in t cell-mediated immunity. A comparison of the transplantation reaction with antiviral immunity., R M. Zinkernagel

Thymus and lymphohemopoietic cells. Their role in t cell maturation in selection of t cells h-2-restriction-specificity and in h-2 linked ir gene control., R M. Zinkernagel

In irradiation chimeras, k or d regions of the chimeric host, not of the donor lymphocytes, determine immune responsiveness of anti- viral cytotoxic t cells., R M. Zinkernagel, A Althage, S Cooper, G Callahan, and J Klein

Ir-genes in h-2 regulate generation of anti-viral cytotoxic t cells. Mapping to k or d and dominance of unresponsiveness., R M. Zinkernagel, A Althage, S Cooper, G Kreeb, P A. Klein, B Sefton, L Flaherty, J Stimpfling, D Shreffler, and J Klein

Target antigens for h-2-restricted vesicular stomatitis virus- -specific cytotoxic t cells., R M. Zinkernagel, A Althage, and J Holland

On the thymus in the differentiation of "h-2 self-recognition" by t cells. Evidence for dual recognition., R M. Zinkernagel, G N. Callahan, A Althage, S Cooper, and J Klein

The lymphoreticular system in triggering virus plus self- -specific cytotoxic t cells. Evidence for t help., R M. Zinkernagel, G N. Callahan, A Althage, S Cooper, and J Klein

Cytotoxic t cells learn specificity for self h-2 during differentiation in the thymus., R M. Zinkernagel, G N. Callahan, J Klein, and G Dennert

Host-determined t-cell fine specificity for self- -h-2 in radiation bone marrow chimeras of standard c57bl/6 (h-2b), mutant hz1(h-2ba), and f1 mice., R M. Zinkernagel, P A. Klein, and J Klein

Further studies on non-h-2 histocompatibility alloantibodies in the mouse., G L. Zink and S Heyner

Nonimmune and immune surveillance. II. Effect of recipient's age, tumor immunogenicity, and neonatal thymectomy on tumor growth inhibition., S N. Zinzar, moldavsky G. Svet, and N V. Karmanova

Effects of actinomycin d in vivo on murine erythroid stem cells., K S. Zuckerman, R Sullivan, and P J. Quesenberry

Thymus cell variations in akr leukemia., R M. Zucker, D M. Helfman, and A M. Tershakovec

Influence of glibenclamide on the (pro)insulin biosynthesis and secretion in isolated pancreatic islets of c57bl/ksj and -/6j mice. Abstr., H Zuklke, S Schmidt, B Wilke, B Ziegler, and M Ziegler

Levamisole maintains cyclophosphamide-induced remission in murine lupus erythematosus., J Zulman, J Michalski, C Mccombs, J Greenspan, and N Talal

Prostaglandins and cyclic nucleotides in the chediak-higashi syndrome and experimental systemic lupus erythematosus., R B. Zurier

Occurrence and kinetics of glycogen levels in the epidermal cells of grafted and cultured skin in mice., A Zweibaum, S Leon, M Rousset, E Dussaulx, and G Chevalier

Kinetics of formation and disappearance of a dna cross-linking effect in mouse leukemia l1210 cells treated with cis- and trans- -diamminedichloroplatinum(ii)., L A. Zwelling, K W. Kohn, W E. Ross, R A. Ewig, D Tom, and E Andrson

Dna crosslinking, cytotoxicity and mutagenicity in cells treated with cis and trans-platinum (ii) diammine dichloride (pdd). Abstr., L A. Zwelling, K W. Kohn, A Tom, and E Andrson

Alloantigenic immune response to purified thy-1 molecule. Abstr., R K. Zwerner and P A. Barstad

Cell-mediated destruction of cells grown on artificial capillaries., B S. Zwilling and D A. Clayman

Competitive binding and metabolism of several carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by akr mouse embryo cells in culture., T H. Zytkovicz, H L. Moses, and T C. Spelsberg