Submissions from 1978

Mammary tumor virus oncogenesis and tumor immunogenicity in three sublines of the c3h mouse., J Vaage and D Medina

Determination of heme and non-heme iron content of mouse erythropoietic organs., J Vacha, J Dungel, and V Kleinwachter

Murine mammary tumor virus (mumtv) infection of an epithelial cell line established from c57bl/6 mouse mammary glands., A B. Vaidya, E Y. Lasfargues, and W G. Coutinho

Chromosomal locations of mouse immunoglobulin genes., O Valbuena, K B. Marcu, C M. Croce, K Huebner, M Weigert, and R P. Perry

Multiplicity of germline genes specifying a group of related mouse kappa chains with implications for the generation of immunoglobulin diversity., O Valbuena, K B. Marcu, M Weigert, and R P. Perry

Normal stem cell proliferation and cell depletion after x-irradiation of spermatogonia of inbred and hybrid mice., K Valentin

Combined treatment with amphotericin b and 1,3-bis(2-chloroethyl)- -1-nitrosourea., F Valeriote, R Lynch, G Medoff, S Tolen, D J. Dieckman, and A R. After

Quantitation of development of actinomycin-d (act-d) resistance in vivo in akr leukemia and its modification by amphotericin b (amb). Abstr., F Valeriote, G Medoff, and J Dieckman

Merocyanine 540 as a fluorescent probe of membranes. Selective staining of leukemic and immature hemopoietic cells., J E. Valinsky, T G. Easton, and E Reich

Alcohol, prolonged isolation and barbiturate sedation in two strains of mice., L Valzelli and S Bernasconi

Genetic control of sniffing and marking responses in mice., J H. Van abeelen and A E. Vries

Major histocompatibility complex-linked immune-responsiveness is acquired by lymphocytes of low-responder mice differentiating in thymus of high-responder mice., H Van boehmer, W Haas, and N K. Jerne

The snell-dwarfmouse. I. General growth pattern, before and during growth hormone and thyroxine therapy., S Van buul and J L. Brande

The snell-dwarfmouse. II. Sulfate and thymidine incorporation in costal cartilage and somatomedin levels before and during growth hormone and thyroxine therapy., S Van buul and J L. Brande

Localization of mouse pgk-2 gene at the d end of the h-2 complex., J L. Vandeberg and J Klein

Morphine and in its interaction with components of the hepatic microsomal cytochrome p450 system in mice, A P. Van den berg, J Noordhoek, chapel E. Savenije, kool D. Koopman, and V. Ethyl

Suppression of cfu-s activity by rabbit-anti-mouse brain serum can be overcome by treatment with papain., G Van den engh and M Platenburg

T1 and t2 lymphocytes in primary and secondary delayed type hypersensitivity of mice. I. Contribution in the response to sheep red blood cells and to allogeneic spleen cells., T Van der kwast and R Benner

Heat production, energy intake and body weight changes in response to fasting-refeeding, thyroxine administration or environmental temperature in lean and obese (ob/ob) mice. Abstr., J G. Vandertuig, D R. Romsos, G A. Leveille, and A M. Pearson

Proliferative capacity of mouse peritoneal macrophages in vitro., B A. Van der zeijst, C C. Stewart, and S Schlesinger

A morphometrical analysis of lympho node responses to tumors of different immunogenicity., C J. Van de velde, C J. Meyer, C J. Velde, U M. Putten, and A Zwaveling

Impaired processing of precursor polypeptides of temperature- sensitive mutants of rauscher murine leukemia virus., W J. Van de ven, D V. Zaane, C Onnekink, and H P. Bloemers

Indirect plaque-forming cells detected by use of normal mouse serum. I. Normal mouse serum plaque-forming cells are iga producers., H Van dijk and C G. Bohemen

Presence of common surface antigen(s) on endodermal tumors and embryonal tissues of rats, hamsters and mice., L Van hove, M Delacourt, B Park, H Sobis, and M Vandeputte

Immune complexes in the skin of nzb mice. Abstr., R H. Van meter, U H. Rudofsky, and A E. Gabrielsen

A new h-2-linked mutation, rds, causing retinal degeneration in the mouse., R Van nie, D Ivanyi, and P Demant

Surface glycosaminoglycans and calcium distribution in 3t3 cells., S Vannucchi, M D. Rosso, C Cella, and V Chiarugi

Prevalence of viruses in colonies of laboratory rodents., M C. Van nunen, J P. Koopmann, J W. Mullink, and J V. Veen

The effect of complement on the ingestion of soluble antigen- -antibody complexes and igm aggregates by mouse peritoneal macrophages., J L. Van snick and P L. Masson

A comparison of the migration patterns of normal and malignant cells in two assay systems., J Varani, W Orr, and P A. Ward

Comparison of cell attachment and caseinolytic activites of five tumour cell types., J Varani, W Orr, and P A. Ward

Kinetics of antibody response in unprimed recipients after transfer of immune lymphocytes., L Varesio, S Landolfo, and G Cavallo

Specific protease deficiency in polymorphonuclear leukocytes of chediak-higashi syndrome and beige mice., J Vassalli, piperno A. Granelli, C Griscelli, and E Reich

Correlation of the in vivo and in vitro activities of antithymocyte sera (ats) with the immunizing antigen dose., P Vegh, E Erdos, T Janossy, and G Petri

Effect of two diets on the frequency of cortisone-induced cleft palate in mice. Abstr., M Vekemans and F C. Fraser

Effects of lps on hapten-specific tolerance and immunity. Evidence for b cell subpopulations and clonal deletion. Abstr., M Venkataraman and D W. Scott

Hemagglutinin-specific complement-dependent cytolytic antibody response to influenza infection., M W. Verbonitz, F A. Ennis, J T. Hicks, and P Albrecht

Ultrasound by mouse pups from deaf and hearing strains., A Verhaeghe and E Noirot

Studies on the transfer of protective immunity with lymphoid cells from mice immune to malaria sporozoites., J P. Verhave, G T. Strickland, H A. Jaffe, and A Ahmed

Influence of micrococcus, bcg and related polysaccharides on the proliferation of the l1210 leukaemia., R Verloes, G Atassi, P Dumont, and L Kanarek

Tumor growth inhibition mediated by trypsin inhibitor or urokinase inhibitors., R Verloes, G Atassi, P Dumont, and L Kanarek

Tumour immunoprophylaxis exerted by the antimicrococcus immun- ity. II. Influence on the proliferation of murine plasmacy- toma (mopc 173) and ehrlich carcinoma cells., R Verloes, G Atassi, P Dumont, and L Kanarek

Tumour immunoprophylaxis exerted by the antimi- crococcus immunity. I. Influence on the prolif- eration of murine leukemia l1210 cells., R Verloes, G Atassi, P Dumont, and L Kanarek

Genetic transmission of mammary tumour virus in the dbaf mouse strain., A A. Verstraeten and R V. Nie

Morphology and metastatic nature of induced hepatic nodular lesions in c57bl x c3h f1 mice., S D. Vesselinovitch, N Mihailovich, and K V. Rao

Diabetic mouse hepatocytes in continuous culture. Abstr., H M. Vickrey, D S. Mccann, and R R. Joseph

Enhanced expression of histocompatibility antigens on interferon-treated mouse embryonic fibroblasts., F Vignaux and I Gresser

Nuclear translocation of the estrogen receptor in autonomous c3h mouse mammary tumors., F Vignon and H Rochefort

Hepatic jaundice in a colony of nude mice., C Viguera, M L. Wenk, R M. Nims, and M J. Collins

Mast cells in skin grafts and omenta of nude mice. Abstr., V Viklicky and M Holub

Differential effects of lectins on the in vitro growth of normal mouse lung cells and low-and high-cancer-derived cell lines., M J. Vilarem, J Jouanneau, D L. Francois, and R Bourrillon

Absence of the mutagenic effect of cadmium and zinc salts in mouse somatic and germ cells., G A. Vilkina, M D. Pomerantseva, and L K. Ramaiya

Role of interferon in the pathogenesis of viral diseases of mice as demonstrated by the use of anti-interferon serum. V. Protective role in mouse hepatitis virus type 3 infection of susceptible and resistant strains of mice., J Virelizier and I Gresser

Interference with melphalan transport and therapy in the l1210 murine leukemic system, its significance and prevention. Abstr., D T. Vistica, A Rabon, and M Rabinovitz

Amino acid-conferred protection against melphalan-- characterization of melphalan transport and correlation of uptake with cytotoxicity in cultured l1210 murine leukemia cells., D T. Vistica, J N. Toal, and M Rabinovitz

The protein products of the murine 17th chromosome. Genetics and structure., E S. Vitetta and J D. Capra

Relationship between trinitrophenol and h-2 antigens on trinitrophenyl-modified spleen cells. Iii. Quantitative aspects of trinitrophenol binding on cells treated with trini- trobenzene sulfonic acid., E S. Vitetta, D A. Hart, and J Forman

Induction of mammary tumors in c57bl/haag female mice by a low oncogenic mammary tumor virus., G Vlahakis, H C. Chopra, and M R. Sawdon

Genetic control of macrophage sensitivity to endotoxin in vitro. Abstr., S Vogel, S E. Mergenhagen, D L. Rosenstreich, L M. Wahl, and J J. Oppenheim

Studies of the effect of microwave irradiation on murine granulopoiesis. Abstr., W R. Vogler, J C. Toler, E F. Winton, J M. Kinkade, and M Brown

Induction of partial chimerism in nonirradiated b-lymphocyte- -deficient cba/n mice., D Volf, L L. Sensenbrenner, S J. Sharkis, G J. Elfenbein, and I Scher

Cytotoxic t cells recognize male antigen and h-2 as distinct entities., H Von boehmer, W Haas, and H Pohlit

A difference between mammary epithelial cells from mature virgin and primiparous mice., B K. Vonderhaar, G H. Smith, R J. Pauley, J M. Rosen, and Y J. Topper

Induction of a stable hapten-specific immunosuppression by a hapten conjugated to poly(n-vinylpyrrolidone) (pvp)., B U. Von specht, L Milgrom, and S Segal

Sequence variation among heavy chains from inulin-binding myeloma proteins., M Vrana, S Rudikoff, and M Potter

Switch in immunoglobulin class production observed in single clones of committed lymphocytes., M R. Wabl, L Forni, and F Loor

Reduction of plasma clearance rates and immune response by negative charges. Lactic dehydrogenase isoenzymes in normal and ldv-infected mice., E D. Wachsmuth and D Klingmuller

Selective fluorescence quenching of benzo[a]pyrene and a mutagenic diol epoxide derivative in mouse cells., C G. Wade, D E. Baker, and J C. Bartholomew

The role of adenosine 3', 5'-cyclic monophosphate in the density-dependent regulation of growth and tyrosinase activity of b-16 melanoma cells., D R. Wade and M E. Burkart

T-t-cell interactions during in vitro cytotoxic allograft responses. I. Soluble products from activated ly1+ t cells trigger autonomously antigen-primed ly23+ t cells to cell proliferation and cytolytic activity., H Wagner and M Rollinghoff

T-cell-mediated cytotoxic immune responses to f9 teratocarcinoma cells. Cytolytic effector t cells lyse h-2-negative f9 cells and syngeneic spermatogonia., H Wagner, powitz A. Starzinski, M Rollinghoff, P Golstein, and H Jakob

Hereditary deficiency of corpus callosum in mice: lack of segregation within a balb substrain showing incomplete penetrance. Abstr., D Wahlsten

A study of the effect of papaverine in neuroblastoma using the experimental c1300 murine system., Z Wajsman, P Williams, and G P. Murphy

Incorporation rates of [1-14c]glycerol into the molecular species of alkyl ether phospholipids of ehrlich ascites tumor cells in vivo., K Waku and Y Nakazawa

The influence of the major histocompatibility complex on the function of t-helper cells in antibody formation., H Waldmann

Antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity against syngeneic polyoma-transformed tumor cells. Abstr., A S. Walia and E W. Lamon

The effect of caffeine on post-replication repair and survival in two l5178y cell lines with different sensi- tivities to uv irradiation., M Walicka, I Korner, W Malz, and J Z. Beer

Promotion of metastasis of c3h mouse mammary carcinoma by local hyperthermia., A Walker, H M. Mccallum, T E. Wheldon, and A S. Abdelaal

Growth and transplantability of clonally related tumori- genic murine cell lines., J R. Walker

Genetic control of resistance to mpc-11 and lpc-1 plasmacytoma cells. Abstr., M C. Walker and quagliata J. Phillips

The contribution of intestinal endotoxin to mortality in hosts with compromised resistance. A review., R I. Walker

Association of leukopenia and intestinal permeability with radiation-induced sensitivity to endotoxin., R I. Walker and M Porvaznik

Stimulated autoantibody response and increased longevity in nzb/nzw mice treated with cyclophosphamide and tilorone., S E. Walker and M R. Anver

Nzb/nzw mice treated with hydrocortisone sodium succinate., S E. Walker, M R. Anver, S L. Schechter, D G. Bole, and G L. In

Palmerston north mice, a new animal model of systemic lupus erythematosus., S E. Walker, R H. Gray, M Fulton, and B Schnitzer

Effect of bacterial lipopolysaccharide on the in vitro secondary antibody response in mice. I. Description of the suppressive capacity of lipopolysaccharide., S M. Walker and W O. Weigle

Misuse of the c3h/hej mouse in the determination of endotoxin contamination of various biologic preparations., S M. Walker and W O. Weigle

Description of obesity in the pbb/ld mouse., S U. Walkley, C E. Hunt, R S. Clements, and J R. Lindsey

Continued high incidence of mutants in a peruvian population of mice., M E. Wallace

Excessive mutational occurrences in wild peruvian house mice. Abstr., M E. Wallace

Inheritance and morphology of exencephaly, a neonatal lethal recessive with partial penetrance, in the house mouse., M E. Wallace, P J. Knights, A J. R, and E Anderson

Cerebellar cell surface components detected by anti-weaver mutant antiserum., B Wallenfels and M Schachner

Studies of hyperthymic mice. II. The influence of thymus grafts on cell flow through the peripheral t- -cell pool., V J. Wallis, E Leuchars, and A J. Davies

Monoclonal antibodies to cell surface antigens of chick neural retina. Abstr., F S. Walsh, G S. Eisenbarth, A Naini, and M Nirenberg

Tolerance to and physical dependence on morphine in mice., R Walter, R F. Ritzmann, H N. Bhargava, H C. Rainbow, L B. Flexner, D W. Krivoy, and T B. Of

A spontaneous ankle deformity in an inbred strain of mouse., M Walton

Absence of cross-resistance to alkylating agents in cyclo- phosphamide-resistant l1210 leukemia., G L. Wampler, W Regelson, and T J. Bardos

Fractionation of immune rna capable of transferring tumor-specific cellular cytotoxicity., B S. Wang and J A. Mannick

Further characterization of immune rna capable of transferring tumor immunity. Abstr., B S. Wang and J A. Mannick

Identification of the principal cell type yielding immune rna capable of transferring tumor-specific cellular cyto- toxicity., B S. Wang, S R. Onikul, and J A. Mannick