Submissions from 1978

Monoclonal antibodies as probes for differentiation and tumor- -associated antigens. A forssman specificity on teratocar- cinoma stem cells., P L. Stern, K R. Willison, E Lennox, G Galfre, C Milstein, D Secher, and A Ziegler

The interaction of a trypsin-dependent neutral protease and its inhibitor found in tumour cells. Analysis of complex kinetic data involved in a thiol-disulphide exchange mechanism., F S. Steven, V Podrazky, and S Itzhaki

Thymus dependency of host resistance to giardia muris infect- tion. Studies in nude mice., D P. Stevens, D M. Frank, and A A. Mahmoud

Differences in nuclear glucocorticoid binding between cort- icoid-sensitive and corticoid-resistant lymphocytes of mouse lymphoma p1798 and stabilization of nuclear hormone receptor complexes with carbobenzoxy-l-phenylalanine., J Stevens, Y Stevens, J Rhodes, and G Steiner

Totipotent cells of parthenogenetic origin in a chimaeric mouse., L C. Stevens

Genetic variation in plasma thyroxine levels and minimal metabolic rates of the mouse, mus musculus., A D. Stewart, J Batty, and G D. Harkiss

Effects of the y-chromosome in mice. A study of testis weight, plasma testosterone and behaviour. Abstr., A D. Stewart, A W. Manning, and J Batty

Cytocidal activity and proliferative ability of macrophages infiltrating the emt6 tumor., C C. Stewart and K L. Beetham

Macrophage growth factor and its relationship to colony stimulating factor., C C. Stewart and H Lin

Late radiation damage in the mouse bladder,as measured by increased urination frequency., F A. Stewart, B D. Michael, and J Denekamp

Infection of inbred strains of mice with sendai virus., R B. Stewart and M J. Tucker

In balb/cfc3h mammary tissues. Abstr., J A. St george, R D. Cardiff, L J. Young, D L. Faulkin, and S O. Antigens

Control of the balb/c-3t3 cycle by nutrients and serum factors: analysis using platelet derived growth factor and platelet-poor plasma. Abstr., C D. Stiles, W J. Pledger, and C D. Scher

Observations on the commissural projection to the dentate gyrus in the reeler mutant mouse., R V. Stirling and T V. Bliss

The effect of glucan on the clearance of intravenously injected tumor cells from the lung., R D. Stiteler, J W. Proctor, Y Yamamura, and P W. Mansell

A reexamination of the genetic control of sonic vocalization in mice., R D. St john

Major gene effects on shock-induced tail rattling in the mouse., R D. St john

Fc receptor dependency of antibody mediated feedback regulation: on the mechanism of inhibition., B Stockinger and E Lemmel

Effect of t- and b-lymphocyte mitogens on interactions between lymphocytes and macrophages., C A. Stoecker, B M. Rickard, and C A. Abel

Resistance to fatal central nrvous system disease by mouse hepatitis virus, strain jhm. I. Genetic analysis., S A. Stohlman and J A. Frelinger

Interferon production and activity in mouse neuroblastoma cells. Brief report., S A. Stohlman, A Y. Sakaguchi, and A Hiti

Stability of neutrotropic mouse hepatitis virus (jhm strain) during chronic infection of neuroblastoma cells., S A. Stohlman and L P. Weiner

Systemic treatment of spontaneous autochthonous murine breast tumors (cd8f1) with high dose c. Parvum (cp). Abstr., R L. Stolfi, L M. Stolfi, S Spiegelman, and D S. Martin

Modification of radiation response of murine tumors by misonidazole (ro 07-0582), host immune capability, and corynebacterium parvum., H B. Stone and L Milas

Direct demonstration of immunoglobulin kappa chain rna in thymus t cells by in situ hybridization., U Storb

Polypeptide maps of cells infected with murine type c leukemia or sarcoma oncovirus., M Strand and J T. August

A method for measuring relative changes in guanosine 3':5'- -cyclic monophosphate in mouse neuroblastoma cells on mus- carinic cholinergic stimulation., P G. Strange

Ligand-binding properties of the muscarinic acetylcholine receptor in mouse neuroblastoma cells., P G. Strange, N J. Birdsall, and A S. Burgen

Fine structure of an intramuscular haemangiopericytoma from the dystrophic mouse. Abstr., S D. Stranock

Lack of effect on the chromosomal non-disjunction in aged female mice after low dose x-irradiation., R Strausmanis, I Henrikson, M Holmberg, and C Ronnback

Cytokinetic changes during continous infusion of ara-c in l1210 leukemic mice. Abstr., M J. Straus

Dose-dependent cytokinetic changes following 1-beta-d- -arabinofuranosylcytosine and hydroxyurea in l1210 and s-180 in vivo., M J. Straus and R E. Moran

Iga-fc receptors on mouse lymphoid cells., W Strober, N E. Hague, L G. Lum, and P A. Henkart

Comparative analysis of meal-taking behavior of obese and lean rodents. Abstr., A Strohmayer, M Enns, and J Grinker

Evidence for the clonal nature of erythropoietic bursts. Application of an in situ method for demonstrating centro- meric heterochromatin in plasma cultures., J E. Strome, D L. Mcleod, and M M. Shreeve

Rapid murine mixed lymphocyte cultures assessed by emergence of t-cell insulin receptors., T B. Strom, J H. Helderman, and R M. Williams

Radioimmunoassay of the bleomycin analog, tallysomycin. Abstr., J E. Strong, A Broughton, J Knight, and S T. Crooke

Mechanism of action of a new bleomycin analog, tallysomycin. Abstr., J E. Strong and S T. Crooke

Influence of nutrition on hematopoietic recovery. Abstr., R K. Stuart and L L. Sensenbrenner

Voltage-senstivie calcium channels regulate guanosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate levels in neuroblastoma cells., R E. Study, X O. Breakefield, T Bartfai, and P Greengard

Effect of treatment with the mer tubercle bacillus fraction on syn- geneic plasma cell tumors of balb/c mice., Y Stupp, N Manny, Z Shlomia, N Grover, D W. Weiss, and G Izak

Intrathymic and extrathymic t cell maturation., O Stutman

Natural cytotoxic cells against solid tumors in mice. I. Strain and age distribution and target cell susceptibility., O Stutman, C J. Paige, and E F. Figarella

H-2 restriction and non-restriction of t-cell-mediated cytotoxixity against mouse mammary tumour targets., O Stutman and F Shen

T cell interactions for maximal in vitro cytotoxicity of syngeneic mouse mammary tumors. Evidence for a helper defect in mammary tumor virus (mtv) infected mice. Abstr., O Stutman and F W. Shen

Mice treated with an immunostimulator, pyran., W A. Stylos, M A. Chirigos, C R. Lengel, N J. T a, and bearing L. Tumor

T and b lymphocyte populations of the spleen and thymus in normal and immunosuppressed balb/c mice., W A. Stylos, M A. Chirigos, P J. Lyng, and C R. Lengel

Role for lyb5 determinants in b lymphocyte triggering. Abstr., B Subbarao, D E. Mosier, A Ahmed, I Scher, and W E. Paul

Variations in the protein pattern of ehrlich ascites tumor cell polyribosomes., A R. Subramanian and E C. Henshaw

Soluble suppressor factor from the spleens of tumor-bearing mice., C Subramanian, S Yu, and C F. Mckhann

Cell kinetics in the spleen of ehrlich ascites tumor-bearing mice., D Suciu and Z Uray

Involvement of fusion activity of ultraviolet light-inactivated sendai virus in formation of target antigens recognized by cytotoxic t cells., K Sugamura, K Shimizu, and F H. Bach

An enzymatic analysis of the systemic and intratumoral macrophage response to a growing antigenic murine sarcoma. Abstr., E V. Sugarbaker and J T. Thornthwaite

Enhancement of carrier-specific helper t cell function by the synthetic adjuvant, n-acetyl muramyl-l-alanyl-d-isoglutamine (mdp)., M Sugimoto, R N. Germain, L Chedid, and B Benacerraf

A new corona-like virus causing diarrhea in infant mice (dvim): morphological and biological characteristics. (jap., Eng. Summ.), K Sugiyama, T Suto, and Y Amano

Genetic control of the immune response to bacteriophage x174 in inbred mice., N N. Suh and A Ebringer

Genetic control of quantitative antibody response to bacteriophage ms2 in mice. Abstr., N N. Suh, A Ebringer, and B Bainbridge

Genetic control of antibody response to ix174 phage in inbred mice. Abstr., N N. Suh, E Ebringer, and D A. Davies

Time distributions of recurrences of immunogenic and nonimmunogenic tumors following local irradiation., H D. Suit, R Sedlacek, L Fagundes, M Goitein, and K J. Rothman

Acyl group composition of memtabolically active lipids in brain. Variances among subcellular fractions and during postnatal develop- ment., K L. Su and G Y. Sun

Cleft palate investigations in t1wh mice. Abstr., K K. Sulik and M C. Johnston

Allophenic mice in cleft-palate investigations., K M. Sulik and R L. Atnip

Comparative dispositon of phosphoramide mustard and other cyclophosphamide metabolites in the mouse using the salmonella/ mutagenesis assay. Abstr., W J. Suling, R F. Struck, C W. Woolley, and W M. Shannon

Skin graft rejection and mlc response across h-2d region differences. Abstr., K Sullivan, L Flaherty, and D Zimmerman

Infection with bacillus calmette-guerin activates murine thymus-independent (b) lymphocytes., B M. Sultzer

A quantitative assessment of the effect of medium composition on mouse myogenesis in vitro., P J. Summers and R Parsons

Ultrastructural evidence of "abortive" regeneration in murine muscular dystrophy., P J. Summers and R Parsons

Choline acetyltransferase and acetylcholinesterase in muscular dystrophic mice., S C. Sung

Soluble cholinesterase of muscle from dystrophic and normal mice., S C. Sung

Thymopoietin enhances the allogeneic response and cyclic gmp levels of mouse peripheral, thymus-derived lymphocytes., G H. Sunshine, R S. Basch, R G. Coffey, K W. Cohen, I Goldstein, and J W. Hadden

Isolation and development of the inner cell mass after exposure of mouse embryos to calcium ionophore a23187., M A. Surani, D Torchiana, and S C. Barton

Decreased hepatic nuclear l-triiodothyronine receptors in rats and mice bearing transplantable neoplasms., M I. Surks, M M. Grajower, M Tai, and C R. Defesi

Effect of cyclophosphamide and phosphoramide mustard on dna from drug treated l1210 cells and nuclei. Abstr., Y Surya and B L. Hillcoat

Decreased incidence and antigenicity of urethan-induced lung adenomas in nude mice. Abstr., D H. Sussdorf

Influence of mode of growth of emt-6 tumor cells on response to adriamycin. Abstr., R M. Sutherland, D W. Siemann, and H A. Eddy

Isolation and properties of plasma membranes from a murine t-cell lymphoma. Abstr., D R. Sutkoff

Development of tight junctions in the caput epididymal epithelium of the mouse., F Suzuki and T Nagano

Studies on the copper binding affinity of fibers in the peri- pheral nervous system of the quaking mouse., K Suzuki and J C. Zagoren

Exponential decrease during aging and random lifetime of mouse spermatogonial stem cells., N Suzuki and H R. Withers

Isolation from a murine fibrosarcoma of cell lines with enhanced plating efficiency in vitro., N Suzuki and H R. Withers

Heterogeneity and variability of artificial lung colony-forming ability among clones from mouse fibrosarcoma., N Suzuki, H R. Withers, and M W. Koehler

Repair of potentially lethal damage after single injection or continuous infusion of bleomycin., Y Suzuki, M Urano, K Ando, T Todoroki, and S Koike

The isolation of microsomal subfractions of mouse plasmacytoma cells. The effect of salt concentration during nitrogen cavitation., A M. Svardal and I F. Pryme

Conditions for hormone-stimulated expression of endogenous c57bl strain-associated mammary tumor virus genome., J Svec, E Hlavayova, J Matoska, and V Thurzo

The importance of the thymus for hypertension and hypertensive vascular disease in rats and mice., U G. Svedsen

Immunosuppressive effect of human pregnancy zone protein on h-2 incompatible mouse heart allografts., P Svendsen, T Stigbrand, B Teisner, J Folkersen, M G. Damber, B Von schoultz, E Kemp, and S E. Svehag

The level of blood pressure in nude and haired mice of five different strains of commercially available mice. Abstr., U G. Svendsen

Complete translation of encephalomyocarditis virus rna and faithful cleavage of virus-specific proteins in a cell-free system from krebs-2 cells., Y V. Svitkin and V I. Agol

Mechanism of allosuppression. Evidence for direct suppression of responding b cells., S L. Swain

Hormonal induction of kidney beta-glucuronidase. Abstr., R T. Swank

Roles of growth hormone and testosterone in the synthesis of mouse kidney glucuronidase., R T. Swank

Turnover of kidnty beta-glucuronidase in normal and chediak- -higashi (beige) mice., R T. Swank and E J. Brandt

Hormonal modulation of gene transcription during mouse mammary tumorigenesis: organ culture analysis. Abstr., S D. Swartz and S H. Socher

Antitumor activity of deacetyl vinblastine amide sulfate (vindesine) in rodents and mitotic accumulation studies in culture., M J. Sweeney, G B. Boder, G J. Cullinan, H W. Culp, I D. Daniels, R W. Dyke, K Gerzon, R E. Mcmahon, O L. Nelson, G A. Poore, and G C. Todd

The hypothalamic-pituitary axis in genetically obese (ob/ob) mice.. Response to luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone., R S. Swerdloff, M Peterson, A Vera, R A. Batt, D Heber, and G A. Bray

The role of h-2 linked genes in helper t-cell function. II. Isolation on antigen-pulsed macrophages of two separate popula- tions of f1 helper t cells each specific for antigen and one set of parental h-2 products., J E. Swierkosz, K Rock, P Marrack, and J W. Kappler

Murine yolk sac hematopoiesis studied with the diffusion chamber technique., M Symann, M A. Anckaert, A Cordier, J Rodhain, and G Sokal

Circadian rhythm in murine reticuloendothelial function., I Szabo, T G. Kovats, and F Halberg

Gastro-intestinal tumors in mice of three strains maintained on fat-enriched diets., J Szepsenwol

Ontogeny of the ability of b-lymphocytes to produce a heterogeneous antibody response to t-dependent and t-independent antigens. Abstr., M R. Szewczuk and D H. Sherr