Submissions from 1978

Ontogeny of b lymphocyte function. VI. Ontogeny of thymus cell capacity to facilitate the functional maturation of b lymphocytes., M R. Szewczuk, D H. Sherr, and G W. Siskind

Regulation of mouse major urinary protein production by the mup-a gene., P R. Szoka and K Paigen

Removal of 239pu, internally deposited in mice, by means of diethyl- enetriaminepentamethylenephosphonates., Z Szot, R Zablotna, J Geisler, and A Poczynajo

Brain noradrenergic systems as a prerequisite for developing tolerance to barbiturates., B Tabakoff, J Yanai, and R F. Ritzmann

Mode of action of a soluble immune response suppressor (sirs) produced by concanavalin a-activated spleen cells., T Tadakuma and C W. Pierce

Two distinct types of helper t cells involved in the secondary antibody response. Independent and synergistic effects of ia- and ia+ helper t cells., T Tada, T Takemori, K Okumura, M Nonaka, and T Tokuhisa

Suppressor t cells which block the induction of cytotoxic t cells in vivo., V B. Tagart, W R. Thomas, and G L. Asherson

-dihydro-3-hydroxythiazole [3,2-alpha]-benzimidazole-2-acetic Acid (nsc 208828)., A Tagliabue, G Allesandri, N Polentarutti, A Mantovani, L Falantano, A Vecchi, S Garattini, D F. Spreafico, and M.

Cellular immunity to mammary tumor virus in normal and tumor- -bearing c3h/hen mice., A Tagliabue, R B. Herberman, and J L. Mccoy

Cellular immunity to mouse mammary tumor virus (mtv) in normal and tumor bearing c3h mice. Abstr., A Tagliabue, R Herberman, and J Mccoy

Refractoriness to miration inhibitory factor of macrophages of lps nonresponder mouse strains., A Tagliabue, J L. Mccoy, and R B. Herberman

Defective response to migration inhibition factor by peritoneal macrophages from c3h/hej mice. Abstr., A Tagliabue, L Ruco, M Meltzer, R B. Herberman, and J L. Mccoy

Cytologic evidence for preferential inactivation of the paternally derived x chromosome in xx mouse blastocysts., N Takagi, N Wake, and M Sasaki

Inherited bilateral polycystic kidneys in mice (kk/cy strain). Abstr., H Takahashi

A simplified method for determination of biochemical marker genes in inbred strains of mice. (japanese With eng. Summ.)., M Takahashi, S Nagase, and Y Taniguchi

Conversion of a poorly differentiated human adenocarcinoma to ascites form with invasion and metastasis in nude mice. Brief communication., S Takahashi, Y Konishi, K Nakatani, S Inui, K Kojima, and T Shiratori

Induction of antitumor activity in mice presensitized with mycobacterium by immunization with tuberculin-coated tumor., K Takatsu, A Tominaga, and M Kitagawa

Lysosomal accumulation of gallium-67 in morris hepatoma-7316a and shionogi mammary carcinoma-115., S Takeda, S Okuyama, K Takusagawa, and T Matsuzawa

By infection with influenza virus as compared to moloney sarcoma virus., N Takeichi, F C. Austin, T Oikawa, D C. Boone, and T I. Produced

Immunological study of two stocks of moloney sarcoma virus producing regressor and progressor tumors in c57bl/6 mice., N Takeichi, C W. Boone, H T. Holden, and R B. Herberman

Characterization of a soluble factor that specifically suppresses the in vitro generation of cells cytotoxic for syngeneic tumor cells in mice., F Takei, J G. Levy, and D G. Kilburn

Effect of adult thymectomy on tumour immunity in mice., F Takei, J G. Levy, and D G. Kilburn

Nearest-neighbor interactions of the major rna tumor virus glycoprotein on murine cell surfaces., L J. Takemoto, C F. Fox, F C. Jensen, J H. Elder, and R A. Lerner

The synthesis and degradation of presumptive messenger rna in cultured mouse leukemia cells during the inhibition of protein synthesis., K Takenaka, H Endo, and M Kuwano

Binding constants of dextrans and isomaltose oligosac- charides to dextran-specific myeloma proteins determined by affinity electrophoresis., K Takeo and E A. Kabat

Antitumor effect of interferon preparations of murine transplantable tumors., H Takeyama, K Kawashima, M Kobayashi, K Yamada, and Y Ito

In vivo maturation of b cells in the spleen of nude mice following administration of bacterial lipopolysaccharide., M Takigawa and M Hanaoka

Chlorotetracycline as a fluorescent ca2+ probe in pancreatic islet cells. Methodological aspects and effects of alloxan sugars, methylxanthines, and mg2+., I Taljedal

Fluorescent probing of calcium in beta-cells. Abstr., I Taljedal

Effect of oxygen pressure during culture on survival of mouse thyroid allografts., D W. Talmage and G A. Dart

Hematologic changes during spleen colony development in nonirradiated mice., M Tamai and Y Kitamura

Effect of immunoglobulin g on membrane-bound enzyme activity of sarcoma 180 cells., Y Tamai, S Kuwata, N Yamasaki, and M Takakuwa

Different effects of the ionophore a-23187 and d-glucose on 45ca2+ fluxes in isolated islets of ob/ob-mice., rodriguez J. Tamarit

Cyclic nucleotide levels in resting and mitogen-stimulated spleen cell suspensions from young and old mice., C F. Tam and R L. Walford

Preferential incorporation of some 14c-labeled d-amino acids into tumor-bearing aimals., O Tamemasa, R Goto, and T Suzuki

An isotope-release assay and a terminal-labeling assay for measuring cell-mediated allograft and tumor immunity to small numbers of adherent target cells., J D. Tamerius, H J. Garrigues, I Hellstrom, and K E. Hellstrom

Reaginic antibody formation in the mouse. X. Possible role of suppressor t cells in transient ige antibody response., S Tamura and K Ishizaka

Effects of zinc deficiency on lymphoid tissues and on immune functions of a/jax mice. Abstr., T Tanaka, G Fernandes, C Tsao, K Pih, and R A. Good

Growth promoting and inhibitory activities of 3t3 and other cell lines for thiol-dependent lymphoma cells in vitro., P Tanapat, E Gaetjens, and J D. Broome

Production of autoinhibitory factors by mouse lymphoma cells in vitro and its relationship to thiol dependence., P Tanapat, E Gaetjens, and J D. Broome

Shed h-2 antigen and cell-bound h-2 antigen. Abstr., N Tanigaki, E A. Robinson, E Appella, O A. Roholt, and D Pressman

Specific suppression of the immune response by a factor obtained from spleen cells of mice tolerant to human gamma-globulin., M Taniguchi and J F. Miller

Specific suppressive factors produced by hybridomas derived from the fusion of enriched suppressor t cells and a t lymphoma cell line., M Taniguchi and J F. Miller

Proliferation of hemolysin-plaque-forming cells in nude mice and normal littermates subjected to antigenic competition., T Taniguchi, K Nomoto, S Miake, and K Takeya

Slow acetylator phenotype associated with spontaneous and drug induced anti-nuclear antibodies (ana) in mice. Abstr., R H. Tannen and W W. Weber

The susceptibility of trichinella spiralis of inbred lines of mice differing at the h-2 histocompatibility locus., C E. Tanner

Normal and drug-mediated transplantation antigens (dmta) of drug-treated murine lymphomas. Abstr., D Taramelli, L Romani, M C. Fioretti, E Bonmassar, and A Goldin

Effect of the prolonged immunization with tumor-unrelated antigen on the tumor growth., S P. Targowski, B Albini, and F Milgrom

Suppression and restoration of cytotoxic t-cell activity during chemotherapy of a mouse t-cell lymphoma and a macrophage tumor., G S. Tarnowski, R B. Fannes, P Ralph, and N Williams

Effect of lysolecithin and analogs on mouse ascites tumors., G S. Tarnowski, I M. Mountain, C C. Stock, P G. Munder, A U. Weltzien, and O Westphal

Kinetics of ctl induction by concanavalin a., D Tartof and F W. Fitch

Anti-testosterone antisera produced in mice of different strains and sexes., K Tateishi, A Kato, H Yamamoto, C Hayashi, and M Kitagawa

Recombinant inbred strains. Use in gene mapping, p. 423-438. In h. C. Morse iii, [ed.] Origins of inbred mice. N.y.,, B A. Taylor

High leukemia incidence in a recombinant inbred strain. Abstr., B A. Taylor, H Meier, and H G. Bedigian

Effects of lymecycline on mycoplasma pulmonis-induced arthritis in mice., G Taylor, robinson D. Taylor, and E C. Keystone

Razoxane-induced polyploidy., I W. Taylor and N M. Bleehen

Population density as a factor in the evolution of neoplastic cell lines., W G. Taylor, R F. Camalier, and K K. Sanford

B lymphocyte subpopulations separated by velocity sedimentation. I. Characterization of immune function in an in vitro splenic focus assay., J M. Teale, M C. Howard, E Falzon, and G J. Nossal

B lymphocyte subpopulations separated by velocity sedimentation. II. Characterization of tolerance susceptibility., J M. Teale, M C. Howard, and G J. Nossal

Eosinophiles are suppressors of granulopoiesis and the mechanism is prostaglandin mediated. Abstr., K Tebbi, A Mahmoud, and S Gross

Characterization of the target cell antigen in i region- -mediated lympholysis., H Teh, M Letarte, R A. Phillips, and R G. Miller

Quantitative studies on the precursors of cytotoxic lymphocytes. V. The cellular basis for the cross- -reactivity of tnp-specific clones., H Teh, R A. Philips, and R G. Miller

Quantitative studies on the precursors of cytotoxic lymphocytes. IV. Specificity and cross-reactivity of cytotoxic clones., H Teh, R A. Phillips, and R G. Miller

The genetics of blind--a lethal factor in mice., L S. Teicher and E W. Caspari

Ahh activity induced by dmba and its binding to dna of mammary cells in organ culture. Abstr., N T. Telang, A B. Kundu, and M R. Banerjee

The defect in transcellular transport of phosphate in the nephron is located in brush-border membranes in x-linked hypophosphatemia (hyp mouse model)., H S. Tenenhouse and C R. Scriver

X-linked hypophosphatemic male mouse: evidence for a defect in the brush border membrane., H S. Tenenhouse, C R. Scriver, R R. Mcinnes, N F. Glorieux r, and H O. The

Fv-1 locus restriction of mouse retroviruses in glucocorticoid- -treated cells., R W. Tennant, S C. Jones, J A. Otten, and A Brown

Induction of dominant-lethal mutations after administration of ethylenethiourea in combination with nitrite or of n- -nitroso-ethylenethiourea in mice., S Teramoto, A Shingu, and Y Shirasu

Radioimmunoassays that demonstrate type-specific and group- -specific antigenic reactivities for the major internal structural protein of murine mammary tumor viruses., Y A. Teramoto and J Schlom

Type-specific and group-specific antigenic determinants on the major external and internal proteins of mouse mammary tumor viruses (mmtvs). Abstr., Y A. Teramoto and J Schlom

Effect of 5'-deoxy-5'-s-isobutyl-adenosine (siba) on mouse mammary tumour cells and on the expression of mouse mammary tumour virus., C Terrioux, M Crepin, F Gros, M. Robert, and E Lederer

In vitro lymphocyte stimulation and the generation of cytotoxic lymphocytes with drug-induced antigenic lymphomas., C Testorelli, P Franco, A Goldin, and A Nicolin

The maintenance and regulation of serum antibody levels. Evidence indicating a role for antigen retained in lymphoid follicles., J G. Tew and T Mandel

Chlorozotocin (clz) binding to chromatin. A possible mechanism for reduced murine myelotoxicity. Abstr., K Tew, D Green, and P Schein

Cytogenetic and dominant lethal studies on captan., H Tezuka, S Teramoto, M Kaneda, R Henmi, N Murakami, and Y Shirasu

Development of dickie's small eye, a mutation in the house mouse., K Theiler, D S. Varnum, and L C. Stevens

Inhibiting effect of caffeine on spontaneous and urethan- -induced lung tumors in strain a mice., J C. Theiss and M B. Shimkin

Induction of lung tumors in strain a mice by substituted organo chlorides and bromides. Abstr., J C. Theiss, M B. Shimkin, and L A. Poirier

Effect of reovirus infection on pulmonary tumor response to urethan in strain a mice., J C. Theiss, G D. Stoner, and A J. Kniazeff

Effects of thyroxine, epinephrine and cold exposure on lipolysis in genetically obese (ob/ob) mice., S W. Thenen and R H. Carr

Early changes in the mouse neuroepithelium preceding exencephaly induced by hypervitaminosis a., D T. Theodosis and F C. Fraser

Classical and alloimmune anphylactic degranulation of isolated single mast cells., N Thiernesse, P Jeannesson, J Bernard, and G Voisin

The efficiency and linearity of the radiochromium release assay for cell-mediated cytotoxicity., J A. Thoma, G J. Thoma, and W Clark

Interpretation of 51cr-release data. A kinetic analysis., J A. Thoma, M H. Touton, and W R. Clark

Characterization of dna-protein cross-links formed by treatment of l1210 cells and nuclei with bis(2-chloroethyl)methylamine (nitrogen mustard)., C B. Thomas, K W. Kohn, and W M. Bonner

Dna cross-linking by in vivo treatment with 1-(2-chloroethyl)-3- -(4-methylcyclohexyl)-1-nitrosourea of sensitive and resistant human colon carcinoma xenografts in nude mice., C B. Thomas, R Osieka, and K W. Kohn

A new thy-1 alloantigen as a temporal marker of t lymphocyte differentiation., D B. Thomas, R A. Calderone, and L J. Blaxland

Foreign-body tumorigenesis in mice. Dna synthesis in surface-attached cells during preneoplasia., M J. Thomassen, L C. Buoen, I Brand, and K G. Brand

Induction of contact sensitivity. Selective induction of delayed hypersensitivity by the injection of cells from draining lymph nodes into the footpads of normal recipients., W R. Thomas, G L. Asherson, and M A. Perera

Studies on the regulation of insulin receptors in cultured balb/3t3 fibroblasts., P Thomopoulos, M C. Willingham, and I Pastan

Endocytosis of the antiprotease aprotinin by landschutz ascites carcinoma cells and its effects in vitro and in vivo., A W. Thomson, D J. Tweedie, humphreys R. Pugh, and M Arthur

A mechanism for the suppression of graft-vs-host disease with endotoxin., P D. Thomson, P A. Rampy, and J W. Jutila

Specific inhibition of cytotoxic memory cells produced against uv-induced tumors in uv-irrad- iated mice., R M. Thorn

A permanent cell viability assay using alcian blue., J T. Thornthwaite and R C. Leif

The systemic and intratumor macrophage response to a growing antigenic murine sarcoma. Abstr., J T. Thornthwaite and E V. Sugarbaker

The development of obesity in preweanling obob mice., P L. Thurlby and P Trayhurn

Alterations in antigen-induced dna synthesis by specifically localizing cells and other lymphoid cells as a function of immunological memory., D R. Thursh and K S. Chan

A comparison of two cloned mouse beta-globin genes and their surrounding and intervening sequences., D C. Tiemeier, S M. Tilghman, F I. Polsky, J G. Seidman, Y Leder, M H. Edgell, and P Leder

Therapeutic effects of cysteine adducts of alpha,beta-unsaturated aldehydes on ehrlich ascites tumor of mice. II., H M. Tillian, E Schauenstein, and H Esterbauer