Submissions from 1978

Prevention of death from metastases by immune rna therapy., B S. Wang, S R. Onikul, and J A. Mannick

Prevention of murine pulmonary metastases with immune rna. Abstr., B S. Wang, S R. Onikul, and J A. Mannick

Metabolic activation of 7,8-dihydroxy-7,8-dihydrobenzo(a) pyrene by lung and liver microsomes of c57bl/6, c3h and dba/2 strains of mice. Abstr., I Y. Wang

Induction of specific anti-thy-1 plaque forming cell response by glycoproteins from allogeneic mice. Abstr., T J. Wang, W W. Freimuth, H C. Miller, and W J. Esselman

Thy-1 antigenicity is associated with glycolipids of brain and thymocytes., T J. Wang, W W. Freimuth, H C. Miller, and W J. Esselman

Pulmonary pathology of the motheaten mouse., J M. Ward

Evaluation of hepatocellular neoplasms in mice., J M. Ward and G Vlahakis

Analysis of the cellular basis of idiotype-specific suppression., K Ward, H Cantor, and A Nisonoff

Studies on the specificity of in vitro-induced lymphocytotoxicity to methylcholanthrene-induced fibrosarcoma cell lines., H Warnatz, A C. Koops, K Meissner, and K Hiemeyer

The immune response of allophenic mice to 2,4-dinitrophenyl (dnp)- -bovine gamma globulin. I. Allotype analysis of anti-dnp antibody., C M. Warner, T J. Berntson, L Eakley, J L. Mcivor, and R C. Newton

Quantitative analysis of spleen cell and immunoglobulin allotype composition of (cbaxcba/h-t6)--c57bl/6j allophenic mice., C M. Warner, J L. Mcivor, and T J. Berntson

Effect of perinatal oestrogen on the pretreatment required for mouse mammary lobular formation in vitro., M R. Warner

Effects of perinatal progesterone on mouse mammary differentiation in vitro. Brief communication., M R. Warner

Perineural angiogenesis in mice bearing subcutaneous tumours., T F. Warner and R G. Krueger

Cytotoxic t cell responses to a syngeneic tumour. Conditions for primary activation in vitro., H S. Warren, J A. Woolnough, and K J. Lafferty

Inhibitory action of chemical carcinogens on deoxyribonucleic acid replication by cultured spleen cells. Abstr., J R. Warren

Null cells in the mouse possess membrane immuno- globulins., G W. Warr, J C. Lee, and J J. Alonis

Reactions of chicken antibodies with immunoglobulins of mouse serum and t cells., G W. Warr, G Marton, A Szenberg, and J J. Marchalonis

Cell surface and extracellular matrix glycoprotein fibronectin: expression in embryogenesis and in teratocarcinoma differentiation., J Wartiovaara, I Leivo, I Virtanen, A Veheri, and C F. Graham

Distribution of 3-hydroxyanthranilic acid in mice., M Watanabe

Properties of aryl hydrocarbon (benzo[a]pyrene) hydroxylase in lung microsomes of mice., M Watanabe, K Konno, and H Sato

Antibody mediated neutralization of immunosuppression induced by mastocytoma ascites fluids., M Watanabe, S Pan, and H Friedman

Serologic and immunochemical characterization of an immuno- suppressive soluble factor from mastocytoma-bearing mice., M Watanabe, S Pan, and H Friedman

Enhancement of ige antibody production in akr mice., N Watanabe and Z Ovary

Leukemic distribution of a human acute lymphocytic leukemia cell line (ichikawa strain) in nude mice conditioned with whole- -body irradiation., S Watanabe, Y Shimosato, T Kameya, M Kuroki, T Kitahara, K Minato, and M Shimoyama

Teratocarcinoma cells as vehicles for introducing specific mutant mitochondrial genes into mice., T Watanabe, M J. Dewey, and B Mintz

Regulation of antibody response in different immunoglobulin classes. V. Establishment of t hybrid cell line secreting ige class-specific suppressor factor., T Watanabe, M Kimoto, S Maruyama, T Kishimoto, and Y Yamamura

Lysine trna is the predominant trna in murine mammary tumor virus., L C. Waters

Role of murine leukemia virus and h-2 antigens on the surface of leukemia cells in immune cell mediated lysis. Abstr., A Watson, J M. Zarling, F H. Bach, and D A. Zarling

Segregation of genetic determinants for murine glucur- onidase synthesis and loss in cxb recombinant-inbred strains., G Watson and K Paigen

The genetic mapping of a defective lps response gene in c3h/hej mice., J Watson, K Kelly, M Largen, and B A. Taylor

Genetic control of endotoxic responses in mice., J Watson, M Largen, and K P. Mcadam

Nucleic acid profile of the emt6 cell cycle in vitro., J V. Watson and S H. Chambers

Different esterase activities of exponential and plateau phases of emt6 cells monitored by flow cytofluorimetry., J V. Watson, P Workman, and S H. Chambers

Effect of a synthetic adjuvant on the induction of primary immune responses in t cell-depleted spleen cultures., J Watson and C Whitlock

The distribution of actin cables and microtubules in hybrids between malignant and non-malignant cells, and in tumours derived from then., F M. Watt, H Harris, K Weber, and M Osborn

Lymphatic connexions between the ovary and the uterus in cba mice. Abstr., A C. Waugh, N K. Bennett, and R J. Scothorne

Organization of the axolemma in amyelinated axons. A cytochemical study in dy/dy dystrophic mice., S G. Waxman, W G. Bradley, and E A. Hartwieg

Adrenergic enzymes in cultured mouse neuroblastoma. Absence of detectable aromatic-l-amino-acid decarboxylase., J C. Waymire and waymire K. Gilmer

Concomitant elevation of tyrosine hydroxylase and dopamine beta-hydroxylase by cyclic amp in cultured mouse neuroblastoma cells., J C. Waymire, waymire K. Gilmer, and R E. Boehme

Mitogen-induced changes in lymphocyte prostaglandin levels: a signal for the induction of suppressor cell activity., D R. Webb and I Nowowiejski

Inhibition of rna synthesis in mouse myeloma cells infected with vesicular stomatitis virus., P K. Weck and R R. Wagner

Rearrangement of genetic information may produce immuno- globulin diversity., M Weigert, L Gatmaitan, E Loh, J Schilling, and L Hood

The genetic control of antibody variable regions in the mouse., M Weigert and R Riblet

Effect of aging on immune and tolerant states., W O. Weigle and D E. Parks

Nonproducer malignant tumor cells with rescuable sarcoma virus genome isolated from a recurrent moloney sarcoma., E Weiland, M Mussgay, and F Weiland

Purification and characterization of dna polymerases from the plasmacytoma mopc 104e and abelson murine leukemia viruses., B J. Weimann, J Schmidt, and B Takacs

Immunity to plasmodium berghei yoelii in mice. II. Specific and nonspecific cellular and humoral responses during the course of infection., F I. Weinbaum, J Weintraub, F K. Nkrumah, C B. Evans, R E. Tigelaar, and Y J. Rosenberg

Effectiveness of polyadenylate-polyuridylate (a.u) And 2-mercaptoethanol (me) in combatting the age-dependent decrease in immunologic vigor. Abstr., R H. Weindruch and R L. Walford

Anti-immunoglobulin stimulation of murine lymphocytes. IV. Re-expression and fate of cell surface receptors during stimulation., H L. Weiner, D J. Scribner, and J W. Moorhead

Immunologic basis of tumor dormancy in mice. Abstr., K J. Weinhold, E Genovesi, P A. Marx, and E F. Wheelock

Immunologic mechanisms involved in the establishment and maintenance of the tumor dormant state. Abstr., K J. Weinhold and E F. Wheelock

Impairment of the hypothalamo-pituitary-ovarian axis of the athymic "nude" mouse., Y Weinstein

Photoradiation therapy. Optimum wavelength for in vivo activation of hematoporphyrin derivative with laser irradiation. Abstr., K R. Weishaupt and T J. Dougherty

Suppression of the plaque-forming cell response by macrophages present in the normal rat spleen., A Weiss and F W. Fitch

Analyses of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases in lymphocytes from normal and aged leukemic mice., B Weiss and R A. Winchurch

Evidence for loss of purkinje cell dentrites during late development. A morphometric golgi analysis in the mouse., G M. Weiss and J J. Pysh

Ambient temperature modifies the course of benzo(a)pyrene skin tumors in mice. Abstr., H S. Weiss, K M. Kerr, S E. Weisbrode, F B. Daniel, J F. Pitt, A M. Zeid, R H. Wilson, A G. Hakaim, and K J. Schniegenberg

Arrest patterns of circulating lymphosarcoma cells in tumour- -bearing mice as modified by previously injected cell suspen- sions. Abstr., L Weiss and D Glaves

Plasma cell populations in the nude mouse. Abstr., carrington P. Weisz, A F. Schrater, G J. Throbecke, and M E. Lamm

Immunogenicity of preneoplastic and neoplastic mammary lesions. Relationship to the presence of chemical car- cinogens. Abstr., W Wei, D Medina, and G H. Heppner

Intrathymic pathogenesis of myasthenia gravis. Transient expression of acetylcholine receptors on thymus-derived myogenic cells., H Wekerle, U Ketelsen, A D. Zurn, and B W. Fulpius

Immunological studies of aging. IV. The contribution of thymic involution to the immune deficiencies of aging mice and reversal with thymopoietin32-36., M E. Weksler, J B. Innes, and G Goldstein

Cell mediated immunity in mycobacterium marinum disease of balb/c mice. Abstr., T M. Welch, H Ng, S O'neil, and L Levy

Immunosuppression in experimental african trypanosomiasis. Abstr., S R. Wellhausen and J M. Mansfield

Prolactin and the development and progression of early neoplastic mammary gland lesions., C W. Welsch

Calcium-dependent regulator protein. Localization in mitotic appara- tus of eukaryotic cells., M J. Welsh, J R. Dedman, B R. Brinkley, and A R. Means

Specificity of natural killer (nk) cells induced in mice by lcm virus. Abstr., R M. Welsh and R M. Zinkernagel

Oncogenicity of friend-virus-infected cells: determination of origin of spleen colonies by the h-2 antigens as genetic markers., F Wendling and P E. Tambourin

Incapacity of hematopoietic stem cell-deprived mice to produce tumor colonies induced by friend virus-infected cells., F Wendling, P Tambourin, and gachelin F. Moreau

Glucocorticoid receptors and glucocorticoid-sensitive secretion of neutral proteinases in a macrophage line., Z Werb, R Foley, and A Munck

Cellular sensitization in tumor-bearing mice to soluble extracts from normal and malignant tissues. I. Common and individually distinct antigens as detected by electrophoretic mobility (em) test., H Werner, H Jenssen, H Kohler, B Von broen, G Pasternak, L T. Thuy, B Schlott, and L Pasternak

Variation for x chromosome expression in mice detected by electrophoresis of phosphoglycerate kinase., J D. West and V M. Chapman

Mus musculus x mus caroli hybrids: mouse mules., J D. West, W I. Frels, and V M. Chapman

Dependent on ly 1+2+ cells., P J. Wettstein, D W. Bailey, L E. Mobraaten, J Klein, D J. Frelinger, and H R. Is

Immunologic basis of tumor dormancy. Abstr., E F. Wheelock

Evidence for synergy between delayed hypersensitivity (dhs)-expressing lymph node cells (lnc) and normal spleen cells (sc) in response to antigen. Abstr., M Wheelock, C Clark, M Azar, and H H. Zinneman

Growth delay analysis for the cellular radiosensitivity of a murine tumour. Abstr., T E. Wheldon, A S. Abdelaal, and A H. Nias

Suppression of humoral and delayed hypersensitivity responses by distinct t cell subpopulations., R L. Whisler and J D. Stobo

Interaction of cytotoxic t lymphocytes with target cells. I. Specific inhibition by detergent-solubilized, partially purified mouse histocompatibility antigens., C C. Whisnant, K H. Singer, and D B. Amos

Laboratory mice carrying three pairs of robertsonian translocations. Establishment of a strain and analysis of meiotic segregation., B J. White, C Crandall, E S. Raveche, and J Tjio

Lack of stereospecificity at carbon 6 of methyltetrahydro- folate transport in ehrlich ascites tumor cells. Carrier- -mediated transport of both stereoisomers., J C. White, B D. Bailey, and I D. Goldman

In vitro analysis of proliferating epithelial cell populations from the mouse mammary gland. Fribroblast-free growth and serial passage., M T. White, A S. Hu, S T. Hamamoto, and S Nandi

Genetically controlled igm hyporesponsiveness to a k. Pneumoniae polysaccharide., scharf M. White and L T. Rosenberg

Studies on the basis for genetic control of variability in the murine primary response to several bacterial polysaccharides. Abstr., scharf M. White and L T. Rosenberg

Comparison of the effects of beeswax.trioctanoin And trioctanoin vehicles on 3-methylcholanthrene, benzo[a]pyrene, and 7,12-dimethyl- benz[a]anthracene subcutaneous carcinogenesis in three strains of mice and one hybrid., C E. Whitmire and A Lopez

Genetic control of susceptibility of mice to rous sarcoma virus tumorigenesis. II. Segregation analysis of strain a.sw- -associated Resistance to primary tumor induction., A C. Whitmore, G F. Babcock, and G Haughton

Morphine preference of alcohol-avoiding and alcohol-preferring c57bl mice., G Whitney and G P. Horowitz

Genetic influences on 70 khz ultrasound production of mice (mus musculus). Abstr., G Whitney, J Nyby, J R. Coble, and G A. Dizinno

Interconversion of mouse adult hemoglobin and a neonatal spleen fast hemoglobin band., J B. Whitney, I )ii, E C. Mcfarland, and E S. Russell

Immunosuppression in mice bearing primary tumors., R B. Whitney, B S. Kelly, and J G. Levy

Gonadal development in hermaphrodite mice. Abstr., W K. Whitten

No development of experimental autoimmune thyroiditis in nude mice., G Wick, S Schwarz, and P U. Muller

Dopamine: a noval antitumor agent active against b-16 melanoma in vivo., M M. Wick

L-dopa methyl ester. Prolongation of survival of neuroblastoma- -bearing mice after treatment., M M. Wick

L-dopa methyl ester--a new antitumor agent. Abstr., M M. Wick and J M. Ratliff

Magnetically responsive microspheres as a carrier for site- -specific delivery of adriamycin. Abstr., K J. Widder, A E. Senyei, S D. Reich, and D F. Ranney

Dna-binding of androgen and estrogen receptors from mouse brain. Behavior of residual androgen receptor from tfm mutant., S J. Wieland, T O. Fox, and C Savakis

Chromosome changes (trisomies no. 15 And 17) associated with tumor progression in leukemias induced by radiation leukemia virus., F Wiener, S Ohno, J Spira, ghera N. Haran, and G Klein

Cytogenetic mapping of the trisomic segment of chromosome 15 in murine t-cell leukaemia., F Wiener, S Ohno, J Spira, ghera N. Haran, and G Klein