Submissions from 1978

Chromosome changes (trisomy 15) in murine t-cell leukemia induced by 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene (dmba)., F Wiener, J Spira, S Ohno, and G Klein

Effects of cyclophosphamide on the recovery of leukopoeisis. Abstr., D Wierda and T L. Pazdernik

Immune interferon induced by phytohemagglutinin in nude mouse spleen cells., J Wietzerbin, S Stefanos, R Falcoff, M Lucero, L Catinot, and E Falcoff

Myelin of the peripheral nerve of the dystrophic mouse., R C. Wiggins and P Morell

Different tumours induced by benzo(a)pyrene and its 7,8-dihydrodiol injected into adult mouse salivary gland., C B. Wigley, J Amos, and P Brookes

Alpha tocopherol and blood pressure in pn/n mice., R D. Wigley and M Vlieg

Murine rous-sarcoma-specific immunity detected by leucocyte adherence inhibition. Inhibitory effect of normal serum., C J. Wikstrand, J O. Proctor, S C. Hartsell, and G Haughton

Effector mechanisms in allograft rejection. IV. In contrast to late cytotoxic cells, the early killer cells infiltrating mouse sponge matrix allografts are predominantly t lymphocytes., K Wiktorowicz, P J. Roberts, and P Hayry

Monoclonal antibodies against rabies virus produced by somatic cell hybridization. Detection of antigenic variants., T J. Wiktor and H Koprowski

Resistance and cross-resistance of cultured leukemia p388 cells to vincristine, adriamycin, adriamycin analogs, and actinomycin d., L J. Wilkoff and E A. Dulmadge

Sensitivity and resistance of cultured leukemia p388 cells to vincristine (vcr) and 4'-demethyl podophyllotoxin (vp-16-213) abstr., L J. Wilkoff and E A. Dulmadge

Effect of adriamycin on the reproductive integrity of cultured leukemia l1210 and p388 cells., L J. Wilkott, E A. Dulmadge, and H H. Lloyd

Chromosomal gene transfer of human cytosol thymidine kinase into mouse cells. Integration or association of the transferred gene with a non-homologous mouse chromosome., K Willecke, R Mierau, A Kruger, and R Lange

Glucan induced resistance to staphylococcus aureus septicemia in normal, immunosuppressed, and leukemic mice. Abstr., D L. Williams and N R. Luzio

Protective effect of glucan against systemic s. Aureus septicemia in normal, leukemic and immunosuppressed mice. Abstr., D L. Williams and N R. Luzio

Histoplasma capsulatum infection in nude mice., D M. Williams, J R. Graybill, and D J. Drutz

Hormonal environment of immunosuppressed mice., G Williams, R Ghanadian, A S. Papadopoulos, and J E. Castro

A cross-reactive idiotype for anti-phosphocholine antibody structurally related to m603. Abstr., K R. Williams

Involvement of macrophage in murine megakaryocyte development. Abstr., N Williams

Differentiation of mouse bone marrow precursor cells into neutrophil granulocytes by an activity separation from wehi-3 cell-conditioned medium., N Williams, R R. Eger, M A. Moore, and N Mendelsohn

Regulation of the proliferation of murine megakaroycyte progenitor cells by cell cycle., N Williams and H Jackson

Regulation of megakaryopoiesis in long-term murine bone marrow cultures., N Williams, H Jackson, A P. Sheridan, M J. Murphy, A Elste, and M A. Moore

Differences in the buoyant density characteristics of murine granulocyte-macrophage progenitor cells cloned in the presence of serum and/or hemolysate., N Williams and D H. Pluznik

Inability of anticoagulants to prevent pulmonary metastases in murine breast cancer. Abstr., R C. Williamson, P J. Lyndon, and T Lai

Regulation of histocompatible tumor growth by antiserum prepared against subregions of the mhc. Abstr., R M. Williams and J A. Frelinger

Expression of a forssman antigenic specificity in the preimlantation mouse embryo., K R. Willison and P L. Stern

Rapid development of tuning characteristics of inferior colliculus neurons of mouse pups., J F. Willott and A Shnerson

Paleocerebellar lesions enhance audiogenic seizures in mice., J F. Willott and G P. Urban

Methadone uptake by l5178y mouse leukemic cells., P C. Will and W D. Noteboom

The metabolism of methadone by cultured mammalian cells., P C. Will and W D. Noteboom

A new method for the simultaneous assay of rosette-forming and antibody-secreting cells, utilising immune adhesion reactions in monolayer., A R. Wilson, W J. Cruickshank, humphreys R. Pugh, and A H. Jeffries

Location on chromosome 1 of rnr, a gene that controls renin in the mouse. Abstr., C M. Wilson, E G. Erdos, J D. Wilson, and B A. Taylor

Location on chromosome 1 of rnr, a gene that regulates renin in the submaxillary gland of the mouse., C M. Wilson, E G. Erdos, J D. Wilson, and B A. Taylor

The fine structure of ventricular cells in the brains of mouse embryos homozygous for the loop-tail gene., D B. Wilson

Whoe brain dna in normal and abnormal embryos of the loop-tail (lp) mutant mouse., D B. Wilson and L W. Gonzales

Fibroblasts obtained from a ph1 positive cml patient. A preliminary report., F D. Wilson, B Greenberg, W Spangler, M Shifrine, M E. Gershwin, D J. Dyck, and T O. Negative

A cardiomyopathy of balb/c mice (superimposed infection by coxsackievirus b-3)., F M. Wilson and A M. Lerner

Differential enzyme distribution in lobules of livers from young and old mice and rats., P D. Wilson

Isotope-release cytotoxicity assay with the use of indium-111. Advantage over chromium-51 in long-term assays., R H. Wiltrout, P Frost, and G D. Cummings

The genetic organization of neuron number in the granule cell layer of the area dentata in house mice., R E. Wimer, C C. Wimer, J E. Vaughn, O P. Barber, B A. Balvanz, and C R. Chernow

Cyclic amp phosphodiesterase activityof murine t and b lymphocytes., R Winchurch, W Hait, and B Weiss

Quantitative and qualitative differences in cyclic amp phos- phodiesterase of murine t and b lymphocytes. Abstr., R Winchurch, W Hait, and B Weiss

Effect of the eol genome on vitamin a-induced teratogenicity and cytosol receptors. Abstr., M L. Wind, W L. Austin, and K S. Brown

Developmental pattern of triplication of chromosome 17 and association of trisomy with thp. Abstr., H Winking and A Gropp

Meiotic studies in mice carrying the sex reversal (sxr) factor., E J. Winsor, smith M. Ferguson, and J G. Shire

Structural alterations in heparan sulphate after selection of highly tumourigenic cells from two independent mouse clones. Abstr., D J. Winterbourne

Altered metabolism of heparan sulfate in simian virus 40 transformed cloned mouse cells., D J. Winterbourne and P T. Mora

Further studies on liver glyoxalase i and glyoxalase ii. Activity in mice bearing sarcoma 180 and l1210 leukemia., R Winter, D Piskorska, and T Jerzykowski

Amine oxidase in mice--sex differences and developmental aspects., P J. Wirth and S S. Thorgeirsson

Alteration of murine leukemia virus (mulv) cell surface antigens by infection with exogenous virus. Abstr., K S. Wise and R T. Acton

Selective association of murine t lymphoblastoid cell surface alloantigens with mycoplasma hyorhinis., K S. Wise, G H. Cassell, and R T. Acton

Permeability of muscle capillaries to microperoxidase., S L. Wissig and M C. Williams

Identification of an abelson murine leukemia virus-encoded protein present in transformed fibroblst and lymphoid cells., O N. Witte, N Rosenberg, M Paskind, A Shields, and D Baltimore

Effect of generalized graft-versus-host-reaction on b- and t-lymphocytes and a benzpyrene-induced murine sarcoma., C Witting and E Hultsch

Effect of splenectomy on b- and t-lymphocytes and a benzpyrene-induced murine sarcoma., C Witting and E Hultsch

Cytological analysis of bone marrow present in the bone nodules induced by human fl cells in mice., K Wlodarski and M Jakobisiak

The effect of the mode of administration of nitrogen mustard and cytosine arabinoside on the production of chromosomal aber- rations in mouse bone marrow and ascites tumour cells., A M. Wobus, J Schoneich, and R Thieme

Transplantation characteristics of murine neoplasms after long-term frozen storage., I Wodinsky, A J. Roy, and K F. Meaney

Recombination studies involving the siren gene in the mouse. Evidence for nonallelic interaction between the srn and sd genes., A M. Wojcieszak and F K. Hoornbeek

Influence of maternal phenotype on metabolic differentiation of agouti locus mutants in the mouse., G L. Wolff

Phaeomelanin synthesis and obesity in mice. Interaction of the viable yellow (avy) and sombre (eso) mutations., G L. Wolff, D B. Galbraith, and J M. Row

Enhanced formation of hyperplastic aveolar nodules in mammary glands of yellow (avy/a) virgin female (c3h x vy)f-1 hybrid mice. Abstr., G L. Wolff and D Medina

Dissecting the hematopoietic microenvironment. Iii. Evidence for a positive short range stimulus for cellular proliferation., N S. Wolf

Dissecting the hematopoietic microenvironment. II. The kinetics of the erythron of the sl/sld mouse and the dual nature of its anemia., N S. Wolf

Embryologic origin of the various epithelial cell types in the second kind of thyroid foccicle in the c3h mouse., S H. Wollman and S R. Hilfer

Rapid in vivo acquisition of naturally occurring antibodies by tumor cells detected by a competitive radiommunoassay. Abstr., L B. Wolosin and A H. Greenberg

Immunobiology of the graft-versus-host reaction. I. Symptoms of graft-versus-host disease in mice are preceded by delayed- -type hypersensitivity to host histocompatibility antigens., E A. Wolters and R Benner

An acid phosphatase locus expressed in mouse kidney (apk) and its genetic location on chromosome 10., J E. Womack and S B. Auerbach

Esterase 13, a new mouse esterase locus with recessive expression and its genetic location on chromosome 9., J E. Womack, B A. Taylor, and J E. Barton

A simple method for the preparation and storage of helper t cells., D D. Wood

The relationship between bacterial endotoxin and human b cell- -activating factor., D D. Wood and P M. Cameron

T-lymphocytes and macrophages in primary murine fibrosarcomas at different stages in their progression., G W. Wood and K A. Gollahon

Idiotype-specific t helper cells are required to induce idiotype-positive b memory cells to secrete antibody., R Woodland and H Cantor

Studies with a spontaneous mouse tumour. I. Growth in normal mice and response to corynebacterium parvum., M F. Woodruff, V L. Whitehead, and G Speedy

Inhibition of chemical carcinogenesis by corynebacterium parvum., M Woodruff and G Speedy

Consequences of inhibition of purine biosynthesis de novo by 6-methylmercaptopurine ribonucleoside in cultured lymphoma l5178y cells., R A. Woods, R M. Henderson, and J F. Henderson

Cell-mediated immune response to syngeneic uv induced tumors. I. The presence of tumor associated macro- phages and their possible role in the in vitro genera- tion of cytotoxic lymphocytes., J G. Woodward and R A. Daynes

Cell-mediated immune response to syngeneic uv-induced tumors. Iii. Requirement for an ia+ macrophage in the in vitro differentiation of cytotoxic t lymphocytes., J G. Woodward, P A. Fernandez, and R A. Daynes

Ethanol consumption in genetically selected hypertensive and hypotensive mice., W G. Wood, M F. Elias, and C A. Pentz

Studies on the hepatic toxicity of chlorozotocin. Abstr., P V. Woolley and A L. Wang

Enzyme activated anti-tumor agents--iv. Comparative kinetics of n,n-p-di-2-chloroethylaminophenyl phosphate hydrolysis catalysed by phosphatases of normal and neoplastic tissues., P Workman and J A. Double

Effects of essential amino acid deficiencies on syngeneic tumor immunity and carcinogenesis in mice., B S. Worthington, J A. Syrotuck, and S I. Ahmed

Water-borne bacillus licheniformis infection in mice., D J. Wright, D J. Frost, and P Eaton

In vitro studies of mouse embryos bearing mutations in the t complex. T., L R. Wudl and M I. Sherman

Mouse fetal hemoglobin., N Wu, D A. Sikkema, and R M. Zucker

Ontogeny of cell-mediated immunity of murine thymocytes and spleen cells. In vitro mixed leukocyte culture and cell-mediated lympholysis reactions., S Wu

Antibody production by spleen cells of mice bearing mca- -induced tumours. Search for suppressor cells., M Yagello, G Lespinats, and W H. Fridman

Modulation of mouse mammary tumor virus production in the mjy-alpha cell line., M J. Yagi, P B. Blair, and M Lane

Structural components of mouse mammary tumor virus. II. Isolation and purification of virion polypeptides., M J. Yagi, R E. Stutzman, B H. Robertson, and R W. Compans

And tryptic peptides of virion polypeptides., M J. Yagi, M Tomana, R E. Stutzman, B H. Robertson, D R. Compans, and U C. willcomposition

Enrichment of in vitro and in vivo immunologic activity of purified fractions of calf thymic hormone., Y Yakir, A I. Kook, and N Trainin

Distinction between suppressors of the delayed- -type hypersensitivity and the humoral response to sheep erythrocytes., K Yamaguchi and S Kishimoto

Mating preference tests with the recombinant congenic strain balb.htg., M Yamaguchi, K Yamazaki, and E A. Boyse

Successful cooperative interactions between primed t and b lymphocytes derived from gix+ and gix- congenic mice., H Yamamoto and D H. Katz

Eptein-barr virus and human chromosomes: close associa- tion of the resident viral genome and the expression of the virus-determined nuclear antigen (ebna) with the presence of chromosome 14 in human-mouse hybrid cells., K Yamamoto, F Mizuno, T Matsuo, A Tanaka, and T Osato

Inhibition of immunoglobulin of in vitro activation of cytotoxic macrophages with lymphocyte mediator., S Yamamoto and T Tokunaga

Immunologic responses to a murine mammary adenocarcinoma. In vitro production of specific killer cells is dependent on active t lymphocytes., Y Yamamura

Heterotransplantation of human glioma in hereditary asplenic-athymic mouse., M Yamashita, I Takeshita, and K Kitamura

Antitumor activity of squalene-treated cell-wall skeleton of nocardia rubra in mice., M Yamawaki, I Azuma, I Saiki, M Uemiya, S Aoki, K Ennyu, and Y Yamamura

Mating preferences of f2 segregants of crosses between mhc-congenic mouse strains., K Yamazaki, M Yamaguchi, P W. Andrews, B Peake, and E A. Boyse