Submissions from 1978

Studies of the mechanisms for the induction of in vivo tumor immunity. II. Distribution and homing of cytotoxic effector and precursor cells., C Ting

Differential tolerance of thymus-independent and thymus- -dependent antibody responses., J P. Tite, clarke S. Marshall, and J H. Playfair

Generation of immunological memory in tolerant mice., J P. Tite and J H. Playfair

Distinct subpopulations of igg memory b cells respond to different molecular forms of the same hapten., T V. Tittle and M B. Rittenberg

Expression of igg memory response in vitro to thymus- -dependent and thymus-independent antigens., T V. Tittle and M B. Rittenberg

An antigen-specific i region gene product that augments the antibody response., T Tokuhisa, M Taniguchi, K Okumura, and T Tada

Cell-surface major glycoprotein of balb/c mouse plasmacytoma 58-8 cells., H Tokuyama and S Migita

Suppression of autochthonous tumors by mixed implantation with nocardia rubra cell-wall skeleton and related bacterial fractions., R Tokuzen, M Okabe, W Nakahara, I Azuma, and Y Yamamura

Restoration of growth control in malignantly transformed mouse fibroblasts grown in a chemically defined medium., L D. Tomei and J S. Bertram

Induction by synthetic polyribonucleotide poly(i) of differentiation of cultured mouse myeloid leukemic cells., M Tomida, Y Yamamoto, and M Hozumi

Reproductive lifespan and reproductive performance in spf c3h mice: the onset of reproductive life and production efficiency. (japanese With english summ.), S Tomita, T Hayao, T Sawada, and J Hayakawa

Induction of endogenous murine leukemia virus from akr-2b mouse cell line by adriamycin., Y Tomita and T Kuwata

Studies in vivo of ribonucleic acid turnover in mice (strain c57bl/6j) homozygous and heterozygous for the dystrophic gene, dy2j., J K. Tomkins and A D. Kidman

Morphology, growth and activation of chemical carcinogens by liver cells in culture. Abstr., A Tompa, H Freed, E Huberman, and R Langenbach

Morphology, growth, and metabolism of chemical carcinogens by hepatocytes maintained in vitro on plastic and feeder cells. Abstr., A Tompa, E Huberman, and R Langenbach

Transformation of mouse mammary glands in whole organ culture by carcinogenic aromatic amines and amides. Abstr., Q J. Tonelli and S Sorof

A fetal antigen in a mouse fibrosarcoma with possible cross-reactivity with an adult mouse skin component., C Tong, E H. Stonehill, P J. Higgins, and A Bendich

Purification and biological activities of a mouse serum pro- tein increased by administration of streptococcal preparation, ok-432., T Torikai, O Itoh, S Toyoshima, and T Osawa

Immune response to rauscher virus-induced leukemia in dba mice. II. Correlation between antigenic expression and pathogenesis., F D. Toth and L Vaczi

Progressive changes in cytotoxic potential during mixed lymphocyte culture., M H. Touton and W R. Clark

Macrophages are required for the induction of natural killer (nk) cells by bacillus calmette-guerin (bcg). Abstr., D E. Tracey

Ecto-atpase deficiency in glia of seizure-prone mice., E G. Trams and C J. Lauter

A selection experiment for distinct types of 6-aminonicotinamide- -induced cleft lip in mice., D G. Trasler, C Rearden, and H Rajchgot

Changes in the microheterogeneity of histone h1 after mengovirus infection of ehrlich ascites tumor cells., U Traub and P Traub

Thermoregulation and non-shivering thermogenesis in the genetically obese (ob/ob) mouse., P Trayhurn and W P. James

Stimulation of humoral immune responses to a thymic-independent antigen in mice immunosuppressed by a graft-versus-host reaction., W Treiber and W S. Lapp

Translocation of the y-paracentromeric region to an autosomal bivalent in sxr,xy mouse spermatocytes. Abstr., L L. Tres

In vitro induction of cell-mediated immunity against tumor cells by antigen-fed macrophages., A J. Treves

Macrophage-mediated in vitro sensitization of lymphocytes. II. The detection of neo-antigens on transformed lymphocytes and passages of normal fibroblasts., A J. Treves, A Decleve, M Lieberman, and H S. Kaplan

Induction and specificity of delayed hypersensitivity to staphylococcus aureus in mice., J L. Tribble and J B. Bolen

Effect of selective t cell priming on anti-sheep and anti- -hapten humoral responses. I. Acceleration, augmentation, and reversal of igg.igm Ratios., D Trizio and G Cudkowicz

Effect of selective t cell priming on anti-sheep and anti-hapten humoral responses. II. Separation by nylon wool columns of the activated lymphocytes., D Trizio and G Cudkowicz

Interspecies spleen-myeloma hybrid producing monoclonal antibodies against mouse lymphocyte surface glycoprotein, t200., I S. Trowbridge

Expression of thy-1 glycoprotein on lectin-res- istant lymphoma cell lines., I S. Trowbridge, R Hyman, T Ferson, and C Mazauskas

The synthesis and properties of t25 glycoprotein in thy-1- -negative mutant lymphoma cells., I S. Trowbridge, R Hyman, and C Mazauskas

Rapid leukemia induced by cloned friend strain of replicating murine type-c virus. Association with induction of xenotropic- -related rna sequences contained in spleen focus-forming virus., D H. Troxler and E M. Scolnick

Helper-independent mink cell focus-inducing strains of friend murine type-c virus. Potential relationship to the origin of replication- -defective spleen focus-forming virus., D H. Troxler, E Yuan, D Linemeyer, S Ruscetti, and E M. Scolnick

Guanylate cyclases in cns. Enzymatic characteristics of soluble and particulate enzymes from mouse cerebellum and retina., E W. Troyer, I A. Hall, and J A. Ferrendelli

Suppression of cytotoxic lymphocyte responses by culture supernates from allosensitized spleen cells. Abstr., G A. Truitt

Suppression of cytotoxic lymphocyte responses in vitro by soluble products of alloantigen-activated spleen cells., G A. Truitt, R R. Rich, and S S. Rich

Prevention of secondary disease mortality following allogeneic bone marrow transplantation for acute leukemia in akr mice. Abstr., R L. Truitt, M M. Bortin, and A A. Rimm

Graft versus leukemia. Viii. Selective reducton in antihost reactivity without loss of antileukemic reactivity by treatment of donor mice with lipopolysaccharide., R L. Truitt, W C. Rose, A A. Rimm, and M M. Bortin

A simple procedure for obtaining large quantities of tubulin subunits from newborn mouse brain., C Tse and R A. Doherty

Separation of helper and suppressor t lymphocytes. Iii. Positive and negative effects of mixed lymphocyte reaction- -activated t cells., H Y. Tse and R W. Dutton

Specific inhibition of transfer rna methylation and modification in tissues of mice treated with 5-fluorouracil., W Tseng, D Medina, and K Randerath

Simultaneous suppression of allogeneic cytolytic activity and stimulation of lectin-dependent cytolytic activity by con a., C D. Tsoukas and E Martz

Nucleases and adenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate phospho- diesterase activities in murine sarcoma virus (moloney)- -infected mice., K C. Tsou, K W. Lo, and R B. Herberman

Immunohistological studies on intracerebral transplantation of transplantable malignant glioma of c57bl/6j mice., K Tsuda

Heterogeneity of mouse lymphocytes in interfon production upon influenza virus challenge in culture., K Tsukui, T Iwasaki, and Y Kawade

Studies on primary cultures of adult lens cells from normal and hereditary cataractous mice., Y Tsunematsu, H N. Fukui, and J H. Kinoshita

Enhancement of the action of colony stimulating factor (csf) by soluble component(s) of erythrocytes in mouse bone marrow cell cultures., K Tsuneoka, Y Takagi, K Hirashima, and M Shikita

Comparison and effects of natural and synthetic glucose tolerance factor in normal and genetically diabetic mice., R W. Tuman, J T. Bilbo, and R J. Doisy

The induction of cell-mediated immunity to sperm- atozoa following vasectomy in inbred mice., oeri A. Tumboh and T K. Roberts

The induction of cell-mediated immunity to spermatozoa following vasectomy in inbred mice., oeri A. Tumboh and T K. Roberts

Regulation of ige antibody production by serum molecules. I. Serum from complete freund's adjuvant-immune donors suppresses irradiation-enhanced ige production in low responder mouse strains., A S. Tung, N Chiorazzi, and D H. Katz

Relationships of gp70 of mulv envelopes to gp70 components of mouse lymphocyte plasma membranes., J Tung, P V. O'donnell, E Fleissner, and E A. Boyse

Properties of the pc-1 molecule., J Tung, F Shen, E A. Boyse, and E Fleissner

Anti-idiotypic response of balb/c mice to a myeloma protein of balb/c origin., R Tungkanak and S Sirisinha

Serum-stimulated changes in calcium transport and distribution in mouse 3t3 cells and their modification by dibutyryl cyclic amp., J T. Tupper, M D. Rosso, B Hazelton, and F Zorgniotti

Effect of imposed serum deprivation on growth of the mouse 3t3 cell. Dissociation from changes in potassium ion transport as measured from [86rb]rubidium ion uptake., J T. Tupper and L Zografos

Synthesis and antitumor activity of liponucleotides containing the cytosine arabinotide moiety. Abstr., J G. Turcotte, S P. Srivastava, and M Y. Chu

Enhanced granulocyte growth on peritoneal cell-coated membranes following irradiation: a dual effect of humoral stimulation and repair of x ray-induced damage to the microenvironment., A R. Turner, W J. Pfrimmer, D R. Boggs, and A I. Carpe

Macrophage-mediated resistance to growth of b16 melanoma. Abstr., E V. Turner and J H. Wallace

Sensitivity to 1,3-bis(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea and 1- -(2-chloroethyl)-3-(4-methylcyclohexyl)-1-nitrosourea of the emt6 tumor in vivo as determined by both tumor volume response and in vitro plating assay., P R. Twentyman

The growth of the emt6 tumour in the lungs of balb/c mice following intravenous inoculation of tumour cells from culture., P R. Twentyman

Treatment of experimental solid tumors with combinations of x-radiation and cytotoxic drugs. Abstr., P R. Twentyman

Genetic and environmental factors in cortisone induced cleft palate., M L. Tyan and K K. Miller

Effects of carcinogeneic and non-carcinogenic chemicals on plasma esterases in balb/c mice., R L. Tyndall, N K. Clapp, K A. Davidson, and C A. Burtis

The evaluation of various adjuvants in tumor-directed immunity with experimental leukemic mice., Y Uchida

Modulation of immune response by bacterial lipopolysac- charide (lps): cellular basis of stimulatory and inhib- itory effects of lps on the in vitro igm antibody response to a t-dependent antigen., T Uchiyama and D M. Jacobs

Modulation of immune response by bacterial lipopolysac- charide (lps): multifocal effects of lps-induced suppres- sion of the primary antibody response to a t-dependent antigen., T Uchiyama and D M. Jacobs

Protective effect of psk, a protein-bound polysaccharide preparation against candidiasis in tumor-bearing mice. Abstr., A S. Uetsuka and Y Ohno

Xenotransplantation of a human meningioma and its lung metastasis in nude mice., Y Ueyama, K Morita, C Ochiai, N Ohsawa, J Hata, and N Tamaoki

Genetic effects from exposure of male mice to tritium for nine generations. Abstr., A S. Ugarte, D J. Mewissen, and J H. Rust

Oma cells. A model for immunodeficiency disease., B Ullman, L J. Gudas, A C. Martin, O Metabolism, and C. Lymph

The combined use of local irradiation and corynebacterium parvum in the treatment of the murine line 1 lung carcinoma., R L. Ullrich and L M. Adams

The induction of lung tumors in rfm mice after localized exposures to x-rays or neutrons. Abstr., R L. Ullrich, M C. Jernigan, and L M. Adams

Isolation and characterization of the messenger rnas for mouse embryonic globin chains., E Ullu, R Gambari, M G. Farace, and A Fantoni

The formation of b-lymphocyte colonies in agar contained in glass capillaries., A Ulmer and H R. Maurer

Mesenteric hemopoietic colonies. II. Occurrence in mice after transplantation of syngeneic normal bone marrow cells., M H. Umar and L J. Griensven

Inhibition or acceleration of tumor growth by subpopulations of thymus cells separable by a peanut lectin., T Umiel, israeli M. Linker, M Itzchaki, N Trainin, A Reisner, and N Sharon

The regulation of lymphocyte functions by the macrophage., E R. Unanue

Enhancement by corynebacterium parvum of the normal and tumor tissue response to hyperthermia., M Urano, M Overgaard, H Suit, P Dunn, and R Sedlacek

Increased thermal response of normal and tumor tissue following c parvum treatment. Abstr., M Urano, M Overgaard, H Suit, P Dunn, and R Sedlacek

Distribution of pseudomonas aeruginosa in experimentally infected mice. (japanese With eng. Summ.)., T Urano and K Maejima

Provocation of pseudomoniasis with cyclophosphamide in mice., T Urano and K Maejima

H-2-linked recessive ir gene regulation of high antibody responsiveness to tnp hapten conjugated to autogenous albumin., W J. Urba and W H. Hildemann

Recessive ir gene in the major histocompatibility complex (mhc) regulating high antibody responsiveness to tnp-msa. Abstr., W J. Urba and W H. Hildemann

Modulation of cysteine metabolism in mice--effects of propargylglycine and l-cyst(e)ine-degrading enzymes., J R. Uren, R Ragin, and M Chaykovsky

Efficacy of methods for immunizing mice to transplantable myelomonocytic leukemia. Abstr., H B. Urnovitz

Transplantation of human parathyroid adenoma and carcinoma in nude mice. Abstr., K H. Usadel, U Schwedes, H Minne, I Klempa, J Vlachyannis, H P. Fortmeyer, and K Schoffling

Small scale efficient reproduction of el mice. (japanese With eng. Summ.)., K Utsumi, K Yoshida, T Maeda, M Mori, and H Tatsumi

Suiciding of lymphocytic precursor cells by tritiated nucleosides, in vitro., E M. Uyeki, T Nishimura, and T U. Bisel

Efect of methotrexate and aminopterin on tritiated nucleoside suicide of colony forming cells, in vitro., E M. Uyeki, T Nishimura, T N. Miller, and T U. Bisel

A survey of the growth characteristics of and the host reactions to one hundred c3h/he mammary carcinomas., J Vaage

Changing transplantation characteristics with serial in vivo passage of c3h/he mammary carcinomas., J Vaage

In vivo and in vitro lysis of mouse cancer cells by antimetastatic effectors in normal plasma., J Vaage

Radiation-resistance of the local tumor rejection response., J Vaage

Effect of progressive neoplastic growth on the decarboxylation of dl-[1-14c]ornithine by lymphocytes from c3h/he tumor hosts., J Vaage, S Agarwal, and J L. Reinertsen

Local cellular responses associated with dormancy and regression of a syngeneic c3h mammary carcinoma., J Vaage and L Gandbhir