Submissions from 1978

Tumour immunity to murine plasma cell tumours. Influence of responder genotype on the specificity of the immune response to plasmacytomas and t lymphomas., R C. Burton and N L. Warner

Passive transfer of virus induced diabetes mellitus with spleen cells., K Buschard

Passive transfer of diabetes mellitus. Abstr., K Buschard, S Madsbad, and I Rygaard

Passive transfer of diabetes mellitus from man to mouse., K Buschard, S Madsbad, and J Rygaard

Is the diabetogenic effect of streptozotocin in part thymus-dependent., K Buschard and J Rygaard

T-lymphocytes transfer streptozotocin induced diabetes mellitus in mice., K Buschard and J Rygaard

Evidence that the mitogenic activity of h2n2 influenza a viruses is associated with the h2 hemagglutinin. Abstr., G M. Butchko, R B. Armstrong, and F A. Ennis

Specificity studies on the proliferative response of thumus-derived lymphocytes to influenza viruses., G M. Butchko, R B. Armstrong, and F A. Ennis

Bone marrow colony-stimulating factor and tumor resistance- -enhancing activity of postendotoxin mouse sera., R C. Butler, A M. Abdelnoor, and A Nowotny

Histochemical observations on nodules induced in the mouse liver by phenobarbitone., W H. Butler and V Hempsall

Hepatic glucocorticoid receptors and the h-2 locus., M S. Butley, R P. Erickson, and W B. Pratt

Ultrastructural alteration of cytolytic t lymphocytes following their interaction with target cells. II. Morphogenesis of secretory granules and intracellular vacuoles., S N. Bykovskaja, A N. Rytenko, M O. Rauschenbach, and A F. Bykovsky

Their interation with target cells. I. Hypertrophy and change of orientation of the golgi apparatus., S N. Bykovskaja, A N. Rytenko, M O. Rauschenbach, D A. Bykovsky, and T A. Following

Stimulation of in vitro granulocyte-macrophage colony formation by mouse heart conditioned medium., P V. Byrne, W Heit, and B Kubanek

Clinical, biological and biochemical effects of pyrazofurin., E C. Cadman, D E. Dix, and R E. Handschumacher

Sequence, time and dose dependency of methotrexate's (mtx) enhancement of 5-fluorouracil (5fu) entry into and subsequent cell death of l1210 leukemia. Abstr., E Cadman, L Davis, and R Heimer

Pyrazofurin enhancement of 5-azacytidine antitumor activity in l5178y and human leukemia cells., E Cadman, F Eiferman, R Heimer, and L Davis

Suppression of nzb/nzw cell-mediated autoimmunity in vitro by a serum factor. Abstr., W Cafruny, E Freimer, and D Senitzer

Normal wbb6/f1 induced peritoneal exudative cells (pecs) and its products can cure the macrocytic anemia of w/wv mice. Abstr., R A. Cahill, S Sharkis, A Ahmed, D M. Wong, and W Jedrzejcak

Increased sensitivity to ozone, mice with low levels of g-6-pd. (animal Model)., E J. Calabrese

Daily variations of cerebral tyrosine in two inbred strains of mice and their f1 hybrids., J Calcet-Veys, P Joanny, F Blanquet, J Valatx, and G Chouvet

H-2 and tumor antigens are physically associated on the surface of murine lymphoma cells. Abstr., G N. Callahan and J P. Allison

Immune function in aged mice. Iii. Role of macrophages and effect of 2-mercaptoethanol in the response of spleen cells from old mice to phytohemagglutinin, lipopolysaccharide and allogeneic cells., R E. Callard

Identification of t cell subpopulations binding phytohemagglutinin. Functional characteristics., R E. Callard and A Basten

Immune function in aged mice. IV. Loss of t cell and b cell function in thymus-dependent antibody responses., R E. Callard and A Basten

Blocking of primary in vitro antibody responses to thymus-independent and thymus-dependent antigens with antiserum specific for igm or igd., J C. Cambier, F S. Ligler, J W. Uhr, J R. Kettman, and E S. Vitetta

Response of cba/n mice to human b cell activating factor., P M. Cameron and D D. Wood

Role of membrane receptors in the induction of an in vitro secondary anti-hapten response. II. Antigen-immunoglobulin receptor interaction is not required for b memory cell pro- liferation., S Cammisuli and C Henry

Role of membrane receptors in the induction of an in vitro secondary anti-hapten response. I. Differentiation of b memory cells to plasma cells is independent of antigen- -immunoglobulin receptor interaction., S Cammisuli, C Henry, and L Wofsy

Synthesis of myelin basic proteins in the developing mouse brain., C W. Campagnoni, G D. Carey, and A T. Campagnoni

Trypanosoma rhodesiense infection in congenitally athymic (nude) mice., G H. Campbell, K M. Esser, and S M. Phillips

Association between cell surface fibronection (lets protein) anchorage independence and tumorigenicity in animal cells. Abstr., P K. Canary, M J. Jackson, and S Shin

The diversity of the influenza-specific primary b-cell repertoire in balb/c mice., M P. Cancro, W Gerhard, and N R. Klinman

Modulation of spreading, adhesion and migration of peritoneal macrophages by a low molecular weight factor extracted from mouse tumors., W D. Cantarow, H T. Cheung, and G Sundharadas

Immunoregulatory circuits among t-cells sets. Identification of a subpopulation of t-helper cells that induces feedback inhibition., H Cantor, J Hugenberger, boudreau L. Mcvay, D D. Eardley, J Kemp, F W. Shen, and R K. Gershon

Of feedback inhibition in vivo. Absence in nzb mice., H Cantor, boudreau L. Mcvay, J Hugenberger, K Naidorf, F W. Shen, D R. Gershon, and R C. Role

The efficacy of tumor cell extracts in immunotherapy of el 4 lymphoma in mice. Abstr., J L. Cantrell and E Ribi

Spread of some murine tumors., I D. Capel, M Jenner, M H. Pinnock, H M. Dorrell, D D. Williams, and F O. And

Studies of proliferation kinetics in liver and spleen during early graft-vs-host reaction in mice., J Cappel and C Witting

Amino acid sequence studies on murine h-2 and ia antigens. Abstr., J D. Capra, R G. Cook, E S. Vitetta, and J W. Uhr

Structural studies on induced antibodies with defined idiotypic specificities. VI. Amino terminal sequences of the heavy and light chain variable regions of anti-p-azophenylarsonate anti- bodies from a/j mice suppressed for a cross-reactive idiotype., J D. Capra, S Ju, and A Nisonoff

In vitro and in vivo expression of original and foreigh h-2 antigens and of the tumor-associated transplantation antigen of a murine fibrosarcoma., G Carbone, G Invernizzi, A Meschini, and G Parmiani

Serological and biochemical characterization of the mouse mammary tumor virus with localization of p10., R D. Cardiff, M J. Puentes, L J. Young, G H. Smith, Y A. Teramoto, W. Altrock, and T S. Pratt

Circadian dependence of host and tumor responses to cyclo- phosphamide in mice., S S. Cardoso, T Avery, J M. Venditti, and A Goldin

Comparison of the developmental kinetics of antibody- and immunoglobulin-forming cells in normal and tolerant mice., C Carelli, J Antoine, C Petit, A Rodrigot, and S Avrameas

The effects of passive immunization with tumor- -specific antiserum on the active immune response of mice to sublines of leukemia l1210., G A. Carlson and G Terres

Ultrastructural observations on the parotitis autoimmunica in the nzb/nzw hybrid mice., B Carlsoo and Y Ostberg

Inhibitory effects of chloroform on the p388d1 macrophage cell. Abstr., E L. Carmines, J Burkhalter, R A. Carchman, and J F. Borzelleca

Enhancement of normal bdf1 spleen cell cytolytic activity by in vitro cultivation. Abstr., W P. Carney

Release of fatty acids from adipose tissue in genetically obese (ob/ob) mice., J A. Carnie and D G. Smith

Involvement of glycoconjugates in insulin-receptor interactions. Studies in liver plasma membranes of control and diabetic mice., M Caron, J Picard, and P Kern

Unscheduled dna synthesis induced in mouse spermatids after combined treatment with methyl methanesulfonate and x-rays., D A. Carpenter and G A. Sega

Effect of methotrexate on the glycolysis by l1210 cells cultured in vitro., Y Carpentier, B Desoize, C Rollet, and J Jardillier

Gelation of cytoplasmic extracts of sarcoma 180 cells. Abstr., K L. Carraway and P B. Moore

Studies on the murine ss protein. Demonstration that the ss protein is functionally the fourth component of complement., M C. Carroll and J D. Capra

Differential effect of the rd mutation on rods and cones in the mouse retina., dawson L. Carter, M M. Lavail, and R L. Sidman

The expression of surface antigens on three trophoblastic tissues in the mouse., J Carter

Peroxidase-labeled antibody technique for rapid detection of mouse hepatitis virus in cases of natural outbreaks., P Carthew

Effects of mescaline and psilocin on acquisition, consolidation, and performance of light-dark discrimination in two inbred strains of mice., C Castellano

Modification of the migration of mouse lymphoid cells by bcg: a factor stimulation t-cell migration., M N. Castes b and arbouys S. Orbach

Effect of n6 benzyl adenine and indole acetic acid on in vitro granulopoiesis. Abstr., R Catchatourian, K Royston, T Bednar, and W Fried

Important mechanism of resistance to tumors in vivo?, G Cavallo, M Giovarelli, G Forni, D S. Landolfo, and I C. An

Extinction du comportement d'autostimulation chez trios lignees de souris consanguines: influence du delai separant la periode de renforcement de la seance d'ex- tinction., P Cazala

Periodic variation in expression of major histocompatibility antigens on a mouse plasmacytoma. Abstr., E Celis, A H. Hale, and H N. Eisen

Microfilament bundles in cultured cells. Correlation with anchorage independence and tumorigenicity in nude mice., J E. Celis, J V. Small, P Andersen, and A Celis

Characterization of differentiation antigens of the mouse mammary epithelial cell (mme antigens) carried on the mouse milk fat globule., R L. Ceriani and J A. Peterson

Immunologic methods for the identification of cell types. II. Expression of normal mouse mammary epithelial cell antigens in mammary neoplasia., R L. Ceriani, J A. Peterson, and S Abraham

The removal of cell surface material by enzymes used to dissociate mammary-gland cells., R L. Ceriani, J A. Peterson, and S Abraham

Coupling between non-respiratory energy metabolism and ecto-sialyltransferase activity of intact ehrlich ascites tumour cell membranes., E Cerven

Physiological disposition of pala in several species. Abstr., M Chadwick, D M. Silveira, J A. Macgregor, A R. Branfman, O H. Liss, and D W. Yesair

Spontaneous amyloidosis in llc mice. Renal effects., C K. Chai

Virus-induced diabetes mellitus. X. Attachment of encephalo- myocarditis virus and permissiveness of cultured pancreatic beta cells to infection., R Chairez, J Yoon, and A L. Notkins

Stable and transmissible dicentric chromosome with terminal centromeres in ascites cells of mouse sarcoma 180., A Chakrabarti

A flow cytofluorimetric assay for cellular esterases in populations of single cells. Abstr., S H. Chambers, P Workman, J V. Watson, and N M. Bleehen

Interaction of glycine with ethanol., A W. Chan

Interaction of glycine with ethanol. Abstr., A W. Chan

The correlation of the ongoing proliferative response to tumour in lymphoid organs with the anti-tumour activity of the lymphoid cells., K D. Chandradasa and R M. Barnes

Change in tumor cell proteins following hyperthermic treatment of a tumor in vitro. Abstr., S Chandra and S Stefani

Comparative effects of 1,10-phenanthroline and 1,7-phenanthroline on dna and rna synthesis in mouse spleen., C Chang and J W. Yarbro

Physical, morphological and biochemical alterations in the membrane of akr mouse cells after interferon treatment., E H. Chang, F T. Jay, and R M. Friedman

Immune reactivity of rbl-3, a nonproducer leukemia induced by rauscher murine leukemia virus in c57bl/6 mice., K S. Chang

Induction of ouabain-resistant mutations in c3h 10t1/2 mouse cells by ultraviolet light., G L. Chan and J B. Little

Functional impairment of macrophages in old nzb/nzw mice. Abstr., Y Chang, D Chia, E V. Barnett, D Knutson, and C M. Pearson

Deoxyguanosine toxicity on lymphoid cells as a cause for immunosuppression in purine nucleoside phosphorylase deficiency., T Chan

Deoxyguanosine toxicity on lymphoid cells as a cause for immunosuppression in purine nucleoside phosphorylase deficiency., T Chan

Adenosine kinase as a new selective marker in somatic cell genetics. Isolation of adenosine kinase-deficient mouse cell lines and human-mouse hybrid cell lines containing adenosine kinase., T Chan, R P. Creagan, and M P. Reardon

Ornithine decarboxylase activity and the growth of neuroblastoma cells. The effects of bromoacetylcholine, bromoacetate and 1,3- diaminopropane., S K. Chapman, M Martin, M S. Hoover, and C Y. Chiou

Calcium-ion transport by intact ehrlich ascites-tumour cells. Role of respiratory substrates, pi and temperature., R R. Charlton and C E. Wenner

Analysis of synergy between cyclophosphamide therapy and immunity against a mouse tumor., D M. Chassoux, F M. Gotch, and I C. Maclennan

Studies on the hepatic microsomal metabolism of [14c]phenan- threne., S Chaturapit and G M. Holder

Asymmetry in the serological response and mixed lymphocyte reactions between c57bl/6j and the congenic mutant c57bl/ [h(z1)]., P H. Chauvenet, D B. Amos, and R T. Smith

In vitro cytolysis of methylcholanthrene (mca)-induced fibro- -sarcomas mediated by syngeneic hyperimmune peritoneal exudate cells (shpec). Abstr., P H. Chauvenet and R T. Smith

Relationship of tumor-specific transplantation antigens to the histocompatibility complex: dissociation of in vitro alloantigen expression and in vivo alloimmunity from tumor- -specific transplantation antigen strength., P H. Chauvenet and R T. Smith

Increase in the frequency of spontaneous disruptions of the karyotype with increasing age of mice., N A. Chebotar

Resistance and susceptibility of mice to bacterial infection: genetics of listeroisis., C Cheers and I F. Mckenzie

Infection: course of listeriosis in resistant or susceptible mice., C Cheers, I F. Mckenzie, H Pavlov, C Waid, D J. York, and A A. Bacterial

Limitations of secondary in vitro sensitization for enhancing adoptive therapy of a friend leukemia. Abstr., M A. Cheever, A B. Einstein, and A Fefer

Tumor neutralization, immunotherapy, and chemoimmuno- therapy of a friend leukemia with cells secondarily sensitized in vitro: ii. Comparison of cells cultured with and without tumor to noncultured immune cells., M A. Cheever, P D. Greenberg, and A Fefer

Schedule-dependent synergism of methotrexate and vincristine against l1210 leukemia. Abstr., P L. Chello, F M. Sirotnak, D M. Dorick, D M. Moccio, and J Gura

Modulatory effect of the sympathetic nervous system on neuroblastoma tumor growth., schorr E. Chelmicka and B G. Arnason