Submissions from 1978

Tumor cell interactions in vitro. Microtubules, 100 a filaments, and contractile microfilaments of tumor cells involved in "emperipolesis"., J Chemnitz and P Skaaring

Suppressor t cells identified by glass wool adherence are present in thymus reconstituted nude mice. Abstr., B P. Chen and G A. Splitter

Acoustic trauma-induced developmental change in the acoustic startle response and audiogenic seizures in mice., C Chen

Demonstration, in leukemia l-1210 cells, of a phosphodiesterase acting on 3'.5'-cyclic Cmp but not on 3'.5'-cyclic Amp or 3'.5'-cyclic Gmp., Y Cheng and A Bloch

The role of cholesterol in malignancy., H W. Chen, A A. Kandutsch, and H J. Heiniger

Anatomy of germinal centers in mouse spleen, with special reference to "follicular dendritic cells"., L L. Chen, J C. Adams, and R M. Steinman

Distribution of horseradish peroxidase (hrp)-anti-hrp immune complexes in mouse spleen with special reference to follicular dendritic cells., L L. Chen, A M. Frank, J C. Adams, and R M. Steinman

Anti-ig as a modulatory ligand for antibody and mitotic responses of b cells. Abstr., S Chen, J Cerny, and M D. Daniel

Effect of antibody to alpha-fetoprotein (afp) on growth of hepatoma. Abstr., S Chen and S D. Deodhar

Reduced immune response in vitro in mice with plasma- cytoma. Abstr., Y Chen and P Heller

Colony-forming units in the spleen and bone marrow of young (c57bl.6 X dba/2)f1 hybrid mice., R Chervenak, K G. Nelson, and J W. Goodman

Rfv-1 and rfv-2, two h-2-associated genes that influence recovery from friend leukemia virus-induced splenomegaly., B Chesebro and K Wehrly

Immune suppression in vivo with antigen-modified syn- geneic cells. I. T-cell-mediated suppression to the terpolymer poly-(glu, lys, phe)n., N Cheung, D H. Sherr, K M. Heghinian, B Benacerraf, and M E. Dorf

H-2 control of tolerance induction to 1-glutamic acid, l-lysine-containing polymers., N V. Cheung, K M. Heghinian, and B Benacerraf

Effect of tannic acid on the ehrlich ascites tumor cells., E C. Chew

Relationship between a-type and c-type particles in ehrlich ascites tumor cells., E C. Chew

Non-immunosuppressive therapeutic action of cyclophosphamide in nzb/w mice. Abstr., D Chia, L Levy, W H. Carnes, and E V. Barnett

Immunogenetic analysis of h-2 mutations. Vii. H-2 associated recognition of minor histocompatibility antigens in h-2kb mutants., C Chiang and J Klein

A simple method for the isolation of murine peripheral blood lymphocytes., D S. Chi and N S. Harris

Expression of cross specific idiotype of anti-beta-(2-1),beta(2-6) polyfructosan antibodies of different inbred mouse strains. Abstr., C C. Chien and R Lieberman

Heteroduplex analysis of the sequence relations between the rnas of mink cell focus-inducing and murine leukemia viruses., Y Chien, I M. Verma, T Y. Shih, and N Davidson

Mast cell granule formation in the beige mouse., E Y. Chi, E Ignacio, and D Lagunoff

The tissue distribution of misonidazole and its metabolites in mice. Abstr., J B. Chin, A J. Varghese, and A M. Rauth

Increased cholesterol content of erythrocyte and brain membranes in ethanol-tolernat mice., J H. Chin, L M. Parsons, and D B. Goldstein

Chemical and biological adjuvants capable of potentiating tumor cell vaccine., M A. Chirigos, W A. Stylos, R M. Schultz, and J R. Fullen

Biochemical parameters of resistance of an andriamycin-resistant subline of p388 leukemia to emetine, an inhibitor of protein synthesis., M P. Chitnis and R K. Johnson

Antitumor activity of pyrazofurin (nsc 140395) in combination with 5-azacytidine (nsc 102816) in mice. Abstr., D F. Chiuten, R K. Johnson, and F M. Muggia

Characterization of a non adaptive immune surveillance mechanism for tumors. Abstr., D A. Chow and A H. Greenberg

Surface membrane changes of t cells induced by syngeneic tumour cells. II. T-cell defects induced by small tumour cell inocula or tumour cell antigens., D A. Chow, F Paraskevas, and U Dular

A factor from neurons increases the number of acetylcholine receptor aggregates on cultured muscle cells., C N. Christian, M P. Daniels, H Sugiyama, Z Vogel, L Jaques, and P G. Nelson

Pharmacologic responses of cells of a neuroblastoma x glioma hybrid clone and modulation of synapses between hybrid cells and mouse myotubes., C N. Christian, P G. Nelson, P Bullock, D Mullinax, and M Nirenberg

The kinetics of target cell lysis by cytotoxic t lymphocytes. A description by poisson statistics., G Chu

Fetal erythropoiesis in steel mutant mice. Iii. Defect in differentiation from bfu-e to cfu-e during early development., D H. Chui, S Liao, and K Walker

Regulation of phenylethanolamine n-methyltransferase., R D. Ciaranello

Two plasma membrane antigens of testicular sertoli cells and h-2 restricted versus unrestricted lysis by female t cells., S Ciccarese and S Ohno

Transformation of 5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine-3h and its incorporation in different systems of rapidly proliferating cells., A Cihak

Immunological tolerance to lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus in neonatally infected virus carrier mice. Evidence supporting a clonal inactivation mechanism., J Cihak and grube F. Lehmann

Murine lymphoma-induced immunosuppression. Requirement for direct tumor cell contact., R S. Cimprich, S Specter, and H Friedman

Requirement for direct cellular contact for immunosuppression by a murine virus-induced lymphoma (fbl-3)., R S. Cimprich, S Specter, and H Friedman

An age dependent decline in suppressor capacity of sjl/j mice., B Cinader, F Paraskevas, and S Koh

Genetic differences in bcg-induced resistance to schistosoma mansoni are not controlled by genes within the major histocompatibility complex of the mouse., R H. Civil and A A. Mahmoud

Conditions for bacille calmette-guerin-induced resistance to infection with schistosoma mansoni in mice., R H. Civil, K S. Warren, and A A. Mahmoud

In vivo development of the lethal yellow (ay/ay) mouse embryo at 105 hours post coitum., G R. Cizadlo and N H. Granholm

Ultrastructural analysis of preimplantation lethal yellow (ay/ay) mouse embryos., G R. Cizadlo and N H. Granholm

The effect of syngeneic lymphoid tumors upon mouse b-lymphocyte and granulocyte-macrophage colony forming cells., M H. Claesson and G R. Johnson

Specific antibody-forming b-lymphocyte colonies. I. Distribution and nature of srbc antibody-forming b-lymphocyte colonies in mouse lymphomyeloid organs., M H. Claesson, J E. Layton, and G A. Luckenbach

B-lymphocyte colony-forming cells in the sjl/j mouse thymus graft repopulation: independence on host thymus and graft genotype., M H. Claesson, N Warner, and I F. Mckenzie

Antibody diversity in the response to phosphocholine (pc). Abstr., J L. Claflin

Clonal nature of the immune response to phosphocholine. VI. Molecular uniformity of a single idiotype among balb/c mice., J L. Claflin and M Cubberley

Kappa-chain marker and the surface alloantigen ly-3 on t lymphocytes., J L. Claflin, B A. Taylor, M Cherry, D M. Cubberley, and E I. Immunoglobulin

Ovarian tumor types and their incidence in intact mice following whole-body exposure to ionizing radiation., N K. Clapp

Selective effects of butylated hydroxytoluene (bht) and diethylnitrosamine (den) on survival and carcinogenesis in mice when combined with x-rays. Abstr., N K. Clapp, L C. Satterfield, N D. Bowles, and W C. Klima

Sex-specific protection by antioxidant butylated hydroxytoluene (bht) upon 1,2 dimethylhydrazine (dmh) colon carcinogenesis in balb/c mice. Abstr., N K. Clapp, L C. Satterfield, N D. Bowles, and W C. Klima

Selective sex-related modification of diethylnitrosamine-induced carcinogenesis in balb/c mice by concomitant administration of butylated hydroxytoluene., N K. Clapp, R L. Tyndall, L C. Satterfield, and N D. Bowles

Active suppression of host vs graft reaction in pregnant mice. Abstr., D A. Clark and M Mcdermott

Impairment of host vs graft reaction in pregnant mice. I. Suppression of cytotoxic t cell generation in lymph nodes draining the uterus., D A. Clark and M R. Mcdermott

Rabies viruses increase in virulence when propagated in neuroblastoma cell culture., H F. Clark

Pregnancy and lactation in syngeneic and allogeneic mice alters the in vivo effector cell responses of maternal spleen cells. Abstr., A W. Cleland and F G. Ferguson

Effect of potassium deficiency on mouse kidney lysosomal enzymes., C E. Cleveland and R T. Swank

A linear relationship between tumorigenic potency in vivo and mutagenic potency at the heterozygous thymidine kinase (tk+1-) locus of l5178y mouse lymphoma cells coupled with mammalian metabolism. Abstr., D Clive

Response of human tumor xenografts to hexamethylmelamine and its derivative in a rapid sub-renal capsule assay. Abstr., W R. Cobb

Conversion of n-acetylneuraminic acid to n-glycolyneuraminic acid in mouse tumor cells. Abstr., J F. Codington and R W. Jeanloz

Further studies on the relationship between large glycoprotein molecules and allotransplantability in the ta3 tumor of the mouse studies on segregating ta3-ha hybrids., J F. Codington, G Klein, A G. Cooper, N Lee, and R W. Jeanloz

Mutagenesis of s49 mouse lymphoma cells. Abstr., P Coffino, U Friedrich, and R Steinberg

Regulation of s49 lymphoma cell growth by cyclic adenosine 3':5'-monophosphate., P Coffino and J W. Gray

Calcium and cyclic nucleotide regulation in incubated mouse retinas., A I. Cohen, I A. Hall, and J A. Ferrendelli

Initiator and recruited t lymphocytes are distinct subclasses of t lymphocytes., I R. Cohen, S Livant, and S D. Waksal

Reversibility of high-affinity binding of methotrexate in l1210 murine leukemia cells., M Cohen, R A. Bender, R Donehower, C E. Myers, and B A. Chabner

Reversal of methotrexate (mtx) high affinity binding in l1210 cells. Abstr., M Cohen, R Bender, C Myers, and B Chabner

Inhibition of migration of tumor cells in vitro by lymphokine-containing supernatants., M C. Cohen, A Goss, T Yoshida, and S Cohen

Characterization of a b cell defect in the nzb mouse manifested by an increased ratio of surface igm to igd., P Cohen, M Ziff, and E S. Vitetta

Correlation of anchorage-independent growth with tumorigenicity of chemically transformed mouse epidermal cells., N H. Colburn, W F. Bruegge, J R. Bates, R H. Gray, J D. Rossen, W H. Kelsey, and T Shimada

Methyl methanesulphonate mutagenesis in l5178y mouse lymphoma cells., J Cole and C F. Arlett

Hyperacute rejection of allografted murine hearts and the white graft reaction., D A. Coleman and E J. Eichwald

Diabetes and obesity. Thrifty mutants., D L. Coleman

Genetics of obesity in rodents, p. 142-152. In g. Bray, [ed.], Recent adv. Obesity res., II. Proc. Internat., D L. Coleman

Obese and diabetes. Two mutant genes causing diabetes-obesity syndromes in mice., D L. Coleman

Gene-teratogen interaction in insulin-induced mouse exencephaly. Abstr., W Cole and D G. Trasler

Histocompatibility antigen (h-2kb). Abstr., J E. Coligan, T J. Kindt, B M. Ewenstein, T Nisizawa, H Uehara, D S. Nathenson, and A S. Murine

Primary structure of murine major histocompatibility complex alloantigens: amino acid sequence studies of the cyanogen bromide fragments of the h-2kb glycoprotein., J E. Coligan, T J. Kindt, B M. Ewenstein, H Uehara, and S G. Nathenson

Colony formation of cytolytic t cells in semisolid medium., D Collavo, H Engers, and M Nabholz

(ctl's) In the murine sarcoma virus system. Virus-specific ctl induction across the h-2 barrier., D Collavo, A Parenti, G Biasi, L C. bianchi, N A. Se, and lymphocytes R. T

Proliferative response of h-2 incompatible leukocytes to an abelson virus-induced lymphoma cell line apparently not expressing ia-antigens., D Collavo, A Rijnbeek, and M Nabholz

Effects of combined radiotherapy and immunotherapy with the use of pyran copolymer on murine fibrosarcoma., A L. Collins and C W. Song

Effects of multiple treatment with corynebacterium parvum and multifraction tumor x-irradiation on the growth of murine tumors. Abstr., A L. Collins and C W. Song

Leukemia virus-induced disease by passive serum therapy., J J. Collins, F Sanfilippo, chou L. Tsong, R Ishizaki, D R. Metzgar, and T O. willfriend

Genotype and test experience determine responsiveness to morphine., R L. Collins and G Whitney

Plasma and pituitary levels of gonadotropins in mature and aged pregnant c57bl/6 mice. Abstr., T J. Collins, T A. Parkening, and E R. Smith

Modulation of hapten specific antibody responses by anti-carrier antibodies. Abstr., E W. Collisson, E W. Lamon, and V Ghanta

Relationship between moloney msv tumor resistance and endogenous virogene expression in akr mouse strain and its hybrids., A Colombatti, A D. Rossi, B A. Taylor, and H Meier

Dna-binding properties of nuclear matrix proteins., D E. Comings and A S. Wallack

Molecular identification of a surface structure on b cells (lyb-3) and its relationship to b cell triggering., R E. Cone, B Huber, H Cantor, and R K. Gershon

Effect of corynebacterium parvum on tumor growth in the central nervous system of mice., F K. Conley and J S. Remington

Comparisons of in vivo brdu labeling methods and spontaneous sister chromatid exchange frequencies in regenerating murine liver and bone marrow cells., M K. Conner, S S. Boggs, and J H. Turner

Macrophage regulation of the t cell mixed lymphocyte reaction (mlr) during tumor growth. The role of macrophage-derived factors. Abstr., K M. Connolly and K D. Elgert

Cytotoxicity of hypoxic cell sensitizers in vitro and in vivo. Abstr., P J. Conroy and R M. Sutherland

The effect of irradiation on the rate of oxygen removal in the lewis lung carcinoma., T B. Constable and P F. Naylor

Phenotypic conversion of cultered mouse embryo cells by aza pyrimidine nucleosides., P G. Constantinides, S M. Taylor, and P A. Jones

Halomethyl-1,2,3-triazole derivatives: a new type of alky- lating agent active in mouse transplantable tumors., A Contreras, perez R. Sanchez, and G Alonso

Halomethyl-1,2,3-triazole derivatives: a new type of alkylating agent active in mouse transplantable tumors., A Contreras, perez R. Sanchez, and G Alonso