Submissions from 1978

Suppressor t cells in experimental autoimmune haemolytic anaemia., A Cooke, P R. Hutchings, and J H. Playfair

Dose response, wavelength dependence and rate of excision of ultraviolet radiation-induced pyrimidine dimers in mouse skin dna., A Cooke and B E. Johnson

Molecular weight characterization of the products of the i-a and i-e/c subregions., R G. Cook, J W. Uhr, J D. Capra, D E. Vitetta, and U S. willii

Structural studies on protein products of murine chromosome 17. Iii. Partial amino acid sequence of an h-2kq molecule., R G. Cook, E S. Vitetta, J W. Uhr, J Klein, C E. Iii, and J D. Capra

Rejection of male skin grafts by splenectomized female mice., T A. Coons and E H. Goldberg

Dna alkylation in mice with genetically different susceptibility to 1,2-dimethylhydrazine-induced colon carcinogenesis., H K. Cooper, J Buecheler, and P Kleihues

Fibroblast growth factor or serum stimulated alanine uptake and inhibits leucine uptake in quiescent balb 3t3 cells. Abstr., K O. Cooper, A J. Owen, and J Hochstadt

The growth of humans urinary bladder carcinomas, as pulmonary nodules, following i. V. Injection of tumor cells into immune-deprived mice. Abstr., K Cooper, M O. Symes, and C R. Tribe

Effects of light in vivo on mouse lymphoma cells pretreated in vitro with hematoporphirin. Abstr., A Coppola, E Viggiani, L Salzarulo, and G Rasile

Positive and negative allogeneic effects mediated by mlr-primed lymphocytes: quantitation by limiting dilution analysis., R B. Corley, B Kindred, and I Lefkovits

Characterics and in vitro growth influencing effects of the spleen cell population in a methylcholanthrene induced mouse sarcoma system., S Cornain and E Klein

Tumor induction in host-versus-graft disease. Abstr., E Cornelius

Tumor induction in host-versus-graft disease. I. Clinical and pathologic features., E A. Cornelius

Comparative effects of cyclophosphamide and isophos- phamide on lewis lung carcinoma., A Corsi, F Calabresi, and C Greco

Inhibition of rna synthesis in ehrlich tumor cells by the dialdehyde derivative of inosine (nsc 118994)., J G. Cory, S H. Parker, and C S. Fox

Diseases of aging untreated virgin female rfm and balb/c mice., G E. Cosgrove, L C. Satterfield, N D. Bowles, and W C. Klima

The natural abundance of lambda2-light chains in inbred mice., T Cotner and H N Eisen

Lambda 2 light chains in normal mouse immunoglobulins. Abstr., T Cotner and H N. Eisen

Cell-mediated immunity in mice vaccinated against malaria., B J. Cottrell, J H. Playfair, and B J. Souza

Spontaneous transformation of bovine lens epithial cells. Kinetic analysis and differentiation in monolayers and in nude mice., Y Courtois, L Simonneau, J Tassin, M V. Laurent, and E Malaise

Tissue distribution and specific binding of tritiated dexamethasone in vivo: autoradiographic and cell fractionation studies in the mouse., M Coutard, pellegrin M. Osborne, and J W. Funder

Shared antigenic determinants by mitogen receptors and antibody molecules to the same thymus-independent antigen., A Coutinho, L Forni, and B Blomberg

Genetic and functional characterization of an antiserum to the lipid a-specific triggering receptor on murine b lymphocytes., A Coutinho, L Forni, and T Watanabe

Genetic basis for unresponsiveness to lipo- polysaccharide in c57bl/10cr mice., A Coutinho and T Meo

Irradiated bone marrow., V Covelli, E Ballardin, V D. Majo, B Bassani, D P. Metalli, and N V. With

Bearing both i-a and i-e or c subregion antigens is required for antigen-specific murine t lympho- cyte proliferation., C Cowing, S H. Pincus, D H. Sachs, D H. Dickler, and O O. Cells

Synthesis and degradation of dna in p815y cells treated with a high level of iudr. Abstr., J W. Cramer and G Cramer

Analysis of immunosuppression during early acute infection of mice with ascaris suum., R B. Crandall, C A. Crandall, and J F. Jones

With type i or type ii interferon., J L. Crane, L A. Glasgow, E R. Kern, and D J. Youngner

Thymoindependent antigenic stimulation in nude mice: response to polyvinylpyrrolidone and adjuvant effects of corynebacterium parvum and lh1., goldberg N. Creau and J Salomon

Effect of a mouse mammary tumor virus-derived protein vaccine on primary tumor development in mice., P Creemers, J Ouwehand, and P Bentvelzen

Cell-mediated immunity in autoimmune mice. Abstr., D Creighton, J S. Crowell, and R M. Zinkernagel

Splenic lipofuscinosis in mice., D N. Crichton, A Busuttil, and W H. Price

Behavioral studies of the pigtail-rotator gene in mice. Abstr., M M. Cripps and D J. Nash

Immunopathogenicity and oncogencity of murine leukaemia virus. IV. Antinuclear antibody response and tumour induction in b10.a Recombinant mice., B P. Croker, M Bourdon, P J. Mcconahey, and F J. Dixon

Karyotypic normalcy and quasi-normalcy of developmentally totipotent mouse teratocarcinoma cells., C Cronmiller and B Mintz

Neonatal stimulation, maternal behavior, and accelerated maturation in balb/c mice., M S. Cross and R C. Labarba

Late effects of radiation on the hemapoietic stem cell compartment. Abstr., D A. Crouse, E J. Ainsworth, J S. Hulesch, M Miller, and E M. Cooke

Resistance of sjl mice to immunosuppression by antibodies., A J. Crowle, S Jacobson, and M May

A hanging drop macrophage function test., A J. Crowle and M May

Immunofluorescence localization of tumor-enhancing igg2 alloantibody in macrophage-fibrosarcoma cell interactions. Abstr., J M. Cruse, R E. Lewis, and J C. Gilmore

A comparison of serum calcium levels obtained by two methods of cardiac puncture in mice., J G. Cubitt and C P. Barrett

Isolation and analysis of h-2 and ia alloantigens from wild mouse strains., S E. Cullen, T H. Hansen, and J Klein

Multicellular tumor spheroids (mts) as models of tumor immunity. Abstr., F Culo

Ascitic versus solid growth of ehrlich ascites tumor influenced by immunological factors., F Culo, N Allegretti, and M Marusic

Search for collagen in substrate adhesion site of two murine cell lines., L A. Culp and H Bensusan

In the substrate adhesion site of murine cells., L A. Culp, B J. Rollins, J Buniel, D S. Hitri, and N D. Glycosaminoglycan

The effect of thymidine (tdr) upon combination chemotherapy with 5-fluoro-2'-deoxyuridine (f) and 5-iodo-2'-deoxyuridine (i). Abstr., F J. Cummings and P Calabresi

The possible role of hemidesmosomes in neonatally estrogen- -induced selection of a permanently altered abnormal vaginal epithelium., G R. Cunha and A K. Lee

Electron microscopic observations of vaginal development in untreated and neonatally estrogenized balb/ccrgl mice., G R. Cunha, A K. Lee, and B Lung

Age-dependent factors governing androgen-responsiveness of urogenital tissue recombinants from wild-type and androgen- -insensivite (trm) mice. Abstr., G R. Cunha and B Lung

The possible influence of temporal factors in androgenic responsiveness of urogenital tissue recombinants from wild- -type and androgen-insensitive (tfm) mice., G R. Cunha and B Lung

Incorporation of murine mhc antigens into liposomes and their effect in the secondary mixed lymphocyte reaction., B Curman, L Ostberg, and P A. Peterson

Activated macrophages kill tumour cells by releasing arginase., G A. Currie

Differential arginine dependence and the selective cytotoxic effects of activated macrophages for malignant cells in vitro., G A. Currie and C Basham

Phosphorylase kinase isoenzymes in deficient icr/ian mice., proux D. Daegelen, Y Alexandre, and J Dreyfus

H-2 antigens, on mast cell membrane, as target antigens for anaphylactic degranulation., M Daeron and G A. Voisin

Post-meiotic gene activity in spermatogenesis of the mouse., A D'agostino, R Geremia, and V Monesi

Neurofilament protein in clonal lines of mouse neuro- blastoma., D Dahl and A Bignami

Vinyl carbamate as a promutagen and more carcin- ogenic analog of ethyl carbamate., G A. Dahl, J A. Miller, and E C. Miller

Steroid metabolism in testicular tissue of genetic mutant mice., J D. Daley and E V. Younglai

Plasmacytoma spleen colonization: a sensitive, quant- itative in vivo assay for idiotype-specific immune suppression of mopc-315., M J. Daley, S H. Bridges, and R G. Lynch

Idiotype-specific transplantation resistance to mopc-315. Abrogation by post-immunization thymectomy., M J. Daley, H M. Gebel, and R G. Lynch

Hybrids by lps. Abstr., C Damais and M P. Chedid

Effect of liposomal model membrane composition on immunogenicity., G F. Dancey, T Yasuda, and S C. Kinsky

Murine arylsulfatase b: regulation of as-1 expression in different tissues., W L. Daniel

The uptake of l-glutamic acid in normal mouse lymphocyte line and in a transport mutant., A H. Dantzig, M C. Finkelstein, and C W. Slayman

Alterations in thymocyte surface markers after in vivo treatment by serum thymic factor., M Darnenne, J Charreire, and J Bach

Sciatic nerve contains alkanes; comparison between normal mice and neurological mutants- -jimpy, quaking and trembler., D Darriet, C Cassagne, and J M. Bourre

Metal chelates as anti-cancer agents. II. Cytotoxicaction of palladium and platinum complexes of 6-mercaptopurine and thioguanine, M Das and S E. Livingstone

A cytoenzymatic study on murine lymphoblastic lymphatic leukaemias., S Das, A Basu, A Chatterjee, A Mitra, and S Mitra

Control of dna synthesis in growing balb/c3t3 cells by a fibroblast-growth regulatory factor. Abstr., P Datta and C V. Natraj

Genetic studies of autoimmunity and retrovirus expression in crosses of New Zealand black mice I. Xenotropic virus., S K Datta, N Manny, C Andrzejewski, J André-Schwartz, and R S Schwartz

Genetic studies of autoimmunity and retrovirus expression in crosses of new zealand black mice. II. The viral envelope glycoprotein gp70., S K. Datta, P J. Mcconahey, N Manny, A N. Theofilopoulos, R J. Dixon, and R S. Schwartz

Restricted expresssion of ecotropic virus by thymocytes of leukemia-resistant (akr x nzb)f1 mice., S K. Datta and R S. Schwartz

Genetic differences unrelated to h-2 in h-2-congenic mice., S K. Datta, P Tsichlis, R S. Schwartz, S K, A, and C J. Melief

Murine ia antigens. Identification and mapping of ia.23 And further definition of the i-e subregion., C S. David and S E. Cullen

Early effects of x-irradiation on plasma estradiol-17beta in two strains of mice. Abstr., K A. Davidson, J M. Holland, J W. Hall, and L C. Gipson

Effect of bcg on alloimmune cell-mediated cytotoxicity in (c57bl/6j f x a/j m)f1 mice. I. Effect of different bcg treatments on cyto- toxicity mediated by t-cells and macrophages., M Davies and E Sabbadini

Effect of bcg on alloimmune cell-mediated cytotoxicity in (c57bl/6j f x a/j m)f1 mice. II. Correlation with bcg activity in syngeneic tumor systems., M Davies and E Sabbadini

Inhibition of cell-mediated cytotoxicity by plastic-adherent cells in the spleens of mice treated with bcg and reacting to an allo- geneic tumor. Abstr., M Davies and E Sabbadini

Lectin-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity: induction of a unique effector cell population., D J. Davignon and D C. Laux

Induction of sulfogalactosylceramide (sulfatide) synthesis by hydrocortisone (cortisol) in mouse g-26 oligodendroglioma cell strains., G Dawson and S M. Kernes

Resistance to transplanted cancer in mice increased by live brucella vaccine., L Dazord, Y L. Garrec, C David, and L Toujas

Cross-reactivity with mouse antigens in the ferritin immunogenetic (ir-gene) system., N J. Deacon, M Monteil, N N. Suh, C R. Young, and D A. Davies

Expression of a single major histocompatibility complex locus controls the immune response to poly-l-(tyrosine, glutamic acid)- -poly-dl-alanine--poly-l-lysine., B D. Deak, D Meruelo, and H O. Mcdevitt

Perturbation of general and anti-tumor immune competence in mice bearing a chemically induced tumor. Abstr., J H. Dean, J L. Mccoy, D D. Lewis, and L W. Law

Absence of significant age-dependent increase of single-stranded dna extracted from mouse liver nuclei., R G. Dean and R G. Cutler

The effect of rauscher murine leukemia virus infection on the hemopoietic system of balb/c mice. Cell proliferation and cell loss., N J. De both, M Vermey, and L J. Griensven

A new erythroid cell line induced by rauscher murine leukaemia virus., N J. De both, M Vermey, E V. Hull, van dijke Kootwijk, L J. Griensven, J N. Mol, and T J. Stoof

Stimulation of specific suppressor t cells in newborn responder mice by the terpolymer l-glutamic acid60-l-alanine30-l-tyrosine10 (gat)., P Debre

Independent mobility of cholera toxin binding sites and thy-1 alloantigen on mouse thymocytes., D De cicco and M F. Greaves

Effect of human and mouse interferon and of polyrib- oinosinic acid. Polyribocytidylic acid on the growth of human fibrosarcoma and melanoma tumors in nude mice., E De clercq, J Georgiades, V G. Edy, and H Sobis

Physicochemical, biological and serological properties of a leukemogenic virus isolated from cultured radlv-induced lymphomas of c57bl/ka mice., A Decleve, M Lieberman, J N. Ihle, P N. Rosenthal, L. Lung, and H S. Kaplan

In vivo functional analysis of the leukocytes infiltrating regressing moloney virus induced sarcomas. Abstr., E Defreitas, J W. Kreider, and G L. Bartlett

Response to 30 generations of selection for open-field activity in laboratory mice., J Defries, M C. Gervais, and E A. Thomas

The role of h-2 and h-2-like determinants in syngeneic and allogeneic cytostasis., L De giorgi, G Biasi, and H Festenstein

Cytostasis against self-antigens., L De giorgi, rogers A. Matossian, and H Festenstein

Suppressive effects of an extramedullary tumor on bone marrow erythropoiesis and stroma., R L. Degowin and D P. Gibson

Adenylate cyclase activity in the epididymal adipose tissue from obese-hyperglycaemic mice., J Dehaye, J Winand, and J Christophe