Submissions from 1978

Structural studies on the h-2k gene product of several mutant strains of c57bl/6. Abstr., B M. Ewenstein, T Nisizawa, H Uehara, D Mcgovern, S Schumacher, G. Nathenson, R W. Melvold, and H I. Kohn

Primary structure of murine major histocompatibility complex alloantigens. Isolation, biochemical characterization, and preliminary alignment of cnbr fragments from the h-2kb glyco- protein., B M. Ewenstein, T Nisizawa, H Uehara, S G. Nathenson, and T J. Kindt

Dna-protein cross-linking and dna interstrand cross-linking by haloethylnitrosoureas in l1210 cells., R A. Ewig and K W. Kohn

Observations on the structure and levels of expression of murine spermatozoan abnormalities with special ref- erence to tail deformations., B P. Eyden and J R. Maisin

Studies of the genetic and immunologic components of the maternal age effect., J D. Fabricant and E L. Schneider

A differential interaction of daunomycin, adriamycin, and n-trifluoroacetyladriamycin 14- -valerate with mouse peritoneal macrophages., T Facchinetti, A Raz, and R Goldman

Inverse regulation of cell-mediated and humoral immune responses to oxazolone by h-2 linked genes., J Fachet and I Ando

The quaking mouse: regional variations in the content and protein composition of myelin isolated from the central nervous system., G E. Fagg

B lymphocyte precursors. I. Induction of lipopolysaccharide responsiveness and surface immunoglobulin expression in vitro., S S. Fairchild and J J. Cohen

Variability of chimaeras and mosaics., D S. Falconer and P J. Avery

Independent analysis of t helper and t killer cell function in young and old nzb mice., R M. Falkoff, J F. Scavulli, and R W. Dutton

T1 oligonucleotide maps of n-,b-, and b-nb-tropic murine leukemia viruses derived from balb/c., D V. Faller and N Hopkins

A reactive cysteine residue of dihydrofolate reductase from methotrexate resistant l1210/r6 cells. Abstr., C C. Fan and L Ding

Effects of high fat and high carbohydrate diets on the body composition and oxygen consumption of ob/ob mice., M T. Fanelli and M L. Kaplan

Low-multiplicity infection of moloney murine leukemia virus in mouse cells: effect on number of viral dna copies and virus production in producer cells., H Fan, R Jaenisch, and P Macisaac

Membrane interactions involved in the cytolysis of target cells. Nonspecific lysis of nago modified target cells by allosensitized cytotoxic t lymphocytes. Abstr., J Fan, E A. Grimm, and B Bonavida

Involvement of peritoneal macrophages in cellular responses to mastocytoma in resistant and susceptible mice. Abstr., P A. Farber and H Friedman

A maturational defect in passive membrane properties of dystrophic mouse muscle., G C. Farnbach, M J. Brown, and R L. Barchi

Macrophage presentation of listeria antigens to immune t cells. Abstr., A G. Farr

The role of antibody in the inhibition of the growth of meth.a Tumour in syngeneic experiments in vivo and in vitro., E Farram, H Festenstein, and L D. Giorgi

Biochemical relationship of thymocyte mitogenic factor and factors enhancing humoral and cell-mediated immune responses., J J. Farrar, P L. Simon, W J. Koopman, and bonar J. Fuller

Characteristics of an inhibitor(s) of dna synthesis (ids) and dna polymerase (idp) alpha produced by suppressor t cell from fibrosarcoma-bearing mice. Abstr., W L. Farrar

Inhibition of mitogen and immune blastogenesis by two distinct populations of suppressor cells present in the spleens of fibro- sarcoma-bearing mice. Adoptive transfer of suppression., W L. Farrar and K D. Elgert

In vitro immune blastogenesis during contact sensitivity in tumor-bearing mice. II. Mechanism of inhibition., W L. Farrar and K D. Elgert

Suppressor cell activity in tumor-bearing mice. II. Inhibition of dna synthesis and dna polymerases by tbh splenic suppressor cells., W L. Farrar and K D. Elgert

Interferon action: two distinct pathways for inhibition of protein synthesis by double-stranded rna., P J. Farrell, G C. Sen, M F. Dubois, L Ratner, A, and P Lengyel

Dissociated and reconstituted subcellular alloantigen capable of stimulating mouse cytotoxic t lymphocytes in vitro., L D. Fast and D P. Fan

Clones of alloreactive t cells., C G. Fathman and H Hengartner

In vitro secondary mlr. Iii. Hybrid histocompatibility determinants., C G. Fathman, T Watanabe, and A Augustin

Ems-induced dominant lethal dose response curve in dba/1j male mice., J Favor and J W. Crenshaw

Effects of horse serum on neural cell differentiation in tissue culture. Abstr., S Fedoroff and C Hall

Protein and dna levels in the submandibular salivary glands of isoproterenol stimulated mice., B Feiglin and P C. Reade

Cinnabarinate synthase activity in normal and acatalasemic mice., R N. Feinstein

Carcinogenic and antitumor effects of aminotriazole on acatalasemic and normal catalase mice., R N. Feinstein, R J. Fry, and E F. Staffeldt

Glycerin prevents the 'heat-death' of ehrlich ascites tumor cells., I Fekete

Mouse liver cytoplasmic malate dehyrogenase: rapid isolation, characterization and immuno- chemical comparison with hepatoma enzyme., M R. Felder

Monoamine oxidase, catechol-o-methyltransferase, and norepinephrine levels in mice with the hereditary obese-hyperglycemic syndrome., J M. Feldman and J H. Henderson

Effects of aging on monoamine oxidase activity of mouse and rabbit tissues., J M. Feldman and J M. Roche

Complexity of polysomal polyadenylated rna in undifferen- tiated and differentiated neuroblastoma cells., A Felsani, F Berthelot, F Gros, and B Croizat

Combination therapy of advanced lsa ascites tumors with bcnu and chlorozotocin. Abstr., J Feola, G Digenis, R Mcquinn, and Y Maruyama

A new type of chondrodystrophic mutant in the mouse., J M. Ferguson, M E. Wallace, and D R. Johnson

Charcterization of suppressor lymphocytes generated in vitro., R M. Ferguson, S M, and E A. Simmons

Influence of dietary restriction on immunologic function and renal disease in (nzb x nzw)f1 mice., G Fernandes, P Friend, E J. Yunis, and R A. Good

Immune response in the mutant diabetic c57bl/ks-db+ mouse. Discrepancies between in vitro and in vivo immunological assays., G Fernandes, B S. Handwerger, E J. Yunis, and D M. Brown

Influence of dietary restriction on immunologic function of nzb x nzw f1 (b/w) mice. Abstr., G Fernandes, E J. Yunis, R Floyd, and R A. Good

Nutritional inhibition of genetically determined renal disease and autoimmunity with prolongation of life in kdkd mice., G Fernandes, E J. Yunis, M Miranada, J Smith, and R A. Good

Immunological unresponsiveness to native dextran b512 in young animals of dextran high responder strains is due to lack of ig receptor expression. Evidence for a nonrandom expression of v-genes., C Fernandez and G Moller

Isolation and characterization of a siderophore-like growth factor from mutants of sv40-transformed cells adapted to picolinic acid., pol J. Fernandez

Structural and functional differences between the h-2 controlled ss and slp proteins., A Ferreira, V Nussenzweig, and I Gigli

Testosterone control of serum levels of c4-binding protein in mice., A Ferreira, carrington P. Weisz, and V Nussenzweig

Comparative effects of methylglyoxal-bis(guanylhydrazone) (mgbg) on mitochondrial (mt) and nuclear (n) dna of mouse leukemia l1210 cells in culture. Abstr., B Feuerstein, C W. Porter, and C Dave

The macrophage, target cell of the synthetic adjuvant muramyl dipeptide., M Fevrier, J L. Birrien, C Leclerc, L Chedid, and P Liacopoulos

Specificity of acquired clonal chromosome abnormalities in new zealand black mice., P J. Fialkow, J I. Bryant, and J M. Friedman

Recognition and destruction of target cells by tumoricidal macrophages., I J. Fidler

Tumor heterogeneity and the biology of cancer invasion and metastasis., I J. Fidler

Tumor cell and host properties affecting the implantation and survival of blood-borne metastatic variants of b16 melanoma., I J. Fidler and G L. Nicolson

In vitro tumoricidal activity of macrophages against virus-transformed lines with temperature-dependent transformed phenotypic characteristics., I J. Fidler, R O. Roblin, and G Poste

The induction of hapten-specific immunologic tolerance and immunity in b lymphocytes. Iii. In vitro evaluation of tnp-specific tolerance and evidence for b cell deletion., J M. Fidler

The induction of hapten-specific immunologic tolerance and immunity in b lymphocytes. IV. Induction of tnp-specific unresponsiveness in vitro with serum from tolerant mice., J M. Fidler

Cell surface markers for distinguishing different types of rat dorsal root ganglion cells in culture., K L. Fields, J P. Brockes, R Mirsky, and L M. Wendon

Direct identification of the murine pluripotential stem cell using rabbit anti-mouse brain serum., J A. Filppi, J L. Shellhaas, and M S. Rheins

The induction of virus-specific cytotoxic t lymphocytes with solubilized viral and membrane proteins., R Finberg, M Mescher, and S J. Burakoff

Prevalence of murine mammary tumor virus antibody and antigens in normal and in tumor-bearing feral mice., D L. Fine, L O. Arthur, and M B. Gardner

Expression of antigens and antibody to mouse mammary tumor virus (mmtv) in low mammary tumor strains mice carrying endogenous mmtv. Abstr., D L. Fine, L O. Arthur, and G H. Smith

Helper factor(s) participate in generation of cell mediated cytotoxicity directed against syngeneic tumor cells. Abstr., J H. Finke and D A. Fyfe

Locomotor activity and apomorphine and amphetamine-induced behaviors in mice with strain-dependent variations in the number of midbrain dopamine neurons. Abstr., J S. Fink, H Baker, and D J. Reis

H-2 antigens of the thymus determine lymphocyte specificity., P J. Fink and M J. Bevan

H-2 antigen expression: loss in vitro, restoration in vivo, and correlation with cell-mediated cytotoxicity in a mouse lymphoma cell line., O Finn, M Lieberman, and H S. Kaplan

Early events during c1300 neuroblastoma cell interaction with syngeneic lymphocytes., M Fiorani, R Butler, L Bertolini, and R Revoltella

Antigenic properties of lymphoma sublines derived from a drug-treated immunogenic l5178y leukemia., M C. Fioretti, L Romani, D Taramelli, and A Goldin

Lipopolysaccharide induction of igm antibodies to polyadenylic acid in normal mice., M Fischbach, J R. Roubinian, and N Talal

Genomic masking of nondefective recombinant murine leukemia virus in moloney virus stocks., P J. Fischinger, C S. Blevins, and N M. Dunlop

Identification of virus found in mouse lymphomas induced by hix murine oncornavirus., P J. Fischinger, N M. Dunlop, and C S. Blevins

T lymphocyte-mediated cytolysis. Dissociation of the binding and lytic mechanisms of the effector cell., Z Fishelson and G Berke

Comparison of the inhibition of tumor growth following local or systemic administration of corynebacterium parvum or other immunostimulating agents with or without cyclophosphamide., B Fisher, M Gebhardt, J Linta, and E Saffer

Tumor cell cytotoxicity by granulocytes from peripheral blood of tumor-bearing mice., B Fisher and E A. Saffer

Attachment and phagocytosis studies with murine pulmonary alveolar macrophages., G L. Fisher, K L. Mcneill, C B. Whaley, and J Fong

Further studies on the tumor-specific suppressor cells induced by ultraviolet radiation., M S. Fisher and M L. Kripke

Ruthenium red sensitive and insensitive calcium transport in rat liver and ehrlich ascites tumor cel mitochondria., G Fiskum and R S. Cockrell

The effect of paul-bunnell antigen from human malignant spleens on polycythemic friend virus in balb/c mice. Abstr., A Fjelde and E Evege

No evidence for foreign h-2 specificities on the el4 mouse lymphoma., L Flaherty and E Rinchik

Further serological analysis of the qa antigens. Analysis of an anti-h-2.28 Serum., L Flaherty, D Zimmerman, and T H. Hansen

Qa-2 and qa-3 antigens on lymphocyte subpupu- lations. I. Mitogen responsiveness., L Flaherty, D Zimmerman, and K A. Sullivan

Cross-linked surface ig attaches to actin., J Flanagan and G L. Koch

The characterization of heterogeneous antibody-hapten interactions using non-linear regression analysis on fluorescence quenching curves., M T. Flanagan, F G. Tattam, and N M. Green

Exploration of peripherally located calcium binding sites in the pancreatic beta-cell using radioactive (171-tm) thulium. Abstr., P R. Flatt, B Hellman, and E Gylfe

Enolase isoenzymes as markers of differentiation in teratocarcinoma cells and normal tissues of mouse., L Fletcher, C C. Rider, C B. Taylor, E D. Adamson, B M. Luke, and C F. Graham

Facial development in the mouse; a comparison between normal and mutant (amputated) mouse embryos., O P. Flint and D A. Ede

Control of somite number in normal and amputated mutant mouse embryos. An experimental and a theoretical analysis., O P. Flint, D A. Ede, O K. Wilby, and J Proctor

Antitumor activity of amidoximes (hydroxyurea analogs) in murine tumor systems., K P. Flora, B V. Riet, and G L. Wampler

Antibacterial activity of murine spleen cell extract., R L. Flower, K J. Turner, and M P. Alpers

Correlation between characteristics of transformation and malignancy of intra and interspecific somatic hybrid cells., C Foa, J Simonetti, M Berebbi, P Fischer, and M Vetterlein

Effect of ricin and abrin on survival of l1210 leukemic mice and on leukemic and normal bone- -marrow cells., O Fodstad and A Pihl

Specific cytotoxic lymphocytes against syngeneic tumors are generated in culture in the presence of syngeneic, but not xenogeneic, serum., M Fogel, S Segal, E Gorelik, and M Feldman

Spontaneous tumors and human tumor metastases in nude mice. Abstr., J Fogh, D Filippa, and F E. Sharkey

Inhibition by tertiary amine local anesthetics of phagocytosis in cultured mouse peritoneal macro- phages., W E. Fogler, D M. Gersten, and I J. Fidler

Inhibition of nucleic acid synthesis in leukemia 1210 cells by antimetabolites of coenzyme q10., K Folkers, T H. Porter, E Acton, D L. Taylor, and D Henry

Effect of hypertransfusion on bone marrow restoration after localized depletion., P L. Fong, M A. Maloney, and H M. Patt

Glycoproteins from murine c-type virus are more acidic in virus derived from transformed cells than from nontransformed cells., J Forchhammer and G Turnock

Identification of a new cml target antigen controlled by a gene associated with the qa-2 locus., J Forman and L Flaherty