Submissions from 1978

Relationship between trinitrophenol and h-2 antigens on trini- trophenyl-modified spleen cells. IV. Correlation between the loss of cell surface trinitrophenyl-h-2 molecules and functional activity of derivatized cells in an anti-tnp-cml assay., J Forman and E S. Vitetta

An antiserum which recognizes lipopolysaccharide-reactive b cells in the mouse., L Forni and A Coutinho

Receptor interactions on the membrane of resting and activated b cells., L Forni and A Coutinho

Biochemical aspects of the interactions of the teratogens 5-fluorouracil and 5-fluorodeoxyuridine with normal nucleic acid precursors in mice selected for low and high expression of strong's luxoid gene., P F. Forsthoefel, M J. Blend, and J W. Snow

Introduction of the mutant "nude" in a strain of obese mice. Abstr., H P. Fortmeyer, U Schwedes, I Obert, and K H. Usadel

Effect of corynebacterium parvum on the proliferative rate of granulocyte-macrophage progenitor cells and the toxicity of chemotherapy., R S. Foster

Phenotypic exclusion in mouse melanoma-rat hepatoma hybrid cells. Pigment and albumin production are not reexpressed simultaneously., C Fougere and M C. Weiss

Induction of specific unresponsiveness in normal mouse spleen cells by removing the minority of high avidity antigen-binding cells., C Fournier, J Muller, and J Bach

Non-mutational origin of drug resistance after exposure of mammalian cells to purine analogues in vitro. Abstr., M Fox

Adaptational origin of some purine-analogue resistant phenotypes in cultured mammalian cells., M Fox and M Radacic

Effect of rabbit strain on activity level and cytotoxicity of serum complement. II. Comparison of five murine target cells., R R. Fox and M Cherry

Effect of rabbit strain on activity level and cytotoxicity of serum complement., R R. Fox, M Cherry, and K L. Shultz

Subcellular localization of noradrenaline and atp in c1300 mouse neuroblastoma., N H. Fraeyman, W P. Potter, and A F. Schaepdryver

Regeneration of t-cell helper function in zinc- -deficient adult mice., P J. Fraker, P Depasquale-Jardieu, C M. Zwicki, and R W. Luecke

An igg2a-producing variant of an igg2b-producing mouse myeloma cell line. Structural studies on the fc region of parent and variant heavy chains., T Francus and B K. Birshtein

Igg2a-producing variants of an igg2b-producing mouse myeloma cell line., T Francus, R Campbell, and B K. Birshtein

Metabolism of cold-stored pancreatic islets., B J. Frankel, E Gylfe, B Hellman, L Idahl, U Landstrom, S Lovtrup, and J Sehlin

Fibroblasts and macrophages of mice with the chediak-higashi-like syndrome have microtubules and action cables., F R. Frankel, R W. Tucker, and R Stenberg

The synthesis and actions of mouse and human interferons in mouse- -human hybrid cells., H M. Frankfort, E A. Havell, C M. Croce, and J Vilcek

Evaluation of cell loss in emt6 tumors using 125iudr release. Abstr., A J. Franko, R F. Kallman, and D Rapacchietta

"epithelial" Foci of presumptive neural origin in cultures of normal mouse colon., L M. Franks, E Hamilton, and V J. Hemmings

A cell line from an induced carcinoma of mouse rectum., L M. Franks and V J. Hemmings

Uber den hautcyclus einer neuen spontanmutante (nackig) mit mangelhafter haarkeratinisierung bei der maus. (eng. Summ.)., E Franz, K Bosse, and E Kreutzer

Mutagenicity of isoniazid. Testing for somatic chromosome aberrations in mouse embryos., J Franz

Relationship between sperm concentration and the incidence of polyspermy in mouse embryos fertilized in vitro., L R. Fraser and I Maudlin

Structural studies of the protein portion of the h-2-linked ia glycoprotein antigens of the mouse. Tryptic peptide comparison of products from the i-a and i-c subregions of b10.htt., J H. Freed, C S. David, D C. Shreffler, and S G. Nathenson

Effect of host inflammatory response on the tumorigenicity of a mouse melanoma. Abstr., V H. Freedman, T A. Calvelli, S Silagi, and S C. Silverstein

Progesterone is not essential to the differentiative potential of mammary epithelium in the male mouse., C S. Freeman and Y J. Topper

T cell function during fatal and self-limiting malarial infections of mice., R R. Freeman

Polyclonal b-cell activation during rodent malarial infections., R R. Freeman and C R. Parish

Spleen cell changes during fatal and self-limiting malarial infections of mice., R R. Freeman and C R. Parish

Relative carcinogenic effectiveness of n-methyl-n- -nitrosourea (mnua) and n-ethyl-n-nitrosourea (enua). Quantitative relation to alkylatioon of 0-6 of guanine in dna. Abstr., J V. Frei, P D. Lawley, D H. Swenson, and W Warren

Alkylation of deoxyribonucleic acid in vivo in various organs of c57bl mice by the carcinogens n-methyl-n-nitrosourea, n-ethyl-n- -nitrosourea and ethyl methanesulphonate in relation to induction of thymic lymphoma., J V. Frei, D H. Swenson, W Warren, and P D. Lawley

The role of cell wall carbohydrates in binding of micro- organisms to mouse peritoneal exudate macrophages., N B. Freimer, H M. Ogmundsdottir, C C. Blackwell, I W. Sutherland, Graham, and D M. Weir

Release of thy-1.2 And thy-1.1 From lymphoblastoid cells. Partial characterization and antigenicity of shed material., W W. Freimuth, W J. Esselman, and H C. Miller

Effects of dark rearing on dendritic spines in layer iv of the mouse visual cortex. A quantitative electrol microscopical study., M Freire

Expression of i-a and i-e,c region-coded ia antigens on functional b cell subpopulations., J A. Frelinger, F J. Hibbler, and S W. Hill

Suppressed murine mammary tumor virus (mumtv) expression in riii female mice treated neonatally with goat antiserum to mumtv., A Frensdorff and A Wald

Relative biological effectiveness of fast neutrons. Suppression of immune capacity to hymenolepis nana in mice., W Friedberg, B R. Neas, D N. Faulkner, G D. Hanneman, and E B. Jr

Origin of bone marrow stromal mechanocytes in radiochimeras and heterotopic transplants., A J. Friedenstein, R K. Chajlakjan, L F. Gorskaya, A I. Kuralesova, and U W. Gerasimow

Electrical membrane activity: effect on myosin synthesis degradattion and accumulation in cultured normal and mdg mouse muscle. Abstr., B Friedman and J A. Powell

Immune reactivity during ageing. II. Analysis of the cellular mechanisms involved in the deficient antibody response in old mice., D Friedman and A Globerson

Immune reactivity during aging. I. T-helper dependent and independent antibody responses to different antigens, in vivo and in vitro., D Friedman and A Globerson

Preferential depression of igm producing immunocytes during mastocytoma-induced immunosuppression., H Friedman and I Kamo

Tumor-induced immunosuppression., H Friedman, S Specter, and S Pan

Neoplastic behavior of chromosomally abnormal clones in new zeland black mice., J M. Friedman, P J. Fialkow, J Bryant, A L. Reddy, and A C. Salo

Longitudinal studies of chromosomal abnormal- ities and reticulum cell proliferation in new zealnd black mice., J M. Friedman, P J. Fialkow, J East, J I. Bryant, and A C. Salo

Dietary restrictions early and late. Effects on the nephropathy of the nzb x nzw mouse., P S. Friend, G Fernandes, R A. Good, and E J. Yunis

Stimulating factors and cell recruitment in murine bone marrow stem cells and emt6 tumours., E Frindel, M Guigon, D Dumenil, and M P. Fache

Induction of specific transplantation immune reactions using anti-idiotypic antibodies., H Frischknecht, H Binz, and H Wigzell

Quantitative binding of antibody to l5178y tumor cells in vitro and the kinetics of the distribution of antibody and normal igg in tumor-bearing and tumor-free mice. Abstr., G Froese, I Berczi, and D V. Cormack

Use of 6-14c-arginine to study the effect of cyclophosphamide on tumor growth. Abstr., C G. Frondoza, R L. Humphrey, and S M. Trivedi

On the mechanism of action of adjuvants., P Frost and E M. Lance

The radiolabeling of lymphocytes and tumor cells with 111indium., P Frost, J Smith, and H Frost

The prevalence of tumors in mice and the effects of radiation. Abstr., R J. Fry, E J. Ainsworth, J F. Thomson, F S. Williamson, E Staffeldt, and K Allen

Genetic control of the content and avidity of hapten-binding b lymphocytes in mouse spleen., B B. Fuchs and J V. Spirande

Effect of dibutyryl cyclic amp on leucine incorporation in l5178y cells. II. Effect of actinonrycin and heat shock., J E. Fuhr

Strain difference in mouse cholelithiasis and the effect of taurine on the gallstone formation in c57bl/6 mice., E Fujihira, S Kaneta, and T Ohshima

Effect of uracil and its derivatives on antitumor activity of 5-fluorouracil and 1-(2-tetrahydrofuryl)-5-fluorouracil., S Fujii, K Ikenaka, M Fukushima, and T Shirasaka

Cellular interaction between cytotoxic and suppressor t cells against syngeneic tumors in the mouse., S Fujimoto, T Matsuzawa, K Nakagawa, and T Tada

Effects of noise on the learning performance of mouse strains with different learning abilities. Abstr., T Fujishima

Increase of urinary putrescine in 3,4-benzopyrene carcinogenesis and its inhibition by putrescine., K Fujita, T Nagatsu, K Shinpo, K Maruta, K Takahashi, and A Sekiya

Immunologic characterization of tumor-associated transplantation antigens on mm102 mammary tumor eliciting preferentially helper t cell activity., H Fujiwara, H Aoki, T Tsuchida, and T Hamaoka

Suppressive versus augmenting effect of the same pretreat- ment regimen in two murine tumor systems with distinct effector mechanisms., H Fujiwara, T Hamaoka, and M Kitagawa

The induction in vitro of immunological tolerance in t lymphocytes. An inhibitory role of macrophages., M Fujiwara and A Kariyone

Biochemical alterations of the lens capsule in mice with hereditary cataract., S Fukui and I Yamashina

Activation of mammalian oocytes by intracellular injection of calcium., B P. Fulton and D G. Whittingham

Trypsin-induced coordinate alterations in cell shape, cytoskeleton, and intrinsic membrane structure of contact- -inhibited cells., L T. Furcht and crabb G. Wendelschafer

Induction of limited dna damage by the antitumor agent cain's acridine., N B. Furlong, J Sato, T Brown, F Chavez, and R B. Hurlbert

Sim and sim.r Mice are histoincompatible., P Furmanski, M Dietz, D L. Hines, and J Marcelletti

Moloney sarcoma virus system. No requirment for the fith component of complement. Abstr., E W. Fuson and E W. Alford

Embryotoxic effects of methylmercuric chloride administered to mice and rats during organogenesis., M Fuyuta, T Fujimoto, and S Hirata

Presence of foreign h-2 like antigenic specificities on reticulum cell sarcoma cells syngeneic to sjl mice. Abstr., D Fyfe, N Ponzio, and J Finke

Developmental pattern of cysteine sulphinic acid transaminase activity in some areas of mice nervous system., M M. Gabellec, M Recasens, and P Mandel

Treatment of (nzb x nzw)f1 hybrid (b/w) disease with vinca alkaloids, procarbazine, or dactinomycin. Abstr., A E. Gabrielsen

Propylthiouracil treatment of (nzb x nzw)f1 hybrid mice (b/w). Abstr., A E. Gabrielsen and A D. Simmons

The surface antigens of mouse embryonal carcinoma cells., G Gachelin

Synergistic action of high-dose hydroxyurea when used with cyclophosphamide and certain new organoplatinum complexes in treatment of advanced l1210 leukemia., G R. Gale, S J. Meischen, and P Schwartz

Immune responses to weakly immunogenic virally induced tumors. I. Overcomming low responsiveness by priming mice with a syngeneic in vitro tumor line or allogeneic cross-reactive tumor., N Galili, B Devens, D Naor, S Becker, and E Klein

Natural species-restricted attachment of human and murine t lymphocytes to various cells., U Galili, N Galili, F Vanky, and E Klein

Trace metal modification of lymphocyte transformation in vitro. Abstr., K Gallagher, W Matarazzo, and I Gray

Immune macrophage functions in high and low cancer incidence strains of mice. A comparative study. Abstr., R Gallily and ghera N. Haran

The role of the host immune response in the development of tissue lesions associated with african trypanosomiasis in mice., castro B. Galvao, A Hochmann, and P H. Lambert

Glucocorticoid induction of casein mrna in mammary gland of the mouse. Abstr., N Ganguly, S Sakai, R Ganguly, Z M. Mehta, and M R. Banerjee

Fluorescent light-induced dna crosslinkage and chromatid breaks in mouse cells in culture., R Gantt, R Parshad, R A. Ewig, K K. Sanford, G M. Jones, R E. Tarone, and K W. Kohn

Membrane antigens recognized by heteroantisera against mouse tumours, tested in cell lines of different h-2 haplotypes., olivares E. Garcia and F Garrido

Use of salicylic acid to measure the apparent intracellular ph in the ehrlich ascites-tumor cell and escherichia coli., sancho J. Garcia and A Sanchez

Aging and the immune response. I. Antibody formation and chronic infection in toxoplasma gondii-infected mice., I D. Gardner and J S. Remington

Aging and the immune response. II. Lymphocyte responsiveness and macrophage activation in toxoplasma gondii-infected mice., I D. Gardner and J S. Remington

Mitogen stimulation of splenocytes from mice infected with scrapie agent., D E. Garfin, D P. Stites, J D. Perlman, S Patricia, C, and S B. Prusiner

Suppression of polyclonal b cell activation in scrapie- -infected c3h/hej mice., D E. Garfin, D P. Stites, L A. Zitnik, and S B. Prusiner

Macrophage-lymphocyte association in in vitro mouse spleen cultures, the formation of b-cell colonies., J M. Garland and J J. Owen

Surface markers of small lymphocytes appearing in the mouse ehrlich ascites tumor, host spleen and blood., S Garnis and P K. Lala

Different colony stimulating activity by tumoral ascitic fluid and conditioned media., G Garotta, L Burdick, C Porta, and S Eridani

Glomerular hyperfiltration during the onset of diabetes mellitus in two strains of diabetic mice (c57bl/6j-db/db and c57bl/ksj-db/db)., K Gartner

Immunity to larval cestodes. Characterization of the protective immune response. Abstr., L C. Gasbarre, J F. Finerty, and A J. Haley

Recovery of immune competence after tumour resection in mice. Correlation with loss of suppressor elements., R D. Gascoyne, R B. Whitney, and J G. Levy

Mechanism of platelet aggregation by tumor vesicles. Abstr., G J. Gasic, N Avdalovic, and G J. Stewart

The influence of a new antitumor agent on hemopoietic colony forming cells., W D. Gassel, H Laukel, R Braun, and G Wolf

Age-related differences in the number of ribosomal rna genes of mouse tissues., J W. Gaubatz and R G. Cutler