Submissions from 1978

Isolation and partial characterization of the soluble erythrocyte autoantigen reactive with anti-erythrocyte autoantibodies from nzb mice. Abstr., D H. Deheer and T S. Edgington

Delineation of spontaneous erythrocyte autoantibody responses of nzb and other strains of mice., D H. Deheer, E J. Linder, and T S. Edgington

Mutagenicity of heavy metals. Abstr., G Deknudt

Ontogeny of suppressor cells in mice. Abstr., R Dekruyff, A Schwartz, G Siskind, Y T. Kim, and M E. Weksler

Microviscosity changes during differentiation of neuroblastoma cells., S W. De laat, P T. Saag, S A. Nelemans, and M Shinitzky

Cell surface receptors for ecotropic mulv. Detection and tissue distribution of free receptors in vivo., J E. De larco, U R. Rapp, and G J. Todaro

Quantitative measurements of carbonic anhydrase (caii) in the central nervous system of neurological mutant mice 'jimpy' by radioimmunoassay., J P. Delaunoy, D Filippi, G Laurent, and P Mandel

Nude mouse grown human nephroblastomas. Abstr., M Delmage, S Allerton, D Powars, J Joyce, and R Terry

In vitro analysis of allogeneic lymphocyte interaction. II. I-region control of the activity of a b-cell-derived h-2- -restricted allogeneic effect factor and its receptor during b-cell activation., T L. Delovitch, J Biggin, and F Fung

Expression of murine ia antigens during embryonic development., T L. Delovitch, J L. Press, and H O. Mcdevitt

Influence of a mixture of chemical protectors on the lymphoid regeneration of bone marrow and thymus in irradiated mice., M Delrez, V Ikeh, J R. Maisin, G Mattelin, and E H. Betz

In situ cytotoxic t cells in a methylcholanthrene- induced tumor., F Delustro and J S. Haskill

Effect of treatment in vivo with triton wr-1339 and macrocyclon on infection of the mouse foot-pad by mycobacterium leprae., J Delville and P J. Jacques

H-2.28, An alloantigenic marker allelic to h-2.1, Is expressed on all three known types of h-2 molecules., P Demant, D Ivanyi, C. Neauport, A, and M Snoek

The h-2l locus and the system of h-2 specificities., P Demant and sautes C. Neauport

[modifying Effect of female genotype on the frequency of transmission of t haplotypes from t/t6 males to their progeny.] (russ., Eng. Summ.), Y S. Demin, L D. Safronoma, and Y A. Lapkin

Effects of retinoic acid on the immune system. Stimulation of t killer cell induction., G Dennert and R Lotan

Enhancement of the growth of implanted tumors by a murine retrovirus. Abtr., A J. Dennis, A D. Barker, and J M. Rice

Detection of inapparent nodule-transformed cells in the mammary gland tissues of virgin female balb/cfc3h mice., K B. Deome, M J. Miyamoto, R C. Osborn, and K Lum

Regeneration of t-cell helper function in zinc deficient adult a/j mice. Abstr., jardieu P. Depasquale, P J. Fraker, and R W. Luecke

Feedback control of cholesterol biosynthesis in rats and mice fed the carcinogens benzidine and 2-acetylaminofluorene (aaf). Abstr., L R. Depass and M D. Morris

Nonuniform distribution of concanavalin-a receptors and surface antigens on uropod-forming thymocytes., S De petris

Preferential distribution of surface immunoglobulins on microvilli., S De petris

Localization of noradrenaline and dopamine-beta-hydrox- ylase in c1300 mouse neuroblastoma. A biochemical and electreonmicroscopic study., W P. De potter, N H. Fraeyman, J W. Palm, and A F. Schaepdryver

Cell-mediated anti-tumor response in the rlmale1 system. I. T nature, h-2dd involvement and antigenic specificity of the effector cells., V Deprez, E Gomard, and J P. Levy

Analysis of glycosaminoglycans within the extracellular environments encountered by migrating neural crest cells., M A. Derby

Methotrexate induced alteration of glycolysis in l1210 cells in vitro., B Desoize, Y Carpentier, and J C. Jardillier

H-3 linked control of the immune response to leishmaniasis. Abstr., L J. Detolla, L H. Semprevivo, H C. Passmore, and N C. Palczuk

Acquisition of oncogenicity by endogenous mouse type c viruses: effects of variations in env and gag genes., S G. Devare, U R. Rapp, and J R. Stephenson

Immune responses to weakly immunogenic virally induced tumors. II. Suppressive effects of the in vivo carried tumor yac., B Devens, N Galili, O Deutsch, D Naor, and E Klein

Cyclic nucelotide levels in normal and biologically fractionated mouse retina: effects of light and dark adaptation., G W. Devries, A I. Cohen, I A. Hall, and J A. Ferrendelli

Protein patterns of developmentally totipotent mouse teratocarcinoma cells and normal early embryo cells., M J. Dewey, R Filler, and B Mintz

Direct visulization, by beta-galactosidase histochemistry, of differentiated normal cells derived from malignant teratocarcinoma in allophenic mice., M J. Dewey and B Mintz

Genetic control of cell-type-specific levels of mouse beta-galactosidase., M J. Dewey and B Mintz

Effect of various levels of dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids on humoral immunity in mice. Abstr., J W. Dewille, P J. Fraker, and D R. Romsos

Synergistic antitumor effect of cyclic amp elevation (induced by theophyline) and cytotoxic drug treatment. Abstr., W D. Dewys and S Bathina

Heterogeneity of tumor cells from a single mouse mammary tumor., D L. Dexter, H M. Kowalski, B A. Blazar, Z Fligiel, R Vogel, and G H. Heppner

Loss of immunoreactivity in long-term bone marrow culture., T M. Dexter and E Spooncer

A comparative description of the mating behavior of female rodents., C Diakow and D A. Dewsbury

Specific binding of poly(i). Poly(c) to the membrane of murine b lymphocyte subsets., T Diamantstein and willinger E. Blitstein

The fc receptors of primary and cultured phagocytic cells studied with homogeneous antibodies., B Diamond, B R. Bloom, and M D. Scharff

Development of b cell subsets. Effect of priming on in vitro tnp-lps responsiveness., espada F. Diaz, alonso C. Martinez, and R R. Bernabe

And androgen therapy. Abstr., J Dibenedetto, D J. Higby, S J. Chester, and D M. Albala

Immune response gene regulation of accessorry cell function of non-t, non-b spleen adherent cells. Abstr., H B. Dickler, A Singer, C Cowing, K S. Hathcock, and R J. Hodes

Polyproteins related to the major core protein of mouse mammary tumor virus., C Dickson and M Atterwill

Necessary and sufficient conditions for recruitment of macrophages into the cell cycle., S R. Dienstman and V Defendi

Glucan. Inhibition of tumor growth and enhancement of survival in four syngeneic murine tumor models. Abstr., N R. Di luzio, J A. Cook, and D L. Williams

Inhibition of tumor growth and enhancement of survival by glucan in four murine syngeneic tumor models. Abstr., N R. Di luzio, R B. Mcnamee, and D L. Williams

Protective effect of glucan against systemic staphylococcus aureus septicemia in normal and leukemic mice., N R. Di luzio and D L. Williams

Effect of various substitutions in positions 1, 2, 3, and 4 of 4-demethoxydaunorubicin and 4-demethoxyadriamycin., A Di marco, A M. Casazza, C Soranzo, and G Pratesi

Translation of rabbit globin mrna introduced by liposomes into mouse lymphocytes., G J. Dimitriadis

Inhibition of tumor growth and enhancement of immune responses by listeria monocytogenes. Abstr., N V. Dimitrov, S Zoellner, R Barry, T Denny, E P. Balcueva, L Fechner, and R Wofford

Invasion of liver tissue by tumor cells and leukocytes. Comparative ultrastructure., K P. Dingemans, E Roos, M A. Weerman, and I V. Pavert

Lens opacification in mice exposed to 14-mev neutrons., M Di paola, M Bianchi, and J Baarli

Production of thymocyte-stimulating factor by murine spleen lymphocytes. Cellular and biochemical mechanisms., G Di sabato, D Chen, and M Altin

Specific induction of lymphokine(s) by tumor immune splenocytes. Abstr., J A. Distasio, A Ghaffar, and M S. Silverman

Mechanism of specifically induced non-specifically expressed cytotoxicity., J A. Distasio, D M. Lopez, A Ghaffar, M Michael, and M Silverman

A second gene affecting the sialylation of lysosomal alpha- -mannosidase in mouse liver., M Dizik and R W. Elliott

The effect of delayed implantation on t6/t6 mouse embryos. Abstr., S M. Dizio and N Hillman

Sem observations on sendai virus-induced fusion of embryonic mouse erythroblasts., M Djaldetti, P Fishman, H Bessler, and K Apostolov

Enhancement of mouse natural killer activity by interferon. Abstr., J Y. Djeu, J A. Heinbaugh, H T. Holden, and R B. Herberman

Volvulus at the ileocaecal junction in germfree mice., S M. Djurickovic, R D. Ediger, and C C. Hong

On the response of regional uterine lymph nodes in inbred (cba x cba) and outbred (cba x a/jax) pregnancies in mice. Abstr., H V. Docherty, O Reid, and R J. Scothorne

Esr study of development of rfm/un murine myeloid leukaemia., N J. Dodd and J M. Silcock

The immune-dependence of schistosomicidal chemotherapy. Relative lack of efficacy of an antimonial in schistosoma mansoni-infected mice deprived of their t-cells and the demonstration of drug-antiserum synergy., M J. Doenhoff and J Bain

Studies on the host-parasite relationship in schistosoma mansoni-infected mice: the immunological dependence of parasite egg excretion., M Doenhoff, R Musallam, J Bain, and A Mcgregor

Macrophage stimulation by bacterial lipopolysaccharides. I. Cytolytic effect on tumor target cells., W F. Doe and P M. Henson

And vaccinia viruses vary in magnitude with h-2 genotype., P C. Doherty, W E. Biddison, J R. Bennink, D B. Knowles, and X T. Influenza

Methylmercury sexual dimorphism in the mouse., R A. Doherty, A H. Gates, C E. Sewell, and C Freer

Antibody-induced loss of friend virus leukemia cell surface antigens occurs during progression of erythroleukemia in f1 mice., D Doig and B Chesebro

Bone marrow stem cell potential in mice bearing the nu gene. Abstr., S Dolenska, M Holub, and B Mandi

Growth and metastasis of the lewis lung carcinoma in mice defibrin- ated with batroxobin., M B. Donati, L Mussoni, A Poggi, G D. Gaetano, and S Garattini

The lymphocyte surface. Differences in the surface chemistry of murine spleen t lymphocytes of varying major histocompatibility haplotypes., M Donner and J N. Mehrishi

Complementation of h-2-linked genes controlling immune responsiveness., M E. Dorf

Age-dependent variations of antibody avidity., G Doria, G D'agostaro, and A Poretti

Secretion rate independent evaluation of igm antibody avidity at the level of single immun0- cytes., G Doria, C Mancini, and C Delisi

In vitro granuloma formation in schistosomiasis. Abstr., B L. Doughty, P B. Khoury, and S M. Phillips

Location of the gene for theta antigen in the mouse. II. Three-point crosses place thy-1 in proximal region of chromosome 9., T C. Douglas, T Meo, and H Skarvall

Interactions between viruses and lymphocytes. I. In vivo replication of lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus in mononuclear cells during both chronic and acute viral infections., M V. Doyle and M B. Oldstone

Role of cell-cell interactions in mitogenic stimulation of lymphocytes. I. Dissociation of concanavalin a-inducible lymphocyte activation and agglutination., P Draber, V Viklicky, and A Lengerova

The immunodepressive effect of friend virus. IV. Effects on spleen b lymphocytes., B N. Dracott, N Wedderburn, and M J. Doenhoff

Studies of visual function and its decay in mice with hereditary retinal degeneration., U C. Drager and D H. Hubel

Most igm-producing cells in the mouse secrete auto-antibodies (rheumatoid factor)., D W. Dresser

The effect of the parenteral administration of a rabbit anti-(mouse)-igd serum on the immune response of mice to sheep erythrocytes., D W. Dresser and R M. Parkhouse

Further biologic characteristics of a human carcinoembryonic antigen-producing colon carcinoma cell line., B Drewinko, L Yang, B Barlogie, M Romsdahl, A Meistrich, M A. Malahy, and B Giovanella

On the activity of rna polymerase b in lysates from ehrlich ascites cells., C Dreyer and P Hausen

Surface carbohydrate composition of murine thymocytes and of lymph node cells from normal and athymic (nude) mice., W Droege, P P. Singh, and O Luderitz

T antigen and initiation of cell dna synthesis in a temperature- -sensitive mouse line transformed by an sv40tsa mutant and in heterokaryons of the transformed cells and chick erythrocytes., D R. Dubbs, D Trkula, and S Kit

Proliferative responses of immature mouse mammary gland to hormones in vitro. Abstr., M B. Dubois, P D. Bowman, J J. Elias, and S Nandi

The effect of irradiation on free and total tubulin in l-p59 tumors in mice. Abstr., N Dubravsky and H R. Withers

Carcass and liver composition following acute oxytetracycline treatment of ob/ob mice., P U. Dubuc, L D. Keith, H Oey, and P W. Mobley

Age dependent effects of oxytetracycline in ob/ob mice., P U. Dubuc and P L. Willis

Motor neuron diseases in man and animals., L W. Duchen

Ia versus k/d antigens in immunological enhancement of tumor allografts., H T. Duc, R G. Kinsky, and G A. Voisin

Task-dependent genetic influences on behavioral response of mice (mus musculus) to acetaldehyde., B C. Dudek and J L. Fuller

Tumor cell lines of nonviral etiologies., J P. Dudley, J S. Butel, S H. Socher, D J. Rosen, and I O. Balb/c

Differential expression of poly(a)-adjacent sequences of mammary tumor virus rna in murine mammary cells., J P. Dudley, J M. Rosen, and J S. Brutel

Cells against transplanted line ib leukemia and immune polioencephalomyelitis., P S. Duffey, O A. Lukasewycz, D S. Olson, D W. Murphy, and E P. Lymphoid

Cell adhesion and chondrogenesis in brachypod mouse limb mesenchyme: fragment fusion studies., J Duke and W A. Elmer

Surface membrane changes of t cells induced by syngeneic tumour cells. I. Formation and uptake of complexes of ig and tumour antigens by t cells., U Dular, D A. Chow, and F Paraskevas