Submissions from 1978

The purkinje cell dendritic tree in mutant mouse cerebellum. A quantitative golgi study of weaver and staggerer mice., P Bradley and M Berry

Studies on the induction and expression of t cell-mediated immunity. Vii. Inactivation of autologous cytotoxic t lymphocytes when used as both effectors and targets in a lectin-dependent cellular cytotoxic reaction., T P. Bradley and B Bonavida

The effect of oxygen tension on haemopoietic and fibroblast cell proliferation in vitro., T R. Bradley, G S. Hodgson, and M Rosendaal

Marcellomycin. An anthracycline without leukopenic effect in bdf1 mice. Abstr., W T. Bradner and J B. Huftalen

Antigen requirement for induction of b-memory cells. Studies with dinitrophenyl coupled to t-dependent and t-independent carriers., mullen H. Braley

Selective suppression of primary igm responses by induction of low dose paralysis to type iii pneumococcal polysaccharide., mullen H. Braley

Dna repair synthesis in primary cultures of kidneys from balb/c and c3h mice treated with dimethylnitrosamine., G Brambilla, M Cavanna, P Carlo, R Finollo, and S Parodi

Dna damage in liver, colon, stomach, lung and kidney of balb/c mice treated with 1,2-dimethylhydrazine., G Brambilla, M Cavanna, S Parodi, L Sciaba, A Pino, and L Robbiano

Dna damage in various tissues of the mouse induced by 1,2-dimethylhydrazine (dmh). Abstr., G Brambilla, M Cavanna, L Sciaba, and S Parodi

An abnormal membrane glycoprotein associated with malignancy in a wide range of different tumours., M E. Bramwell and H Harris

Circulating immune complexes and complement levels in human neuroblastoma-bearing nude mice. Abstr., W E. Brandeis, L Helson, A Khan, Y P. Liu, and N K. Day

The response to lipopolysaccharide of mouse spleen lympho- cytes fractionated on the basis of surface immunoglobulin and complement receptor using fluorescence-activated cell sorting and rosetting techniques., D L. Brandon, A J. Edwards, and R M. Parkhouse

Characterization of mixed lymphocyte responsive cells in the mouse bone marrow. Abstr., V Brankovan

The effect of bcg on the in vitro "education" of normal spleen cells and of tumor-bearing spleen cells. Abstr., D P. Braun and S Dray

Generation of anti-mopc-315 cytotoxicity in uneducated or in vitro educated spleen cells from normal or mopc-315 tumor-bearing mice pretreated in vivo with bacillus calmette- -guerin., D P. Braun, M B. Mokyr, and S Dray

Zur antileukamischen und immunsuppressiven wirkung von methylhydrazonen., R Braun, W Dittmar, and D Gericke

Cell kinetics after vincristine treatment of c3h/he spontaneous mammary tumors. Implications for therapy., P G. Braunschweiger and L M. Schiffer

Glucocorticosteroid (gcs) induced cell synchronization in c3h spontaneous mammary tumors (smt). Therapeutic implications. Abstr., P G. Braunschweiger, J J. Stragand, J Novak, and L M. Schiffer

Effect of methylprednisolone on cell proliferation in c3h/hej spontaneous mammary tumors., P G. Braunschweiger, J J. Stragand, and L M. Schiffer

Lymphocyte response to mitogens iii heterogeneity of induction period. Abstr., J D. Braunstein, G Schwartz, R A. Good, T K. Sharpless, and M R. Melamed

Activity of (na+ + k+)-atpase in the liver of animals with experimental obesity., G A. Bray, D A. York, and Y Yukimura

An enzymatic defect in genetic obesity. Lack of thyroid induced (na+ + k+)-atpase. Abstr., G A. Bray, D A. York, and Y Yukimura

The modification of the growth characteristics of the landschutz ascites tumour by neuraminidase., J Brazil and H Mclaughlin

Nucleoside phosphorylase 2 (np-2) of mice., T A. Bremner, rerddy E. Premkumar, K Nayar, and R E. Kouri

Use of insoluble heparin for isolation of dna polymerase enzymes from murine myeloma., B A. Brennessel, D P. Buhrer, and A A. Gottlieb

The quantitative determination of metabolites of 6-mercaptopurine in biological materials. Iii. The determination of c-labeled 6- -thiopurines in l5178y cell extracts using high-pressure liquid cation-exchange chromatography., H Breter, A Maidhof, and R K. Zahn

Requirement for antigen in lipopolysaccharide-dependent induction of b cells., P A. Bretscher

Oral administration of syngeneic or allogeneic tissues alters growth rate of an allotransplantable tumor in mice. Abstr., E J. Breyere and J R. Heath

Increased tumor immunity in mice inoculated with muconomycin a-treated b16 melanoma cells., C E. Brickerhoff and M Lubin

Participation of the humoral immune system in the myeloma- -specific transplantation resistance., S H. Bridges

Genetic relationship between salmonella susceptibility and immune deficiency in bsvs mice. Abstr., D E. Briles

Isolation and metastatic properties of detachment variants of b16 melanoma cells., E B. Briles and S Kornfeld

Depressed splenic t lymphocyte numbers and thymocyte migratory patterns in murine malaria., W H. Brissette, R M. Coleman, and N J. Rencricca

Lactate dehydrogenase polymorphism in mus musculus and mus spretus lataste., davidian J. Britton, A R. Bustos, L Thaler, and M Topal

Evidence for the presence of two sympatric species of mice (genus mus l.) In southern france based on biochemical genetics., J Britton and L Thaler

Metabolism and mechanism of action of the carbocyclic analog of cytidine. Abstr., R W. Brockman, J W. Carpenter, C A. O'dell, Y F. Shealy, and L L. Jr

[2,3-a]imidazole (nsc-51143) And evidence of its metabolism in vivo. Abstr., R W. Brockman, S C. Shaddix, J W. Carpenter, N F. Dubois, and D R. Struck

Transformation of balb/c-3t3 cells by tsa mutants of simian virus 40. Temperature sensitivity of the transformed phenotype and retransformation by wild-type virus., W W. Brockman

Anti-tumor immunity in b lymphocyte-deprived mice. I. Immunity to a chemically induced tumor., P Brodt and J Gordon

A mechanism of exudation through intact alveolar epithelial cells in the lungs of cytomegalovirus-infected mice., A R. Brody, P C. Kelleher, and J E. Craighead

Comparative study of cytotoxic t-lymphocytes and producers of the macrophage migration inhibition factor (mif) in the h-2 system., B D. Brondz, A P. Suslov, and S C. Egorova

Intestinal copper transport and copper-binding protein (cubp) in crinkled (cr/cr) mice. Abstr., F Bronner, E E. Golub, T Ueng, and C Bossak

Low radiation dose rates. Abstr., D Q. Brown, J Pittock, J Rubinstein, J France, and D W. Messerschmidt

Gastrointestinal microecology of balb/c nude mice., J F. Brown and E Balish

Structural differences between the mouse h-2d products of the mutant b10.d2.m504 (h-2da) And the parental nonmutant strain b10.d2 (h-2d)., J L. Brown, R Nairn, and S G. Nathenson

Effect of dose fractionation on the enhancement by radiation or cyclophosphamide of artificial pulmonary metastases., J M. Brown and G W. Marsa

Cytotoxicity of electron-affinic radiosensitizers to tumors in vivo, and attempts to enhance the cell killing. Abstr., J M. Brown, N Y. Yu, and D L. Taylor

Radioimmunoassay of murine leukemia virus p30 using staphylococcus aureus as immunoadsorbent., J P. Brown, J M. Klitzman, and I Hellstrom

Antibody response of mice to chemically induced tumors., J P. Brown, J M. Klitzman, I Hellstrom, and K E. Hellstrom

The expression of lyb-2.1 On murine b lymphocytes. Abstr., L D. Brown, F W. Shen, J W. Uhr, and E S. Vitetta

The effect of expression time on the frequency of carcinogen- -induced mutants at the tk and hgprt loci in l5178y mouse- -lymphoma cells. Abstr., M M. Brown and D Clive

Modulation of albumin synthesis and corresponding mrna levels in cultured mouse hepatoma cells by hydrocortisone and camp. Abstr., P C. Brown and J Papaconstantinou

Effect of the tfm locus on the hepatic ethylmorphine n-demethylase system in mice., T R. Brown, F E. Greene, L P. Bullock, and C W. Bardin

Inhibition in vivo of mouse granulopoiesis by cell-free activity derived from human polymorphonuclear neutrophils., H E. Broxmeyer

Identification of lactoferrin as the granulocyte-derived inhibitor of colony-stimulating activity production., H E. Broxmeyer, A Smithyman, R R. Eger, and M D. Sousa

Classification of dependent and autonomous variants of shionogi mammary carcinoma based on heterogeneous patterns of androgen binding., N Bruchovsky and P S. Rennie

Antimetabolic differences of 3 antifolates in vitro. Methotrexate (mtx), metoprine (ddmp), and baker's triazinate (bt). Abstr., H W. Bruckner and S Waxman

Selection and altered properties of brain-colonising metastatic melanoma., K W. Brunson, G Beattie, and G L. Nicolson

Malignant lymphosarcoma variants with altered display of cell surface antigens and glycoproteins. Abstr., K W. Brunson and G L. Nicolson

Selection and biologic properties of malignant variants of a murine lymphosarcoma., K W. Brunson and G L. Nicolson

Characteristic species dependent growth patterns of mammalian neoplasms., G F. Brunton and T E. Wheldon

Lymphocyte defect in plasmacytoma-bearing mice., I Brus, J Brent, and V P. Hollander

Evaluation of tris (2,3-dibromopropyl)phosphate for mutagenic and transforming activity in a battery of test systems. Abstr., D Brusick, D Matheson, and K Bakshi

The synergistic activity of bcg on the stimulation of lymphocytes with concanavalin a and lipopolysaccharide., D P. Bruynzeel, H Ettekoven, and J G. Kreeftenberg

Tracheal ciliary defects in mice homozygous for a recessive pleiotropic mutation hydrocephalic- -polydactyl. Abstr., J H. Bryan and D B. Chandler

The adjuvant effect of retinol on ige production in mice. Abstr., R L. Bryant and J B. Barnett

Nonrandom inclusion of h-2k and h-2d antigens in friend virus particles from mice of various strains., J E. Bubbers, S Chen, and F Lilly

Anti-friend virus antibody-induced resistance of friend virus-infected spleen cells to lysis mediated by anti-h-2 antisera., J E. Bubbers and F Lilly

Solubilized tumour-associated antigens of methylcholanthrene- -induced mouse sarcomas. Comparative studies by in vitro sensitization of lymph-node cells, macrophage electrophoretic mobility assay and transplantation tests., J Bubenik, M Indrova, S Nemeckova, M Malkovsky, B Von broen, Palek, and J Anderlikova

The presence of f9 antigen on the surface of mouse embryonic cells until day 8 of embryogenesis., caron M. Buc, H Condamine, and F Jacob

Virus-induced immune complex disease. Identification of specific viral antigens and antibodies deposited in complexes during chronic lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus infection., M J. Buchmeier and M B. Oldstone

Types of sperm head abnormalities in five inbred strains of mice (a, akr, 129, c58, balb)., D Buda and H Krzanowska

Tissue o2 levels in tumors in c3h mice during experimental hyperthermia. Abstr., K A. Buettner, H W. Puffer, J A. Roseboro, and M Astrahan

Ovarian morphology in congenitally athymic mice. Abstr., A Bukovsky, J Presl, and M Holub

Genetic variation in the activity of the histidine catabolic enzymes between inbred strains of mice. A structural locus for a cytosol histidine aminotransferase isozyme (hat-1), G Bulfield

Genetic variation in activity of the enzymes of glycolysis and gluconeogenesis between inbred strains of mice., G Bulfield, E A. Moore, and H Kacser

Genetics and the control of histidine decarboxylase in the mouse. Abstr., G Bulfield and A Mortimer

Effect of the mouse mutants testicular feminization and sex reversal on hormone-mediated induction and repression of enzymes., G Bulfield and A Nahum

Macrophage colony development. Properties of colony stimulating factors from murine embryo and pregnant uterus., F G. Bull and M Rosendaal

A new method for the establishment of neuronal cell lines from the mouse brain., K Bulloch, W B. Stallcup, and M Cohn

The evolution of immunosuppressive cell populations in experimental mycobacterial infection., W E. Bullock, E M. Carlson, and R K. Gershon

The ontogeny of t-cell sets specific for allo- antigens or modified self antigens., S J. Burakoff, R Finberg, L Glimcher, R Lemonnier, B Benacerraf, D H. Cantor, and O S. Alloreactivity

Relation of structure to cross-resistance or lack thereof among the platinum coordination compounds. Abstr., J Burchenal, K Kalaher, K Dew, and G Gale

Normal development of muscle fibers and motor end plates in dystrophic mice., T G. Burch and P K. Law

S49 lymphoma wild type and variant clones contain normal calcium dependent regulator., W H. Burgess, A C. Howeltt, R H. Kretsinger, and A G. Gilman

Transformation of an immunogen into a tolerogen by linkage to isologous igg. Abstr. Fed. Proc. 1978, 37.1779., M Burke, D Harris, H Borel, and Y Borel

Developmental profile of enzyme activity in several tissues of the c57bl/6 mouse between birth and 35 days of age., J G. Burkhart and H W. Mohrenweiser

Expression of tem-induced damage to postmeiotic stages of spermatogenesis of the mouse during early embryogenesis. II. Cytological investigations., K Burki and W Sheridan

Expression of tem-induced damage to postmeiotic stages of spermatogenesis of the mouse during early embryogenesis. I. Investigations with in vitro embryo culture., K Burki and W Sheridan

Properties of an alloantiserum mitogenic for murine b cells. Abstr., M W. Burk

Incorporation into l1210 cells and selective modification of immunogenicity by chlorohydroxyacetonebenzoate, a potential immunotherapeutic agent. Abstr., W J. Burlingham, D J. Mccarthy, and T P. Fondy

Effect of dietary fat saturation on survival of mice with l1210 leukemia., C P. Burns, D G. Luttenegger, and A A. Spector

Fatty acid metabolism in l1210 murine leukemia cells: differences in modification of fatty acids incorporated into various lipids., C P. Burns, S L. Wei, and A A. Spector

A chronobiological study of the effects of a single injection of isoproterenol on mitotic index and/or dna synthesis in normal and neoplastic cell populations., E R. Burns

Pre-b cells. Bone marrow persistence in anti-nu-suppressed mice, conversion of b lymphocytes and recovery after destruction by cyclophosphamide., P D. Burrows, J F. Kearney, A R. Lawton, and M D. Cooper

Neuroanatomical abnormalities in the hippocampal formation of the ataxic mouse. Abstr., A M. Burt and L H. Aulsebrook

Thymic hormone-like restoration by human prealbumin of azathioprine sensitivity of spleen cells from thymectomized mice., P Burton, S Iden, K Mitchell, and A White

Natural cytotoxicity of haemopoietic cell populations against murine lymphoid tumours., R C. Burton, D Grail, and N L. Warner

In vitro induction of tumour-specific immunity v. Detection of common antigenic determinants of murine fibrosarcomas., R C. Burton and N L. Warner

Primary and secondary in vitro cytotoxic t cell responses to nzb plasmacytoma tumor associated antigens. Abstr., R C. Burton and N L. Warner