Submissions from 1978

Active immunization against murine radiation-induced leukemia using a sarcoma virus pseudotype., M A. Basombrio and R Laguens

Abrogation of fv-1b restriction with murine leukemia viruses inactivated by heat or by gamma irradiation., R H. Bassin, troise G. Duran, B I. Gerwin, and A Rein

T cell-dependent suppression of antibody production. I. Char- acteristics of suppressor t cells following tolerance induction., A Basten, J F. Miller, R Loblay, P Johnson, J Gamble, U Chia, briscoe H. Pritchard, R Callard, and I F. Mckenzie

Function of human fetal pituitary transplants in nude mice. Abstr., G Bastert, K H. Usadel, and P H. Althoff

Correlation of b cell acquistion of differentiation antigens with capacity to interact with allogeneic effect factor (aef). Abstr., J R. Battisto, J H. Finke, and B Yen

Abnormal dentition and decrease in body weight in the genetically obese mouse (genotype, ob/ob)., R A. Batt

Potentiation of hyperphagia and relief of hypothermia in the genetically obese mouse (genotype, ob/ob) by alpha-methyl tyrosine., R A. Batt, C A. Wilson, and D L. Topping

Acute changes in plasma testosterone levels and their relation to measures of sexual behaviour in the male house mouse (mus musculus)., J Batty

Plasma levels of testosterone and male sexual behaviour in strains of the house mouse (mus musculus)., J Batty

Etude des gangliosides chez les souris normales (c57bl/6j) et quaking. Presence et caracterisation d'un ganglioside labile en milieu alcalin., N Baumann, S Sonnino, R Ghidoni, M Harpin, and G Tettamanti

In vitro generation of antigen-specific helper t cells that collaborate with cytotoxic t-cell precursors., L L. Baum and L M. Pilarski

Elevated serum nmr relaxation times at the preneoplastic to neoplastic transformation in mouse mammary cancer. Abstr., P T. Beall, D Medina, and C F. Hazlewood

Infectious agents in immunodeficient murine models. Pathogenicity of nocardia asteroides in congenitally athymic (nude) and hereditarily asplenic (dh/+) mice., B L. Beaman, M E. Gershwin, and S Maslan

Lack of correlation between expression of "amphotropic" mulv and oncogenicity. Abstr., T R. Beardsley and E F. Hays

Virus induced immunoprophylaxis to a gross murine leukemia virus (gmulv) induced syngeneic lymphoma. Abstr., T R. Beardsley, M Jondal, D L. Vredevoe, and E F. Hays

Effects of conjugated and nonconjugated antithymocyte globulin and trenimon on t lymphocytes and skin graft rejection., J D. Beatty, E Friesen, J H. Linford, and L G. Israels

Inhibitory effect of 13-cis-retinoic acid on urinary bladder carcinogenesis induced in c57bl/6j mice by n- -butyl-n-(4-hydroxybutyl)-nitrosamine., P J. Becci, H J. Thompson, C J. Grubbs, R A. Squire, C C. Brown, M B. Sporn, and R C. Moon

Monoclonal antibodies to surface antigens of spermatogenic cells in the mouse. Abstr., K B. Bechtol, S C. Brown, and R H. Kennett

Definition and temporal expression of germ-cell surface components during spermatogenesis in mice using monoclonal antibodies. Abstr., K B. Bechtol and R H. Kennett

H-2 typing of mutants of the t6 haplotype in the mouse., K B. Bechtol and M F. Lyon

Membrane dynamics of lymphocyte interaction with antigen and tolerogen., L Becker, benson M. Aldo, Y Borel, and R M. Lewis

Functional characterization of natural killing against a mouse fibrosarcoma target. Abstr., R L. Becker and R H. Buckley

Modulation of sensitivity of natural killer cell lysis after in vitro explanation of a mouse lymphoma., R K. Becker susanne, N Lee, and G Klein

Erythroid colony formation in normal and androgen- -insensitive (tfm) mice. Abstr., B Beckman and J W. Fisher

Ultrastructural studies on hydantoin induced lymphomas in mice., V Bedoya and G R. Krueger

Epidermal growth factor potentiates cortisone-induced cleft palate in the mouse., A D. Bedrick and R L. Ladda

Liver-specific and shared cell membrane antigens. Studies by light- and electron microscopy., U J. Behrens and F Paronetto

Nzb/w f1 hybrid autoimmune disease. A genetic analysis., poole D. Beighlie and R L. Teplitz

Serological and biochemical indentification of the h-2kp (h-2.16) And h-2dp (h-2.22) Gene products., K W. Beisel, S E. Cullen, S Savarirayan, J H. Stimpfling, and C S. David

Intra-h-2 recombination in h-2b/h-2tl heterozygotes in the mouse. II. Characterization of recombinant haplotypes at2, at3, and at4., K W. Beisel, P K. Haldar, and H C. Passmore

Serological analysis of two new intra-i region recombinant mouse strains. Abstr., K W. Beisel, J J. Mccormick, and H C. Passmore

The chemical synthesis and antitumor activity of arabinosyl-5- -azacytosine. Abstr., J A. Beisler, M M. Abbasi, and J S. Driscoll

The levels of cyclic gmp and glucose 1,6-diphosphate, and the activity of phosphofructokinase, in muscle from normal and dystrophic mice., R Beitner, S Haberman, J Nordenberg, and T J. Cohen

Alcohol withdrawal and magnesium deficiency in mice., J K. Belknap, J H. Berg, and R R. Coleman

Barbiturate withdrawal and magnesium deficiency in mice., J K. Belknap, J H. Berg, G Ondrusek, and S Waddingham

Background genes and idiotypic network in the antibody repertoire to alpha-1,3 dextran. Abstr., C Bell

Spontaneous anti-dna (sdna) antibody responses in vitro in normal and autoimmune mice. Abstr., D A. Bell, J C. Roder, and S K. Singhal

Thymic macrophages modulate one stage of t cell differentiation in vitro., D I. Beller and E R. Unanue

Secondary animal tumor screening of chemotherapeutic agents utilizing a human melanoma - nude mouse panel. Abstr., R E. Bellet, M J. Mastrangelo, D Berd, and V Danna

The immune response genes of the major histocompatibility complex., B Benacerraf and R N. Germain

Serological characterization of b-tropic viruses of c57bl mice: possible origin by recombination of endogenous n-tropic and xenotropic viruses., L E. Benade, J N. Ihle, and A Decleve

Effect of interaction between methotrexate and dihydrofolate reductase on dna synthesis in l1210 cells in vivo., R A. Bender and D M. Makula

High-molecular-weight rnas of akr, nzb, and wild mouse viruses and avian reticuloendotheliosis virus all have similar dimer structures., W Bender, Y Chien, S Chattopadhyay, P K. Vogt, U B. Gardner, and N Davidson

Effect of infection of mice with friend leukemia complex viruses on background antibody-forming cell production in vitro., M Bendinelli, D Matteucci, A Toniolo, and H Friedman

Cytoxan induced oncogenic transformation, chromosome breakage and sister chromatid exchange (sce) following microsomal activation. Abstr., W F. Benedict and A Banerjee

Cyclophosphamide-induced oncogenic transformation, chromosomal breakage, and sister chromatid exchange following microsomal activation., W F. Benedict, A Banerjee, and N Venkatesan

Preparation and characterization of antibodies to the lambda chain variable region (vlambda) of mouse immunoglobulins., neriah Y. Ben, P Lonai, M Gavish, and D Givol

Preparation and characterization of anti-framework antibodies to the heavy chain variable region (vh) of mouse immunoglobulins., neriah Y. Ben, C Wuilmart, P Lonai, and D Givol

Corticosteroids and the humoral immune response of mice. I. Differential effect of corticosteroids upon antibody formation to sheep red blood cells in spleen and bone marrow., R Benner, J J. Dongen, and A V. Oudenaren

Deficient antibody formation in the bone marrow of nude mice., R Benner, A V. Oudenaren, and J J. Haaijman

Rescue of a lethal t/t locus genotype by chimaerism with normal embryos., D Bennett

A gene-controlled crystallin lens protein in ybr mice. Abstr., H V. Bennett and S L. Beck

Intravenous bacillus calmette-guerin (bcg) induces splenic suppressor cells that inhibit in vitro immunization. Abstr., J A. Bennett and M S. Mitchell

Systemic bacillus calmette-guerin (bcg) activates natural suppressor cells., J A. Bennett, V S. Rao, and M S. Mitchell

Immunosuppressive effects of methylglyoxal-bis(guanylhydrazone) on mouse bone marrow and spleen cells and their antagonism by spermidine., J Bennett, J Ehrke, P Fadale, C Dave, and E Mihich

Effect of irradiated mouse spleen cells on severity of graft- -versus-host disease., M Bennett and A S. Hand

Heterogeneity of natural killer (nk) cells in mice. Abstr., M Bennett, E Luevano, and V Kumar

Influenzal pneumonia. Early appearance of cross-reactive t cells in lungs of mice primed with heterologous type a viruses., J Bennink, R B. Effros, and P C. Doherty

Different rules govern help for cytotoxic t cells and b cells., J R. Bennink and P C. Doherty

T-cell populations specifically depleted of alloreactive potential cannot be induced to lyse h-2-different virus- -infected target cells., J R. Bennink and P C. Doherty

Protection of the mouse from genetic radiation damage by an optimal-dose-ratio combination of atp, aet and serontonin., D Benova and I Baev

Rna polymerase activities in heart tissue of aging mice., R W. Benson

Rna polymerase activities in liver and brain tissue of aging mice., R W. Benson and C W. Harker

Genetic control of endogenous murine mammary tumour viruses reinvestigated., P Bentvelzen, J Brinkhof, and J J. Haaijman

Chemical and structural observations on the endocrine pancreas in mice with experimental diabetes. Abstr., C A. Benzo and S B. Stearns

Mononuclear cell accumulation stimulated by an extract of el4 leukemia cells. Abstr., D Berd and E J. Wilson

The role of complement factors in acute antibody-mediated rejection of mouse skin allografts., J H. Berden, P J. Capel, and R A. Koene

A sensitive haemolytic assay of mouse complement., J H. Berden, J F. Hagemann, and R A. Koene

Evidence for altered neuroanatomical organization in the hypothalamus of the genetically obese (ob/ob) mouse. Abstr., D Bereiter and B Jeanrenaud

The immunological basis of endotoxin-induced tumor regression. Requirement for a pre-existing state of concomitant anti-tumor immunity., M J. Berendt, R J. North, and D P. Kirstein

The immunological basis of exdotoxin-induced tumor regression. Requirement for t-cell-mediated immunity., M J. Berendt, R J. North, and D P. Kirstein

Relationship between genetic variation in thermal stab- ility and electrophoretic mobility of mouse beta-galact- osidase., F G. Berger and A J. Lusis

Regulation of the rate of beta-galactosidase synthesis by the bgs and bgt loci in the mouse., F G. Berger, K Paigen, and M H. Meisler

The mechanism of glucose inhibition of 45ca efflux from pancreatic islets. Abstr., P O. Berggren, A Buitrago, E Gylfe, K Hammerstrom, and B Hellman

Disturbed fluxes of cl- and rb+ in pancreatic islets of genetically diabetic mice (c57bl/ksj-db/db). Abstr., O Berglund

Development of the insulin secretory defect in genetically diabetic (db/db) mouse., O Berglund, B J. Frankel, and B Hellman

86rb+ Fluxes and k+-stimulated nitrophenyl phosphatase activity in the pancreatic islets of genetically diabetic mice (c57bl/ksj-db/db)., O Berglund, J Sehlin, and I Taljedal

Changes in fluorescence polarization of a membrane probe during lymphocyte-target cell interaction., G Berke, R Tzur, and M Inbar

Experimental autoimmune orchitis in t-cell-deficient mice., C C. Bernard, G F. Mitchell, and A Bargerbos

Sequences of mouse immunoglobulin light chain genes before and after somatic changes., O Bernard, N Hozumi, and S Tonegawa

Immunological studies of mouse decidual cells. I. Membrane markers of decidual cells in the days after implantation., O Bernard, M P. Scheid, M Ripoche, and D Bennett

Enzymatic studies of liver cells obtained by fine needle biopsy from mice with the obese-hyperglycemic syndrome (genesymbol ob)., C Berne and naeser S. Westman

Mapping the "x-linked immune deficiency gene" of cba/n mice. Abstr., A Berning, E Eicher, W E. Paul, and I Scher

Satellite dna content of chromatin fractions isolated from eco r1-digested mouse liver nuclei., E G. Bernstine

Effect of gene dosage on expression of mitochondrial malic enzyme activity in the mouse., E G. Bernstine, L B. Russell, and C S. Cain

Proof of in vivo fusion of murine tumor cells with host cells by universal fusers. Brief communication., R Ber, F Wiener, and E Fenyo

Kinetics of 12-0-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate(tpa) uptake and metabolism in newborn mouse epidermal cells in culture and adult cells in culture. Abstr., D L. Berry, A Viaje, S M. Fischer, and T J. Slaga

2,4-diamino-5-methyl-6-[(3,4,5-trimethoxyanilino)methyl] Quinazoline (tmq), potent non-classical folate antagonist inhibitor. I. Effect on dihydrofolate reductase and growth of rodent tumors in vitro and in vivo., J R. Bertino, W L. Sawicki, B A. Moroson, and E F. Elslager

Differential control of antibody response to determinants of myoglobin by different h-2 linked ir genes. Abstr., J A. Berzofsky and D J. Killion

Role of the spleen and lymphocytes in regulation of the circulating platelet number in mice., H Bessler, E M. Mandel, and M Djaldetti

The influence of thymus h-2 antigens on the specificity of maturing killer and helper cells., M J. Bevan and P J. Fink

Surface morphology of mouse and rat thymic lymphocytes. An in situ scanning electron microscopic study., D K. Bhalla and M J. Karnovsky

Dna polymerase activities in differentiating mouse neuroblastoma n-18 cells., P Bhattacharya and S Basu

Cell-kill kinetics and cell-cycle effects of nogalamycin and 7-0-methylnogarol. Abstr., B K. Bhuyan, C L. Blowers, and K D. Shugars

Effects of chartreusin on cell survival and cell cycle progression., B K. Bhuyan, M I. Robinson, K D. Shugars, V H. Bono, and R L. Dion

Involvement of h-2l gene products in virus-immune t-cell recognition. Evidence for an h-2l-restricted t-cell response., W E. Biddison, T H. Hansen, R B. Levy, and P C. Doherty

Use of dose-response relationships to discriminate between the mechanisms of cleft-palate induction by different teratogens. An argument for discussion., F G. Biddle

Molecular heterogeneity of dna polymerase alpha from p815 mouse mastocytoma cells., bonniot F. Bieri and A R. Schuerch

Immunologic analysis of mouse cystathionase in normal and leukemic cells., I Bikel, D Faibes, J R. Uren, and D M. Livingston

Characterization of the protein core of 30s hnrnp subcomplexes from mouse ascites cells. Abstr., P B. Billings and T E. Martin