Submissions from 1978

Activation of suppressor cells by syngeneic tumor transplants in mice., B F. Argyris

Suppressor activity in the spleen of neonatal mice., B F. Argyris

Localization of alpha-bungarotoxin binding sites in mouse brain by light and electron microscopic autoradiography., Y Arimatsu, A Seto, and T Amano

Endogenous rna tumor viruses are activated during chemical induction of murine plasmacytomas., M Y. Armstrong, P Ebenstein, and F F. Richards

Cocultivation of human primary breast carcinomas and embryonic mesenchyme resulting in growth and maintenance of tumor cells., R C. Armstrong and W Rosenau

Antioxidants in neoplastic cells. I. Changes in the anti- oxidative capacity of mouse neuroblstoma cells measured by a single-phase assay., R M. Arneson, V J. Aloyo, G S. Germain, and J E. Chenevey

Antioxidants in neoplastic cells. II. Isolation and partial characterization of a phenolic antioxidant from differentiated mouse neuroblastoma cells., R M. Arneson and J D. Wander

Distribution and metabolism of synthetic alkyl analogs of lysophosphatidylcholine in mice., B Arnold, R Reuther, and H U. Weltzien

Secretory immune response of athymic mice to ingested antigen. Abstr., R R. Arnold, J R. Mcghee, and T Shiota

Adjuvanticity of evans blue dye: preliminary characterization of its mechanisms and mode of application in mice., M P. Arora and A J. Crowle

Alpha1-antitrypsin is an effector of immunological statis., P K. Arora and L D. Aronson

Immune responses in experimental leishmaniasis. Abstr., rodriguez B. Arredondo and H Perez

Coexistence of the mouse mammary tumor virus (mmtv) major glycoprotein and natural antibodies to mmtv in sera of mammary tumor-bearing mice., L O. Arthur, R F. Bauer, L S. Orme, and D L. Fine

Naturally occurring humoral immunity to murine mammary tumor virus (mumtv) and mumtv gp52 in mice with low mammary tumor incidence., L O. Arthur and D L. Fine

Characterization of natural and induced immune responses to mouse mammary tumor virus (mmtv) in mice. Abstr., L O. Arthur, D L. Fine, and M B. Gardner

Immunological characterization of the low-molecular- -weight dna binding protein of mouse mammary tumor virus., L O. Arthur, C W. Long, G H. Smith, and D L. Fine

Spontaneous extragonadal teratocarcinoma in a mouse., K Artzt and I Damjanov

Concanavalin a-induced agglutinability of normal, preneoplastic, and neoplastic mouse mammary cells., B B. Asch and D Medina

Role of complement in wound effluent and infiltrating cells during early wound healing. Abstr., N L. Ascher, R A. Hoffman, R D. Nelson, and R L. Simmons

The purification of specific anti-picryl t suppressor factor which depresses the passive transfer of contact sensitivity: affinity chromatography on antigen and con- canavalin a sepharose and specific elution with hapten and alpha-methylmannoside., G L. Asherson, M Zembala, and J Noworolski

Effect of salmonella enteritidis 11rx infection on two-stage skin carcinogenesis in mice., L K. Ashman

The ultrastructure of mouse testicular interstitial tissue containing plutonium-239 and its significance in explaining the observed distribution of plutonium in the testis., P Ash and T Parker

Obesity: do fat cells from genetically obese mice (c57bl/6job/ob) have an innate capacity for increased fat storage?, M Ashwell and C J. Meade

Phosphate efflux during islet secretory stimulation. Interactions between sulfhydral blocking agents and glucose. Abstr., K Asplund, J Sehlin, and I Taljedal

Outgrowth promoting factor for the inner cell mass of the mouse blastocyst., samols S. Atienza and M I. Sherman

Anomeric glucose sensitivity of lean and obese mouse islets. Effect of fasting and age. Abstr., T W. Atkins, D F. Newton, and C J. Bailey

Dihydrocytochalasin b. Biological effects and binding to 3t3 cells., S J. Atlas and S Lin

Physical properties of androgen receptors in brain cytosol from normal and testicular feminized (tfm/yfm) mice., B Attardi and S Ohno

Dystrophic and normal mice show age-dependent divergence of muscle sodium concentrations., H L. Atwood and I Kwan

Differentiation of a human amelanotic metastasis melanoma. Evolution in vitro and tumorigenicity in the "nude" mouse., C Aubert and F Rouge

Regional differences in tumor growth: studies of the vascular system., R Auerbach, L W. Morrissey, L Kubai, and Y A. Sidky

Gradients in tumor growth., R Auerbach, L W. Morrissey, and Y A. Sidky

Regional differences in the incidence and growth of mouse tumors following intradermal or subcutaneous inoculation., R Auerbach, L W. Morrissey, and Y A. Sidky

Characterization of proteins from nucleolar preribosomes of mouse leukemia cells by two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis., buendia M. Auger and M Longuet

In vivo and in vitro studies of a tnp-binding iga lymphoma isolated from mopc-315 a tnp-binding iga plasmacytoma of balb/c mice. Abstr., J R. Autry, H M. Gebel, J Dibner, and R G. Lynch

Therapeutic performance of carminomycin-cyclophosphamide against l1210 leukemia., T L. Avery and P G. Cruze

Resistance to teratocarcinoma allografts: participation of non h-2 and h-2 linked genes. Abstr., P Avner

The genetics of teratocarcinoma transplantation. Tumor formation in allogeneic hosts by the embryonal carcinoma cell lines f9 and pcc3., P R. Avner, W F. Dove, P Dubois, J A. Gaillard, J Guenet, F Jacob, H Jakob, and A Shedlovsky

Effect of elaidic acid feeding to the tumor bearing mice on the fatty acid composition of the ehrlich ascites tumor cells and the host liver. Abstr., A B. Awad

The effect of elaidic acid incorporation upon the lipid composition of ehrlich ascites tumor cells and of the host's liver., A B. Awad

Helix pomatia a hemagglutinin: selectivity of binding to lymphocyte surface glycoproteins on t cells and certain b cells., B Axelsson, A Kimura, S Hammarstrom, H Wigzell, Nilsson, and H Mellstedt

Hybridization between 5s rrna and 18s rrna from barley embryos and mouse sarcoma 180 ascites cells., A A. Azad

Genetic control of tolerance induction to human gamma-globulin in mice., M M. Azar, G E. Ranges, E J. Yunis, and C Clark

Expression of autoimmunity by nzb/nzw marrow., M Azizuki, J P. Reeves, and A D. Steinberg

Antitumor activity of nocardia cell wall skeleton preparations in transplantable tumors in syngeneic mice and patients with malignant pleurisy., I Azuma, M Yamawaki, K Yasumoto, and Y Yamamura

A model for the analysis of na-dependence of amino acid uptake kinetics in virus transformed cell-derived membrane vesicles. Abstr., A K. Babcock, T Garvey, and M Berman

A simple method for the preparation of antisera specific for murine immunoglobulin heavy chains., G F. Babcock, L L. Lanier, M A. Lynes, and G Haughton

Mechanisms of regulation of cell-mediated immunity. II. Induction and suppression of delayed-type hypersensitivity to azobenzenearson- ate-coupled syngeneic cells., B A. Bach, L Sherman, B Benacerraf, and M I. Greene

Alternative pathways of t lymphocyte activation., F H. Bach and B J. Alter

Enzymatic activation of quinone anticancer agents to free radicals. Abstr., N R. Bachur, S Gordon, and M Gee

A general mechanism for microsomal activation of quinone anticancer agents to free radicals., N R. Bachur, S L. Gordon, and M V. Gee

A stimulatory factor in human cancer ascites fluid. Abstr., A M. Badger

Radioimmunoassay of mouse hemoglobins. Abstr., L M. Bahuguna, A A. Ansari, H V. Malling, and M Jenison

Development patterns of hyperinsulinaemia and insulin insensitivity in ob/ob mice. Abstr., C J. Bailey, P R. Flatt, and T W. Atkins

Comparison of the adjuvant effect of three bcg preparations in mice., M A. Baker and R N. Taub

Regulation of plasma-free fatty acid mobilization by dietary glucose in ehrlich ascites tumor-bearing mice., N Baker, V Hill, and M Ookhtens

The effect of t cell growth factor on the generation of cytolytic t cells., P E. Baker, S Gillis, M M. Ferm, and K A. Smith

T-cell growth factor enhances the generation and differentiation of cytotoxic lymphocytes. Abstr., P E. Baker, S Gillis, and K A. Smith

Patterns of rna synthesis in early meiotic prophase oocytes from fetal mouse ovaries., A H. Bakken and M Mcclanahan

Induction of maturation in small oocytes from sexually immature mice by fusion with meiotic or mitotic cells., H Balakier

Combined chemoimmunotherapy of l5178y lymphoma., E Balazova, I Koza, and V Ujhazy

Biosynthesis of methionine in mouse cells cultured in vitro., M Balinska and sztabert B. Grzelakoska

Alcohol consumption and sensory threshold differences between c57bl/6j and dba/2j mice., J K. Balknap, R R. Coleman, and K Foster

Interferon affects both g1 and s + g2 in cells stimulated from quiescence to growth., F Balkwill and papadimitriou J. Taylor

Production of and response to migration inhibitory factor (mif) during early progressive growth of syngeneic tumors of mice. Abstr., E J. Ball, J D. Stinnett, and J G. Michael

Effects of multiple repeated small burns upon host resistance to severe thermal injury. Abstr., S Ball, R J. Bachvaroff, and F T. Rapaport

Complementation of h-2-linked ir genes: use of helper factor to analyze responses to glphe., M Baltz, P H. Maurer, C F. Merryman, and M Feldmann

Studies on the cell location of cyclic 3', 5'- -guanosine monophosphate-dependent protein kinase in cerebellum., E Bandle and A Guidotti

Existence of a reverse transcriptase-p30 complex in akr mice with a high incidence of spontaneous lymphocytic leukemia. Abstr., A K. Bandyopadhyay, M R. Mardiney, and C C. Levy

Covalent binding of the carcinogen trichloroethylene to hepatic microsomal proteins and to exogenous dna in vitro., S Banerjee and B L. Duuren

Interaction of activated carcinogeneic intermediates of ethylene dihalides with protein and dna in mice and rats tissues in vitro. Abstr., S Banerjee and B L. Duuren

Clearance and re-expression of a myeloma cell's antigen-binding receptors induced by ligands known to be immunogenic or tolerogenic for normal b lymphocytes: a model to study membrane events associated with b cell tolerance., R B. Bankert, G L. Mayers, and D Pressman

Membrane events correlated with suppression of proliferation following affinity labeling of mopc 104e cells with oxidized dextran. Abstr., R B. Bankert, G L. Mayers, and D Pressman

Transfer of mouse igg2 production by igm-bearing spleen cells spearated by a fluorescence-activated cell sorter., A D. Bankhurst, R E. Anderson, L S. Cram, and N L. Warner

Immunocytochemical detection of the nonfibrillary stage of amyloid formation in the mouse myocardium., V N. Baranov, L N. Kapinus, and V S. Rukosuev

Membrane properties of the gag gene-coded p15 protein of mouse type-c rna tumor viruses., M Barbacid and S A. Aaronson

Genetic recombination between mouse type c rna viruses. A mechanism for endogenous viral gene amplification in mammalian cells., M Barbacid, K C. Robbins, S Hino, and S A. Aaronson

Accumulation of the four myelin basic proteins in mouse brain during development., E Barbarese, J H. Carson, and P E. Braun

Effects of uncoupler and serum albumin on respiration and the kinetics of atp and adp uptake in morris and bw7756 hepatoma mitochondira. Abstr., R L. Barbour and S H. Chan

Sodium-dependent amino a cid transport in reconstituted membrane vesicles from ehrlich ascites cell plasma membranes., C Bardin and R M. Johnstone

Effects of placental tissue on immunological responses., M Barg, R C. Burton, J A. Smith, G A. Luckenbach, and G F. Mitchell

Haemopoietic stem cells in the foetal mouse thymus., M Barg, T E. Mandel, and G R. Johnson

Studies on fv-1 restriction in n type mouse cells. Abstr., B M. Barlow, R H. Bassin, and A Rein

Inhibition of sugar uptake in adenosine-treated 3t3 cells., D W. Barnes, V T. Brown, and S P. Colowick

Levels of homocytotropic antibody in hereditarily asplenic, splenectomised and normal mice., J B. Barnett and C J. Wust

Levels of homocytotropic antibody in hereditarily asplenic. Splenectomized and normal mice., J B. Barnett and C J. Wust

Production of monoclonal antibodies to group a erythrocytes, hla and other human cell surface antigens--new tools for genetic analysis., C J. Barnstable, W F. Bodmer, G Brown, G Galfre, C Milstein, A F. Williams, and A Ziegler

Elevated serum calcium concentrations in mammary tumor bearing c3h/fg mice without bony metastases., C P. Barrett, J G. Cubitt, and E J. Donati

The effect of various dietary restricted regimes on biochemical variables in the mouse, C H. Barrows and G Kokkonen

Diet and life extension in animal model systems., C H. Barrows and G C. Kokkonen

Correlations and genetic implications., P Barstad, J Hubert, M Hunkapiller, A Goetze, J Schilling, Black, B Eaton, J Richards, M Weigert, D L. Hood, and function G. willstructure

Purification and structural characterization of the murine t cell differentiation alloantigen thy-1. Abstr., P Barstad, R Zwerner, M Tomana, and R Acton

The thymus of the nu/+ hybrid. Abstr., A Bartak, M Bokorova, Z Rychter, and M Holub

Regulation of synthesis of guanosine 3':5'-cyclic mono- phosphate in neuroblastoma cells., T Bartfai, X O. Breakefield, and P Greengard

Quantitative lung morphology in japanese waltzing mice. J. Appl. Physiol.: Respirat. Environ. Exercise, D Bartlett and J G. Areson

Potentiation of immunity of murine leukemia (lstra) by bacillus calmette-guerin., G L. Bartlett, J W. Kreider, and D M. Purnell

Inhibition of tumor growth mediated by lymphocytes sensitized in vitro to a syngeneic murine teratocarcinoma 402ax., P F. Bartlett, B A. Fenderson, and M Edidin

Transplantation of bovine odontogenic tissues and dissociated odontogenic cells to hypothymic mice., P F. Bartlett, F R. Sim, P C. Reade, and S S. Prime

Hematopoietic thymocyte precursors. IV. Enrichment of the precursors and evidence for heterogeneity., R S. Basch, J L. Kadish, and G Goldstein

Taurine in l1210 leukemia cells. Abstr., S I. Baskin, R R. Howell, H Steinman, P Smeraski, E C. Besa, D J. Jepson, and E A. Of