Submissions from 1983

Randelia, homai p., J. Hilgers, j. Hilkens, vera kroezen, r. Holmes and j. Vandeberg genetic marker patterns of inbred strains of mice at the cancer research institute, bombay.

Circadian variations in mouse bone marrow., N P. Aardal and O D. Laerum

Cell-mediated immune response to ross river virus in mice: evidence for a defective effector cell response., J G. Aaskov, D A. Dalglish, C E. Davies, M Tucker, and M D. Donaldson

Absence of carcinogenic response in f344 rats and b6c3f1 mice given d-mannitol in the diet for two years., K M. Abdo, J K. Haseman, G Boorman, D R. Farnell, J D, E, and R Kovatch

Effect of dietary 18-carbon fatty acids on growth of transplantable mammary adenocarcinomas in mice., S Abraham and L A. Hillyard

Effect of specific dietary fatty acids on lipogenesis in the livers and mammary glands of lactating mice., S Abraham, L A. Hillyard, C Y. Lin, and R S. Schwartz

Induction of sister-chromatid exchanges by chemotherapeutic drugs in spermatogonia of mice: effects of procarbazine, adriamycin, cyclophosphamide and mitomycin c., S K. Abraham and J Franz

Antiadhesive properties of a quaternary structure-specific hybridoma antibody against type 1 fimbriae of escherichia coli., S N. Abraham, D L. Hasty, W, and R S. Beachey

Structural heterogeneity of the human ia molecular pool as detected by cross-reacting mouse monoclonal antibodies., R S. Accolla and M Pierres

Comparison of strains and culture media used for mouse in vitro fertilization., S B. Ackerman, R J. Swanson, P J. Adams, and J W. Jr

Isolation and characterization of mink cell focus-inducing murine leukemia viruses with xenotropic host range from mouse strain sl., A Adachi, K Sakai, and A Ishimoto

Identification of the native form of chicken gizzard myosin light chain kinase with the aid of monoclonal antibodies., K Adachi, C A. Carruthers, and M P. Walsh

Stimulation of de novo methylation following limited proteolysis of mouse ascites dna methylase., R L. Adams, R H. Burdon, K Mckinnon, and A Rinaldi

Treatment of (nzb x nzw)f1 disease with anti-i-a monoclonal antibodies., N E. Adelman, D L. Watling, and H O. Mcdevitt

Effect of aspirin and indomethacin on the formation of benzo(a)- pyrene-induced pulmonary adenomas and dna adducts in a/hej mice., P I. Adriaenssens, K Sivarajah, G A. Boorman, E, and M W. Anderson

Effect of cisplatin on the plasma membrane phosphate activities in ascites sarcoma-180 cells: a cytochemical study., S K. Aggarwal and rad I. Niroomand

Stabilization of islet allografts by treatment of recipients with ultraviolet irradiated donor spleen cells., M Agostino, S J. Prowse, and K J. Lafferty

Induction of humoral immunity and pulmonary mast cells in mice and rats after immunization with aerosolized antigen., S Ahlstedt, B Bjorksten, H Nygren, and G Smedegard

Modulation of antibody responses to vibrio cholerae in mice by adoptive transfer of peyer's patch lymphocytes from orally immunised donors., A Ahmed, J T. Labrooy, and D Rowley

Comparison of the inducibilities of udp-glucuronosyltrans- ferase and polysubstrate monooxygenase activities in mice exposed to 20 model xenobiotics., M Ahotupa and E Mantyla

Genetic studies on natural resistance to moloney lymphoma (yac) isografts. I. Introduction of a non-h-2-linked resistance gene on strain a/sn background., richter L. Ahrlund, G Klein, and E Klein

Role of h-2 antigens in the host response against transplanted methylcholanthrene-induced tumors. II. In vitro studies., richter L. Ahrlund, F Merino, and E Klein

T cell allotypic determinants encoded by genes linked to the immunoglobulin heavy chain locus. I. Establishment of monoclonal antibodies against allotypic determinants., Y Aihara, I Tadokoro, K Katch, N, and K Okuda

Ultrastructural observation on the thalamic neuronal inclusions in young mice., H Aikawa, K Suzuki, and Y Iwasaki

Isotype switching in murine pre-b cell lines., S Akira, H Sugiyama, N Yoshida, H Kikutani, U Yamamura, and T Kishimoto

Immunopurification and insertion into liposomes of native and mutant h-2kb: quantification by solid phase radiommunoassay., F Albert, C Boyer, L D. Leserman, and verhulst A. Schmitt

Age-associated impairment of murine natural killer activity., J W. Albright and J F. Albright

Long-term growth of lines of murine dinitrophenyl-specific b lymphocytes in vitro., benson M. Aldo and L Scheiderer

Congenic autoimmune murine models of central nervous system disease in connective tissue disorders., E L. Alexander, E D. Murphy, J B. Roths, and G E. Alexander

Mimicking the alloantigenicity of proteins with chemically synthe- sized peptides differing in single amino acids., H Alexander, D A. Johnson, J Rosen, L Jerabek, N Green, I L. Weissman, and R A. Lerner

Effects of methylcholanthrene and benzanthracene on blastogenesis and aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase induction in splenic lymphocytes from three inbred strains of mice., L J. Alfred and A Wojdani

A chemical carcinogen, 3-methylcholanthrene, alters t-cell function and induces t-suppressor cells in a mouse model system., L J. Alfred, A Wojdani, M Nieto, R Perez, and G Yoshida

Purification and molecular properties of mouse alcohol dehydrogenase isozymes., E M. Algar, T Seeley, and R S. Holmes

The short term effects of a supra-lethal dose of irradiation and changes in the environmental temperature on the growth of tail bones of the mouse., hilli F. Al and E A. Wright

Murine alveolar hydatidosis: a potential experimental model for the study of aa-amyloidosis., khan Z. Ali, S Jothy, and karmi T. Al

Brain receptor binding in the mouse., S F. Ali, J M. Cranmer, P T. Goad, W Slikker Jr., and R D. Harbison

Heterogeneity of cross-reactive idiotypes. Serological and structural analysis of monoclonal anti-p-azobenzene-arsonate antibodies expressing major and minor idiotypes., S S. Alkan, R K. Ball, J Chang, and D G. Braun

Detection in vivo 6 hours after immunization of a mediator with possible antisuppressor activity., maghazachi A. Al, S Lee, and F Paraskevas

H-2 class i heavy chain and b2-macroglobulin are coordinately synthesized in studies of akr thymomas., A D. Alonzo, H Festenstein, and W Schmidt

Cellular basis of response to k-region class i mhc disparities., B J. Alter, S A. Katz, and F H. Bach

Different patterns of lectin binding and cell surface sialylation detected on related high- and low-metastatic tumor lines., P Altevogt, M Fogel, popov R. Cheingsong, J Dennis, P Robinson, and V Schirrmacher

Pyridine nucleotide metabolism., gonzalez R. Alvarez, salinas H. Juarez, E L. Jacobson, D M. Jacobson, and T O. And

The activation of procarcinogens to mutagens by cultured rat hepatocytes in the l5178y/tk mutation assay., D E. Amacher and S C. Paillet

Correlation between the degree of diabetes and resistance to hcg in male mice with hereditary diabetes. Abstr., A Amador, A Bartke, T Parkening, and M H. Stallings

Genetic differences in androgen receptors and in autoregulation of testicular human chorionic gonadotropin binding sites in the mouse., A G. Amador, A Bartke, T A. Parkening, and G C. Chamness

Removal of aflatoxin b1-dna adducts and in vitro transformation in mouse embryo fibroblasts c3h/10t1/2., P A. Amstad, T V. Wang, and P A. Cerutti

In vivo induction of granulopoiesis in visceral yolk-sac cells by foetal hepatic factors., M A. Anckaert and M Symann

Leupeptin inhibits retrovirus infection in mouse fibroblasts., K B. Andersen

Growth pattern of the sex ducts in foetal mouse hermaphrodites., C Y. Anderson, A G. Byskov, and J Grinsted

Antisperm antibodies in vasectomy sera react with embryonal teratocarcinoma., D J. Anderson, P H. Adams, M S. Hamilton, and N J. Alexander

Incomplete glycosylation of asn 563 in mouse immunoglobulin m., D R. Anderson, P Samaraweera, and W J. Grimes

Antigens on human plasma cells identified by monoclonal antibodies., K C. Anderson, E K. Park, M P. Bates, R C. Leonard, U Hardy, S F. Schlossman, and L M. Nadler

In vivo protection against leishmania mexicana mediated by monoclonal antibodies., S Anderson, J R. David, and pratt D. Mcmahone

The influence of hyperglycaemia, hyperinsulinaemia and genetic background on the fate of intrasplenically implanted mouse islets., A Andersson

Effect of erythromycin on microbial antagonisms: a study in gnotobiotic mice associated with a human fecal flora., A Andremont, P Raibaud, and C Tancrede

Adult transplantation tolerance induced by lentil lectin. I. The fate of tolerogenic lentil seed lectin after injection into mice., P Angelisova, H Kristofova, V Horejsi, and I Hilgert

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of otoconia in the normal and in the genetically deaf inner ear., M Anniko and R Wroblewski

Allo-enzyme markers: their use in studies of haematopoietic cell populations in normal and marrow-transfused mice. Abstract., J D. Ansell and H S. Micklem

Suppressive effects of corynebacterium parvum on primary and secondary antibody responses in mice., J D. Ansell, K N. Trail, C M. Mcdougall, and C J. Inchley

Inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis by indomethacin does not affect alcohol consumption in inbred mice., R F. Anton, C L. Randall, C K. Williams, and G E. Hoffmeyer

Hematopoietic precursors in tumor-bearing mice. (ii). Effect of splenectomy, tumor resection and conditioned media of tumor cells on hematopoietic stem cells. Abstract., I Aoki, H Nakazawa, T Murase, S Okamoto, and K Toyama

Monoclonal antibody against myeloid leukemia cell line (kg-1)., F Aota, D Chang, N O. Hill, and A Khan

Isolation and characterization of monoclonal antibodies directed against the dna repair enzyme uracil dna glycosylase from human placenta., P Arenaz and M A. Sirover

Mechanism by which adult mouse peritoneal macrophages affect neonatal suppressor cell activity., B F. Argyris

Role of i-j in neonatal suppression., B F. Argyris and C Waltenbaugh

The effect of aging on epidermal mass in balb/c female mice., T S. Argyris

Antigen-induced lymphomagenesis: identification of a murine b cell lymphoma with known antigen specificity., L W. Arnold, N J. Locascio, P M. Lutz, C A. Pennell, A Klapper, and G Haughton

Inhibition of glutathione synthesis augments lysis of murine tumor cells by sulfhydryl-reactive antineoplastics., B A. Arrick, C F. Nathan, and Z A. Cohn

T cell regulation of b cell activation: antigen-specific and antigen-nonspecific suppressor pathways are mediated by distinct t cell subpopulations., Y Asano and R J. Hodes

T cell regulation of b cell activation. Cloned lyt-1+2-t suppressor cells inhibit the major histocompatibility complex- -restricted interaction of t helper cells with b cells and/or accessory cells., Y Asano and R J. Hodes

Role of the major histocompatibility complex in t cell activation of b cell subpopulations. Ir gene regulation of the t cell-dependent activation of distinct b cell subpopulations., Y Asano, A Singer, and R J. Hodes

Genetic restriction on cytotoxic t-cell infiltration of sponge matrix allografts., N L. Ascher, S Chen, R Hoffman, and R L. Simmons

Requirements for the maturation of cytotoxic effector cells at the allograft site., N L. Ascher, S Chen, R Hoffman, and R L. Simmons

Nonhomologous synapsis of the sex chromosomes in the heteromorphic bivalents of two x-7 translocations in male mice; r5 and r6., T Ashley

Synaptonemal complex analysis of x-7 translocations in male mice: r2 and r6 quadrivalents., T Ashley, L B. Russell, and N L. Cacheiro

Primary immune responses to h-y in balb/c-h-2k mice., R B. Ashman

Failure to modify anti-p2 reactivity in long-term (p1 x p2)f1-p1 radiation chimeras by total lymphoid cell ablation: implications for the role of thymic antigen-presenting cells., R B. Ashman and P J. Gallagher

Fracture repair in the snell dwarf mouse., I K. Ashton and S Dekel

The development of facial motoneurones in the mouse-neuronal death and the innervation of the facial muscles., K W. Ashwell and C R. Watson

Effect of acclimation temperature on the concentration of the mitochondrial 'uncoupling' protein measured by radioimmunosassy in mouse brown adipose tissue., M Ashwell, G Jennings, D Richard, D M, I, and P Trayhurn

Monoclonal antibody reactive with an acute myelogenous leukaemia-associated antigen. Abstract., D S. Askekw, A C. Eaves, and F Takei

Defective elicitation of delayed-type hypersensitivity in w/wv and sl/sld mast cell-deficient mice., P W. Askenase, H V. Loveren, kops S. Kraeuter, Y Ron, O Meade, T C. Theoharides, J J. Nordlund, H Scovern, M D. Gershon, and W Ptak

An investigation into the b lymphopoietic capacity of long-term bone marrow cultures., R Aspinall and J J. Owen

Kinetics of sequential appearance of igm and igd on b lymphocytes in the bone marrow of the adult mouse., R Aspinall and J J. Owen

Anti-islet immunity and thymic dysfunction in the mutant diabetes c57bl/ksj-db/db mouse. Abstr., R Assan, M Dardenne, and sachs M. Debray

Lack of vasopressin receptors in liver, but not in kidney, of ob/ob mice., jeannet F. Assimacopoulos, B Cantau, G V. Werve, E Jard, and B Jeanrenaud

The tumorigenic and carcinogenic effect of 12-0-tetra- decanoylphorbol-13-acetate when applied to the skin of balb/ca and hairless (hr/hr) mice., E G. Astrup and O H. Iversen

Production of monoclonal antibodies with preselected submolecular binding specificities to the five antigenic sites of sperm whale myoglobin. Abstr., H Atassi, H E. Schmitz, and M Z. Atassi

Mechanisms of tolerance in murine radiation bone marrow chimeras. II. Absence of nonspecific suppression in mature chimeras., H Auchincloss, J, and D H. Sachs

Mechanisms of tolerance in murine radiation bone marrow chimeras. I. Nonspecific suppression of alloreactivity by spleen cells from early, but not late, chimeras., H Auchincloss, J, and D H. Sachs

Restoration of mlc responsiveness by soluble factors. Abstr., D A. August, W Mathews, F C. Lane, and P H. Sugarbaker

Differential selectivity of 5-fluorouracil and 5'-deoxy- -5-fluorouridine in cultured human b lymphocytes and mouse l1210 leukemia., J L. Au, Y M. Rustum, J Minowada, and B I. Srivastava

Effect of plasma and carboxylesterase on the stability, mutagenicity, and dna cross-linking activity of some direct-acting n-nitroso compounds., S L. Aukerman, R B. Brundrett, J Hilton, and P E. Hartman

Purification and initial characterization of the lymphokine soluble immune response suppressor., T M. Aune, D R. Webb, and C W. Pierce

Elucidation of the antigenic determinant in lipotropin for two monoclonal antibodies., B M. Austen, R Lorenz, M Spitz, and R Thorpe

2-fluoro-atp: A new metabolite of arabinosyl-2-fluoroadenine (f-araa). Abstr., V I. Avramis and W Plunkett

Unusual sensitivity to bleomyciin and joint resistance to 9-beta-d-arabinofuranosyladenine and 1-beta-d-arabinofurano- syclcytosine of mouse fm3a cell mutants with altered ribonucleotide reductase and thymidylate synthase., K I. Ayusawa dai and T Seno

Introduced by dna-mediated gene transfer., D Ayusawa, K Shimizu, H Koyama, K Takeishi, D T. Seno, and L A. Cells

Accumulation of dna strand breaks during thymineless death in thymidylate synthase-negative mutants of mouse fm3a cells., D Ayusawa, K Shimizu, H Koyama, K Takeishi, and T Seno

Acute hepatotoxin exposure effects lymphoid and accessory cell types in inbred mice., J L. Babb, P A. Billing, H Gans, and Y Yamaguchi