Submissions from 2000

Narrowing the critical regions for mouse t complex transmission ratio distortion factors by use of deletions [In Process Citation], M F. Lyon, J C. Schimenti, and E P. Evans

Twins. Novel uses to study complex traits and genetic diseases., A J. MacGregor, H Snieder, N J. Schork, and T D. Spector

Differences that matter: major cytotoxic T cell-stimulating minor histocompatibility antigens., S Malarkannan, T Horng, P Eden, F Gonzalez, P Shih, N Brouwenstijn, H Klinge, G Christianson, D Roopenian, and N Shastri

N-myc can functionally replace c-myc in murine development, cellular growth, and differentiation [In Process Citation], B A. Malynn, de Alboran Moreno, R C. O'Hagan, R Bronson, L Davidson, R A. DePinho, and F W. Alt

Expression and immune recognition of SV40 Tag in transgenic mice that develop metastatic osteosarcomas [In Process Citation], I Marton, S E. Johnson, I Damjanov, K S. Currier, J P. Sundberg, and B B. Knowles

Reevaluation of the major histocompatibility complex genes of the NOD-progenitor CTS/Shi strain., C E. Mathews, R T. Graser, D V. Serreze, and E H. Leiter

Identifying T cell-defined histocompatibility antigens by expression cloning., L M. Mendoza, P Paz, A Zuberi, G Christianson, D Roopenian, and N Shastri

Localization of tubby-like protein 1 in developing and adult human retinas., A H. Milam, A E. Hendrickson, M Xiao, J E. Smith, D E. Possin, S K. John, and P M. Nishina


Improved insulin-sensitivity in mice heterozygous for PPAR-gamma deficiency., P D. Miles, Y Barak, W He, R M. Evans, and J M. Olefsky


Sex differences in thermal nociception and morphine antinociception in rodents depend on genotype., J S. Mogil, E J. Chesler, S G. Wilson, J M. Juraska, and W F. Sternberg

Comparison of bone formation responses to parathyroid hormone(1-34), (1-31), and (2-34) in mice., S Mohan, S Kutilek, C Zhang, H G. Shen, Y Kodama, A K. Srivastava, J E. Wergedal, W G. Beamer, and D J. Baylink

A new method for characterizing replacement rate variation in molecular sequences. Application of the Fourier and wavelet models to Drosophila and mammalian proteins., P Morozov, T Sitnikova, G Churchill, F J. Ayala, and A Rzhetsky

Intercellular adhesion molecule-1 and hair follicle regression., Rover S. Muller, Paus S. Bulfone, B Handjiski, P Welker, J P. Sundberg, I A. McKay, V A. Botchkarev, and R Paus

Mouse mutants from chemically mutagenized embryonic stem cells., R J. Munroe, R A. Bergstrom, Q Y. Zheng, B Libby, R Smith, S W. John, K J. Schimenti, V L. Browning, and J C. Schimenti


The Oak Ridge Polycystic Kidney (orpk) disease gene is required for left-right axis determination., N S. Murcia, W G. Richards, B K. Yoder, M L. Mucenski, J R. Dunlap, and R P. Woychik

The roads from phenotypic variation to gene discovery: mutagenesis versus QTLs., J H. Nadeau and W N. Frankel


Fanconi anemia complementation group C is required for proliferation of murine primordial germ cells., J J. Nadler and R E. Braun

Localization of Psoriasis-Susceptibility Locus PSORS1 to a 60-kb Interval Telomeric to HLA-C. [In Process Citation], R P. Nair, P Stuart, T Henseler, S Jenisch, N V. Chia, E Westphal, N J. Schork, J Kim, H W. Lim, E Christophers, J J. Voorhees, and J T. Elder

Antibodies against keratinocyte antigens other than desmogleins 1 and 3 can induce pemphigus vulgaris-like lesions., V T. Nguyen, A Ndoye, L D. Shultz, M R. Pittelkow, and S A. Grando

Th1 and Th2 mediate acute graft-versus-host disease, each with distinct end-organ targets., B Nikolic, S Lee, R T. Bronson, M J. Grusby, and M Sykes

Th1 and Th2 mediate acute graft-versus-host disease, each with distinct end-organ targets., B Nikolic, S Lee, R T. Bronson, M J. Grusby, and M Sykes

Calorie restriction increases light-dependent photoreceptor cell loss in the neural retina of fischer 344 rats., M Obin, M Halbleib, R Lipman, K Carroll, A Taylor, and R Bronson

Calorie restriction modulates age-dependent changes in the retinas of brown norway rats [In Process Citation], M Obin, A Pike, M Halbleib, R Lipman, A Taylor, and R Bronson

Skeletal muscle deformity and neuronal disorder in Trio exchange factor-deficient mouse embryos., S P. O'Brien, K Seipel, Q G. Medley, R Bronson, R Segal, and M Streuli

Timely translation during the mouse oocyte-to-embryo transition., B Oh, S Hwang, J McLaughlin, D Solter, and B B. Knowles

Timely translation during the mouse oocyte-to-embryo transition., B Oh, S Hwang, J McLaughlin, D Solter, and B B. Knowles


B1 B lymphocytes play a critical role in host protection against lymphatic filarial parasites., N Paciorkowski, P Porte, L D. Shultz, and T V. Rajan

Quantitative trait loci mapping for cholesterol gallstones in AKR/J and C57L/J strains of mice., B Paigen, N J. Schork, K L. Svenson, Y C. Cheah, J L. Mu, F Lammert, D Q. Wang, G Bouchard, and M C. Carey

Ornithine decarboxylase transgenic mice as a model for human atrichia with papular lesions., A A. Panteleyev, A M. Christiano, T G. O'Brien, and J P. Sundberg

Genetic and physical mapping of the cerebellar deficient folia (cdf) locus on mouse chromosome 6 [In Process Citation], C Park, C M. Longo, and S L. Ackerman

Midgestation lethality in mice deficient for the RecA-related gene, Rad51d/Rad51l3., D L. Pittman and J C. Schimenti

Physical mapping of male fertility and meiotic drive quantitative trait loci in the mouse t complex using chromosome deficiencies [In Process Citation], A Planchart, Y You, and J C. Schimenti

Loss of normal profilaggrin and filaggrin in flaky tail (ft/ft) mice: an animal model for the filaggrin-deficient skin disease ichthyosis vulgaris., R B. Presland, D Boggess, S P. Lewis, C Hull, P Fleckman, and J P. Sundberg

Maternal environment and genotype interact to establish diabesity in mice [In Process Citation], P C. Reifsnyder, G Churchill, and E H. Leiter

Nf1;Trp53 mutant mice develop glioblastoma with evidence of strain-specific effects [In Process Citation], K M. Reilly, D A. Loisel, R T. Bronson, M E. McLaughlin, and T Jacks

GXD: a Gene Expression Database for the laboratory mouse: current status and recent enhancements. The Gene Expresison Database group., M Ringwald, J T. Eppig, J A. Kadin, and J E. Richardson

GXD: integrated access to gene expression data for the laboratory mouse., M Ringwald, J T. Eppig, and J E. Richardson

Lessons from H3, a model autosomal mouse minor histocompatibility locus., D Roopenian

Fluoride and fractures: an ecological fallacy [comment], C J. Rosen

Mapping quantitative trait loci for serum insulin-like growth factor-1 levels in mice., C J. Rosen, G A. Churchill, L R. Donahue, K L. Shultz, J K. Burgess, D R. Powell, and W G. Beamer

Cross-referencing radiation hybrid data to the recombination map: lessons from mouse chromosome 18 [In Process Citation], L B. Rowe, M E. Barter, and J T. Eppig

Effects of macrophage-colony-stimulating factor deficiency on the maturation of microglia and brain macrophages and on their expression of scavenger receptor., A Sasaki, H Yokoo, M Naito, C Kaizu, L D. Shultz, and Y Nakazato

Sequential loss of cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses to simian virus 40 large T antigen epitopes in T antigen transgenic mice developing osteosarcomas., T D. Schell, B B. Knowles, and S S. Tevethia

Segregation distortion of mouse t haplotypes the molecular basis emerges [In Process Citation], J Schimenti

Interdigitated deletion complexes on mouse chromosome 5 induced by irradiation of embryonic stem cells., J C. Schimenti, B J. Libby, R A. Bergstrom, L A. Wilson, D Naf, L M. Tarantino, A Alavizadeh, A Lengeling, and M Bucan

Sry induces cell proliferation in the mouse gonad [In Process Citation], J Schmahl, E M. Eicher, L L. Washburn, and B Capel

Single nucleotide polymorphisms and the future of genetic epidemiology, N J. Schork, D Fallin, and J S. Lanchbury

Linkage disequilibrium analysis of biallelic DNA markers, human quantitative trait loci, and threshold-defined case and control subjects., N J. Schork, S K. Nath, D Fallin, and A Chakravarti

Acceleration of type 1 diabetes by a coxsackievirus infection requires a preexisting critical mass of autoreactive T-cells in pancreatic islets [In Process Citation], D V. Serreze, E W. Ottendorfer, T M. Ellis, C J. Gauntt, and M A. Atkinson

Interferon-gamma receptor signaling is dispensable in the development of autoimmune type 1 diabetes in NOD mice., D V. Serreze, C M. Post, H D. Chapman, E A. Johnson, B Lu, and P B. Rothman

The information content of a character under a Markov model of evolution., M Shpak and G A. Churchill

NOD/LtSz-Rag1null mice: an immunodeficient and radioresistant model for engraftment of human hematolymphoid cells, HIV infection, and adoptive transfer of NOD mouse diabetogenic T cells., L D. Shultz, P A. Lang, S W. Christianson, B Gott, B Lyons, S Umeda, E Leiter, R Hesselton, E J. Wagar, J H. Leif, O Kollet, T Lapidot, and D L. Greiner

Lop12, a mutation in mouse crygd causing lens opacity similar to human coppock cataract [In Process Citation], R S. Smith, N L. Hawes, B Chang, T H. Roderick, E C. Akeson, J R. Heckenlively, X Gong, X Wang, and M T. Davisson

The bst locus on mouse chromosome 16 is associated with age-related subretinal neovascularization., R S. Smith, S W. John, A Zabeleta, M T. Davisson, N L. Hawes, and B Chang

Haploinsufficiency of the transcription factors FOXC1 and FOXC2 results in aberrant ocular development., R S. Smith, A Zabaleta, T Kume, O V. Savinova, S H. Kidson, J E. Martin, D Y. Nishimura, W L. Alward, B L. Hogan, and S W. John

Mammalian cloning: advances and limitations., D Solter

HER-2/neu amplification in benign breast disease and the risk of subsequent breast cancer., A Stark, B S Hulka, S Joens, D Novotny, A D Thor, L E Wold, M J Schell, L J Melton, Edison T. Liu, and K Conway

The neuronal Golgi apparatus is fragmented in transgenic mice expressing a mutant human SOD1, but not in mice expressing the human NF-H gene., A Stieber, J O. Gonatas, J Collard, J Meier, J Julien, P Schweitzer, and N K. Gonatas

Lanceolate hair-J (lahJ): a mouse model for human hair disorders [In Process Citation], J P. Sundberg, D Boggess, C Bascom, B J. Limberg, L D. Shultz, B A. Sundberg, L E. King, and X Montagutelli

Asebia-2J (Scd1(ab2J)): a new allele and a model for scarring alopecia., J P. Sundberg, D Boggess, B A. Sundberg, K Eilertsen, S Parimoo, M Filippi, and K Stenn

Feline papillomas and papillomaviruses., J P. Sundberg, Ranst M. Van, R Montali, B L. Homer, W H. Miller, P H. Rowland, D W. Scott, J J. England, R W. Dunstan, I Mikaelian, and A B. Jenson

The mouse adducin gene family: alternative splicing and chromosomal localization., S P. Suriyapperuma, L Lozovatsky, S L. Ciciotte, L L. Peters, and D M. Gilligan

In vitro fertilization with cryopreserved inbred mouse sperm., J M. Sztein, J S. Farley, and L E. Mobraaten

Rescue of oocytes from antral follicles of cryopreserved mouse ovaries: competence to undergo maturation, embryogenesis, and development to term., J M. Sztein, M J. O'Brien, J S. Farley, L E. Mobraaten, and J J. Eppig

Intramedullary and extramedullary B lymphopoiesis in osteopetrotic mice., H Tagaya, T Kunisada, H Yamazaki, T Yamane, T Tokuhisa, E F. Wagner, T Sudo, L D. Shultz, and S I. Hayashi

Mapping phenotypic trait loci., B A. Taylor

Mice, mutations and mammary glands., B J. Tennent and R D. Cardiff

Mutations in a NIMA-related kinase gene, Nek1, cause pleiotropic effects including a progressive polycystic kidney disease in mice., P Upadhya, E H. Birkenmeier, C S. Birkenmeier, and J E. Barker


Interaction of Ap1, Ap2, and Sp1 with the regulatory regions of the human pro-alpha1(I) collagen gene., W P. Vergeer, J M. Sogo, P J. Pretorius, and Vries W. de

Regulation of human cell engraftment and development of EBV-related lymphoproliferative disorders in Hu-PBL-scid mice [In Process Citation], E J. Wagar, M A. Cromwell, L D. Shultz, B A. Woda, J L. Sullivan, R M. Hesselton, and D L. Greiner

Erythroid phosphatidyl serine exposure is not predictive of thrombotic risk in mice with hemolytic anemia., N J. Wandersee, J F. Tait, and J E. Barker

Neuromuscular ataxia: a new spontaneous mutation in the mouse [In Process Citation], Bailey P. Ward, B Wood, K R. Johnson, R T. Bronson, L R. Donahue, and M T. Davisson

Urocortin expression in the Edinger-Westphal nucleus is up-regulated by stress and corticotropin-releasing hormone deficiency., S C. Weninger, L L. Peters, and J A. Majzoub

Gene trap strategies in ES cells., W Wurst and A Gossler

p73-deficient mice have neurological, pheromonal and inflammatory defects but lack spontaneous tumours., A Yang, N Walker, R Bronson, M Kaghad, M Oosterwegel, J Bonnin, C Vagner, H Bonnet, P Dikkes, A Sharpe, F McKeon, and D Caput

Ermap, a gene coding for a novel erythroid specific adhesion/receptor membrane protein., T Z. Ye, C T. Gordon, Y H. Lai, Y Fujiwara, L L. Peters, A C. Perkins, and D H. Chui

Cloning, expression, and chromosomal localization of a mouse gene homologous to the germ cell migration regulator wunen and to type 2 phosphatidic acid phosphatases., N Zhang, N G. Copeland, D J. Gilbert, N A. Jenkins, and T Gridley

A mutation in the lunatic fringe gene suppresses the effects of a jagged2 mutation on inner hair cell development in the cochlea [In Process Citation], N Zhang, G V. Martin, M W. Kelley, and T Gridley

Mice mutant for ppap2c, a homolog of the germ cell migration regulator wunen, are viable and fertile [In Process Citation], N Zhang, J P. Sundberg, and T Gridley

Targeted overexpression of insulin-like growth factor I to osteoblasts of transgenic mice: increased trabecular bone volume without increased osteoblast proliferation., G Zhao, Faugere M. Monier, M C. Langub, Z Geng, T Nakayama, J W. Pike, S D. Chernausek, C J. Rosen, L R. Donahue, H H. Malluche, J A. Fagin, and T L. Clemens

Murine hematopoietic stem cell characterization and its regulation in BM transplantation., Y Zhao, Y Lin, Y Zhan, G Yang, J Louie, D E. Harrison, and W F. Anderson