Submissions from 2011

The effects of deprenyl and metformin on the developmental maturation and reproductive senescence in Caenorhabditis elegans., Michelle Kahn

Time-series analysis of neuropathic pain., Lillian Kang

Characterizing polo-like kinases 1, 2, 3 and 4 through G2/MI transition in mouse spermatogenesis., Jesse Karppinen

Characterization of cerebellar phenotype in mice with mutated Rreb1., Danielle L. Keahi

Characterization of the effects of mutations in Pla2g12b and Hpn that lead to low HDL cholesterol levels in the mouse., Rebecca Kim

A computational biology analysis of the genetic linkage between adrenal gland weight and anxiety behavioral assays., Sangeetha Kumar

In Vivo imaging of the glioma stem cell and interactions with perivascular niche., Maili Lim

The validation of novel humanized mouse models for biomedical research., Deidre Michaud

MouseMine: a flexible storage and retrieval solution for mouse biological data., Michael O'Keefe

The Role of XRCC2 in immunoglobulin isotype switching., Adeline Oursler

Visualization of position-dependent regulatory sequences., Rani Patel

Using spatial and temporal qualities of gene expression to prioritize autism candidate genes., Danielle Penny

QTL mapping analysis of a diabetic mouse backcross., Lauren Reagin

Molecular characterization of TMHS protein in stereocilia of auditory hair cells., Estee Rubien-Thomas

Inferring genetic interactions in an NZO/NON backcross, a mouse model for obesity linked diabetes., Kavya Sekar

How the nuclear lamina directs three dimensional chromosome organization., Sarah C. Selwyn

Nuclear transport-related mechanisms in neurodegeneration: mouse mutations (R86S and R487G) in nuclear export mediator factor (NEMF) provide a window into human neuromuscular disease pathogenesis., Anastasia Singalevich

Pcnx12 as a potential modifier of Gria4 associated absence seisures, Zak Strassberg

QTL analysis of endoplasmic stress in pancreatic {beta}-cells, Casey Thornton

Fatty Acyl CoA reductase 2 as a target for the prevention of renal function decline., Sarah Tran

The functional evolution of mammalian retrogenes., Anna Vesely

Identification of PRDM-dependent recombination hotspots, Jenny Wang

Discovering new mouse models for neurodegenerative diseases., Natalie Williams

Quantitative trait loci analysis of the relationship between atherosclerotic indicators and gene expression in an MRL/MpJxSM/J F2 intercross., Kali Xu

CELF4 ribonucleoprotein complex (RNP): insights into CELF4 target mRNA regulation and behavior in epileptic Celf4-deficient mice., Sherie Zhou

In vivo imaging of neuronal circuit change in mouse models of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)., Jennifer Zhu

Submissions from 2010

Data integration and analysis of drug and alcohol dependence related genes: an application of ODE., Amanda Ackovitz

Autism speaks: enhancing MGI's ontologies and annotations to improve autism research., Christopher Carr

The relation of polycomb proteins with 3D structure in the nucleus., Sarah Castor

Deciphering the molecular basis of a mutation in the Ptpn6 gene., William Cheng

Using ontological discovery environment to discover mechanisms of glaucoma in gene expression profiling data., Keith Funkhouser

Finding the genetic mutation causing high levels of circulating plasma triglycerides in HLB505 mouse model., Alexandra Greene

Hearing & genetics: mapping and pathology of mouse mutations causing hearing loss., Allison Hanaford

Localization of DSCAMs and interacting proteins in the developing retina., Lesley Hill

Spatial gene associations in ES cell nuclei., Emily Hollenbeck

Identification of gut microbes associated with human intestinal disease., Ashley B. Hunt

The role of heat shock factor 1 and heat shock protein 72 in Jun N-terminal kinase-mediated cell death., Aiyang Jiang

QGV: a QTL and GWAS results viewing and manipulation tool., Michael C. Jones

Creation of an RNA isoform visualization toolkit., Lukas Jordan

Investigating the role of astrocytes in glaucoma., Keren Katorza

The derivation of embryonic stem cells from a novelmouse modelof amyotrophic lateral sclerosis., Kate Macina

Cellular dynamics of the three to eight-cell mouse embryo., Adriana Martinez-Betancourt

Mapping recombination hotspots in the C57BL/6J-Chr1 PWD/PhJ X C57BL/6J mouse cross to find evidence of genetic regulation., Alison Mehlhorn

Notch signaling in medulloblastoma., Emily E. Miller

Dissecting NKT-dendritic cell interactive control of type-1 diabetes., Rebecca O'Donnell

The importance of microarray data in predicting complex disease phenotypes compared to genotype data in soybeans (Glycine max)., Olutoyosi. Oyelowo

Exploring the effect of a high fat diet on alternative transcript abundance., Nurit Pereg-Azouz

Alternate mRNA processing and cancer: a quantitative microarray study., Weitao Qiang

The genetics of lung development and disease., Jennifer Rodriguez

Investigating neuroprotective therapies in mice with glaucoma., Eden Rouse

Characterizing the molecular features of medulloblastoma subtypes., Brad Rybinski

Characterizing a gene variant that extends lifespan in mice., Paul T. Smith

Using mouse models to investigate the genetic pathways of multiple sclerosis (MS)., India Stewart

Inflammatory cell populations and antigenic proteins in the testis of sertoli cell androgen receptor knockout (SCARKO) mice., Chloe J. Taub

Genetic factors controlling intraocular pressure elevation., Patricia J. Troy

The effect of MK2 and Rock2 on leukemia tumor cells., Alex Zannos

Submissions from 2009

Benefits and barriers of manipulating the iNKT-cell dendritic cell axis for treatment of type-1 diabetes., Shannon T. Bean

A systems biology approach to study the relationships between plasma glucose, insulin levels, and gene expression in liver tissue of a B6xC3H F2 mouse cross., Sarah Benjamin

Transcriptional effects of Ptgs2 exchange in liver and adipose., Alan Bohn

Characterization of Ccr5 deficiency in the NOD-scid IL2rynull Ccr5null mouse strain., Erica Brown

Protein-protein interactions in the epileptic fitful mouse mutant., Alexandra Buckley

Mapping genes responsible for high HDL levels in ENU-mutagenized C57BL/6J mice., Helen Cha

Comparison of genes and biological processes in conserved and non-conserved gene deserts., Minna Chen

Constructing and optimizing a predictive model for polyadenylation sites in mice., Lauren M. Chircus

7q36 and genome stability: investigating Xrcc2., Eliot Coffey

Immunohistochemical screen for new cell-type specific marker proteins in the murine retina., Kevin Conway

Lupus in a murine model., Mario Robert Crisalli

Finding the single gene mutation responsible for causing tachycardia in an ENU mutant., Amy E. Dalrymple

Characterization of Cre driver lines for neurobiology research., Katelyn DeNegre

The role claudin-3 in blood-testis barrier reorganization., Jing Fan

Improved position-dependent sequence motif characterization and automated transfer for gene prediction., Justin Gardin

Characterization of Unc5d netrin receptor in developing mouse brain and retina., Jude Gonsalves

FcRn : The antibody receptor of the immune system., Yonas Hailu

Development and reconstruction of the neuronal cell types in the cell ontology., Morgan V. Hightshoe

A systems biology approach to the genetic dissection of obesity in a C57BL/6J x C3H/HeJ F2 mouse cross., Justin Huang

Locating Lepr db/9J mutation in female and male mice., Aleah Kenner

Identifying quantitative trait loci for hip axis geometry phenotypes in C57BL/6J X CAST/EiJ inbred mice., Amy Marie Michaud

Elucidating the function of the gene adducing 3 (gamma) in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia., Ceslee D. Montgomery

Genomic instability in hematopoietic stem cells in B6 and BALB mice., Olivia Moody

Development of mouse models for hereditary deafness and gene expression analysis and distribution., Bailey C. Peck

Predicting associations between genes and phenotypes using Bayesian networks., Sheetal Rajagopal

A mouse model for the effects of Tenofovir on vitamin D pathway, calcium homeostasis, and bone mineral density in HIV patients., Jacqueline Rodriguez

Building a cell cycle ontology for mouse based on the Mouse Genome Informatics Database., David Robert Smith

Discovering new mouse models for female reproductive diseases., Mandesa Smith

Investigating sodium channel variants for genetic modifers in epileptic mice.l, Michael Stanley

Discovery of genes that contribute to normal lung development., Isaac St. John

The effect of Pank3 on HDL levels in mice., Lidia Valdes

The effect of the Little mutation (lit/lit) on the activation state of the mTor pathway., Yiftusira Girma Wondimu

Investigating a mutant mouse strain with progressive neurodegeneration., Matthew Younger

Submissions from 2008

Verification of Pank3 as a candidate gene underlying a mouse HDL QTL., Sarah Amend

In comparison to B6, is faster aging of hematopoietic stem cell function in BALB/cBy due to increased susceptibility to genomic instability?, Harmony B. Bell

The joy of science, Jacqueline Boytim

Quantitative allometric description and genetic analysis of a novel skeletal mutant, rhizomelia (rzm), Matthew Chroust

Quantitative trait loci analysis of blood pressure in an eight intercross mouse study, Marion Elizabeth Deerhake

A new genetic system for mammalian cells. Testing for the presence of the interferon system, Sarah DeVos

Functional trends among genes associated with desert regions., Alex Ellison

Understanding the role of Timp1, Ereg, Tnc, and Vcan in glaucoma, Christopher J. Ferreira

microRNA expression pattern in normal mouse lung development and cancer, Kevin Hawkins

Quantitative trait loci analysis of kidney weight in an eight intercross mouse study., Ryan Keating

Complex complexities, William Joseph Kornahrens