The Summer Student Program began in 1924 when University of Maine President C.C. Little (our founder) brought six undergraduates to Mount Desert Island for a summer of biological field studies. The Summer Student Program officially became a part of the Jackson Memorial Laboratory's operation in 1931.

Students participate in an ongoing research program with the support of an experienced scientific mentor. They develop an independent project, implement their plan, analyze the data, and report the results. At the end of the summer, they present their findings to researchers, other students, and parents.


Submissions from 2005

Genetic regulation of tail skin fibroblast aging in vitro., Katherine E. Gaire

Mechanisms of alpha-GalCer inhibition of type 1 diabetes in NOD mice., Alexandra E. Grier

Cutaneous immunomolecular pathological phenotyping of mutant mice., Sarah M. Hamilton

Exploring gene duplication on chromosome 1 to elucidate functional organization., Niculin Herz

Growth hormone deficiency and abnormal carbohydrate metabolic aging in the Little mice (Ghrhrlit/Ghrhrlit)., Diana Kombe

Fine mapping of two novel deafness mutations in mice., Gretchen Lewis

Ontological modeling of a metabolic disease., Daniel Lieber

Mapping quantitative trait loci (QTL) in phenotypically selected insipient congenic "Buff" neuromuscular degeneration (nmd) mice that protect the heart from dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), Innocent Ndzana

Creating a leukodystrophy database., Farre Nixon

Analysis of the effects of oxidative stress on forebrain development., Katie O'Hara

What is the interaction between the W57 and W42 mutations?, Nicole Rothenheber

Identifying HDL genes in chromosome 8 QTLs using B6 and A/J., Kristin Russell

High-density sex-specific recombination mapping of a 25 megabase region on mouse chromosome 1., Kathryn Sawyer

The voltage dependent calcium channel and its association with absence epilepsy., Kayle Shapero

Novel software for flexible data analysis and visualization in genomics., Troy Shapiro

Interplays between mouse mammary tumor virus and its host., Zachary Smith

Exploring novel mechanisms in a mouse model of rostrocaudal muscular dystrophy., Laura Supkoff

Investigation of isolated cells from a mouse model of mammary cancer., Hannah M. Tetreault

Characterization of phenotype of mutant gene causing meiosis failure of mouse spermatocytes., Jenny Tiskus

nm2608A, a naturally arising mouse model for human autosomal recessive achromatopsia 2., Xin Wang

The roles of adhesion molecules in leukemia., Zhu Wang

Feedback regulation of the adaptive immune response by fas-induced apoptosis of APCs., Jessica Watson

Mouse models of retinal degeneration: NMF 247 and 240., Carrie Whiting

High resolution genetic mapping and characterization of the ENU induced mouse obesity mutation NMF15., Mariaah Williams

IFN-y dependent resistance mechanism of I/LnJ mice to retroviruses., Leonid Yurkovetskiy

Submissions from 2004

Using bioinformatics approaches to catalyze disease gene discovery., Ayodele Adesanya

Susceptibility factors for glaucomatous neurodegeneration., Joe Barter

A network approach to cancer genetics: visual portrayal of cancer pathways with genetic database references., Rebecca A. Barter

A network approach to cancer genetics: visual portrayal of cancer pathways with genetic database references., Rebecca A. Barter

What I did on my summer vacation. 2004 Summer Student research summaries for the non-scientist., Amber Bauer

Exploring common features of gene cluster and desert nuclear organization and their links to gene expression., Laura Brenner

Assessing gene ontology annotation consistancy., Megan E. Campbell

Uncovering the role of the agrin protein in Alzheimer's disease neurodegeneration., Constantin Chikando

Using in silico analysis to narrow quantitative trait loci for high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and testing candidate genes., Alison Cook

Mechanism for tumor induction by mouse mammary tumor virus., Silas Culver

Temporal and spatial expression of ALMS1 protein in alms1 gene trap mice., Erika Cyr

The role of Sf1 in gonadal sex determination in C57BL/6J (B6) mice., Jane Ferguson

Comparison of accelerated versus retarded diabetes in two genetically modified stocks of NOD/Lt mice., Nathan A. Harbacek

The role of growth hormone on aging., Bomopregha A. Julius

Genetic studies of deafness mutations., Hannah L. Kiernes

Assessment of analgesics in mice., Ebony King

Genetics of a mutation that leads to hearing loss., Julie A. Linden

Spontaneous hematological mutations in mice., Gina Luchini

Localization of mitochondria during early development of the mouse embryo., Jacquelyn Masse

Gene identification of the spontaneous Fitfull mutation., Amanda Muscat

Identification of homologous 3'-untranslated region sequences and characterization of conserved regulatory elements., Jill M. Recla

Genetic mutations linked with mouse ear infections., Whitney A. Reid

The normoblastis mutation in mice: investigation of neurological deficits in the nb/nb cerebellum., Jesse Sayers

Bone formation in B6.C3H-9 congenic strain with male specific reduction in bone mineral density (BMD)., Carolyn C. Schook

Bioinformatics search for stem cell regulatory mechanisms., Michael Segal

Detecting helicobacter spp. by fecal PCR analysis., Mihaela Senek

The role of linkage disequilibrium in the functional organization of chromosomes within the inbred mouse genome., Angela Sia

Identifying genetic polymorphisms that contribute to kidney disease., Caitlin Stanton

Roles of cyclin D1 in BCR/ABL signaling., Sarah J. Swerdlow

Positional cloning of a novel neuromuscular mutation., Ashley Phillips Taylor

Mapping obesity genes., Alicia Kim Vose

The genetic analysis of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease., Abby Winterberg

Understanding B10.D2 mice's resistance to diabetogenic IS-CD8+ T cells., Carol Yan

Identifying and mapping the mutant allele for retinal degeneration in nm3448., Jiyang Zhang

Submissions from 2003

Characterization of autoimmune mediated myositis in the NOD.IFNyRbetaTg mouse., Ashley R. Bamman

The nature of alternative polyadenylation sites in yeast., Seema Bhopale

Genetic basis and phenotypic effects of a novel mouse muscular dystrophy and limb developmental mutation., Michael E. Birnbaum

Mrf2 as a candidate gene for atherosclerosis susceptibility in mice., Alisha Biser

Erythroid ankyrin (Ank1) gene expression in C2C12 myoblasts during differentiation in culture: usage of alternative 3' UTRs., Sara A. Bumgardner

Developmental rates predict longevity in genetically heterogeneous mice., Teressa Egeler

Post-doc housing: environmentally friendly solutions to housing and childcare needs on MDI., Emily Eller

Expression of WNT-beta-catenin signaling pathway members in oocytes and preimplantation embryos., Bryce Haac

Bioinformatics of disease., David Haluska

Pathogenesis of alopecia and ulcerative dermatitis in C57BL/6J mice., Jennifer Hayford

Multiparametric evaluation and enumeration of murine hematopoietic stem cells in various strains., Karen Hussein

Investigation of FcRn induction by different stimuli and its importance on the half life of immunoglobulin G., Eda Kapinova

Positional cloning of a novel mouse neuromuscular mutation., Alexandra L. Kieffer

Real-time PCR analysis of gene expression in adipose tissue of obese tubby mice., Stephanie Liu

Gene expression in retinal development., Rebecca C. Lock

Metabolic function in three strains of neonatal diabetic mouse models., Anne MacNeil

Mapping the viral infectivity controller gene conferring resistance to mouse mammary tumor virus infection in I/LnJ mice., Mary Mechetner

The role of gene "Deserts" in chromosome structure., Kelly R. Molloy

Fine mapping of MHC linked gene(s) conferring resistance to IS-CD8+ cell induced diabetes., Ian Monk

Searching QTLs by gene expression: analysis of diabesity., William I. Olver

Identifying bacteria and characterizing pathology of Otitis medica in mice., Adalme Pena

Mapping a gene influencing B cell percentages in blood and spleen cells., Tiffany Pinchinat

Molecular mechanisms of leukemogenesis induced by two human oncogenes: BCR/ABL and TEL/PDGFbetaR in a murine model., Camden Ramsay

Identifying the gene for Hdlq7, a quantitative trait locus the regulates high density lipoprotein cholesterol concentrations in mice., Regina L. Readling

Genetic and phenotypic analysis of Jitterbug (jbg), a novel spontaneous mutation causing deafness and vestibular dysfunction in mice., Katherine W. Saylor

Absence of TNF receptors may decrease diabetic nephropathy., Max Stem

ALMS1: mutational analysis in humans and subcellular localization in TallyHo mice., Vanessa J. Sterling

Capturing age-retarding alleles through selection for longevity., Kathryn L. Stewart

Creation of an online relational database housing human and mouse cancer genes., Andrew J. Sweatt

Positional cloning of the Pintail gene., Edward George Tailfeathers

Software for in silico positional candidate analysis., Brad Witham

Role of the virally encoded gag gene in mouse mammary tumor virus-induced mammary tumors., Annie Zhang

Submissions from 2002


A study of an atypical small isoform of the cytoskeletal protein ankyrin in the heart., Jennifer Baker

Investigating the biological pathway through which Nr2e3 functions., Joemma Berberich

From stem cells to neuron progenitors to neurons, oligodendricytes, and astrocytes: determining the destiny of differentiating neuronal subventricular zone stem cells in vitro., Nicollette Bolton

Mapping of a gene regulating B lymphocyte proportions in mouse peripheral blood., Emily R. Cuthbertson

Defective B cell tolerance mechanisms in the NOD mouse., Joseph William Dombrowsky

Neural stem cells in MRL and CD-1 mice., Nathan Dorr

Quantitative trait locus analysis for cholesterol gallstone susceptibility and phenotypic evaluation of candidate genes using 129S1/SvImJ and CAST/Ei inbred mouse strains., Bethany L. Dumont

Evaluation of pheromonal and hormonal treatments for the synchronization of estrus in mice., Jared J. Eddy