The Summer Student Program began in 1924 when University of Maine President C.C. Little (our founder) brought six undergraduates to Mount Desert Island for a summer of biological field studies. The Summer Student Program officially became a part of the Jackson Memorial Laboratory's operation in 1931.

Students participate in an ongoing research program with the support of an experienced scientific mentor. They develop an independent project, implement their plan, analyze the data, and report the results. At the end of the summer, they present their findings to researchers, other students, and parents.


Submissions from 1999

Mapping a gene responsible for increased stem cell function in CXB12 mice using the cobblestone in vitro assay., Kristin Walson

Towards understanding the mechanism of the transmembrane receptor Unc5h3 in neuronal migration., Elisabeth Wurtmann

Selection of molecular markers for genetic analysis of developmental rate in C3HxCAST intercross., Chance E. Yohman

Submissions from 1998

Analysis of the genetic cross C57BL/6J x A/J for obesity quantitative trait loci., Kristen M. Belfi

Gene therapy of insulin dependent diabetes mellitus in NOD mice., John J. Bendokas

Chromosomal regions timing the first adult hair cycle in mice., Jason Burwen

Genetic characterization of diabetes in selected female mice from the diabetes protective factor cross., Laura Delbridge

Generating deletions within the mouse t complex., Jessica Dimson

Graphical representations of conserved regions between mouse and human genomes., Margaret Douglass

Toward the positional cloning of a new mouse mutation causing hind limb paralysis and digit abnormalities., Elizabeth A. Good

Investigation of the role of S-AKAP84 in the genetic control of brown adipocyte induction in white adipose tissue., Heather Hammerstedt

Creating a bioinformatics resource: problems and promise., Christina M. Hull

Novel approaches for eliciting transplantation immunity., Anne Jefferson

Documenting the cloning process for gene p48/52., Alice Letcher

The use of microsatelitte mouse markers to study the genetic diversity of beaver and spruce grouse populations on Mount Desert Island., Devin Lueddeke

Mapping genes that regulate volumetric bone mineral density in BXH recombinant inbred strains of mice., Margaret E. McCrann

Mapping the mouse Y chromosome., Bryan B. McQuade

Serial analysis gene expression of a 10.5 day old mouse embryo., Vail Miller

Th1 and Th2 CD4+T cells from NOD mice vary in susceptibility to AICD but do not differentially contribute to autoimmune diabetes., Erin M. Nelli

The effects of thyroid hormone dose on minimal oxygen consumption in mice., Trey Powers

Identification of the mutation in x-spectrin of a new mutant with hemolytic anemia., Amanda N. Roesch

Identification of transcription factors in the mouse 2-cell embryo and analysis of their translational activation., Michael Roopenian

Using ApoA-IMilano gene therapy to protect against atherosclerosis., Corina Rosales

Genetic effects of hyper hematopoietic stem cells., Benjamin H. Schmidt

To test the hypothesis the mEMS88 embryonic (ES) cell line has germline potential., Bobby0Jo Shirley

Production of a deletion panel at the pim-1 locus of the t-complex in mouse chromosome 17., Karen T. Smith

In search of the genes for epilepsy: a fine mapping project., Hilary Stanley

Elimination of autoreactive T cells using ectopically FasL and autoantigen in B cells lacking co-stimulatory molecules., Nathaniel Stetson

A failure of erythropoiesis in Band 3 deficient mice suggests a modifier gene influences red blood cell terminal differentiation., Rebecca A. Swearingen

Obesity in C57BLKS and HRS mice., Pei-Shan Christine Thai

Chromosomal localization of ocular abnormalities in C57BL/6-Trp53 homozygous null mutants., Ludger Tushaus

Environmental initiatives at the Jackson Laboratory., Kristin Vekasi

Expression studies and physical mapping associated with the Piebald Lethal deletion., Stephen J. Warner

The association between hormone deficiency and hearing loss in mice., Dara Zweig

Submissions from 1997

Studies to understand factors influencing glaucoma., Lily M. Belfi

Positional cloning of the Punk Rocker mutation., Christopher Berry

Phenotypic characterization of the spontaneous Piebald Lethal deletion and mapping of the s24Pub deletion., Dennis M. Bissonnette

Effect of age of hematopoietic stem cell activity in vitro in CXB RI mice., Dean Campagna

Mouse colony maintenance and breeding experiments., Rachel E. Cox

Completion of a YAC contig spanning the minor histocompatibility gene H3a., Sonal B. Dave

Alopecia in C57BL/6J female mice., Bethany Dede

Genomic pattern identification., Natalie Mildred Douglas

Creating an information resource on the internet., Jefferson Hobbs

Cataracts., Sara Hurd

Automated mouse shavings disposal., Ryan Johnson

Over-expression of the putative autoantigen GAD65 in beta cells of NOD/Lt transgenic mice., Benjamin M. Lee

Mapping genes and markers with a mouse radiation hybrid panel., Allen P. Lerner

Development of an improved strain of transgenic mice for the preparation of puromycin-resistant embryonic stem (ES) cell feeder layers., Elizabeth R. Linnell

The genetic dtermination of cold-sensitivity in BALB/cByJ mice., Walker MacCormick

Determining if the mouse phosphoglycerate kinase promotor drives high levels of expression of the human apolipoprotein A-1 in descendants of human stem cells., Stacy McCallan

A year in bioinformatics., Max McGarr

Using limiting dilution cobblestone area forming cell assays to detect hematopoietic stem cell defects., Genevieve M. Monsees

Genetics tutorial project., Jason Moody

The Molecular characterization of the cold-sensitivity of BALB/cByJ mice., Lauren K. Morges

Mean sperm counts of several inbred strains in PBS and CPA: analysis of total count, motility and cryopreservation effect., Meghan Beth Palmer

Positional cloning of the mdm mutation., Chandrika Rajan

Molecular biology incorporated into the Of Mice and Mendel genetics source., Suzanna Rich

Rostral cerebellar malformation (rcm): further characterization of phenotype and analysis of protein mechanism., Melanie Roberts

Shavings disposal system., Michael Roopenian

Characterization of embryonic brain structure in mice with a genomic deletion leading to aggressive adult behavior., Jennifer Saionz

Using mice as models for human osteoporosis., Jocelyn Sharp

Molecular analysis of a spontaneous anemia mutation in the mouse reveals a premature stop codon in the cytoplasmic domain of the erythrocyte band in gene (Ae1)., Rebecca A. Swearingen

A typical task in bioinformatics., Christopher Tracy

Using genetic tools from the mouse to estimate genetic diversity in the black rhinoseros., Joshua Veatch

Evaluating effects of cyclophosphamide on meiotic recombination in mice., Leah Rosa Weinberg

Studies on gene therapy of autoimmune diabetes in NOD mice., Kristin M. Willcox

Submissions from 1996

Development of retroviral vectors to infect murine hematopoietic stem cells with the human apolipoprotein A-I gene to elevate HDL- cholesterol as a potential therapy for athersclerosis: a test of validity of the mouse model and the retroviral technique., Stuart Bradley Abelson

An investigation of the antigen presenting function of a new NOD macrophage cell line., Christopher D. Adams

Creation of a targeting vector for the functional mapping of mouse chromosome 17., Edward Cho

Transgenic mice for the preparation of feeder layers in gene targeting., Agnieszka K. Czopik

B2m effects both progression of the B cell lymphoma and the life expectancy in SJL mice., Kohar Der Simonian

The role of GAD65 in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus causation in NOD/Lt mice., Tiffany N. Flaum

Contributions of B-lymphocytes to the development of pancreatic beta cell autoreactive T lymphocytes in the NOD mouse model of insulin dependent diabetes mellitus., Sara Anne Fleming

A genetic and physical map surrounding the transplantation antigen H3a., Jennifer Hackstt

Isolating 3'exons from the Stargazer region., Sarah Hipkens

The role of Mac-1 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha in the immunopathological changes observed in Motheaten and Viable Motheaten mice., Rachel C. Kidman

Analysis of thrombi and infarctions in erythroid x-spectrin deficient mice., John C. Lee

High resolution mapping of the adrenal lipid depletion gene., Matthew Lerner

Of mice and Mendel: the online genetics tutorial., Meghann Mabon

Computational and statistical modeling of shared haplotypes in QTL mapping., Joshua Pincus

The effects of the LH-RH agonist [Des-Gly10, D-Ala6, Pro-NHet9] on the estrus cycle of the mouse., Myrtland Roberts

A mouse model of human gene therapy for atherosclerosis., Gregory K. Scott

The characterization of high density lipoproteins as an antioxidant in vivo., Eboni Smith

Quantitative trait loci analysis in the inbred strains SM and NZB., Megan A. Staton

The effect of a ketogenic diet on seizure frequency in the EL and SWXL-4 strains of mice., Jason Tarbet

Using mouse genetic tools to study genetic diversity in the African black rhinoceros., Joshua Veatch

Mice, mice, baby!: Generating interactive genetics crosses on the World Wide Web., Katherine E. Wong

Submissions from 1995

Effect of nutritional anti-oxidents on radiation-induced increases in somatic mutations rates., Sky David Agnitti

Investigation of the IL-6 synthesis pathway in murine peripheral blood monocytes., Susanne E. Ahmari

High resolution genetic and YAC-based physical mapping of a transplantation antigen gene on mouse chromosome 2., Heidi J. Auman

A graphical interface for displaying and interacting with strain pedigrees and strain derivation histories., Amar Bajpayee

Function of Idd13 in autoimmune diabetes., Emmie I. Chen

The genetic control of hyperalphalipoproteinemia., Scott R. DuBois

Development of an erythroid beta-spectrin transgenic construct with tissue specific expression., Holly Ann Field

Towards the positional cloning of the fidget (fi) mutation located on mouse chromosome 2., Jennifer Gervais

Studies of autoimmune diabetes in the NOD mouse., Heide M. Girardin

The characterization of tubby (tub) and the mapping of a modifying factor., Johannah Kone

Graphical rendering of homology between the mouse and human genomes., Victor Dragon Ko

Etl2 constructs for transgenic mice., Holger Kranich

The use of chromosome paints in localizing the translocation breakpoint in a mouse model for Down Syndrome., Jeremy Lambert