The Summer Student Program began in 1924 when University of Maine President C.C. Little (our founder) brought six undergraduates to Mount Desert Island for a summer of biological field studies. The Summer Student Program officially became a part of the Jackson Memorial Laboratory's operation in 1931.

Students participate in an ongoing research program with the support of an experienced scientific mentor. They develop an independent project, implement their plan, analyze the data, and report the results. At the end of the summer, they present their findings to researchers, other students, and parents.


Submissions from 2002

The genetic mapping of a novel mouse muscular dystrophy., Rebecca C. Edgerly

Immunohistological studies of ALMS1 in the mouse: differential expression in obesity mutants., Sarah Eichenberger

The role of growth hormone on development and maturation., Te-Ana Harris

Absence of adhesion molecules ICAM-I and P-selectin accelerates the development of chronic myeloid leukemia induced by BCR/ABL oncogene in mice., Daniel S. Hong

Immunohistochemical characterization of the developing mouse mammary gland., Meggan Hovick

The development of M cells in Peyer's Patches., Tammy Hshieh

Analyzing resistance of B10.D2 mice to insulin-specific diabetogenic CD8+ T cells., Maria Joachim

The transcriptional profile of three mouse chromosomes., Kriten E. Kai

Determining the function of the protein tubby by using the yeast-2-hybrid system., Kristin E. Kalie

Constructing an electronic resource of oncogene information., Charles Kircher

Molecular mechanisms of clozapine-induced hyperglycemia., Kristen Lingley

Gene expression profiles in autoimmune predisposed mice., Lisa L. Ng

Anti-retrovirus immune response and selection of viral variants with distinct pathogenic characteristics., Susannah Parke

Characterization of genes important in preimplantation development., Emily E. Radford

Klebsiella prevention using probiotics., Ricardo Salgado

Mouse mutagenesis database development and mutant characterization of embryonic lethal 15., Carly Satsuma

To oligo or not to oligo? That is the question! Optimizing oligonucleotide arrays using normal and cancerous breast RNA., Julia M. Schmitz

Genetic analysis of the vl mouse., Melissa Spurr

Screening mice for otitis media: assessment of middle ear status in 60 inbred strains of mice., Isaac Tong

Genetic interactions between Jagged1 and Notch1 during embryogenesis., Kate Violette

Finding and testing the candidate genes that determine the high density lipoprotein cholesterol levels in the mouse cross C57BL/6J X NZB/B1NJ., Richard Wagner

Submissions from 2001

The genetic basis of cholelithiasis: a quantitative trait locus (QTL) analysis of CAST/Ei and DBA/2J mouse strains., Laura E. Ayotte

Use of recombinant congenic mouse strains for analysis of diabesity., Victoria Barron

Testing hepatic lipase as a candidate gene for cholesterol gallstone formation in SWR/J and AKR/J inbred strains of mice., Kristin Brubaker

Candidate gene analysis of ALR/Lt. strain's free radical dissipation locus., Thomas Cassidy

Genetic modification of retinal degeneration in tubby mice., Da Chang

Oocyte gene knockouts with a novel technique utilizing BAC's as vectors., Julie Crudele

Optimizing signal amplification in immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization., Susannah Dickerson

An internship in the Mouse Mutant Resource., Meghan Goff

Gene discovery in the piebald region of mouse chromosome 14., Jackson B. Hewlett

Retroviral recombination and the loss of tumorigenicity., Margaret Hsieh

The effects of hypophysectomy with corticosterone on health span., Elijah Hutchinson

Optimization of an immunohistochemistry technique to label phagocyte-like cells in the retina of viable motheaten mice., Jane Jih

Subclinical infections in immunocompomised mice: a closer look., Lily Johnston

Adapting Lee Silver's book, Mouse Genetics: concepts and applications, for the web., Daniel S. Lawrence

Mechanism of mouse mammary tumor virus neutralization by antibodies produced in I/LnJ mice., Nilah Monnier

A comparison of inositol polyphosphate type II expression in relation to neuronal loss in the weeble mouse., Terri Myers

The genetic mapping of the foot-topper (Ftp) mutation and its modifiers., Jesse J. Mynahan

Genetic analyses of bone strength in inbred strains of mice., Jennifer Mytar

Optimizing detection and sorting of protein secreting cells using GMD and FACs., Kseniya Petrova

Characterization of purkinje cell degeneration in nb/nb mice., Emily Quirion

Characterizing genes important in preimplantation embryo development., Emily E. Radford

Mining for genes important preimplantation embryo development., Emily E. Radford

The mouse phenome project: acoustic startle response and prepulse inhibition., Matthew Reid

Genetically mapping the foot-topper (Ftp) mutation and its modifiers., Amy E. Russell

Phenotyping the chronic proliferative dermatitis (cpdm) mutant mouse., Anne P. Spillane

The chronic proliferative dermatitis locus (cpdm): high resolution mapping., Erin L. Spillane

The role of IFNy in mycobacterium-induced diabetes resistance in the NOD mouse., Brian Stadinski

Endocrine and environmental factors that retard aging in mammals., Dana Swanson

The effect of induced mutations on the B6 background on hematopoietic stem cell surface marker phenotype and hematopoietic stem cell function., Michael TeKippe

The generation of insulin producing, islet type cells from embryonic stem cells., Jessica M. Tierney

Submissions from 2000

Androgen receptor levels in ovarian granulosa cells of granulosa cell tumor susceptible mouse strains., Sudeep Agarwala

Genes supporting neural stem cell population in the adult brain., Rachel L. Allen

Comparing telomere lengths and identifying carriers of trisomy and Sod1 in the Down Syndrome mouse model., Dorothy E. Boles

Yeast two-hybrid analysis of skeletal muscle protein interactions., Catherine Del Vecchio

Genetic control of neutrophil superoxide burst activity in diabetes resistant ALR/Lt mice: a key to locating diabetes resistance genes?, Brian Dunn

A novel mechanism of resistance to retroviral infection., Melody G. Duvall

The role of lymphocytes in the organogenesis of Peyer's Patches., Dennis Hsieh

Genetic mapping of a new semi-dominant mouse mutation: Foot-topper (Ftp), Rachel M. Lee

The effects of cryopreservation on the motility of mouse spermatozoa., Andrews Little

The creation of a GAD67 condtional knock-out: a mouse model for the study of insulin dependent diabetes., Peter Madden

Effects of Sod on development in mouse model on Down's Syndrome., Jacki Medin-Ghiraldi

Mapping the insertion site of the Zp3-Cre transgene., Lauren Naliboff

A characterization of myeloid differentiation using flow cytometry., William I. Olver

Design of a knockout construct for an X-linked dynein light chain, P56387, a candidate for primary ciliary dyskinesia., Jill Marie Ricker

Characterization of spontaneous mutants Toothhopper, NM2804, and NM1360., Margaret Samra

The role of the MTHFR gene in cerebellar development., Abigail Shaw

Genetic factors influencing frozen murine spermatozoa viability and function., Michelle A. Theobald

Creation of a bioinformatics resource: designing and implementing a phenotype vocabulary., Kelly E. Tolle

Development of a comparative pathology resource for animal models for human colo-rectal cancer., Pierre Vanden Borre

Characterization of the inferior olive and PNS development in cerebellar deficient folia (cdf) mice. ..SP:Dr. Susan Ackerman. date, Amy B. Vashlishan

Migration and proliferation trends of donor T-lymphocytes in a murine model of minor histocompatibility antigen-induced graft-versus-host disease., Breelyn A. Wilky

Submissions from 1999

Effects of the maternal environment on a mouse model for Down Syndrome., Celia Adelson

Molecular characterization of SHP-1 protein-tyrosine phosphatase expression in C57BL/6J SHP-1 transgenic and Motheaten/SHP-1 transgenic mice., Chris Ahlers

Somatic cell genetic mapping of the Ram1 tumor antigen gene., Shreeram Akilesh

Localizing target proteins on mouse tissue samples using mouse monoclonal antibodies., Alecia Ball

Analysis of new Zp3-CRE transgenic lines., Lorraine T. Binns

Bio-informatics, Andrew Borden-Chisholm

Analysis of the Cobblestone assay as an approximation of hematopoietic stem cell function., David Boshko

Mouse / fly homologies on mouse chromosome 2., Douglas A. Calhoun

Gene expression of NZO/HLt mice by Atlas cDNA expression arrays., Kimberly J. Chung

The effects of aging on the telomere length of hematopoietic stem cells in BALB/cByJ and C57BL/6J mice., Paul F. Gugger

Isolation and characterization of a Dynein Light Chain Pseudogene, tctex1PS, of the mouse t complex., Susan E. Habas

Conditional Fas knock-out in pancreatic insulin-producing beta cells., Heather Hartig

A locus responsible for brain development, tailless (Tlx), is proximal to Zfa on mouse chromosome 10 and is located at 28 cM., Mary Catherine Healy

Development of a mouse Trp53 mutation database., Winnie Liang

Effects of cryopreservation on the acrosome and fertilizing ability of mouse spermatozoa., Rita MacCormick

The effects of population size and marker density on power to detect QTL., Genevieve M. Monsees

Genetic analysis of developmental phenotypes in a CASTxC3H intercross., Matthew D. Mrazek

Construction of an retroviral vector containing the Hu APOA-1 Milano gene., Michael A. Newton

The comparative cancer genetics web site., Beto Peliks

CD4 molecules lacking p56lck binding site promote T cell recognition of MHC class I., Stephen Poon

A high-resolution map of the piebald(s) deletion complex on chromosome 14., Jeffrey Roix

Molecular approaches to understanding retinal degenerations., Philip C. Rosenstiel

Examination of dying granule and purkinje cells in harlequin and sticky mutant mice., Marlies Rossman

A comparison of sperm osmotic tolerances between C57BL/6J and B6D2F1., Sarah Rubin

Looking for new alleles in mouse mutants with absence epilepsies., Valeria Smith

Mechanisms of tumorigenesis induced by simple retroviruses., Stephanie Turner

Guidelines for developing staining panels for multi-parametric fluorescent analysis., Kristin Vekasi

Knocking-out the H13 gene., Travis Walls