The Summer Student Program began in 1924 when University of Maine President C.C. Little (our founder) brought six undergraduates to Mount Desert Island for a summer of biological field studies. The Summer Student Program officially became a part of the Jackson Memorial Laboratory's operation in 1931.

Students participate in an ongoing research program with the support of an experienced scientific mentor. They develop an independent project, implement their plan, analyze the data, and report the results. At the end of the summer, they present their findings to researchers, other students, and parents.


Submissions from 2009

The effect of the Little mutation (lit/lit) on the activation state of the mTor pathway., Yiftusira Girma Wondimu

Investigating a mutant mouse strain with progressive neurodegeneration., Matthew Younger

Submissions from 2008

Verification of Pank3 as a candidate gene underlying a mouse HDL QTL., Sarah Amend

In comparison to B6, is faster aging of hematopoietic stem cell function in BALB/cBy due to increased susceptibility to genomic instability?, Harmony B. Bell

The joy of science, Jacqueline Boytim

Quantitative allometric description and genetic analysis of a novel skeletal mutant, rhizomelia (rzm), Matthew Chroust

Quantitative trait loci analysis of blood pressure in an eight intercross mouse study, Marion Elizabeth Deerhake

A new genetic system for mammalian cells. Testing for the presence of the interferon system, Sarah DeVos

Functional trends among genes associated with desert regions., Alex Ellison

Understanding the role of Timp1, Ereg, Tnc, and Vcan in glaucoma, Christopher J. Ferreira

microRNA expression pattern in normal mouse lung development and cancer, Kevin Hawkins

Quantitative trait loci analysis of kidney weight in an eight intercross mouse study., Ryan Keating

Complex complexities, William Joseph Kornahrens

Characterization of the repro8 infertility phenotype in male mice, Kaitlin Laws

Genetic background effects on phenotypes of neuro-muscular disease models: with a concentration on proximal spinal muscular atrophy, Beiyun Caitlin Liu

Claudin-3 and claudin-11 localization in sertoli cell tight junctions, Gideon Logan

Phenotypic analysis of mice heterozygous for Trim28, Kai Alexandra Mills

Identification of proteins modified by SUMO during male germ cell development, Constantine Monzidelis

Characterization of a meiotic recombination trans-acting factor, Allyson Palmer

nm6599, a new mouse model for human CSNB2, Shiyi Pang

The use of immunohistochemistry to characterize the role of dicer in the mouse male germline, Gabrielle Puente

Mapping the mutation underlying albuminuria in the Rn/11 line, Ruksana Rangwala

Factors controlling intraocular pressure elevation, Patti Scarff

Brain cancer stem cell genes, Natasha Shylo

A new molecular screen for Akt/TOR activation, Laura L. Smith

A phenotypic analysis of Pax3 lineage notch1 conditionally null mice, Gregory L. Sousa

3D charachterization of the synaptonemal complex on the 100 NM scale, Emily Suter

Bioinformatics as a tool for finding candidate genes for quantitative trait loci, Judith Vasquez

Validation of humanized mouse models, Jennifer Margaret Wagner

Mining the mouse phenome database (MPD) to find candidate modifier genes: oles revealed for serum IGF-1 levels and FOXO3 inactivation in nmd mice, Jennifer Whiting

Determining the origin of cardiac progenitor cells repopulating the heart, Eric Y. Zhang

Submissions from 2007

Determination of the functions and molecular mechanisms of Id2 and Id4 in brain development, Kasima Brown

Genetic regulation of bone mineral density in mouse inbred strains, LaRae Brown

Genetic and phenotype mapping of a novel neurodegenerative mutation and characterization of its pathology, Sylvia K. Dasi

Genetic modulation of immune system function in BXSB-Yaa mice, Caitlin Deane

Identification of linkage disequilibrium domains in inbred mice, Alexandra Denby

Trans-acting genes mediate the activity and sex specificity of recombination hotspots in mice, Caleb Dresser

Probing mechanism of neurodevelopment using novel mouse mutant, Tiffany Hammond

Jaxbook, Chenxing Han

The roles of Nmyc (Mycn) in the Ph+ leukemias, Nataliya Ilyashenko

Genetic regulation of traits of female reproductive history, Hope Kronman

RF11: Developing a mouse model for renal failure, Paul L. Maitland-McKinley

Web-interface database for comparative cancer quantitative trait loci (QTLs), Victoria Massie

Examination and identification of Lat2 as a candidate gene of the metabolic syndrome in Nmf15 mice, Jameson K. Mattingly

Towards a molecular and genetic understanding of aqueous humor drainage in glaucoma, Heather McLaughlin

The metabolic treadmill: a screening tool to verify differences in mice with neuromuscular, metabolic, and cardiovascular disorders, Joseph Mercado

Candidate gene identification of the Gct4 and Gct6 granulosa cell (GC) tumor susceptibility loci, Katelyn Michaud

The effect of myostatin blockage on MDM mouse skeletal muscle, Seanna Pieper-Jordan

Identifying and testing metabolic pathway regulation genes on mouse chromosomes 3 and 8, Renita Polk

Factors controlling intraocular pressure elevation, Jenny Rempel

Using a chemically defined media to freeze mouse sperm, Pamela A. Reyes

The effects of four sub strains of Klebsiella oxytoca in C57BL/6J mice, Sandra Schleier

Genomic mapping and phenotypic characterization of the mutant mouse strain CFENU4/"Gutsy", Stephanie Siegmund

The role of the blood ocular barrier in glaucoma and neuroprotection, Beryl Swanson

Identification of network motifs in lung disease, Cecily Swinburne

Biological relevance of the three-cell mouse embryo, Nicolas E. Tokas

Ontological modeling for knowledge representation of lung disease, Esther Uduehi

The role of NF-kappaB in BCR-ABL leukemogenesis, Cynthia Wei

A new model of T cell quiescence, Timothy C. Wentworth

The gene expression response to high-fat diet, David Witmer

Exploring relationships between and within different classes of "gene deserts" in the mouse genome, Cheryl Zapata

Characteristics of 4601 and nm4120, mutants for retinal degeneration, Zhen Zhang

Submissions from 2006

Characterizing a potentially new neurological mutation involving shaking., Anselm Beach

IL-21 and SLE., Shauna Bennett

Camp Jax: a summer of discovery., Haley Bridger

Bioinformatics approaches for candidate gene analysis., Dorian Britt

The "thrombocytopenia and cardiomyopathy" (trac) mutation: effects of phytosterols on normal platelet production, Alex S. Burn

Integration of the gene ontology and human disease description., Curt Christian

Aging and metabolism: the role of neuropeptide Y., Elizabeth Clore

Mouse hearing models: genetic mapping and ear pathology., Leah A. Davis

Breast cancer stem cells., Zinaida Dedeic

Does cryopreservation decapacitate C57BL/6J sperm?, Katherine Leah Gassman

Analysis of iNKT cells in NOD and diabetes resistant NOD MHC congenics., Nyssa M. Gatcombe

Candidate genes affecting HDL levels on chromosome 15., Bartlett IV Harwood

In vivo anatomy and physiology of mouse respiratory system., Elan Jones

ABCG2, ID2, and ID4: cancer stem cells and cancer cell proliferation., Daniel Kelmenson

Positional cloning of the sjd mutation., Alexandra Landry

The role of the snail gene in the mouse mammary tumor virus-polyoma middle T (MMTV-PyMT) mouse model of tumor metastasis., Susan Lin

The role of PPARy in adipogenesis., Suzanne McCluskey

Testing candidate genes for HDL., Katherine McKelvey

Comparative genetics database for the study of female infertility., Grace Olamijulo

Mining metabolic pathway data from gene ontology annotation., Michael Petkov

Mid1 slternative promoters in B-cell proliferation and systemic lupus erythematosis., Harsha Prabhala

Genetic characterization of the cataract shionogi (Cts) mouse., Eric Reid

Genetic differences in cellular proliferative ability of ten day old embryos., Felicia R. Reid

Visualizing and quantifying events between the 2-cell and 4-cell stages of early mouse development., Nicole Seda

Molecular regulation of Kit oncogene in bone marrow stem cells., Yi-Meng Tan

The role of Artemis in suppression of chromosome instability at common fragile sites., Laura C. Titus

Visualization of genome organization in the laboratory mouse., Arielle M. Torres

The effect of the ectopic expression of Id2 and Id4 on the ability of neural stem cells to self-renew, proliferate and differentiate., Steven Yum

Analyzing gene expression in mouse strains., Luis P. Zapata

Role of gene activity on nuclear organization of chromosome clusters and deserts., Jennifer W. Zhan

Submissions from 2005

Comparative genomics of localization elements in 3' untranslated region sequences., Alexandra E. Albert

Exploring the role of nuclear architecture in chromosome translocation patterns., Anthony R. Britt

The real science., Kristopher Carlson

Identifying novel genes regulating plasma high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels., Yu-Hwei Chou

Promoting the meiotic division of male germ cells in vitro., Jessica J. Deane

Immune cell demographics in lipodystrophic adipose tissue., Alison Dempsey

Comparison of 3-D volume measurement by microCT and high frequency ultrasound using the kidney as a model organ., David Len Elion

Hematopoietic and non-hematopoietic effects of CD38 and/or ART2 deficiency in type 1 diabetes., Bethany Evans