Faculty Research 1990 - 1999

Faculty Research 1990 - 1999



Submissions from 1990

Use of genetic models to investigate the hypophyseal regulation of senescence., K Flurkey and D E. Harrison


A linkage map of endogenous murine leukemia proviruses., W N. Frankel, J P. Stoye, B A. Taylor, and J M. Coffin

VH gene family repertoires of "viable motheaten: (mev) mice., A A. Freitas and C L. Sidman

Immune function in lines of mice selected for high or low degrees of behavioral asymmetry., E Fride, R L. Collins, P Skolnick, and P K. Arora

Strain-dependent association between immune function and paw preference in mice., E Fride, R L. Collins, P Skolnick, and P K. Arora

Localization of a mouse heat shock Hsp70 gene within the H-2 complex., H R. Gaskins, M Prochazka, J H. Nadeau, V W. Henson, and E H. Leiter

Isotype switching of an immunoglobulin heavy chain transgene occurs by DNA recombination between different chromosomes., R M. Gerstein, W N. Frankel, C L. Hsieh, J M. Durdik, S Rath, J M. Coffin, A Nisonoff, and E Selsing

EGF receptor down-regulation attenuates ligand-induced second messenger formation., A Gilligan, M Prentki, and B B. Knowles


The analysis of recessive lethal mutations in mice by using two-dimensional gel electrophoresis of liver proteins., C S. Giometti, S L. Tollaksen, M A. Gemmell, J Taylor, N Hawes, and T H. Roderick

Molecular analysis of the Mov 34 mutation: transcript disrupted by proviral integration in mice is conserved in Drosophila., T Gridley, D A. Gray, Weaver T. Orr, P Soriano, D E. Barton, U Francke, and R Jaenisch

Sequence conservation and structural organization of the glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase promoter in mice and humans., B Gwynn, K A. Lyford, and E H. Birkenmeier

Comparison of cytokine effects on mouse pancreatic alpha-cell and beta-cell lines. Viability, secretory function, and MHC antigen expression., K Hamaguchi and E H. Leiter

The murine situs inversus viscerum (iv) gene responsible for visceral asymmetry is linked tightly to the Igh-C cluster on chromosome 12., A J. Hanzlik, M Binder, W M. Layton, L Rowe, M Layton, B A. Taylor, M M. Osemlak, J E. Richards, D M. Kurnit, and G D. Stewart

Genetic Effects On Aging II., David E Harrison


Effects of transplantation on the primitive immunohematopoietic stem cell., D E. Harrison, M Stone, and C M. Astle

Gonadotropes in a novel rat pituitary tumor cell line, RC-4B/C. Establishment and partial characterization of the cell line., Ilse Hurbain-Kosmath, Annette Berault, Nadine Noel, Jolanta Polkowska, Anne Bohin, Marian Jutisz, Edward H. Leiter, Wesley G. Beamer, Hendrick G. Bedigian, Muriel T. Davisson, and David E. Harrison

Gonadotropes in a novel rat pituitary tumor cell line, RC-4B/C. Establishment and partial characterization of the cell line., Ilse Hurbain-Kosmath, Annette Berault, Nadine Noel, Jolanta Polkowska, Anne Bohin, Marian Jutisz, Edward H. Leiter, Wesley G. Beamer, Hendrick G. Bedigian, Muriel T. Davisson, and David E. Harrison


Interconversion of prebeta-migrating lipoproteins containing apolipoprotein A-I and HDL., B Y. Ishida, D Albee, and B Paigen

Recurrent mutation, gene conversion, or recombination at the human phenylalanine hydroxylase locus: evidence in French-Canadians and a catalog of mutations., S W. John, R Rozen, C R. Scriver, R Laframboise, and C Laberge

Relationships among dolichyl phosphate, glycoprotein synthesis, and cell culture growth., B D. Kabakoff, J W. Doyle, and A A. Kandutsch

Germline V genes encode viable motheaten mouse autoantibodies against thymocytes and red blood cells., K N. Kasturi, R Mayer, C A. Bona, V E. Scott, and C L. Sidman

Osteosarcomas in transgenic mice expressing an alpha-amylase-SV40 T-antigen hybrid gene., B B. Knowles, J McCarrick, N Fox, D Solter, and I Damjanov

The glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase gene-analysis of a complex structural domain and a null mutant., L P. Kozak, U Kozak, J Jerry, and J Wells


Correction of murine mucopolysaccharidosis VII by a human beta-glucuronidase transgene., J W. Kyle, E H. Birkenmeier, B Gwynn, C Vogler, P C. Hoppe, J W. Hoffmann, and W S. Sly

Patchy fur (Paf), a semidominant X-linked gene associated with a high level of X-Y nondisjunction in male mice., P W. Lane and M T. Davisson

Segregation patterns of endogenous mouse mammary tumor viruses in five recombinant inbred strain sets., B K. Lee and E M. Eicher

The Role of environmental factors in modulating insulin dependent diabetes., E H. Leiter

Viruses and diabetes: diabetogenic role for endogenous retroviruses in NOD mice?, E H. Leiter and K Hamaguchi


The genetics and epidemiology of diabetes in NOD mice [news], E H. Leiter, D V. Serreze, and M Prochazka

5-Fluorouracil spares hemopoietic stem cells responsible for long-term repopulation., C Lerner and D E. Harrison


A new dominant neurological mutant induced in the mouse by ethylene oxide., S E. Lewis, L B. Barnett, E C. Akeson, and M T. Davisson

Distribution and specific identification of papillomavirus major capsid protein epitopes by immunocytochemistry and epitope scanning of synthetic peptides., P S. Lim, A B. Jenson, L Cowsert, Y Nakai, L Y. Lim, X W. Jin, and J P. Sundberg

The mouse keratin 19-encoding gene: sequence, structure and chromosomal assignment., M Lussier, M Filion, J G. Compton, J H. Nadeau, L Lapointe, and A Royal

Mouse Zfx protein is similar to Zfy-2: each contains an acidic activating domain and 13 zinc fingers., G Mardon, S W. Luoh, E M. Simpson, G Gill, L G. Brown, and D C. Page

Mapping of the two mouse engrailed-like genes: close linkage of En-1 to dominant hemimelia (Dh) on chromosome 1 and of En-2 to hemimelic extra-toes (Hx) on chromosome 5., G R. Martin, M Richman, S Reinsch, J H. Nadeau, and A Joyner

Innervation and maturation of muscular tissue in testicular teratomas in strain 129/Sv-ter mice., M M:untener, U K:agi, L C. Stevens, and H Walt

Zinc finger protein gene complexes on mouse chromosomes 8 and 11., J H. Nadeau, C S. Birkenmeier, K Chowdhury, J L. Crosby, and P A. Lalley

High resolution mapping of Xenopus laevis 5S and ribosomal RNA genes by EM in situ hybridization., S Narayanswami and B A. Hamkalo

Synthetic low and high fat diets for the study of atherosclerosis in the mouse., P M. Nishina, J Verstuyft, and B Paigen

Stargazer: a new neurological mutant on chromosome 15 in the mouse with prolonged cortical seizures., J L. Noebels, X Qiao, R T. Bronson, C Spencer, and M T. Davisson

Cutaneous fibropapillomas and renal myxofibroma in a green turtle, Chelonia mydas., T M. Norton, E R. Jacobson, and J P. Sundberg

Expression of cyr61, a growth factor-inducible immediate-early gene., T P. O'Brien, G P. Yang, L Sanders, and L F. Lau

Uvomorulin-catenin complex formation is regulated by a specific domain in the cytoplasmic region of the cell adhesion molecule., M Ozawa, M Ringwald, and R Kemler

Chromosomal localization of ZFX--a human gene that escapes X inactivation--and its murine homologs., D C. Page, C M. Disteche, E M. Simpson, l a. de, M Andersson, T Alitalo, L G. Brown, P Green, and G Akots

The Effects of environmental toxins on human growth., B Paigen and L P. Goldman

Analysis of atherosclerosis susceptibility in mice with genetic defects in platelet function., B Paigen, P A. Holmes, E K. Novak, and R T. Swank


Atherosclerosis susceptibility differences among progenitors of recombinant inbred strains of mice., B Paigen, B Y. Ishida, J Verstuyft, R B. Winters, and D Albee

Heritable severe combined anemia and thrombocytopenia in the mouse: description of the disease and successful therapy., L L. Peters, E C. McFarland Starr, B G. Wood, and J E. Barker

Transgenetic studies implicate interactions between homologous PrP isoforms in scrapie prion replication., S B. Prusiner, M Scott, D Foster, K M. Pan, D Groth, C Mirenda, M Torchia, S L. Yang, D Serban, G A. Carlson, P C. Hoppe, D Westaway, and S J. DeArmond


Rate and mechanism of generation of beta 2-microglobulin mutants from a heterozygous murine cell line., T V. Rajan, L F. Moffat, and W N. Frankel

The use of comparative mapping to identify loci involved in human carcinogenesis., T H. Roderick, A L. Hillyard, D P. Doolittle, and M T. Davisson

Products of separate genes within minor histocompatibility loci stimulate class I and class II MHC-restricted T cells., D C. Roopenian and A P. Davis

Molecular cloning of the t complex responder genetic locus., L L. Rosen, D C. Bullard, L M. Silver, and J C. Schimenti

Spontaneous Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in immunodeficient mutant scid mice. Natural history and pathobiology., J B. Roths, J D. Marshall, R D. Allen, G A. Carlson, and C L. Sidman

SV40 stimulates expression of the transacting factor Sp1 at the mRNA level., J D. Saffer, S P. Jackson, and S J. Thurston

Localization of the gene for the trans-acting transcription factor Sp1 to the distal end of mouse chromosome 15., J D. Saffer, S J. Thurston, M B. Annarella, and J G. Compton

Oxygenation of desmosterol and cholesterol in cell cultures., S E. Saucier, A A. Kandutsch, A K. Gayen, J A. Nelson, and T A. Spencer

Developmental capacity of mouse oocytes cryopreserved before and after maturation in vitro., A C. Schroeder, A K. Champlin, L E. Mobraaten, and J J. Eppig


Fetuin inhibits zona pellucida hardening and conversion of ZP2 to ZP2f during spontaneous mouse oocyte maturation in vitro in the absence of serum., A C. Schroeder, R M. Schultz, G S. Kopf, F R. Taylor, R B. Becker, and J J. Eppig

Transplantation analysis of B cell destruction in (NOD x CBA)F1 mouse bone marrow chimeras., D V. Serreze, E H. Leiter, and L D. Shultz

Chromosomal rearrangements in a primary hepatocellular carcinoma., D Simon, S J. Munoz, W C. Maddrey, and B B. Knowles


Effect of aging on epidermal dendritic cell populations in C57BL/6J mice., E Sprecher, Y Becker, G Kraal, E Hall, D E. Harrison, and L D. Shultz

Effect of genetically determined immunodeficiency on epidermal dendritic cell populations in C57BL/6J mice., E Sprecher, Y Becker, G Kraal, E Hall, and L D. Shultz

A stratified binomial marker model for bone-marrow repopulation experiments., M Stone and D E. Harrison

A database system for small diagnostic pathology laboratories., B A. Sundberg and J P. Sundberg

Inherited mouse mutations as models of human adnexal, cornification, and papulosquamous dermatoses., J P. Sundberg, W G. Beamer, L D. Shultz, and R W. Dunstan

Absence of papillomavirus in skin tumors induced in SENCAR mice by a two-stage carcinogenesis protocol., J P. Sundberg, R L. Binder, J K. Maurer, E A. Newmann, and J J. Cunniff

Unusual cerebellar anomalies in two mice., J P. Sundberg and K S. Brown

Venereal papilloma and squamous cell carcinoma in nonhuman primates., J P. Sundberg and M E. Reichmann

Ovarian granulosa cell tumorigenesis in SWR-derived F1 hybrid mice: preneoplastic follicular abnormality and malignant disease progression., B J. Tennent, K L. Shultz, J P. Sundberg, and W G. Beamer

Dissection of H-2Db-restricted cytotoxic T-lymphocyte epitopes on simian virus 40 T antigen by the use of synthetic peptides and H-2Dbm mutants., S S. Tevethia, M Lewis, Y Tanaka, J Milici, B Knowles, W L. Maloy, and R Anderson


Neuropeptide content in pancreas and pituitary of obese and diabetes mutant mice: strain and sex differences., K Timmers, D L. Coleman, N R. Voyles, A M. Powell, A R:okaeus, and L Recant

Unique alterations of neuropeptide content in median eminence, amygdala, and dorsal vagal complex of 3- and 6-week-old diabetes mutant mice., K I. Timmers, M Palkovits, and D L. Coleman

Developmental pattern of the secretion of cumulus expansion-enabling factor by mouse oocytes and the role of oocytes in promoting granulosa cell differentiation., B C. Vanderhyden, P J. Caron, R Buccione, and J J. Eppig


Culture media for mouse oocyte maturation affect subsequent embryonic development., J J. Van de Sandt, A C. Schroeder, and J J. Eppig

mos proto-oncogene function., Woude Vande, R Buccione, I Daar, J J. Eppig, M Oskarsson, R Paules, N Sagata, and N Yew

A murine model of mucopolysaccharidosis VII. Gross and microscopic findings in beta-glucuronidase-deficient mice., C Vogler, E H. Birkenmeier, W S. Sly, B Levy, C Pegors, J W. Kyle, and W G. Beamer

A quantitative study of cerebrovascular variation in inbred mice., R Ward, R L. Collins, G Tanguay, and D Miceli

Inheritance of T-associated sex reversal in mice., L L. Washburn, B K. Lee, and E M. Eicher

Progressive induction of mRNA synthesis for androgen-responsive genes in mouse kidney., G Watson and K Paigen


Ankyrin and the hemolytic anemia mutation, nb, map to mouse chromosome 8: presence of the nb allele is associated with a truncated erythrocyte ankyrin., R A. White, C S. Birkenmeier, S E. Lux, and J E. Barker

Streptozotocin interactions with pancreatic beta cells and the induction of insulin-dependent diabetes., G L. Wilson and E H. Leiter


Clustering of cytokine genes on mouse chromosome 11., S D. Wilson, P R. Billings, P D'Eustachio, R E. Fournier, E Geissler, P A. Lalley, P R. Burd, D E. Housman, B A. Taylor, and M E. Dorf

The murine mutation osteopetrosis is in the coding region of the macrophage colony stimulating factor gene., H Yoshida, S Hayashi, T Kunisada, M Ogawa, S Nishikawa, H Okamura, T Sudo, L D. Shultz, and S Nishikawa