Faculty Research 1990 - 1999

Faculty Research 1990 - 1999



Submissions from 1999


Relationship between phospholipid transfer protein activity and HDL level and size among inbred mouse strains., J J. Albers, W Pitman, G Wolfbauer, M C. Cheung, H Kennedy, A Y. Tu, S M. Marcovina, and B Paigen


It's a knockout!, A V Anagnostopoulos


The NOD mouse model of type 1 diabetes: as good as it gets?, M A Atkinson and E H Leiter


cDNA sequence, genomic structure, and expression of the mouse dematin gene (Epb4.9)., A C Azim, A C Kim, M Lutchman, S Andrabi, L L Peters, and A H Chishti


Immunity in experimental murine filariasis: roles of T and B cells revisited., S Babu, L D. Shultz, T R. Klei, and T V. Rajan

Serum antibody response to oral infection precedes but does not prevent Porphyromonas gingivalis-induced alveolar bone loss in mice., P J. Baker, S Carter, M Dixon, R T. Evans, and D C. Roopenian


CD4(+) T cells and the proinflammatory cytokines gamma interferon and interleukin-6 contribute to alveolar bone loss in mice., P J. Baker, M Dixon, R T. Evans, L Dufour, E Johnson, and D C. Roopenian

Multiple high cell dose injections of normal marrow into newborn jaundiced mice dramatically prolong life despite transient repopulation., J E. Barker, Kranich T. Kaysser, N Hamblen, and S Deveau

Thrombosis in heritable hemolytic disorders., J E. Barker and N J. Wandersee

Interaction between Notch signalling and Lunatic fringe during somite boundary formation in the mouse., I B. Barrantes, A J. Elia, K Wunsch, A n. De, T W. Mak, J Rossant, R A. Conlon, A Gossler, and l a. de


Interaction between Notch signalling and Lunatic fringe during somite boundary formation in the mouse., I B Barrantes, A J Elia, K Wünsch, M H Hrabe de Angelis, T W Mak, J Rossant, R A Conlon, A Gossler, and J L de la Pompa

Quantitative trait loci for bone density in C57BL/6J and CAST/EiJ inbred mice., W G. Beamer, K L. Shultz, G A. Churchill, W N. Frankel, D J. Baylink, C J. Rosen, and L R. Donahue

Expression of the mouse Delta1 gene during organogenesis and fetal development., J Beckers, A Clark, K Wunsch, D e. Hrabe, and A Gossler

Genetic and physical mapping of the dreher locus on mouse chromosome 1., D E. Bergstrom, L H. Gagnon, and E M. Eicher

Roles for Nkx3.1 in prostate development and cancer., Gaur R. Bhatia, A A. Donjacour, P J. Sciavolino, M Kim, N Desai, P Young, C R. Norton, T Gridley, R D. Cardiff, G R. Cunha, Shen C. Abate, and M M. Shen

Male Skeletal Health and Osteoporosis., J P. Bilezikian, E S. Kurland, and C J. Rosen

The Mouse Genome Database (MGD): genetic and genomic information about the laboratory mouse. The Mouse Genome Database Group., J A. Blake, J E. Richardson, M T. Davisson, and J T. Eppig

High-resolution maps of the murine Chromosome 2 region containing the cholesterol gallstone locus, Lith1., G Bouchard, H M. Nelson, F Lammert, L B. Rowe, M C. Carey, and B Paigen


PCR based targeted genomic and cDNA differential display., N E. Broude, N Storm, S Malpel, J H. Graber, S Lukyanov, E Sverdlov, and C L. Smith

Electronic access to mouse tumor data: the Mouse Tumor Biology Database (MTB) project., C J. Bult, D M. Krupke, and J T. Eppig


A survey of web resources for basic cancer genetics research., C J. Bult, D M. Krupke, B J. Tennent, and J T. Eppig


Alternatively spliced isoforms of nerve- and muscle-derived agrin: their roles at the neuromuscular junction., R W. Burgess, Q T. Nguyen, Y J. Son, J W. Lichtman, and J R. Sanes

Migration of mesonephric cells into the mammalian gonad depends on Sry., B Capel, K H. Albrecht, L L. Washburn, and E M. Eicher

Radiation-resistant and radiation-sensitive forms of host resistance to polyomavirus., J P. Carroll, J S. Fung, R T. Bronson, E Razvi, and T L. Benjamin


Identification of a missense mutation in the alphaA-crystallin, B Chang, N L. Hawes, T H. Roderick, R S. Smith, J R. Heckenlively, J Horwitz, and M T. Davisson


Interacting loci cause severe iris atrophy and glaucoma in DBA/2J mice., B Chang, R S. Smith, N L. Hawes, M G. Anderson, A Zabaleta, O Savinova, T H. Roderick, J R. Heckenlively, M T. Davisson, and S W. John

Development and aging of primitive hematopoietic stem cells in BALB/cBy mice., J Chen, C M. Astle, and D E. Harrison

Apoptotic and effector pathways in autoimmunity., A V. Chervonsky

Bayesian restoration of a hidden Markov chain with applications to DNA sequencing., G A. Churchill and B Lazareva

Mouse models of tumor development in neurofibromatosis type 1., K Cichowski, T S. Shih, E Schmitt, S Santiago, K Reilly, M E. McLaughlin, R T. Bronson, and T Jacks

Alstrom syndrome: further evidence for linkage to human chromosome 2p13., G B. Collin, J D. Marshall, C F. Boerkoel, A V. Levin, R Weksberg, J Greenberg, J L. Michaud, J K. Naggert, and P M. Nishina

TGFA: exon-intron structure and evaluation as a candidate gene for Alstrom syndrome [letter], G B. Collin, J D. Marshall, J K. Naggert, and P M. Nishina

Development and validation of the mini-osteoporosis quality of life questionnaire (OQLQ) in osteoporotic women with back pain due to vertebral fractures. Osteoporosis Quality of Life Study Group., D J. Cook, G H. Guyatt, J D. Adachi, R S. Epstein, E F. Juniper, P A. Austin, J Clifton, C J. Rosen, C R. Kessenich, J L. Stock, J Overdorf, and P D. Miller

Motor dysfunction in a mouse model for Down syndrome., A C. Costa, K Walsh, and M T. Davisson

Relationship between lipoprotein- and oxidation-related variables and atheroma lipid composition in subjects undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery., W Y. Craig, M W. Rawstron, C A. Rundell, E Robinson, S E. Poulin, L M. Neveux, P M. Nishina, and L M. Keilson


Genetic and phenotypic definition of laboratory mice and rats. What constitutes an acceptable genetic-phenotypic definition., M T. Davisson

Epidermal growth factor enhances preimplantation developmental competence of maturing mouse oocytes., L a. De, M J. O'Brien, and J J. Eppig

A new family of mouse genes homologous to the human MAGE genes., Plaen E. De, Backer O. De, D Arnaud, B Bonjean, P Chomez, V Martelange, P Avner, P Baldacci, C Babinet, S Y. Hwang, B Knowles, and T Boon

Quantitative trait locus mapping of airway responsiveness to chromosomes 6 and 7 in inbred mice., Sanctis G. De, J B. Singer, A Jiao, C N. Yandava, Y H. Lee, T C. Haynes, E S. Lander, D R. Beier, and J M. Drazen

Pharmacogenetic association between ALOX5 promoter genotype and the response to anti-asthma treatment., J M. Drazen, C N. Yandava, L Dube, N Szczerback, R Hippensteel, A Pillari, E Israel, N Schork, E S. Silverman, D A. Katz, and J Drajesk

Expression of mouse mammary tumor virus envelope protein does not prevent superinfection in vivo or in vitro., J L. Dzuris, W Zhu, D Kapkov, T V. Golovkina, and S R. Ross

Structure and promoter activity of an islet-specific glucose-6-phosphatase catalytic subunit-related gene., D H. Ebert, L J. Bischof, R S. Streeper, S C. Chapman, C A. Svitek, J K. Goldman, C E. Mathews, E H. Leiter, J C. Hutton, and R M. O'Brien

Biochemical and immunogenetic analysis of an immunodominant peptide (B6dom1) encoded by the classical H7 minor histocompatibility locus., P A. Eden, G J. Christianson, P Fontaine, P J. Wettstein, C Perreault, and D C. Roopenian

Finding a mouse: the International Mouse Strain Resource (IMSR)., J T. Eppig and M Strivens

The beta3A subunit gene (Ap3b1) of the AP-3 adaptor complex is altered in the mouse hypopigmentation mutant pearl, a model for Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome and night blindness., L Feng, A B. Seymour, S Jiang, A To, A A. Peden, E K. Novak, L Zhen, M E. Rusiniak, E M. Eicher, M S. Robinson, M B. Gorin, and R T. Swank

Mapping loci for pentylenetetrazol-induced seizure susceptibility in mice., T N. Ferraro, G T. Golden, G G. Smith, Jean P. St, N J. Schork, N Mulholland, C Ballas, J Schill, R J. Buono, and W H. Berrettini

Revised nomenclature for strain 129 mice., M F. Festing, E M. Simpson, M T. Davisson, and L E. Mobraaten


Ataxic mouse mutants and molecular mechanisms of absence epilepsy, C F. Fletcher and W N. Frankel

Cholesteryl ester transfer protein corrects dysfunctional high density lipoproteins and reduces aortic atherosclerosis in lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase transgenic mice., B Foger, M Chase, M J. Amar, B L. Vaisman, R D. Shamburek, B Paigen, Najib J. Fruchart, J A. Paiz, C A. Koch, R F. Hoyt, H B. Brewer, and Fojo S. Santamarina

Detecting genes in new and old mouse models for epilepsy: a prospectus through the magnifying glass., W N. Frankel

Successful treatment of alopecia areata-like hair loss with the contact sensitizer squaric acid dibutylester (SADBE) in C3H/HeJ mice., Paul P. Freyschmidt, J P. Sundberg, R Happle, K J. McElwee, S Metz, D Boggess, and R Hoffmann

Peptides, enzymes and obesity: new insights from a 'dead' enzyme., L D. Fricker and E H. Leiter

Notochord-dependent expression of MFH1 and PAX1 cooperates to maintain the proliferation of sclerotome cells during the vertebral column development., T A. Furumoto, N Miura, T Akasaka, Koseki Y. Mizutani, H Sudo, K Fukuda, M Maekawa, S Yuasa, Y Fu, H Moriya, M Taniguchi, K Imai, E Dahl, R Balling, M Pavlova, A Gossler, and H Koseki

Rescue of cyclin D1 deficiency by knockin cyclin E., Y Geng, W Whoriskey, M Y. Park, R T. Bronson, R H. Medema, T Li, R A. Weinberg, and P Sicinski

Targeted disruption of the beta adducin gene (Add2) causes red blood cell spherocytosis in mice., D M. Gilligan, L Lozovatsky, B Gwynn, C Brugnara, N Mohandas, and L L. Peters

Organogenic role of B lymphocytes in mucosal immunity., T V. Golovkina, M Shlomchik, L Hannum, and A Chervonsky


Genomic detection of new yeast pre-mRNA 3'-end-processing signals., J H. Graber, C R. Cantor, S C. Mohr, and T F. Smith


In silico detection of control signals: mRNA 3'-end-processing sequences in diverse species., J H. Graber, C R. Cantor, S C. Mohr, and T F. Smith


Differential sequencing with mass spectrometry., J H. Graber, C L. Smith, and C R. Cantor

MHC characterization of ALR and ALS mice: respective similarities to the NOD and NON strains., R T. Graser, C E. Mathews, E H. Leiter, and D V. Serreze


Mouse fundus photography and angiography: a catalogue of normal, N L. Hawes, R S. Smith, B Chang, M Davisson, J R. Heckenlively, and S W. John

Trichodysplasia spinulosa--a newly described folliculocentric viral infection in an immunocompromised host., C L. Haycox, S Kim, P Fleckman, L T. Smith, M Piepkorn, J P. Sundberg, D N. Howell, and S E. Miller

Comparative pathology and pathogenesis of spontaneous and experimentally induced fibropapillomas of green turtles (Chelonia mydas)., L H. Herbst, E R. Jacobson, P A. Klein, G H. Balazs, R Moretti, T Brown, and J P. Sundberg

Expression of Melk, a new protein kinase, during early mouse development., B S. Heyer, H Kochanowski, and D Solter

Analysis of the mechanism(s) of metaphase I-arrest in strain LT mouse oocytes: delay in the acquisition of competence to undergo the metaphase I/anaphase transition., Y Hirao and J J. Eppig

Changes in keratin and filaggrin expression in the skin of chronic proliferative dermatitis (cpdm) mutant mice., H HogenEsch, D Boggess, and J P. Sundberg

Absence of Peyer's patches and abnormal lymphoid architecture in chronic proliferative dermatitis (cpdm/cpdm) mice., H HogenEsch, S Janke, D Boggess, and J P. Sundberg

The mouse cornichon gene family., S Y. Hwang, B Oh, Z Zhang, W Miller, D Solter, and B B. Knowles


Genetic modification of hearing in tubby mice: evidence for the existence of a major gene (moth1) which protects tubby mice from hearing loss., A Ikeda, Q Y. Zheng, P Rosenstiel, T Maddatu, A R. Zuberi, D C. Roopenian, M A. North, J K. Naggert, K R. Johnson, and P M. Nishina

Severe ocular abnormalities in C57BL/6 but not in 129/Sv p53-deficient mice., S Ikeda, N L. Hawes, B Chang, C S. Avery, R S. Smith, and P M. Nishina

Cell-specific expression of tubby gene family members (tub, Tulp1,2, and 3) in the retina., S Ikeda, W He, A Ikeda, J K. Naggert, M A. North, and P M. Nishina

Roles of a macrophage receptor with collagenous structure (MARCO) in host defense and heterogeneity of splenic marginal zone macrophages., S Ito, M Naito, Y Kobayashi, H Takatsuka, S Jiang, H Usuda, H Umezu, G Hasegawa, M Arakawa, L D. Shultz, O Elomaa, and K Tryggvason

Three new allelic mouse mutations that cause skeletal overgrowth involve the natriuretic peptide receptor C gene (Npr3)., J Jaubert, F Jaubert, N Martin, L L. Washburn, B K. Lee, E M. Eicher, and J L. Guenet

Immunolocalization of AE2 anion exchanger in rat and mouse epididymis., L J. Jensen, Tilley A. Stuart, L L. Peters, S E. Lux, S L. Alper, and S Breton

Inner ear and kidney anomalies caused by IAP insertion in an intron of the Eya1 gene in a mouse model of BOR syndrome., K R. Johnson, S A. Cook, L C. Erway, A N. Matthews, L P. Sanford, N E. Paradies, and R A. Friedman

Mouse genetics: a tool to help unlock the mechanisms of glaucoma., S W. John, M G. Anderson, and R S. Smith

Vestibular responses to linear acceleration are absent in otoconia-deficient C57BL/6JEi-het mice., S M. Jones, L C. Erway, R A. Bergstrom, J C. Schimenti, and T A. Jones

Oocyte regulation of kit ligand expression in mouse ovarian follicles., I M. Joyce, F L. Pendola, K Wigglesworth, and J J. Eppig


Alternative processing of the human and mouse raly genes(1)., I Khrebtukova, A Kuklin, R P. Woychik, and E J. Michaud

The same genetic regions encode minor histocompatibility antigens detected in the context of different MHC haplotypes., H Klinge and D C. Roopenian

Princeton mouse genomics conference report, Princeton University, Princeton NJ, USA., B B. Knowles

A new monoclonal antibody detects a developmentally regulated mouse ecto-ADP-ribosyltransferase on T cells: subset distribution, inbred strain variation, and modulation upon T cell activation., Nolte F. Koch, T Duffy, M Nissen, S Kahl, N Killeen, V Ablamunits, F Haag, and E H. Leiter

Cortical tibial bone volume in two strains of mice: effects of sciatic neurectomy and genetic regulation of bone response to mechanical loading., Y Kodama, H P. Dimai, J Wergedal, M Sheng, R Malpe, S Kutilek, W Beamer, L R. Donahue, C Rosen, D J. Baylink, and J Farley

The soluble interleukin-6 (IL-6) receptor/IL-6 fusion protein enhances in vitro maintenance and proliferation of human CD34(+)CD38(-/low) cells capable of repopulating severe combined immunodeficiency mice., O Kollet, R Aviram, J Chebath, Hur H. ben, A Nagler, L Shultz, M Revel, and T Lapidot

Dollars and sense: time and cost factors critical to establishing genetically engineered mouse colonies., J P. Lake, D Haines, C Linder, and M T. Davisson

Phenotypic characterization of Lith genes that determine susceptibility to cholesterol cholelithiasis in inbred mice: integrated activities of hepatic lipid regulatory enzymes., F Lammert, D Q. Wang, B Paigen, and M C. Carey

Notch signalling pathway mediates hair cell development in mammalian cochlea [see comments], P J. Lanford, Y Lan, R Jiang, C Lindsell, G Weinmaster, T Gridley, and M W. Kelley

Comparison of protein synthesis patterns in mouse cumulus cells and mural granulosa cells: effects of follicle-stimulating hormone and insulin on granulosa cell differentiation in vitro., K E. Latham, F D. Bautista, Y Hirao, M J. O'Brien, and J J. Eppig

Physiologic and endocrinologic characterization of male sex-biased diabetes in C57BLKS/J mice congenic for the fat mutation at the carboxypeptidease E locus., E H. Leiter, J Kintner, K Flurkey, W G. Beamer, and J K. Naggert

Osteoclast formation in bone marrow cultures from two inbred strains of mice with different bone densities., T A Linkhart, S G Linkhart, Y Kodama, J R Farley, H P Dimai, K R Wright, J E Wergedal, M Sheng, W G Beamer, L R Donahue, C J Rosen, and D J Baylink

Effects of genotype and diet on age-related lesions in ad libitum fed and calorie-restricted F344, BN, and BNF3F1 rats., R D. Lipman, G E. Dallal, and R T. Bronson

Lesion biomarkers of aging in B6C3F1 hybrid mice., R D. Lipman, G E. Dallal, and R T. Bronson

Genetic analysis of susceptibility to dextran sulfate sodium-induced colitis in mice., M Mahler, I J. Bristol, J P. Sundberg, G A. Churchill, E H. Birkenmeier, C O. Elson, and E H. Leiter

Sequencing challenge [letter; comment], L J. Maltais and I Jackson

An extensive list of genes that produce alternative transcripts in the mouse., M E. Mangan and K S. Frazer

NOD mice have a generalized defect in their response to transplantation tolerance induction., T G. Markees, D V. Serreze, N E. Phillips, C H. Sorli, E J. Gordon, L D. Shultz, R J. Noelle, B A. Woda, D L. Greiner, J P. Mordes, and A A. Rossini

Constitutive differences in antioxidant defense status distinguish alloxan-resistant and alloxan-susceptible mice., C E. Mathews and E H. Leiter

Resistance of ALR/Lt islets to free radical-mediated diabetogenic stress is inherited as a dominant trait., C E. Mathews and E H. Leiter

Susceptibility to testicular germ-cell tumours in a 129.MOLF-Chr 19 chromosome substitution strain., A Matin, G B. Collin, Y Asada, D Varnum, and J H. Nadeau

Alopecia areata versus juvenile alopecia in C3H/HeJ mice:tools to dissect the role of inflammation in focal alopecia., K J. McElwee, D Boggess, L E. King, and J P. Sundberg