Faculty Research 1990 - 1999

Faculty Research 1990 - 1999



Submissions from 1999

Spontaneous alopecia areata-like hair loss in one congenic and seven inbred laboratory mouse strains., K J. McElwee, D Boggess, J Miller, L E. King, and J P. Sundberg

Alopecia areata: an autoimmune disease?, K J. McElwee, D J. Tobin, J C. Bystryn, L E. King, and J P. Sundberg


40 years of the annual "Bar Harbor Course" (1960-1999): A pictorial history., V A. McKusick, J Naggert, P Nishina, and D Valle

Bile acids, cholesterol, gallstone calcification, and the enterohepatic circulation of bilirubin-Reply., Sanchez N. Mendez, M A. Brink, B Paigen, and M C. Carey


An agouti mutation lacking the basic domain induces yellow pigmentation but not obesity in transgenic mice., R J. Miltenberger, R L. Mynatt, B D. Bruce, W O. Wilkison, R P. Woychik, and E J. Michaud

Cryopreservation in a transgenic program., L E. Mobraaten

Expression of Delta1 and Serrate1 (Jagged1) in the mouse inner ear., A Morrison, C Hodgetts, A Gossler, d e. Hrabe, and J Lewis

Quantitative trait loci analysis for the differences in susceptibility to atherosclerosis and diabetes between inbred mouse strains C57BL/6J and C57BLKS/J., J L. Mu, J K. Naggert, K L. Svenson, G B. Collin, J H. Kim, C McFarland, P M. Nishina, D M. Levine, K J. Williams, and B Paigen

What about uninvited guests? (The health problems you may not know about.), D D. Myers

Granulocyte/macrophage colony-stimulating factor and interleukin-3 correct osteopetrosis in mice with osteopetrosis mutation., Y Y. Myint, K Miyakawa, M Naito, L D. Shultz, Y Oike, K Yamamura, and K Takahashi

A genome-wide scan for loci linked to forearm bone mineral density., T Niu, C Chen, H Cordell, J Yang, B Wang, Z Wang, Z Fang, N J. Schork, C J. Rosen, and X Xu

The role of the hairless (hr) gene in the regulation of hair follicle catagen transformation., A A. Panteleyev, N V. Botchkareva, J P. Sundberg, A M. Christiano, and R Paus

Identification of a novel SCD gene and expression of the SCD gene family in mouse skin., S Parimoo, Y Zheng, K Eilertsen, L Ge, S Prouty, J Sundberg, and K Stenn

Dependence of human stem cell engraftment and repopulation of NOD/SCID mice on CXCR4., A Peled, I Petit, O Kollet, M Magid, T Ponomaryov, T Byk, A Nagler, Hur H. Ben, A Many, L D. Shultz, O Lider, R Alon, D Zipori, and T Lapidot


Mild spherocytosis and altered red cell ion transport in protein 4. 2-null mice., L L Peters, H K Jindel, B Gwynn, C Korsgren, K M John, S E Lux, N Mohandas, C M Cohen, M R Cho, D E Golan, and C Brugnara

Shaping the repertoire of cytotoxic T-lymphocyte responses: explanation for the immunodominance effect whereby cytotoxic T lymphocytes specific for immunodominant antigens prevent recognition of nondominant antigens., S Pion, G J. Christianson, P Fontaine, D C. Roopenian, and C Perreault

Transgenic and mutational analyses of meiotic recombination in mice., D L. Pittman, K J. Schimenti, W H. Hanneman, and J C. Schimenti

Mammary gland expression of mouse mammary tumor virus is regulated by a novel element in the long terminal repeat., W Qin, T V. Golovkina, T Peng, I Nepomnaschy, V Buggiano, I Piazzon, and S R. Ross

Control strategies for aeroallergens in an animal facility., Whitaker C. Reeb, D J. Harrison, R B. Jones, J B. Kacergis, D D. Myers, and B Paigen

Genotypic and phenotypic characterization of six new recombinant congenic strains derived from NOD/Shi and CBA/J genomes., P C. Reifsnyder, J C. Flynn, A L. Gavin, E A. Simone, J J. Sharp, L Herberg, and E H. Leiter

Cross-linked features of mouse pelage hair resistant to detergent extraction., R H. Rice, V J. Wong, K E. Pinkerton, and J P. Sundberg

GXD: a gene expression database for the laboratory mouse. The Gene Expression Database Group., M Ringwald, M E. Mangan, J T. Eppig, J A. Kadin, and J E. Richardson

Statistical aspects of genetic mapping in autopolyploids., M I. Ripol, G A. Churchill, Silva J. da, and M Sorrells

Serum insulin-like growth factors and insulin-like growth factor-binding proteins: clinical implications., C J. Rosen

Perplexing polymorphisms: D(i)ps, Sn(i)ps, and trips [editorial; comment], C J. Rosen and J P. Bilezikian

Association between insulin-like growth factor (IGF-I) and bone mineral density: further evidence linking IGF-I to breast cancer risk-Authors' Response., C J. Rosen, D P. Kiel, J A. Langlois, and M Visser

Circulating IGF-I: New Perspectives for a New Century., C J. Rosen and M Pollak

Induction of the alpha(1)-antichymotrypsin gene in the brain associated with TGF-beta1 deficiency or systemic administration of endotoxin., H Saito, L D. Shultz, M Sinha, and J Papaconstantinou

Percutaneous intravenous injection in neonatal mice., M S. Sands and J E. Barker

Mice and the role of unequal recombination in gene-family evolution., J C. Schimenti

ORFless, intronless, and mutant transcription units in the mouse t complex responder (Tcr) locus., J C. Schimenti

Skeletal dysplasias, growth retardation, reduced postnatal survival, and impaired fertility in mice lacking the SNF2/SWI2 family member ETL1., M Schoor, Gossler K. Schuster, D Roopenian, and A Gossler

IL-5 and eosinophils are essential for the development of airway hyperresponsiveness following acute respiratory syncytial virus infection., J Schwarze, G Cieslewicz, E Hamelmann, A Joetham, L D. Shultz, M C. Lamers, and E W. Gelfand

Alopecia areata-like hair loss in C3H/HeJ mice and DEBR rats can be reversed using topical diphencyprone., J Shapiro, J P. Sundberg, R Bissonnette, K J. McElwee, D I. McLean, J M. Carroll, R F. Oliver, L Tang, and H Lui

Histomorphometric studies show that bone formation and bone mineral apposition rates are greater in C3H/HeJ (high-density) than C57BL/6J (low-density) mice during growth., M H. Sheng, D J. Baylink, W G. Beamer, L R. Donahue, C J. Rosen, K H. Lau, and J E. Wergedal

Protein 4.1R-deficient mice are viable but have erythroid membrane skeleton abnormalities., Z T. Shi, V Afzal, B Coller, D Patel, J A. Chasis, M Parra, G Lee, C Paszty, M Stevens, L Walensky, L L. Peters, N Mohandas, E Rubin, and J G. Conboy

T cells facilitate Brugia malayi development in TCRalpha(null) mice., L D. Shultz and T V. Rajan

A novel member of the F-box/WD40 gene family, encoding dactylin, is disrupted in the mouse dactylaplasia mutant., A Sidow, M S. Bulotsky, A W. Kerrebrock, B W. Birren, D Altshuler, R Jaenisch, K R. Johnson, and E S. Lander

Effect of short-term medroxyprogesterone acetate on left ventricular mass: role of insulin-like growth factor-1., C K. Sites, M D. Tischler, C J. Rosen, M O'Connell, J Niggel, and T Ashikaga

Lens epithelial proliferation cataract in segmental trisomy involving mouse Chromosomes 4 and 17., R S. Smith, K R. Johnson, N L. Hawes, B S. Harris, J P. Sundberg, and M T. Davisson

Cloning claims challenged [letter; comment], D Solter

Putting stem cells to work [see comments], D Solter and J Gearhart

The type II activin receptors are essential for egg cylinder growth, gastrulation, and rostral head development in mice., J Song, S P. Oh, H Schrewe, M Nomura, H Lei, M Okano, T Gridley, and E Li

A genetically myeloablated MPS VII model detects the expansion and curative properties of as few as 100 enriched murine stem cells., B W. Soper, T M. Duffy, C A. Vogler, and J E. Barker

Enzyme replacement therapy improves reproductive performance in mucopolysaccharidosis type VII mice but does not prevent postnatal losses., B W. Soper, A W. Pung, C A. Vogler, J H. Grubb, W S. Sly, and J E. Barker

Hair follicle biology, the sebaceous gland, and scarring alopecias., K S. Stenn, J P. Sundberg, and L C. Sperling

Androgenetic alopecia: in vivo models., J P. Sundberg, W G. Beamer, H Uno, Neste D. Van, and L E. King

The hairless gene in mouse and man [letter], J P. Sundberg, V H. Price, and L E. King

Fine mapping of the friend retrovirus resistance gene, Rfv3, on mouse chromosome 15., H J. Super, K J. Hasenkrug, S Simmons, D M. Brooks, R Konzek, K D. Sarge, R I. Morimoto, N A. Jenkins, D J. Gilbert, N G. Copeland, W Frankel, and B Chesebro

Transgenic mouse strain rescue by frozen ovaries., J M. Sztein, T E. McGregor, H J. Bedigian, and L E. Mobraaten

Abnormal thymic expression of epithelial cell adhesion molecule (EP-CAM) in New Zealand Black (NZB) mice., N Taguchi, Y Hashimoto, M Naiki, A G. Farr, R L. Boyd, A A. Ansari, L D. Shultz, B L. Kotzin, K Dorshkind, S Ikehara, and M E. Gershwin

Thymic microenvironment and NZB mice: the abnormal thymic microenvironment of New Zealand mice correlates with immunopathology., Y Takeoka, N Taguchi, B L. Kotzin, S Bennett, T J. Vyse, R L. Boyd, M Naiki, J Konishi, A A. Ansari, L D. Shultz, and M E. Gershwin

Apoptosis and the thymic microenvironment in murine lupus [In Process Citation], Y Takeoka, N Taguchi, L Shultz, R L. Boyd, M Naiki, A A. Ansari, and M E. Gershwin

Gender-influenced obesity QTLs identified in a cross involving the KK type II diabetes-prone mouse strain., B A. Taylor, L M. Tarantino, and S J. Phillips

Genotyping new BXD recombinant inbred mouse strains and comparison of BXD and consensus maps., B A. Taylor, C Wnek, B S. Kotlus, N Roemer, T MacTaggart, and S J. Phillips

Induction of glutamic acid decarboxylase 65-specific Th2 cells and suppression of autoimmune diabetes at late stages of disease is epitope dependent., R Tisch, B Wang, and D V. Serreze

Pancreas-infiltrating Th1 cells and diabetes develop in IL-12-deficient nonobese diabetic mice., S Trembleau, G Penna, S Gregori, H D. Chapman, D V. Serreze, J Magram, and L Adorini

Introduction of the human PLTP transgene suppresses the atherogenic diet-induced increase in plasma phospholipid transfer activity in C57BL/6 mice., A Y. Tu, B Paigen, G Wolfbauer, M C. Cheung, H Kennedy, H Chen, and J J. Albers

Analysis of human immune responses to human allografts in small animal models., N A. Turgeon, N Iwakoshi, W C. Meyers, L D. Shultz, D L. Greiner, J P. Mordes, and A A. Rossini

Deficiency of SHP-1 protein-tyrosine phosphatase activity results in heightened osteoclast function and decreased bone density., S Umeda, W G. Beamer, K Takagi, M Naito, S Hayashi, H Yonemitsu, T Yi, and L D. Shultz

Genetic modifiers of polycystic kidney disease in intersubspecific KAT2J mutants., P Upadhya, G Churchill, E H. Birkenmeier, J E. Barker, and W N. Frankel


Flamingo, a seven-pass transmembrane cadherin, regulates planar cell polarity under the control of Frizzled., T Usui, Y Shima, Y Shimada, S Hirano, R W. Burgess, T L. Schwarz, M Takeichi, and T Uemura

Wild-derived inbred mice have a novel basis of susceptibility to polyomavirus-induced tumors., P Velupillai, I Yoshizawa, D C. Dey, S R. Nahill, J P. Carroll, R T. Bronson, and T L. Benjamin

Clinical and pathologic findings in two new allelic murine models of polycystic kidney disease., C Vogler, S Homan, A Pung, C Thorpe, J Barker, E H. Birkenmeier, and P Upadhya

Enzyme replacement in murine mucopolysaccharidosis type VII: neuronal and glial response to beta-glucuronidase requires early initiation of enzyme replacement therapy., C Vogler, B Levy, N J. Galvin, C Thorpe, M S. Sands, J E. Barker, J Baty, E H. Birkenmeier, and W S. Sly

Cholic acid aids absorption, biliary secretion, and phase transitions of cholesterol in murine cholelithogenesis., D Q. Wang, F Lammert, D E. Cohen, B Paigen, and M C. Carey

Phenotypic characterization of lith genes that determine susceptibility to cholesterol cholelithiasis in inbred mice. Pathophysiology Of biliary lipid secretion., D Q. Wang, F Lammert, B Paigen, and M C. Carey

Retinoid signaling and activator protein-1 expression in ferrets given beta-carotene supplements and exposed to tobacco smoke [see comments], X D. Wang, C Liu, R T. Bronson, D E. Smith, N I. Krinsky, and M Russell

Report of the Second International Nomenclature Workshop. Cambridge, United Kingdom, May 1-2, 1999., J A. White, R Apweiler, J A. Blake, J T. Eppig, L J. Maltais, and S Povey

Embryonic lethality and vascular defects in mice lacking the Notch ligand Jagged1., Y Xue, X Gao, C E. Lindsell, C R. Norton, B Chang, C Hicks, Maguire M. Gendron, E B. Rand, G Weinmaster, and T Gridley

An extreme-sib-pair genome scan for genes regulating blood pressure., X Xu, J J. Rogus, H A. Terwedow, J Yang, Z Wang, C Chen, T Niu, B Wang, H Xu, S Weiss, N J. Schork, and Z Fang

Mapping of a blood pressure quantitative trait locus to chromosome 15q in a Chinese population., X Xu, J Yang, J Rogus, C Chen, N Schork, and X Xu

p63 is essential for regenerative proliferation in limb, craniofacial and epithelial development., A Yang, R Schweitzer, D Sun, M Kaghad, N Walker, R T. Bronson, C Tabin, A Sharpe, D Caput, C Crum, and F McKeon

Gene-environment interaction: a significant diet-dependent obesity locus demonstrated in a congenic segment on mouse chromosome 7., B York, A A. Truett, M P. Monteiro, S J. Barry, C H. Warden, J K. Naggert, T P. Maddatu, and D B. West

Limbs move beyond the radical fringe-a reply., N Zhang and T Gridley

Assessment of hearing in 80 inbred strains of mice by ABR threshold analyses., Q Y. Zheng, K R. Johnson, and L C. Erway

Scd1 is expressed in sebaceous glands and is disrupted in the asebia mouse [letter], Y Zheng, K J. Eilertsen, L Ge, L Zhang, J P. Sundberg, S M. Prouty, K S. Stenn, and S Parimoo

Krox-20 controls SCIP expression, cell cycle exit and susceptibility to apoptosis in developing myelinating Schwann cells., T S. Zorick, D E. Syroid, A Brown, T Gridley, and G Lemke

Submissions from 1998


Cloning and mapping of the UNC5C gene to human chromosome 4q21-q23., S L. Ackerman and B B. Knowles

Molecular basis of a novel rhino (hr(rhChr)) phenotype: a nonsense mutation in the mouse hairless gene., W Ahmad, A A. Panteleyev, Apollonio V. Henson, J P. Sundberg, and A M. Christiano


Molecular basis for the rhino (hrrh-8J) phenotype: a nonsense mutation in the mouse hairless gene., W Ahmad, A A. Panteleyev, J P. Sundberg, and A M. Christiano

Extreme selection strategies in gene mapping studies of oligogenic quantitative traits do not always increase power., D B. Allison, M Heo, N J. Schork, S L. Wong, and R C. Elston


Host NK cells are required for the growth of the human filarial parasite Brugia malayi in mice., S Babu, P Porte, T R. Klei, L D. Shultz, and T V. Rajan


Does growth hormone prevent or accelerate aging?, A Bartke, Borg H. Brown, A M. Bode, J Carlson, W S. Hunter, and R T. Bronson

Mouse model for malignant juvenile ovarian granulosa cell tumors., W G. Beamer, K L. Shultz, B J. Tennent, N Azumi, and J P. Sundberg

Multigenic and imprinting control of ovarian granulosa cell tumorigenesis in mice., W G. Beamer, K L. Shultz, B J. Tennent, J H. Nadeau, G A. Churchill, and E M. Eicher

Exclusion of Jagged2 as a candidate for the legless gene., S M. Bell, Y Lan, R Jiang, and T Gridley

The mouse Y chromosome: enrichment, sizing, and cloning by bivariate flow cytometry., D E. Bergstrom, D A. Grieco, M M. Sonti, J J. Fawcett, Prince C. Bell, L S. Cram, S Narayanswami, and E M. Simpson

Deletion mapping of the head tilt (het) gene in mice: a vestibular mutation causing specific absence of otoliths., R A. Bergstrom, Y You, L C. Erway, M F. Lyon, and J C. Schimenti

Maternal IL-11Ralpha function is required for normal decidua and fetoplacental development in mice., P Bilinski, D C. Roopenian, and A Gossler

Squamous cell hyperplastic foci: precursors of cutaneous papillomas induced in SENCAR mice by a two-stage carcinogenesis regimen., R L. Binder, G R. Johnson, P M. Gallagher, S L. Stockman, J P. Sundberg, and C J. Conti

An alternative first exon in the distal end of the erythroid ankyrin gene leads to production of a small isoform containing an NH2-terminal membrane anchor., C S. Birkenmeier, J J. Sharp, E J. Gifford, S A. Deveau, and J E. Barker


The Mouse Genome Database (MGD): a community resource. Status and enhancements. The Mouse Genome Informatics Group., J A. Blake, J T. Eppig, J E. Richardson, and M T. Davisson

A molecular basis for how a single TCR interfaces multiple ligands., A Boesteanu, M Brehm, L M. Mylin, G J. Christianson, S S. Tevethia, D C. Roopenian, and S Joyce

Differential protection in two transgenic lines of NOD/Lt mice hyperexpressing the autoantigen GAD65 in pancreatic beta-cells., M Bridgett, Cvrlje M. Cetkovic, R O'Rourke, Y Shi, S Narayanswami, J Lambert, V Ramiya, S Baekkeskov, and E H. Leiter


Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis (nclf), a new disorder of the mouse linked to chromosome 9., R T. Bronson, L R. Donahue, K R. Johnson, A Tanner, P W. Lane, and J R. Faust


Isolation and characterization of a monoclonal anti-quadruplex DNA antibody from autoimmune viable motheaten mice., B A. Brown, Y Li, J C. Brown, C C. Hardin, J F. Roberts, S C. Pelsue, and L D. Shultz

p21 is a critical CDK2 regulator essential for proliferation control in Rb-deficient cells., J Brugarolas, R T. Bronson, and T Jacks

Remodeling of the HDL in NIDDM: a fundamental role for cholesteryl ester transfer protein., C K. Castle, S L. Kuiper, W L. Blake, B Paigen, K R. Marotti, and G W. Melchior

Combination chemotherapy and IL-15 administration induce permanent tumor regression in a mouse lung tumor model: NK and T cell-mediated effects antagonized by B cells., A I. Chapoval, J A. Fuller, S G. Kremlev, S J. Kamdar, and R Evans