Faculty Research 1990 - 1999

Faculty Research 1990 - 1999



Submissions from 1997

Severe defects in immunity and hematopoiesis caused by SHP-1 protein-tyrosine-phosphatase deficiency., L D. Shultz, T V. Rajan, and D L. Greiner

Mapping and retinal phenotype of the hugger mutation in the mouse., R L. Sidman, M Tang, B Kosaras, S J. Phillips, and B A. Taylor

Mapping and retinal phenotype of the hugger mutation in the mouse., R L. Sidman, M Tang, B Kosaras, S J. Phillips, and B A. Taylor

Serrate2 is disrupted in the mouse limb-development mutant syndactylism., A Sidow, M S. Bulotsky, A W. Kerrebrock, R T. Bronson, M J. Daly, M P. Reeve, T L. Hawkins, B W. Birren, R Jaenisch, and E S. Lander

A new MHC locus that influences class I peptide presentation., W A. Simmons, D C. Roopenian, S G. Summerfield, R C. Jones, B Galocha, G J. Christianson, S D. Maika, M Zhou, S J. Gaskell, R S. Bordoli, H L. Ploegh, C A. Slaughter, K F. Lindahl, R E. Hammer, and J D. Taurog

Novel HY peptide antigens presented by HLA-B27., W A. Simmons, S G. Summerfield, D C. Roopenian, C A. Slaughter, A R. Zuberi, S J. Gaskell, R S. Bordoli, J Hoyes, C R. Moomaw, R A. Colbert, L Y. Leong, G W. Butcher, R E. Hammer, and J D. Taurog


Genetic variation among 129 substrains and its importance for targeted mutagenesis in mice., E M. Simpson, C C. Linder, E E. Sargent, M T. Davisson, L E. Mobraaten, and J J. Sharp

Minor histocompatibility antigens., E Simpson and D C. Roopenian

Mouse mutations as models for studying cataracts., R S. Smith, J P. Sundberg, and C C. Linder

Efficacy of taxol in the orpk mouse model of polycystic kidney disease., C S. Sommardahl, R P. Woychik, W E. Sweeney, E D. Avner, and J E. Wilkinson

Harlequin ichthyosis (ichq): a juvenile lethal mouse mutation with ichthyosiform dermatitis., J P. Sundberg, D Boggess, M E. Hogan, B A. Sundberg, M H. Rourk, B Harris, K Johnson, R W. Dunstan, and M T. Davisson

Development and progression of psoriasiform dermatitis and systemic lesions in the flaky skin (fsn) mouse mutant., J P. Sundberg, M France, D Boggess, B A. Sundberg, A B. Jenson, W G. Beamer, and L D. Shultz

Angora mouse mutation: altered hair cycle, follicular dystrophy, phenotypic maintenance of skin grafts, and changes in keratin expression., J P. Sundberg, M H. Rourk, D Boggess, M E. Hogan, B A. Sundberg, and A P. Bertolino

Angora mouse mutation: altered hair cycle, follicular dystrophy, phenotypic maintenance of skin grafts, and changes in keratin expression., J P. Sundberg, M H. Rourk, D Boggess, M E. Hogan, B A. Sundberg, and A P. Bertolino

Comparison of chemical carcinogen skin tumor induction efficacy in inbred, mutant, and hybrid strains of mice: morphologic variations of induced tumors and absence of a papillomavirus cocarcinogen., J P. Sundberg, B A. Sundberg, and W G. Beamer

Motility of cryopreserved mouse spermatozoa affected by temperature of collection and rate of thawing., J M. Sztein, J S. Farley, A F. Young, and L E. Mobraaten


Development of eosinophilic airway inflammation and airway hyperresponsiveness in mast cell-deficient mice., K Takeda, E Hamelmann, A Joetham, L D. Shultz, G L. Larsen, C G. Irvin, and E W. Gelfand

A comparative analysis of the murine thymic microenvironment in normal, autoimmune, and immunodeficiency states., Y Takeoka, S Y. Chen, R L. Boyd, K Tsuneyama, N Taguchi, S Morita, H Yago, S Suehiro, A A. Ansari, L D. Shultz, and M E. Gershwin

Murine Hn1 on chromosome 11 is expressed in hemopoietic and brain tissues., W Tang, Y H. Lai, X D. Han, P M. Wong, L L. Peters, and D H. Chui

Increased G-CSF responsiveness of bone marrow cells from hematopoietic cell phosphatase deficient viable motheaten mice., P Tapley, N K. Shevde, P A. Schweitzer, M Gallina, S W. Christianson, I L. Lin, R B. Stein, L D. Shultz, J Rosen, and P Lamb

Mouse chromosome 10., B A. Taylor, M Burmeister, and E C. Bryda

Localization of the mouse gene (Bc1) encoding neural BC1 RNA near the fibroblast growth factor 3 locus (Fgf3) on distal chromosome 7., B A. Taylor, A Navin, B V. Skryabin, and J Brosius


Obesity QTLs on mouse chromosomes 2 and 17., B A. Taylor and S J. Phillips

Genetic mapping of 20 novel expressed sequence tags from midgestation mouse embryos suggests chromosomal clustering., V T. Tchernev, M D. Barbosa, J C. Detter, T D. Patel, K Achey, E K. Wakeland, R V. Gueorguieva, M C. Yang, A Gossler, and S F. Kingsmore

Role of tumor necrosis factor-alpha in the spontaneous development of pulmonary fibrosis in viable motheaten mutant mice., R S. Thrall, S N. Vogel, R Evans, and L D. Shultz

Autoantibodies to hair follicles in C3H/HeJ mice with alopecia areata-like hair loss., D J. Tobin, J P. Sundberg, L E. King, D Boggess, and J C. Bystryn

Characterization of the mouse gene encoding phospholipid transfer protein., A Y. Tu, H Chen, K A. Johnson, B Paigen, and J J. Albers

Cig30, a mouse member of a novel membrane protein gene family, is involved in the recruitment of brown adipose tissue., P Tvrdik, A Asadi, L P. Kozak, J Nedergaard, B Cannon, and A Jacobsson

Effect of carboxypeptidase E deficiency on progastrin processing and gastrin messenger ribonucleic acid expression in mice with the fat mutation., V Udupi, P Gomez, L Song, O Varlamov, J T. Reed, E H. Leiter, L D. Fricker, and G H. Greeley

Beta-cell lines derived from transgenic Cpe(fat)/Cpe(fat) mice are defective in carboxypeptidase E and proinsulin processing., O Varlamov, L D. Fricker, H Furukawa, D F. Steiner, S H. Langley, and E H. Leiter

Disruption of the murine gene encoding phosphatidylethanolamine N-methyltransferase., C J. Walkey, L R. Donohue, R Bronson, L B. Agellon, and D E. Vance

Initiation of growth of baboon primordial follicles in vitro., S A. Wandji, V Srsen, P W. Nathanielsz, J J. Eppig, and J E. Fortune

Phenotypic characterization of Lith genes that determine susceptibility to cholesterol cholelithiasis in inbred mice: physical-chemistry of gallbladder bile., D Q. Wang, B Paigen, and M C. Carey

Paroxysmal discharges in the EL mouse, a genetic model of epilepsy., H Wang, L J. Burdette, W N. Frankel, and L M. Masukawa

Notch activity influences the alphabeta versus gammadelta T cell lineage decision., T Washburn, E Schweighoffer, T Gridley, D Chang, B J. Fowlkes, D Cado, and E Robey

DNA-binding antibodies from viable motheaten mutant mice: implications for B cell tolerance., C M. Westhoff, A Whittier, S Kathol, J McHugh, C Zajicek, L D. Shultz, and D E. Wylie

Guidelines for human gene nomenclature (1997). HUGO Nomenclature Committee., J A. White, P J. McAlpine, S Antonarakis, H Cann, J T. Eppig, K Frazer, J Frezal, D Lancet, J Nahmias, P Pearson, J Peters, A Scott, H Scott, N Spurr, C Talbot, and S Povey

TRANCE is a novel ligand of the tumor necrosis factor receptor family that activates c-Jun N-terminal kinase in T cells., B R. Wong, J Rho, J Arron, E Robinson, J Orlinick, M Chao, S Kalachikov, E Cayani, F S. Bartlett, W N. Frankel, S Y. Lee, and Y Choi

Cloning and sequence analysis of cDNA encoding rat carboxypeptidase D., X Xin, O Varlamov, R Day, W Dong, M M. Bridgett, E H. Leiter, and L D. Fricker


Red cell membranes of ankyrin-deficient nb/nb mice lack band 3 tetramers but contain normal membrane skeletons., S J. Yi, S C. Liu, L H. Derick, J Murray, J E. Barker, M R. Cho, J Palek, and D E. Golan

Chromosomal deletion complexes in mice by radiation of embryonic stem cells., Y You, R Bergstrom, M Klemm, B Lederman, H Nelson, C Ticknor, R Jaenisch, and J Schimenti

Generation of radiation-induced deletion complexes in the mouse genome using embryonic stem cells., Y You, V L. Browning, and J C. Schimenti

TTF-2, a new forkhead protein, shows a temporal expression in the developing thyroid which is consistent with a role in controlling the onset of differentiation., M Zannini, V Avantaggiato, E Biffali, M I. Arnone, K Sato, M Pischetola, B A. Taylor, S J. Phillips, A Simeone, and L a. Di

Small, membrane-bound, alternatively spliced forms of ankyrin 1 associated with the sarcoplasmic reticulum of mammalian skeletal muscle., D Zhou, C S. Birkenmeier, M W. Williams, J J. Sharp, J E. Barker, and R J. Bloch

Macrophage differentiation and expression of macrophage colony-stimulating factor in murine milky spots and omentum after macrophage elimination., H Zhu, M Naito, H Umezu, H Moriyama, H Takatsuka, K Takahashi, and L D. Shultz

Submissions from 1996

Nucleolus organizer regions, E C. Akeson and M T. Davisson

Transgenic mice expressing human phospholipid transfer protein have increased HDL/non-HDL cholesterol ratio., J J. Albers, A Y. Tu, B Paigen, H Chen, M C. Cheung, and S M. Marcovina

Comparative genome organization of vertebrates. The First International Workshop on Comparative Genome Organization., L Andersson, A Archibald, N Copeland, S Davis, M T. Davisson, J Edwards, A Eggen, G Elgar, J T. Eppig, J A. Graves, R Hawken, J Hetzel, and J Womack

Comparative genome organization of vertebrates. The First International Workshop on Comparative Genome Organization., L Andersson, S Audun, C Charlier, N Copeland, S Davis, M Davisson, J Edwards, J T. Eppig, I Franklin, and J A. Graves


Follicular development and ovulation in macrophage colony-stimulating factor-deficient mice homozygous for the osteopetrosis (op) mutation., M Araki, Y Fukumatsu, H Katabuchi, L D. Shultz, K Takahashi, and H Okamura

L-deprenyl treatment in aged mice slightly increases life spans, and greatly reduces fecundity by aged males., J R. Archer and D E. Harrison

A 3D medical image database management system., M Arya, W Cody, C Faloutsos, J Richardson, and A Toga

Frequencies of cystic fibrosis mutations in the Maine population: high proportion of unknown alleles in individuals of French-Canadian ancestry., J K. Bayleran, H Yan, C A. Hopper, and E M. Simpson

Genetic variability in adult bone density among inbred strains of mice., W G. Beamer, L R. Donahue, C J. Rosen, and D J. Baylink

D5Ucl1 and Els1 are closely linked to W on mouse chromosome 5 but lie distal to the W19H deletion., E Bentley, J D. Inglis, A Gossler, D A. Stephenson, and S M. Darling


Two differentially expressed interleukin-11 receptor genes in the mouse genome., P Bilinski, M A. Hall, H Neuhaus, C Gissel, J K. Heath, and A Gossler

Lack of GVHD across classical, single minor histocompatibiliTy (miH) locus barriers in mice., B R. Blazar, D C. Roopenian, P A. Taylor, G J. Christianson, Mortari A. Panoskaltsis, and D A. Vallera

Hemangiomas and hemangiosarcomas., C J. Booth and J P. Sundberg

Spontaneous neoplasms in a large breeding colony of BALB/cJ and BALB/cByJ mice., C J. Booth and J P. Sundberg


Ocular retardation mouse caused by Chx10 homeobox null allele: impaired retinal progenitor proliferation and bipolar cell differentiation., M Burmeister, J Novak, M Y. Liang, S Basu, L Ploder, N L. Hawes, D Vidgen, F Hoover, D Goldman, V I. Kalnins, T H. Roderick, B A. Taylor, M H. Hankin, and R R. McInnes


Glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored H-2Db molecules are defective in antigen processing and presentation to cytotoxic T lymphocytes., A Cariappa, D C. Flyer, C T. Rollins, D C. Roopenian, R A. Flavell, D Brown, and G L. Waneck


Chromosomal localization of a new mouse lens opacity gene (lop18)., B Chang, N L. Hawes, R S. Smith, J R. Heckenlively, M T. Davisson, and T H. Roderick

Mapping new murine polymorphisms detected by random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) PCR [published erratum appears in Mamm Genome 1996 Sep;7(9):714], Y Cheah and B Paigen


beta2-microglobulin dependence of the lupus-like autoimmune syndrome of MRL-lpr mice., G J. Christianson, R L. Blankenburg, T M. Duffy, D Panka, J B. Roths, Rothstein A. Marshak, and D C. Roopenian

Role of natural killer cells on engraftment of human lymphoid cells and on metastasis of human T-lymphoblastoid leukemia cells in C57BL/6J-scid mice and in C57BL/6J-scid bg mice., S W. Christianson, D L. Greiner, I B. Schweitzer, B Gott, G L. Beamer, P A. Schweitzer, R M. Hesselton, and L D. Shultz


Physical and genetic mapping of novel microsatellite polymorphisms on human chromosome 19., G B. Collin, A Munch, J L. Mu, J K. Naggert, A S. Olsen, and P M. Nishina

Centromeric heterochromatin variants., M T. Davisson and E C. Akeson


Effects of embryo transfer and cortical ectopias upon the behavior of BXSB-Yaa and BXSB-Yaa + mice., V H. Denenberg, G Sherman, L M. Schrott, N S. Waters, G W. Boehm, A M. Galaburda, and L E. Mobraaten

Megencephaly: a new mouse mutation on chromosome 6 that causes hypertrophy of the brain., L R. Donahue, S A. Cook, K R. Johnson, R T. Bronson, and M T. Davisson


Loss of a unique tumor antigen by cytotoxic T lymphocyte immunoselection from a 3-methylcholanthrene-induced mouse sarcoma reveals secondary unique and shared antigens., M E. Dudley and D C. Roopenian

Frequency and histological appearance of adenomas in multiple intestinal neoplasia mice are unaffected by severe combined immunodeficiency (scid) mutation., M E. Dudley, J P. Sundberg, and D C. Roopenian

Sex-determining genes on mouse autosomes identified by linkage analysis of C57BL/6J-YPOS sex reversal., E M. Eicher, L L. Washburn, N J. Schork, B K. Lee, E P. Shown, X Xu, R D. Dredge, M J. Pringle, and D C. Page

Coordination of nuclear and cytoplasmic oocyte maturation in eutherian mammals., J J. Eppig

Development in vitro of mouse oocytes from primordial follicles., J J. Eppig and M J. O'Brien


Mammalian oocyte growth and development in vitro., J J. Eppig, M O'Brien, and K Wigglesworth


Maturation of mouse oocytes in serum-free medium [letter] [see comments], J J. Eppig, R M. Schultz, and G S. Kopf


Genetic regulation of traits essential for spontaneous ovarian teratocarcinogenesis in strain LT/Sv mice: aberrant meiotic cell cycle, oocyte activation, and parthenogenetic development., J J. Eppig, K Wigglesworth, D S. Varnum, and J H. Nadeau


Comparative maps: adding pieces to the mammalian jigsaw puzzle., J T. Eppig


Targeted mutagenesis of a candidate t complex responder gene in mouse t haplotypes does not eliminate transmission ratio distortion., U K. Ewulonu, K Schimenti, B Kuemerle, T Magnuson, and J Schimenti

Promoter mapping of the mouse Tcp-10bt gene in transgenic mice identifies essential male germ cell regulatory sequences., U K. Ewulonu, L Snyder, L M. Silver, and J C. Schimenti


Absence epilepsy in tottering mutant mice is associated with calcium channel defects., C F. Fletcher, C M. Lutz, T N. O'Sullivan, J D. Shaughnessy, R Hawkes, W N. Frankel, N G. Copeland, and N A. Jenkins


Who's afraid of epistasis? [news; comment], W N. Frankel and N J. Schork

HIV-1 infectivity of human T cells in a human/murine chimeric fetal thymic organ culture system., D L. Greiner, L D. Shultz, D Deluca, J H. Leif, S W. Christianson, and R M. Hesselton

Human Genetics. Notch, stroke and dementia [news; comment], T Gridley

Location of the 9257 and ataxia mutations on mouse chromosome 18., A J. Griffith, G L. Radice, D L. Burgess, D C. Kohrman, G M. Hansen, M J. Justice, K R. Johnson, M T. Davisson, and M H. Meisler


Genetic localization of Cd63, a member of the transmembrane 4 superfamily, reveals two distinct loci in the mouse genome., B Gwynn, E M. Eicher, and L L. Peters

Disruption of the nuclear hormone receptor RORalpha in staggerer mice., B A. Hamilton, W N. Frankel, A W. Kerrebrock, T L. Hawkins, W FitzHugh, K Kusumi, L B. Russell, K L. Mueller, B e. van, B W. Birren, L Kruglyak, and E S. Lander


Quantitative thresholds of MHC class II I-E expressed on hemopoietically derived antigen-presenting cells in transgenic NOD/Lt mice determine level of diabetes resistance and indicate mechanism of protection., M S. Hanson, Cvrlje M. Cetkovic, V K. Ramiya, M A. Atkinson, N K. Maclaren, B Singh, J F. Elliott, D V. Serreze, and E H. Leiter

Effect of the mouse scid mutation on meiotic recombination., D Heine, H C. Passmore, V Patel, L D. Shultz, Bailey P. Ward, S A. Cook, and M T. Davisson


Organization of the mouse cardiac natriuretic peptide locus encoding BNP and ANP., H Huang, S W. John, and M E. Steinhelper

Encyclopedia of the mouse genome V. Mouse chromosome 15., K Huppi, D Siwarski, J T. Eppig, and B A. Mock

Genetic mapping and embryonic expression of a novel, maternally transcribed gene Mem3., S Hwang, L E. Benjamin, B Oh, J L. Rothstein, S L. Ackerman, R S. Beddington, D Solter, and B B. Knowles

Encyclopedia of the mouse genome V. Mouse chromosome 18., K R. Johnson and M T. Davisson


Blood pressure and fluid-electrolyte balance in mice with reduced or absent ANP., S W. John, A T. Veress, U Honrath, C K. Chong, L Peng, O Smithies, and H Sonnenberg

Air quality in an animal facility: particulates, ammonia, and volatile organic compounds., J B. Kacergis, R B. Jones, C K. Reeb, W A. Turner, J L. Ohman, M R. Ardman, and B Paigen


Differential sensitivity of mouse mononuclear phagocytes to CSF-1 and LPS: the potential in vivo relevance of enhanced IL-6 gene expression., S J. Kamdar, A I. Chapoval, J Phelps, J A. Fuller, and R Evans

The neurological mouse mutations jittery and hesitant are allelic and map to the region of mouse chromosome 10 homologous to 19p13.3., D Kapfhamer, H O. Sweet, D Sufalko, S Warren, K R. Johnson, and M Burmeister


Mediation of interleukin-11-dependent biological responses by a soluble form of the interleukin-11 receptor., J Karow, K R. Hudson, M A. Hall, A B. Vernallis, J A. Taylor, A Gossler, and J K. Heath


Assignment of the human and mouse genes for muscle ecto mono (ADPribosyl)transferase to a conserved linkage group on human chromosome 11p15 and mouse chromosome 7., Nolte F. Koch, M Kuhl, F Haag, Cvrlje M. Cetkovic, E H. Leiter, and H G. Thiele

Reduction of dietary obesity in aP2-Ucp transgenic mice: physiology and adipose tissue distribution., J Kopecky, Z Hodny, M Rossmeisl, I Syrovy, and L P. Kozak