Faculty Research 1990 - 1999

Faculty Research 1990 - 1999



Submissions from 1996


Sequence and tissue-dependent RNA expression of mouse FAD-linked glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase., R A. Koza, U C. Kozak, L J. Brown, E H. Leiter, M J. MacDonald, and L P. Kozak

Aging, pancreatic islets, and glucose homeostasis in inbred mice., E H. Leiter and L Herberg


Neuropathology of murine mucopolysaccharidosis type VII., B Levy, N Galvin, C Vogler, E H. Birkenmeier, and W S. Sly


Expression patterns of Jagged, Delta1, Notch1, Notch2, and Notch3 genes identify ligand-receptor pairs that may function in neural development., C E. Lindsell, J Boulter, G diSibio, A Gossler, and G Weinmaster


Pathologic characterization of brown Norway, brown Norway x Fischer 344, and Fischer 344 x brown Norway rats with relation to age., R D. Lipman, C E. Chrisp, D G. Hazzard, and R T. Bronson


Evidence that lysosomal storage of proteolipids is a cell autonomous process in the motor neuron degeneration (mnd) mouse, a model of neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis., R D. Lipman, L R. Donohue, P Hoppe, and R T. Bronson

Improved engraftment of human cord blood stem cells in NOD/LtSz-scid/scid mice after irradiation or multiple-day injections into unirradiated recipients., P A. Lowry, L D. Shultz, D L. Greiner, R M. Hesselton, E L. Kittler, C Y. Tiarks, S S. Rao, J Reilly, J H. Leif, H Ramshaw, F M. Stewart, and P J. Quesenberry

Development of the mammalian ear: coordinate regulation of formation of the tympanic ring and the external acoustic meatus., M Mallo and T Gridley

Encyclopedia of the mouse genome V. Mouse chromosome 4., B A. Mock, J Stoye, J Spence, I Jackson, J T. Eppig, F T. Fiedorek, and P E. Neumann

Lanceolate hair (lah): a recessive mouse mutation with alopecia and abnormal hair., X Montagutelli, M E. Hogan, G Aubin, A Lalouette, J L. Guenet, L E. King, and J P. Sundberg

High-resolution genetic map of mouse chromosome 1 between D1Mit227 and D1Mit15 by use of an intercross of C57BL/6J x C3HeB/FeJ vl/vl., J Mu, T Gilley, R Turner, and B Paigen


Lupus nephritis in the absence of renal major histocompatibility complex class I and class II molecules., R Mukherjee, Z Zhang, R Zhong, Z Q. Yin, D C. Roopenian, and A M. Jevnikar


Development, differentiation, and phenotypic heterogeneity of murine tissue macrophages., M Naito, S Umeda, T Yamamoto, H Moriyama, H Umezu, G Hasegawa, H Usuda, L D. Shultz, and K Takahashi

Increased epidermal growth factor receptor in fsn/fsn mice., L B. Nanney, J P. Sundberg, and L E. King


Mouse Y-specific repeats isolated by whole chromosome representational difference analysis., A Navin, R Prekeris, N A. Lisitsyn, M M. Sonti, D A. Grieco, S Narayanswami, E S. Lander, and E M. Simpson

ALF1, a basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor, maps to mouse chromosome 9., A L. Nielsen, M Clark, B A. Taylor, P Jorgensen, and J P. Hjorth

[Mouse genes that control tumor growth and tuberculous infection], B V. Nikonenko, M B. Mezhlumova, M M. Averbakh, and I K. Egorov

The ets-related mouse Pea3 gene maps to distal chromosome 11., Trauth K. Noben, J K. Naggert, and P M. Nishina

A candidate gene for the mouse mutation tubby., Trauth K. Noben, J K. Naggert, M A. North, and P M. Nishina

The interleukin-12 beta subunit (p40) maps to mouse chromosome 11., Trauth N. Noben, P A. Schweitzer, K R. Johnson, S F. Wolf, B B. Knowles, and L D. Shultz


Expression and cell membrane localization of catenins during mouse preimplantation development., M Ohsugi, S Y. Hwang, S Butz, B B. Knowles, D Solter, and R Kemler

The mouse homolog of the Drosophila discs large tumor suppressor gene maps to chromosome 16., L L. Peters, S L. Ciciotte, L Lin, and A H. Chishti

Localization of the gene encoding the erythrocyte membrane protein p55 (Mpp1) on the mouse X Chromosome., L L. Peters, L A. Kirley, A C. Kim, and A H. Chishti

Anion exchanger 1 (band 3) is required to prevent erythrocyte membrane surface loss but not to form the membrane skeleton., L L. Peters, R A. Shivdasani, S C. Liu, M Hanspal, K M. John, J M. Gonzalez, C Brugnara, B Gwynn, N Mohandas, S L. Alper, S H. Orkin, and S E. Lux


Phenotype and function of human hematopoietic cells engrafting immune-deficient CB17-severe combined immunodeficiency mice and nonobese diabetic-severe combined immunodeficiency mice after transplantation of human cord blood mononuclear cells., F Pflumio, B Izac, A Katz, L D. Shultz, W Vainchenker, and L Coulombel


CD4+ T cell activation and tolerance induction in B cell knockout mice., J A. Phillips, C G. Romball, M V. Hobbs, D N. Ernst, L D. Shultz, and W O. Weigle

Heterogeneity of B-lymphoid tumors in E mu-myc transgenic mice., V S. Prasad, M J. Temple, M T. Davisson, E C. Akeson, and C L. Sidman

Growth of the human filarial parasite Brugia malayi in mice lacking major histocompatibility complex class II antigen expression., T V. Rajan, D L. Greiner, J A. Yates, and L D. Shultz


Role of nitric oxide in host defense against an extracellular, metazoan parasite, Brugia malayi., T V. Rajan, P Porte, J A. Yates, L Keefer, and L D. Shultz


Genetics of intracisternal-A-particle-related envelope-encoding proviral elements in mice., F U. Reuss, W N. Frankel, K Moriwaki, T Shiroishi, and J M. Coffin

Genetic mapping of 18S ribosomal RNA-related loci to mouse chromosomes 5, 6, 9, 12, 17, 18, 19, and X., L B. Rowe, P M. Janaswami, M E. Barter, and E H. Birkenmeier

The fld mutation maps near to but distinct from the Apob locus on mouse chromosome 12., L B. Rowe, H O. Sweet, J I. Gordon, and E H. Birkenmeier

Gtl2lacZ, an insertional mutation on mouse chromosome 12 with parental origin-dependent phenotype., Gossler K. Schuster, Chazottes D. Simon, J L. Guenet, J Zachgo, and A Gossler

Genetic mapping of the IL-12 alpha chain gene (Il12a) on mouse chromosome 3., P A. Schweitzer, Trauth N. Noben, S C. Pelsue, K R. Johnson, S F. Wolf, and L D. Shultz


B lymphocytes are essential for the initiation of T cell-mediated autoimmune diabetes: analysis of a new speed congenic stock of NOD.Ig mu null mice., D V. Serreze, H D. Chapman, D S. Varnum, M S. Hanson, P C. Reifsnyder, S D. Richard, S A. Fleming, E H. Leiter, and L D. Shultz

MHC class I-mediated antigen presentation and induction of CD8+ cytotoxic T-cell responses in autoimmune diabetes-prone NOD mice., D V. Serreze, W S. Gallichan, D P. Snider, K Croitoru, K L. Rosenthal, E H. Leiter, G J. Christianson, M E. Dudley, and D C. Roopenian

Pancreatic islet expression of the homeobox factor STF-1 relies on an E-box motif that binds USF., S Sharma, J Leonard, S Lee, H D. Chapman, E H. Leiter, and M R. Montminy

Strain distribution pattern for SSLP markers in the SWXJ recombinant inbred strain set: chromosomes 7 to X., K L. Shultz, K L. Svenson, Y Cheah, B Paigen, and W G. Beamer


Cyclin D2 is an FSH-responsive gene involved in gonadal cell proliferation and oncogenesis., P Sicinski, J L. Donaher, Y Geng, S B. Parker, H Gardner, M Y. Park, R L. Robker, J S. Richards, L K. McGinnis, J D. Biggers, J J. Eppig, R T. Bronson, S J. Elledge, and R A. Weinberg

Galucoma in aging inbred mice., R S. Smith, B Chang, N Hawes, J R. Heckenlively, T H. Roderick, and J P. Sundberg


Corn1: a mouse model for corneal surface disease and neovascularization., R S. Smith, N L. Hawes, S D. Kuhlmann, J R. Heckenlively, B Chang, T H. Roderick, and J P. Sundberg

Ulcerative blepharitis in aging inbred mice., R S. Smith, X Montagutelli, and J P. Sundberg

Ophthalmic abnormalities in inbred mice., R S. Smith and J P. Sundberg

Pituitary lineage determination by the Prophet of Pit-1 homeodomain factor defective in Ames dwarfism., M W. Sornson, W Wu, J S. Dasen, S E. Flynn, D J. Norman, S M. O'Connell, I Gukovsky, C Carriere, A K. Ryan, A P. Miller, L Zuo, A S. Gleiberman, B Andersen, W G. Beamer, and M G. Rosenfeld

Genetic composition of the recombinant congenic strains., A P. Stassen, P C. Groot, J T. Eppig, and P Demant

Normal biology and aging changes of skin and hair, J P. Sundberg, M E. Hogan, and L E. King

Mouse models for the study of human hair loss., J P. Sundberg and L E. King

Mouse models for the study of human hair loss., J P. Sundberg and L E. King

Mouse mutations as animal models and biomedical tools for dermatological research., J P. Sundberg and L E. King


Mesenchymal dysplasia: a recessive mutation on chromosome 13 of the mouse., H O. Sweet, R T. Bronson, L R. Donahue, and M T. Davisson

Scrambler, a new neurological mutation of the mouse with abnormalities of neuronal migration., H O. Sweet, R T. Bronson, K R. Johnson, S A. Cook, and M T. Davisson


Dense incisors (din): a new mouse mutation on chromosome 16 affecting tooth eruption and body size., H O. Sweet, S C. Marks, C A. MacKay, K R. Johnson, and M T. Davisson

The murine thymic microenvironment: changes with age., Y Takeoka, S Y. Chen, H Yago, R Boyd, S Suehiro, L D. Shultz, A A. Ansari, and M E. Gershwin

Encyclopedia of the mouse genome V. Mouse chromosome 10., B A. Taylor, M Burmeister, and E C. Bryda

Localization of gene encoding the thyroid stimulating hormone receptor (Tshr) on mouse chromosome 12., B A. Taylor, D Grieco, and L D. Kohn


Detection of obesity QTLs on mouse chromosomes 1 and 7 by selective DNA pooling., B A. Taylor and S J. Phillips

Structure and chromosomal location of the mouse medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase-encoding gene and its promoter., R J. Tolwani, S C. Farmer, K R. Johnson, M T. Davisson, D M. Kurtz, M E. Hinsdale, S Cresci, D P. Kelly, and P A. Wood

Neonatal changes of osteoclasts in osteopetrosis (op/op) mice defective in production of functional macrophage colony-stimulating factor (M-CSF) protein and effects of M-CSF on osteoclast development and differentiation., S Umeda, K Takahashi, M Naito, L D. Shultz, and K Takagi


Effects of macrophage colony-stimulating factor on macrophages and their related cell populations in the osteopetrosis mouse defective in production of functional macrophage colony-stimulating factor protein., S Umeda, K Takahashi, L D. Shultz, M Naito, and K Takagi


Molecular cloning and characterization of the human interleukin-11 receptor alpha-chain gene, IL11RA, located on chromosome 9p13., Leuven F. Van, L Stas, C Hilliker, Y Miyake, P Bilinski, and A Gossler

Induced and spontaneous mutations at Ser202 of carboxypeptidase E. Effect on enzyme expression, activity, and intracellular routing., O Varlamov, E H. Leiter, and L Fricker


B cells are not essential for peripheral T-cell tolerance., A T. Vella, M T. Scherer, L D. Schultz, J W. Kappler, and P Marrack

Enzyme replacement with recombinant beta-glucuronidase in murine mucopolysaccharidosis type VII: impact of therapy during the first six weeks of life on subsequent lysosomal storage, growth, and survival., C Vogler, M S. Sands, B Levy, N Galvin, E H. Birkenmeier, and W S. Sly


Early production of IL-4 and induction of Th2 responses in the lymph node originate from an MHC class I-independent CD4+NK1.1- T cell population., der Weid von, A M. Beebe, D C. Roopenian, and R L. Coffman


Initiation in vitro of growth of bovine primordial follicles., S A. Wandji, V Srsen, A K. Voss, J J. Eppig, and J E. Fortune

A new mouse mutation causing male sterility and histoincompatibility., Bailey P. Ward, K R. Johnson, M A. Handel, B S. Harris, and M T. Davisson

Reduced growth of human breast cancer xenografts in hosts homozygous for the lit mutation., X F. Yang, W G. Beamer, H Huynh, and M Pollak


Neural and skin cell-specific expression pattern conferred by steel factor regulatory sequence in transgenic mice., H Yoshida, S Hayashi, L D. Shultz, K Yamamura, S Nishikawa, S Nishikawa, and T Kunisada

Distinct developmental patterns of short-term and long-term functioning lymphoid and myeloid precursors defined by competitive limiting dilution analysis in vivo., R K. Zhong, C M. Astle, and D E. Harrison

The appearance of Thy-1- donor T cells in the peripheral circulation 3-6 weeks after bone marrow transplantation suggests an extrathymic origin., R K. Zhong, A D. Donnenberg, L Edison, and D E. Harrison


Evaluation of monoclonal antibody-mediated anti-acute myeloid leukemia immunotherapy in a SCID/hu model., R K. Zhong, A D. Donnenberg, L D. Shultz, S H. Swerdlow, E Lee, J Rubin, R Kozii, J Chen, D L. Griffin, J Wilson, and E D. Ball

A genetic linkage map of mouse chromosome 2 extending from thrombospondin to paired box gene 1, including the H3 minor histocompatibility complex., A R. Zuberi, H Q. Nguyen, H J. Auman, B A. Taylor, and D C. Roopenian

Submissions from 1995

Unusual cytoskeletal and chromatin configurations in mouse oocytes that are atypical in meiotic progression., D F. Albertini and J J. Eppig


Murine Hertwig's anemia: premature death after normal bone marrow transplantation is radiation dose-dependent., J E. Barker


The flaky skin (fsn) mutation in mice: map location and description of the anemia., W G. Beamer, S C. Pelsue, L D. Shultz, J P. Sundberg, and J E. Barker

Opinions on left-right axis formation [letter; comment], R Beddington and D Solter

Transient and restricted expression during mouse embryogenesis of Dll1, a murine gene closely related to Drosophila Delta., B Bettenhausen, A n. de, D Simon, J L. Guenet, and A Gossler

Efficient isolation of novel mouse genes differentially expressed in early postimplantation embryos., B Bettenhausen and A Gossler

Transgenic mice expressing either bovine growth hormone (bGH) or human GH releasing hormone (hGRH) have increased splenic progenitor cell colony formation and DNA synthesis in vitro and in vivo., B R. Blazar, C A. Brennan, H E. Broxmeyer, L D. Shultz, and D A. Vallera

Hemangiomas and hemangiosarcomas in inbred laboratory mice., C J. Booth and J P. Sundberg

Depletion of intercalated cells from collecting ducts of carbonic anhydrase II-deficient (CAR2 null) mice., S Breton, S L. Alper, S L. Gluck, W S. Sly, J E. Barker, and D Brown

In the absence of a CD40 signal, B cells are tolerogenic., J E. Buhlmann, T M. Foy, A Aruffo, K M. Crassi, J A. Ledbetter, W R. Green, J C. Xu, L D. Shultz, D Roopenian, R A. Flavell, L Fast, R J. Noelle, and F H. Durie

Low avidity recognition of a class II-restricted neo-self peptide by virus-specific T cells., D M. Cerasoli, J McGrath, S R. Carding, F F. Shih, B B. Knowles, and A J. Caton

Differences in the avidity of TCR interactions with a superantigenic ligand affect negative selection but do not allow positive selection., A V. Chervonsky, T V. Golovkina, S R. Ross, and C A. Janeway

Direct physical interaction involving CD40 ligand on T cells and CD40 on B cells is required to propagate MMTV., A V. Chervonsky, J Xu, A K. Barlow, M Khery, R A. Flavell, and C A. Janeway

Induction of precocious germinal vesicle breakdown (GVB) by GVB-incompetent mouse oocytes: possible role of mitogen-activated protein kinases rather than p34cdc2 kinase., F Chesnel and J J. Eppig

Synthesis and accumulation of p34cdc2 and cyclin B in mouse oocytes during acquisition of competence to resume meiosis., F Chesnel and J J. Eppig

Frequent disruption of the Nf1 gene by a novel murine AIDS virus-related provirus in BXH-2 murine myeloid lymphomas., B C. Cho, J D. Shaughnessy, D A. Largaespada, H G. Bedigian, A M. Buchberg, N A. Jenkins, and N G. Copeland

Neuromuscular degeneration (nmd): a mutation on mouse chromosome 19 that causes motor neuron degeneration., S A. Cook, K R. Johnson, R T. Bronson, and M T. Davisson

Non-syntenic amplification of mdm2 and mycn in human neuroblastomas., R Corvi, L Savelyena, S Breit, A Wenzel, R Handgretinger, Y Barak, M Oren, L Amler, and M Schwab

Genetic nomenclature guide. Mouse., M T. Davisson

Programmed differentiation of murine thymocytes during fetal thymus organ culture., D DeLuca, J A. Bluestone, L D. Shultz, S O. Sharrow, and Y Tatsumi

Motif-primed polymerase chain reaction-based allelotype of sarcomas induced by 3-methylcholanthrene in interspecific hybrid mice., M E. Dudley, J P. Sundberg, and D C. Roopenian

Sex reversal in C57BL/6J-YPOS mice corrected by a Sry transgene., E M. Eicher, E P. Shown, and L L. Washburn

In vitro maturation and fertilization of oocytes isolated from aged mice: a strategy to rescue valuable genetic resources., J J. Eppig and M O'Brien

Factors affecting the developmental competence of mouse oocytes grown in vitro: oxygen concentration., J J. Eppig and K Wigglesworth

The therapeutic efficacy of murine anti-tumor T cells: freshly isolated T cells are more therapeutic than T cells expanded in vitro., R Evans, S J. Kamdar, T M. Duffy, D M. Krupke, J A. Fuller, and M E. Dudley

The potential role of the macrophage colony-stimulating factor, CSF-1, in inflammatory responses: characterization of macrophage cytokine gene expression., R Evans, S J. Kamdar, J A. Fuller, and D M. Krupke

Taking stock of complex trait genetics in mice., W N. Frankel

Congenic strains reveal effects of the epilepsy quantitative trait locus, El2, separate from other El loci., W N. Frankel, E W. Johnson, and C M. Lutz